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Found 27 results

  1. This is my mod of the Mystery Machine. I think LEGO did a great job with the set but I wanted the van to be able to fit all of the gang. The sides no longer open but the van has doors that open in back. The interior is chock full of detective gear and can fit 3 figs in the front and two in the back. More pics can be found here. Let me know what you think!
  2. eurotrash

    MOC: "You're right Shaggy!"

    MOC: You're Right Shaggy! The resolution on these old TVs is rubbish" More stuff and nonsense on Flickr.
  3. samurai-turtle

    It came from the Ford Galaxy!

    Hello, I had this idea for some time and I finally got around to make it real. So here is the "Flying Mystery Machine". Here is a picture of the crew. As you can see they can all fit in the vehicle. A last picture of the underside the "roof". The bodies of the main crew is from Nexo Knights, I was trying to give them a spacesuit look. Scooby Doo uses a Friend's body, I was trying to give him a Hong Kong Phooey vibe. As for Velma's head it is from two Harry Potter's characters, one of the professor heads (the one that reads tea leaves, I don't remember her name) the hair/hat is Tina (I think) from fantastic beasts and where to find them. (I mostly had to do that because I am guessing like most of us, we don't have an official Velma.) For Fred, Daphne, and Shaggy, the heads' and hairs' I have the official figures from the Mystery Machine, Shaggy's Biplane and the boat from the lighthouse set's, witch the "Flying Mystery Machine" is made from. And yes, I got the idea from Spaceballs, like the Winnebago from the movie.
  4. Let Them Fly

    UPDATED Lego Ideas Mystery Machine

    Hello everyone I have listened to all the feedback I received on my original submission and have made all the necessary changes. Please check them out and hopefully vote apologies for this super low res image - much better images can be seen on the Ideas website Thank you
  5. All sets have been built, and are in excellent condition and complete, all instruction manuals and minifigures included. No Boxes. Like new as have been assembled once and then taken apart. Have been double checked that all parts are there, but no spare parts included. From a smoke free home. Monster Fighters: 9466 Crazy Scientist & His Monster - $46.00 SOLD 9461 The Swamp Creature - $7.50 SOLD 9463 The Werewolf - $18.00 SOLD 9464 Vampyre Hearse - $30.00 SOLD 9468 Vampyre Castle - $105.00 SOLD 10228 Haunted House - $300.00 SOLD Lot of Monster fighters sets: $475 SOLD 75900 Scooby Doo - Mummy - $18.00 SOLD 75902 Scooby Doo Van - $45.00 SOLD 75904 Mystery Mansion - $125.00 SOLD Lot of Scooby Doo Sets for $180.00 SOLD
  6. Hi everyone I've built this MOC of the Mystery Machine from the second live action Scooby Doo movie and I was wondering if I could get some help to refine the design a bit. Mainly to make it less blocky. Some things that I would like to be kept. The eight stud width, the opening back doors, be able to fit minifigs and be able to be built in real life. name for baby whale Here's my purist mystery inc that I also made. memento plot If you could help me out I will really appreciate it! If you would like any other info or images don't be afraid to ask.
  7. lostdriveway challenged me to create the Haunted Mansion from the LEGO Scooby Doo short, "Knight Time Terror." Here are some pics he sent me: I'm starting off with the greenhouse. Here's what I have so far: More soon!
  8. Brick Charlie

    [MOC] Scooby Doo

    My LEGO Scooby Doo layout, built on 96 x 144 studs, includes approx. 20000 individual LEGO pieces.Discover the true criminals behind the ghost and monster costumes with the members of the Mystery Inc. This layout includes and extended 10228 Haunted House, the Mystery Machine LEGO set, with an enlarged tree monster. The members of the Mystery Inc. are chasing some spooky creatures. But look, those aren't real monsters! The giant tree is RC controlled by a guy next to the haunted house. And the ghosts of the house, these are just white clothes moved on strings by the baron on the balcony. The evil knight is also just a man in costume, just like the dark green swamp monster and the zombie guy. Or, the girl dressed like an old light tower guard. But if you look closely, there are some true mystery should be solved by the gang.1.) Can you find the huge zombie cat? What is this? :)2.) Look inside the cave! There is an other lake monster eating raw fishes.3.) Do you see the skeleton's head crash the side of the grave? Is this may true or just a trick? You can check the full gallery here:
  9. Sooo- since we have a page for the CMF ideas here: I decided to start a Topic of ideas of new sets. Because nobody has read them on the CMF page. I have got ideas for eight sets: 1. Sunken Ship Scare An underwater themed set, would be about 10$ and would include and exclusive variant of Shaggy in diver suit, Scooby Doo (standing version) and the Ghost of Captain Cutler, a small build of a sunken ship with a hidden treasure in it and a hidden net shoote. 2. Big Beach Chase A beach themed set with a small boat dock and a wooden boat, it would be about 20$ and it would include Daphne and Fred in swimsuit variants, Scooby Doo (Sitting version) with sunglasses print on his eyes, the Witch Doctor and the Man-Crab. 3. Mine Escape A cave with a vagon rack and gold hidden behind walls with exploding play feature, it would be 20$ and it includes Velma in archeologist outfit, Shaggy with red shirt and blue pants, Scooby Doo (sitting version), Miner Forty Niner, Ghost Clown and a brick built Stone Creature. 4. The Mystery Race Car A race car in the colours of the Mystery Machine, it is 30$ and includes Shaggy with ketchup and mustard stains on face and shirt, Scooby (standing version), Daphne in racer outfit, Creeper, The Phantom Racer and a small spooky car build for the Phantom Racer. 5. Crystal Cove Creeps A 35$ set, it includes The Enigma Machine from SD Mystery Incorporated and a brick built Evil Entity, minifigures are Scooby (standing), Fred in What's New Scooby Doo outfit, Cassidy Williams,Judy Reeves,Brad Chiles, Obliteratrix,Freak of Crystal Cove and Slime Monster. 6. The Snow Ghost Attack A 60$ set, includes a snowy mountain with a hidden lair underneath, a radio antenne and a snow scooter for Mystery Inc, included are Shaggy, Velma, Scooby (standing) in winter outfits, Snow Ghost, 10,000 volt ghost and a Skeleton Man. 7.Treehouse Headquarters A large tree with a blue house on top, the bottom level of the tree has a garage, the next level is Velma's lab, the next is a kitchen and a living room is in the house. It is about 80$ and includes Scooby (standing),Velma,Daphne in Cyber Chase outfit,Fred, Shaggy, Baba Yaga with her broom and Red Herring, it also includes a smaller version of the Mystery Machine. 8. Redbeard's Spooky Ship Sail A 90$ set, it is a large brown ship with some glow in the dark pieces, so it would look more ghostly, it also includes a submarine for the Mystery Inc. gang, it includes Velma,Fred and Daphne in diver suits, Scooby (standing version), Shaggy, Redbeard's Ghost, Female Zombie Pirate, three skeleton pirates and the Tar Monster. We would get 20 new can dream.... Leave your thoughts below and read the CMF forum,if you haven't yet :)
  10. IT'S THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN AND WITH HALLOWEEN AROUND THE CORNER I WANTED TO HONOR THESE MONSTER MEMORIALS: 15TH: This year marks the 15th year since the Studios monster subtheme (called Scary Thriller and even Scary Monsters) made its debut, introducing Universal-style monsters. Although TLC had licenses on Universal Studios properties such as Jurassic Park and Steven Spielberg's name, one is led to believe that they did not have the Universal Studios Monsters license or, at least, were granted permission to make sets resembling this license. There were four sets and even at times these sets mixed monsters from other movies (like the 2017 edition of The Mummy with Tom Cruise). The main monsters represented were a Vampire, Werewolf, Frankenstein, and The Mummy, although these characters were more or less designed to be costumed actors on film sets. The sets, in many ways, closely resembled the Universal Studios monster films. Other monster mashups included a modified version of Dr Jeckyll/Mr Hyde as the Scientist in the Frankenstein set, the ghost costume and a female actress in the same set (I am guessing an homage to Phantom of the Opera) and The Hunchback in the Vampire set. Although not directly stated by his name, Van Helsing makes an appearance too in the Vampire set. 5th: This year marks the 5th year since the Monster Fighters line was released. Centered around the fictional steampunk culture, here, a gang of monster hunters must stop Lord Vampyre from eclipsing the sun forever. Many of the sets were different from actual sets in the movies but at times, especially with the Vampyre's castle, they had some similarities. Given the design of the vehicles one must wonder if the time period wasn't meant to be depression-era, especially since many monster movies were released around this time. The sets, in some ways like the Werewolf set, reused previous ideas from the original line. However, some sets did indeed create new editions of older sets and introduce new monster properties from which they were derived. I suggest the following: * Lord Vampyre's Castle - Dracula * Frankenstein - Frankenstein * The Mummy - A chariot, * Werewolf - The Wolf Man * Sea Creature - Creature from the Black Lagoon * Vampire Hearse / Coffin Car - Munsters Coach & Dragula. The driver had been called Renfield, Dracula's assistant, in the preliminary box displays, as well as Dracula being used for Dracula's Castle. * Vampire's Bride - A spin-off of Bride of Frankenstein mixed with Elvira * Haunted House - Munsters (the creator of the set was wearing a Munsters shirt during the reveal for this set) and some Addams Family influence since there was a Frankenstein's monster butler * The Zombies - White Zombie (it was supposed to feature the VoodDoo doctor) and of course was, after all, a zombie wedding in a graveyard * Ghost Train - I am guessing a very loose idea from the 1941 film by the same name * Spooky Boy & Spooky Girl - Although they came later, it's worth noting Spooky Boy is more like Pugsly Addams while Spooky Girl, which you would think is Wednesday Addams, reminded me more of Lydia from Beetlejuice due to her schoolgirl outfit * Tiger Woman - close to the 1944 film by the same name * Mr Good/Evil - A spinoff from Dr Jeckyll/Mr. Hyde * Grandfather clock - Any number of horror films, though Disney's Haunted Mansion ride stands out for me * The Fly/Scientist - obvious * Venus Flytraps (Scooby doo) - Little Shop of Horrors * Graveyard / Witch scenes - Wizard of Oz, Walking Dead * Most zombies are likely influenced by Walking Dead and the rise of the zombie movie craze around that time * One can't help to think if Mad Monster Party and Groovie Ghoulies helped to influence any of these sets and CMFs * Frankenrocker - I know the Beetlejuice show done this at Universal Studios Orlando but I can only find the frankenstein monster from Munsters playing the guitar Almost all of these comparisons to all the Monster properties mentioned are based on my observation since the only time we knew of TLC acknowledging their relation to existing monster movies was at an event where recording was prohibited during an advance presentation of the line.
  11. I've previously posted some of these but have now taken decent picture and added stickers. I think a new thread is deserved. They were all part of my Tie Rack for Brickvention 2017: So here we go. Mining Guild - added custom stickers Dalek Tie Rebels Wolf - added custom stickers Scooby Doo / Mystewry Machine Ectie 1 Classic Space Batman Steampunk ... More picks on Flickr
  12. Hersbrucker

    [MOC] Scooby Doo - Ghost Manison

    I finished my MOC after 1 year... most time waiting for parts :-D Hope you enjoy it, check out my Flickr for better pictures DSC01591 by Fabian Kraus, auf Flickr DSC01595 by Fabian Kraus, auf Flickr DSC01594 by Fabian Kraus, auf Flickr DSC01592 by Fabian Kraus, auf Flickr DSC01593 by Fabian Kraus, auf Flickr DSC01597 by Fabian Kraus, auf Flickr DSC01610 by Fabian Kraus, auf Flickr DSC01609 by Fabian Kraus, auf Flickr DSC01607 by Fabian Kraus, auf Flickr DSC01606 by Fabian Kraus, auf Flickr DSC01605 by Fabian Kraus, auf Flickr DSC01603 by Fabian Kraus, auf Flickr DSC01601 by Fabian Kraus, auf Flickr DSC01600 by Fabian Kraus, auf Flickr DSC01599 by Fabian Kraus, auf Flickr DSC01598 by Fabian Kraus, auf Flickr
  13. We've just watched the Lego movie Scooby Doo! : Haunted Hollywood .. it's a rainy day here in the U.K. .. it was great .. the trouble is now I'm completely wanting a Drella Diabolique minifigure .. they should have totally made a Brickton Studios themed set. Kept thinking I recognised her voice and great to discover she's voiced by Cassandra Peterson who was Elvira .. brilliant. I'm guessing that's it for the Scooby-Doo range though ? Shame >_<
  14. eurotrash

    MOC: Scooby Doo Tiki Monster

    Here's the Tiki Monster from 'A Tiki Scare is No Fair'. Don't worry though - it was just the Journalist in a scary outfit who was trying to poach pearls. And he would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for those meddling kids.... Comments, criticism and ridicule most welcome.
  15. HALLOWEEN IS AROUND THE CORNER... AND YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS? SPOOKY FUN FOR EVERYONE!!! Over the years I have taken my time to diligently archive many of the LEGO Halloween & Monster sets ever released. I have also made 2 videos: one outlining the history of Halloween sets released by TLC and another counting down the top 10 creepiest, spookiest, scariest, sets. Both videos come with bonus content. I understand the Halloween history one speeds too fast. If it gains traction I'll upload a slower version. You may access these cool videos and sites through the links found in my signature below. Please enjoy them and have a Happy Halloween!
  16. kjm161

    MOC Spooky House

    It was a dark and stormy night... What could be more perfect for Halloween. The Collectible Minifigure Monsters need a home. Enter their haunted house, a four level structure (with elements inspired by the Scooby Doo Mystery Mansion) that fits with other modular builds on a 32x32 base plate. The floor can be removed and two panels on either side of the two fireplaces are hinged to allow easier access to the interior. hhback by Karen Metz, on Flickr hh2 by Karen Metz, on Flickr hhside2 by Karen Metz, on Flickr hhside1 by Karen Metz, on Flickr More to follow. GOINGS ON IN THE HAUNTED HOUSE The Monster Scientist is hard at work creating new creatures à la “Island of Dr. Moreau” in his subterranean lab. In the processing chamber is his latest creation, the Fly Monster. The Tiger Woman, one of the scientist’s first endeavors, is overseeing the transformation. Meanwhile, the giant Hagrid assists the Monster Rocker by touching up the creature’s green complexion. The lab opens to a large greenhouse where Seymore, an extra large venus flytrap with an appetite for more than bugs, and his best friends from the “Little Shop of Horrors” including the Plant Monster await unsuspecting guests. Square Foot is outside ready to harvest the latest crop of pumpkins that are guarded not too successfully by the Scarecrow. hhgreenhouse by Karen Metz, on Flickr hhlab2 by Karen Metz, on Flickr hhlab1 by Karen Metz, on Flickr The Zombie Pirate captain, sword at the ready, greats trick or treaters at the main entrance to the house. Three halloween revelers, a costumed Hippie dad and his two children dressed as the Skeleton Guy and an unconvincing witch, anxiously descend the steep stairs from the house happy to escape with their lives. The iconic stretching paintings from Disney’s Haunted Mansion grace either wall of the main hall behind the captain. A chesterfield facing an old grandfather clock make a cozy “unliving” room. The captain’s zombie pals, the Cheerleader and Businessman, relax at the kitchen table and discuss news items the latest edition of the Zombie Times. They appear not to be interested in their brain sandwich at the moment. Also in the kitchen is the Wacky Witch who is brewing an unappetizing potion simmering in a cauldron in the kitchen’s fireplace. To the right of the main entrance is the music room and library. The Spider Lady is about to sit down a play her favorite music piece “This is Halloween” on the piano or perhaps she may change her mind and decide to sit by the second fireplace and read a horror novel from the library. hhmainfloor by Karen Metz, on Flickr hhkitchen by Karen Metz, on Flickr hhlivingroom by Karen Metz, on Flickr hhpiano by Karen Metz, on Flickr hhzombies by Karen Metz, on Flickr Going up either set of spiral staircases leads to the main bedroom of the haunted house. Wednesday, aka the Spooky Girl, carrying her favorite teddy bear enters the main bedroom which contains a bed where the witches cat has decided to take a nap, a dresser, lamp, and old style radio. Her father, The Count, is resting in his coffin off to the side. To the rear of the bedroom is a closed door that opens onto a bloody bathroom scene (inspired by B Rick’s Horror bathroom). The evil side of Mr. Good and Evil has truly come out on this haunted eve. A poor unsuspecting trick or treater has been exsanguinated in the bathtub by Mr. Evil and reawakens to the horror of his new undead state. On either size of the bedroom and bathroom are storage rooms. The storage room on the right can be entered through the picture of the Fat Lady. A lonely spirit ghost stares longingly at all that remains of his earthly self, that being his skull which watches over the room since the valuables of the house are stored in the safe and chest located here. The Wolf Guy, in his wolf man state rather than his more unassuming guise as the Lumberjack, stares out the front dormer window salivating over the easy pickings of trick or treaters on the streets below. If only he weren’t trapped in this room with the sleeping vampire guarding the exit. hhbedroom by Karen Metz, on Flickr hhbedroom2 by Karen Metz, on Flickr hhbathroom1 by Karen Metz, on Flickr hhchimney by Karen Metz, on Flickr hhopenside1 by Karen Metz, on Flickr hhopenside2 by Karen Metz, on Flickr On the rooftop level, the ominous figure of the Specter watches the scene below. A naughty Monster is locked in one of the attic spaces. Over looking the rear of the house the Banshee wails for her long lost love as the Gargoyle enjoys spinning around as the hours pass. A owl peers at the black decorative owls that adorn the roof line. hhroof by Karen Metz, on Flickr Hope you enjoy my haunted house.
  17. I've done a mod of the Mystery Machine (75902) so it fits all 5 of the Scooby gang. I made the wheelbase 2 studs longer and rearranged a few things inside. I thought the original design was pretty good so didn't want to change too much, just make it a little larger. A few more photos in my Flickr album I also made a stop motion animation of the build
  18. ZOINKS! Shaggy turns out to be one hell of a hotrodder, turning his Dodge A-100 van into a pro-street pavement-pounder. Inspired by the full-size-engined/half-sized-bodied Zingers, the famous customs of the early 70's showcar-scene. The engine is a 2:1 scale full blown V6 race-engine. It's got dragslicks in the back, a wheelie-bar, and a drag-shute. To really appreciate this car it's best to compare it with the standard boring original cartoon version.
  19. Like many others, I wasn't happy that the official Lego Mystery Machine set did not fit the whole gang, so I built a modified version, and made a stop motion video about it.
  20. Hey everyone, I'm very glad to show you guys my latest creation. When I received this Scooby Doo set (Mystery Manson) from my wife. The first thing I wanted to build around was a Haunted Village were all the team could be investigating. So here is the result. I personally think it is my most achieved moc I've done and I'm very happy with it. Hope you guys like it :) C ya around. Lego ScoobyDoo-1 by Bruno Figueira, on Flickr Lego ScoobyDoo-3 by Bruno Figueira, on Flickr Lego ScoobyDoo-18 by Bruno Figueira, on Flickr Lego ScoobyDoo-13 by Bruno Figueira, on Flickr Lego ScoobyDoo-6 by Bruno Figueira, on Flickr Lego ScoobyDoo-15 by Bruno Figueira, on Flickr Lego ScoobyDoo-11 by Bruno Figueira, on Flickr Lego ScoobyDoo-9 by Bruno Figueira, on Flickr
  21. I'm looking to trade or sell these parts: As you can see in the picture, most of the Harry Potter heads are somewhat banged up or have faded printing. The scooby doo and friends figs are in superb condition though. The price for the whole lot is $45 plus shipping which in the US would only be a few more dollars. I'm interested in castle building parts and figs especially, though not limited to that by any means. So if you have something you'd like to trade, just let me know. PM me, if you're interested in some or all of the above.
  22. Bit of a mashup but ostensibly a Scooby Doo MOC for Brickvention. DSCN0252 by Gav*, on Flickr IMG_0699 by Gav*, on Flickr
  23. Hi all, The Jurassic World sets were great but bear little resemblance to the movie. I decided to give the Scooby Doo licence the same treatment. Presenting Shaggy's Shark Powered Attack Mer-Chariot!!
  24. kjm161

    MOC The Knight Museum

    I love museums, particularly the Museum of Civilization in Hull, Canada (now the Canadian Museum of History) and the Field Museum in Chicago. Having recently discovered collectible Lego Minifigures (I know a bit late, but better late than never), many of which have a historical theme and Lego putting out sets based on one of my favourite cartoons growing up, that being “Scooby Doo Where Are You”, I really wanted to create a Museum that incorporated all these things. After my kids got me the Tower Bridge for my birthday I had enough Lego to attempt my own creation. So here is my version of the Knight Museum. Help the Scooby Doo gang at the Knight Museum find clues and defeat a gang of villains trying to steal precious artifacts. The first episode in the original Scooby Doo cartoon series had the gang solving the Mystery of the Black Knight in the County Museum. A secret passage (behind a portrait of the Fat Lady that leads to the roof) and various hiding places allow the villains to hide out and plan and execute their nefarious plot. This lego creation tries to combine the fantasy of Scooby Doo with beauty and treasure of real life museums. This Museum has a dinosaur exhibit, and historical exhibits from Europe, Asia, the New World, and Ancient Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians. An observatory is located on the roof for star gazing. Under the stairs is a research area, a gem display and storage for unused display items. The Museum is built on two 32x32 stud base plates and is roughly double the size of a traditional modular building. Each layer and the roof can be removed as in normal modular buildings. Hope you like it. I had fun building it. Enjoy. Museumb by Karen Metz, on Flickr Musuem4b by Karen Metz, on Flickr Museum11b by Karen Metz, on Flickr Museum6b by Karen Metz, on Flickr Museum21 by Karen Metz, on Flickr Musuem4b by Karen Metz, on Flickr Museum12b by Karen Metz, on Flickr
  25. Robert8

    Scooby Doo replacement?

    We know Scooby Doo was the replacement of Monster Fighters in the horror/monsters line But, what theme could replace Scooby Doo? Personally, I'm thinking Beetlejuice, since there is a new movie coming soon