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  1. ALL terrain driving test
  2. hello everyone, This is my Final project : Grove GMK 6400 with 82mm ties, Because my family and personal problems, So I had stopped to create Lego MOC for a long long long time. So I hope my final project you like.
  3. Is really good start, you must create a great moc. Looking forward to seeing an awesome moc. Hehe... i play with my lego everyday,
  4. You need to install two xl for diving , if not enough space install one more xl, maybe you can try to install inside the crad. Two is really good for truck driving, three or four the ir receiver can not supplies, at that time you need divide into two battery box
  5. Pls see at If you want to make a crane above outrigger, you need to make it outrigger more small size, because not enough space for install crane.
  6. [MOC] Benz AROCS 4163 heavy haulage

    I haven't suspension for truck, because it will made truck not enough power for driving. So i redesign all of my truck, xl motor directly push. Like this Oh sorry for my harsh words, Good advice I will listen to and improve,
  7. [MOC] Benz AROCS 4163 heavy haulage

    do you have experience for make 4 axle heavy haulage? 4 axle Because there is no heavy object above it, it is normal。when you put Trailer on it, it will toching ground. or maybe the ground not really flat? haha please find more gap at all picture if you find You're so boring, thanks Please take the time to do more exciting works MOC, it's always better than you find gap
  8. [MOC] Benz AROCS 4163 heavy haulage

    All wheels toching ground, pls see carefully sorry, i think and i guess you to find fault on purpose sorry if you are expert you should know why?
  9. hello, this is my new moc for Scania R560 with EFFER Crane (Hong Kong Truck Style) it has 2 XL motors for driving, 1 servo for steering, 4 M motors for crane, 2 M motor for outrigger hope you like it my flickr:
  10. hello, this is my lastest creation for Benz Arocs 4163 heavy haulage; it has two XL motors for driving and 1 servo for stressing.
  11. this is my lastest creation, and i try to put it more power for driving, so please see the video... Finally Apply to my Benz Actros 4163
  12. [MOC] BENZ ACTROS 4163 with Magic Box

    In fact, Benz actros as early as June has been completed, Man in July also completed, as arocs in early September to complete, because the early row too busy so recently only one upload multiple works to eurobricks
  13. [MOC] BENZ ACTROS 4163 with Magic Box

    i like RC more than manual,
  14. [MOC] BENZ ACTROS 4163 with Magic Box

    yes, before i failed there times for doing ACTROS, SO I think this model is really difficult to make.