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  1. (Keep in mind this is currently a digital model, I haven't begun to research if it's even possibly to make this in physical bricks! I've found digital to be a fun thing to design with when not building with physical bricks) Once, in a far-off and mystical land, there was a shining maiden. One of the daughters of the Moon, she would descend from the heavens to a temple on the Earth for the annual Festival of the Floating Lanterns. However, this year the wicked Moon Priest seeks to kidnap the Maiden and keep her from returning to her father in the night sky! The Moon Priest and his two guards are on ther way to the temple. But one brave girl stands in their way! Her quest? To find the Moon Maiden's lost crown! In order to do that she must seek out the Elder Statue and gain the Scepter, the one weapon that can break the Moon Priest's staff and set the Maiden free! I wanted to do something that had an Asian theme since some of the building styles are absolutely incredible! The cherry trees were exceptionally difficult, but I really like the way it turned out. This MOC is also up on LEGO Ideas now, gathering support! If you like it and want to support it, I'm including the link here. Thanks! :) https://ideas.lego.com/projects/1c84999c-4b9e-402f-ace6-b05afc3dbd5c Up until now I didn't want to post any of my digital MOCs here on EB because I didn't know if they weren't allowed or something but someone told me I should so I might post a couple more! :) Also, I just realized that I probably posted this in the wrong forum category, as after looking at it I don't think it fits any of the categories listed. Oops :(
  2. Winterfield Academy

    Thank you! Surprisingly it jumped from 177 to 358 supporters on Ideas today, landing on the Trending page (something none of my projects have ever done!) so there's hope! It might go somewhere!
  3. Winterfield Academy

    @RogerSmith I somehow managed to pare it down to 2999 pieces! Of course the interior is bare bones :( But you have to sacrifice somewhere! The normal MOC for this (the version I have on my shelf and not the version I submitted) includes this giant train shed and all these plants and things, which is about 4000 pieces.
  4. Winterfield Academy

    @koalayummies Thank you! :) A lot of the submissions I had on the Ideas site were digital, so I didn't think EB would appreciate me posting a bunch of digital stuff lol!
  5. Winterfield Academy

    Welcome to Winterfield Academy, the premier arts academy for all of your minifigs! Governed by Headmistress Elba Rieter, this academy specializes in the arts! The first floor includes a grand entrance hall with front desk and a platform for a train station (Behind the school are tracks on which the Orient Express can arrive). The first floor also contains the dining hall, a trophy room, and the grand spiral staircase that ascends three stories. The second story includes a large choir classroom, a picture-lined hallway, a store closet that I'll soon be converting into a lavatory, and Headmistress Rieter's office. And the third floor/roof contains a ballet/dance studio and classroom, as well as a large portion that I haven't decided what to do with yet. But I think it's going to end up being the dormitory. I'm also planning on possibly doing a stop motion video series set around one of my mini figures encountering mystery and murder at the school! So we'll see how that goes. This MOC is also up on LEGO Ideas gathering support! If you wish please go support it! I'm including the link here. https://ideas.lego.com/projects/c3ebdf4f-1c75-435e-b09b-3f23788b535a Any ideas for the third floor, suggestions, comments on this MOC are much appreciated, thank you! :)
  6. LEGO Ideas Discussion

    While I agree that it isn't a competition per se, for some people I can see the viewpoint where it might be. Currently there are 1916 active projects on Ideas (quite a bit less than there used to be). Most non-AFOLs, and indeed probably most AFOLs would not want to search through 1916 projects every day! (It takes me approximately 45 minutes just to support 21 projects, with my horrendous internet speeds). So the biggest factor is visibility and getting visibility on projects. Once a project is off the Most Recent page, unless it gets onto the Trending pages, the only way to view it again without searching for it is if it's been Recently Updated. No offense to anyone, but a majority of humans have the attention span of gnats! It's logistically impossible, of course, but it would be cool if there was a way to consolidate ALL the projects onto one page to see how they look beside each other. Either that or make the Discover button easier to use ;)
  7. LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Also don't forget the visibility that so many projects need to have! Some projects, sadly no matter how good they are, suffer because there's not enough promotion, no matter what the submitter does (from my observation). (This is true of many websites, you want to get the message out but you don't want to spam, finding that line can be tricky!) While others from submitters with large Twitter followings, social media, etc... might soar, regardless of quality. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Ideas is a fish. And it is weird.
  8. Dorm Life

    Thank you @Mesabi! Lol, I had a single room last year, so it was a little bit bigger than the double rooms. My school likes to squeeze a huge wardrobe, a bed, a desk, a chair, a bookcase, and two rubbish bins in per student. After that there's not much room left! Oh and add musical instruments to that! Music majors gotta work too
  9. Dorm Life

    It's about 5000-6000 pieces, most of them I brick linked while I was there, and then some of them I brought from home in a giant tub, and then sent the tub back. (I only live about 6 hours away from my school so it was easier to transport things). Our school dorm rooms have a desk and a weird bookshelf thing, so it lived on top of the bookshelf forever. It took several months for all the orders to arrive and stuff too. It depends on how much space you have, and how much you want to lug around with you lol! I found some in-progress pictures! I had forgotten that I had my statues in the room as well lol!
  10. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I envision a dark, apocalyptic future, where LEGO has become the commodity of billionaires due to extreme inflation, so that we all are left fighting over LEPIN sets and thinking about the days when we splurged on those wonderful high quality plastic bricks... ;) Oops, sorry. I forgot the rule. Fighting over The Brand-That-Must-Not-Be-Named.
  11. Procrastination Thread

    I'm supposed to be doing ballet...but reading forums is so much more interesting right now...
  12. How do you imagine Lego works in the Toy Story universe

    According to the wiki, there are LEGO Minifigures present in Toy Story 3. They're repairing a stuffed elephant...so maybe minifigs have brains and are capable of independent thought while random pieces act in a manner similar to the microbots from Big Hero 6?
  13. What is the story behind your profile picture?

    Mine is a terrible LDD render from my first LEGO Ideas project! At the time, I was really new to EB, like the first day, and I was struggling to figure out how signatures and links and photos and everything worked. Back then I didn't know that Flickr photos easily posted. So this crappy, low quality photo was the only one from my computer that met the 0.04 MB limit lol! I really should get it changed....hmm...maybe I'll come back to this thread after changing it lol!
  14. [MOC] Friends at the Cinema

    The use of the clear plates is fantastic! And they look so realistic it looks like it's a picture for the screen rather than brick built. Awesome job! :)
  15. What's the craziest thing you've ever done?

    Jumped in a freezing cold lake at 3 in the morning as part of a dare. Rode 20 minutes on my bike to get there. Yeah, that was a scary night.