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  1. Thanks! Thank you! glad you like my build! Thanks! Caps on the front wheels I printed on a 3D printer Thank you!
  2. Hello everyone! I present to your attention the MAN F200 truck model. The model is made in 1:20 scale. XL motor is used for movement, servo motor is used to turn the front wheels. The truck  has a working suspension on all wheels. The second axle of the truck can be lifted. Instagram: Youtube: Thank you for watching!
  3. Yes, at first I put twin tires, but then I put one wide wheel with a diameter of 49 Thanks!
  4. Hello everyone! Scania R730 racing truck model for circuit racing. The creation was based on a serial Scania R truck truck with minor alterations: the engine was moved to the middle of the frame, and a spoiler was added. The model does not have a real prototype, the car is rather a collective image of racing trucks. The truck model is approximately 1:20 scale. It has the following functions: movement (carried out by means of a drive to the rear axle by 2 L motors), L motor is used to turn the front wheels. In the cabin there is a small battery pack and a sbrick. Additional features: two-speed gearbox, working steering wheel in the cabin, "neon" illumination of the bottom of the car. Instagram:
  5. Thank you! The headlights are made from a window element. Unfortunately, now there is no photo of the bottom of the truck, I am rebuilding it into a model with a 6x4 wheel formula, as soon as I finish it, I will definitely put the photo on flickr
  6. Thanks! Yes, those tires look great! Thanks a lot! I'm very excited to be on the front page! Thank you! We even hold competitive races for loading and transporting beans on Lego models. Thanks! I'm glad you like my model!
  7. Hello everyone! I present to your attention the Scania T143 truck model. The model is made in 1:20 scale. XL motor is used for movement, L motor is used to turn the front wheels. The semi-trailer is equipped with an automatic tipping body. The model is able to transport and independently unload up to 2 kg of bulk cargo. Instagram:
  8. Thanks for warning! I corrected all the photos in the entry topic! I didn't expect it to be so good :) Photos not included in the main application:
  9. Thanks! this model differs from my other models in the style of construction. But I'm happy with the result.
  10. 28. Road roller Functions: Rear wheel drive – 1M PF Steering system – 1 M PF Powered by sbrick Мanual opening of the door, sunroof, side windows Working steering wheel in the driver's cab Dimensions: 28L x 18W x 19H = 9576 cubic studs You can see a lot of interesting photos in my topic
  11. Thanks! The model is placed in a box measuring 28x18x19 stud. road roller on a trawl semi-trailer
  12. The final version of the road roller model on a stand.
  13. I had to change the whole concept of the model. now it looks like this:
  14. Thanks! Thank you! In addition to Lego, I am fond of bench modeling. Therefore, the similarity with real cars, trucks, road rollers is very important to me. The Technic series is not distinguished by high detail in the design of models, the Model team series is very weak in terms of copying of technical solutions. I try to make functional models: with suspension, with functions, and at the same time, so that the models look like real ones. It is important for me that people say: "wow, is this really made of Lego?" This model uses about 80-90% of the parts from the Technic series. I am very glad that I participated in the competition and gained experience and I will not be very upset if I am not allowed to participate in the competition.
  15. Thank you! I don't really like to build models without glass. without glass, the model looks like a toy. Thanks! Built a small platform for the model. it remains to make a salon in the driver's cab