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Found 14 results

  1. Welcome to my garage LEGO!!! Hello! My name is Michael. I'm a Builder from Russia, I love muscle cars!  Dodge Charger 1970 Drift Project This is an updated Dodge risen from the ashes, returned in a new guise and a powerful filling! Description: -Godzimotor Drive -Steering Geekservo -RCBrick Management -Independent front suspension, rear axle -Working V8 -The steering wheel turns with wheels -Doors open, trunk -Detailing in the cabin -Manual mechanism for opening the headlights from the interior -Weight 1.7 kg, Length 49 cm. Instagram: Join my group in VK: All photos on the link: Enjoy your viewing! Rate, comment! Thanks!)
  2. Hello everyone! I present to your attention the MAN F200 truck model. The model is made in 1:20 scale. XL motor is used for movement, servo motor is used to turn the front wheels. The truck  has a working suspension on all wheels. The second axle of the truck can be lifted. Instagram: Youtube: Thank you for watching!
  3. Hello everyone! Scania R730 racing truck model for circuit racing. The creation was based on a serial Scania R truck truck with minor alterations: the engine was moved to the middle of the frame, and a spoiler was added. The model does not have a real prototype, the car is rather a collective image of racing trucks. The truck model is approximately 1:20 scale. It has the following functions: movement (carried out by means of a drive to the rear axle by 2 L motors), L motor is used to turn the front wheels. In the cabin there is a small battery pack and a sbrick. Additional features: two-speed gearbox, working steering wheel in the cabin, "neon" illumination of the bottom of the car. Instagram:
  4. Welcome to my garage LEGO!!! Hello! My name is Michael. I'm a Builder from Russia, I love muscle cars! Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham 1994 The last of the classic full-size rear-wheel drive Cadillac frame sedans! Description: - Drive - 2L motors - Steering - Servo - Power Supply - Small BB - Independent suspension - The steering wheel turns with the wheels - Open the doors, hood... - Well-designed interior and space under the hood - Weight 1910 grams Instagram: Join my group in VK: All photos on the link: Enjoy your viewing! Rate, comment! Thanks!)
  5. Welcome to my garage LEGO!!! Hello! My name is Michael. I'm a Builder from Russia, I love muscle cars! Hummer H1 1992 Hello everyone! So I have completed my next project, the merger of technology and system! This time I have collected a living legend of Hummer H1! Description: - Drive - 2L motors - Steering - Servo - Power Supply - Small BB - Independent suspension - The steering wheel turns with the wheels - Open the doors, hood... - Well-designed interior and space under the hood - About 2000 parts Instagram: Join my group in VK: All photos on the link: Enjoy your viewing! Rate, comment! Thanks!)
  6. I decided to join the Technic Studless Recreation competition. Someone starts building a car with a chassis, but I decided to start with ❤ The heart of the model will be a 4-cylinder opposed engine.
  7. Welcome to my garage LEGO!!! Hello! My name is Michael. I'm a Builder from Russia, I love muscle cars! Dodge Challenger 1970 This time, I collected an opponent for the Barracuda, in real life, both cars were assembled on the same base, outwardly they differ only in front and rear) I did not copy, but made a completely new model from the chassis to the body and developed it to more recognizable features, the design became more complicated, and with this the number of parts increased hundreds of times! Because of the large tilt of the whole car, it has got a castor, maneuverability is very good, as well as speed, because under the "hood" is a Buggy engine) Description: - Length 46 cm, weight 1550 g, 2013 details! - Drive - 1 Buggy motor -- Steering - Servotronic - Power supply-Small BB -The steering wheel turns the wheels -Open doors, hood... - Fashion salon -Nitrous oxide! - The receiver is hidden under the torpedo - Roomy trunk ( two PF remote controls go into the light one) - Front independent suspension with positive castor -Rear axle with Panar traction is installed - A lot of system Instructions are available for purchase! 9$ - Instagram: Join my group in VK: All photos on the link:
  8. Hello everyone! I'm glad to introduce you my tribute to 10187 set! Long story short: I'm a big fan of the ModelTeam series, and always wanted to build a MOC in this style, but I did not find inspiration. And a couple of weeks ago, I found xx1Andi's LDD file with PF modifications of the 10187 set on the Rebrickable. That MOC did not have a front suspension, complex steering system or any other technic features, but helps me a lot in understanding how all the electrics should be placed in the chassis. So I just started building the chassis with a new Control+ electrics, keeping in mind @Madoca 1977's offroader suspension and driveline setup The main goal was to preserve the maximum appearance of the original with the maximum count of functions inside. In the end I was able to completely save the interior, all interior and exterior details and leave a place for 3 motorised functions and manual one. I'm satisfied with final performance: model able to crawl in the forest and even on some rocks. With the help of the winch Beetle can move forward in almost every situation (within reason of course, it's not a lightweight crawler). On the high gear it's fun to see how suspension fulfills little bumps on the gravel road. Red color - dual driveline via 2x C+ XL motors that are not connected to one another, which allows car to simulate open differentials (or turn around like a tank). New planetary hubs can handle with heavy weight (2250 g), even using RC4WD tires for 62mm wheels with the excellent grip properties of rubber. Yellow - steering with a C+ L motor and common gear-rack setup, nothing special. Purple - winch with 20:1 ratio via C+ L motor, capable of lifting a vehicle’s weight on a steep slope or in the air. Winch motor placed between upper front suspension arms, leaving space for some scale details under the hood (like windshield washer reservoir) Blue - torsion bar suspension. 10L axles working like torsion bar with lower suspension arms and limiters firmly fixed on them. Suspension stiffness is adjusted by changing the distance between the arm and the limiter. It's the most simple and compact solution for this scale and weight. Green color - 2-speed gearbox (1:1 and 3:1 ratios) with manual (HOG) switching via small actuator placed between rear suspension arms and driveshafts. Simple and stupid solution - just gears in the frame, that pulls them along the driveshafts with a help of actuator. Nothing special. All these technic parts are connected only by technic bricks and system plates. Mainly by plates There was not so much free space for proper bracing, but some tests and crash-tests shows me that all these system plates are tough enough to handle some jumps. But the main headache was a new C+ hub. That was very hard to hide this enormous brick into the interior, so I was used to make holes in the backrest of the rear seat to fit the C+ hub's "ears". But otherwise I’m happy with the amount of details saved. I love final ModelTeam+Crator appearence Thank you for watching and feel free to leave comments below! Hope you like it! Also you can find more photos here
  9. Scania LK 141. The model is made in the scale of 1:22. Has a suspension on all wheels. XL-motors are used for driving and a servo motor for steering model. The truck is equipped with an automatic trailer hitch. Instructions: Instagram:
  10. Hello Everybody My Name is Dani, im a 36 years old LEGO fanatic from Zürich Switzerland and im a brandnew eurobricks member. ;-) Im proud to introduce you my Liebherr R 9150 excavator in the scale 1:13. Yeah i know, the mining machines from Liebherr are white in real, but i like the yellow Liebherr color design much more. It is „only“ a scale model and has no functions, motors etc, cause the construction is just too heavy. I dont know the wheight exactly, but i think its about 40 pounds, this thing is HUGE. As you can see, i used alot parts, only for the black track-chains about 1200 pieces. I worked on this Monster since 3 years, of course with a lot breaks between. Effort in hours: i guess about 300. Please let me know what you think. If you have any questions, just ask. ;-)
  11. Custom produced by FTF (Floor Truck Factory) using components from around the world, the truck was first put in use in 1989 by the Roseboom company. After switching owners and company the truck is nowadays beautifully restored in his old glory. After finding images of the restoration I fell in love with the color scheme and the challenge was set to build this beauty of a truck. Tan, red, sand green and dark green - Flickr The cabin tilts to reveal the V8 detroit diesel engine - Flickr Fully detailed interieur - Flickr The truck is combined with a Scheuerle EuroCombi Hauling a humongous dark red beam. The final model is build with full suspension, working fifth wheel, opening doors, cabin tilt and remote controlled with Sbrick. The trailer has a mechanical steering controlled by the two turntables the beam rests on and a detachable and operatabel gooseneck Dark red combines perfectly with the truck in my opinion - Flickr Yes, it is a long truck.... - Flickr The trailer comes fully equipped with extra weight and tools - Flickr Most of the details have been taken care of - Flickr PS, Yes the rims are painted.
  12. At the end of last year i was very honest that the best and biggest shipyard in the world Royal Feadship ask me to build a big model and a set of one of their new build yacht; My Kiss. I had only 2,5 month for both project's. One week before the deadline the two project's where ready and deliverd at the yard in Aalsmeer and the projectmanager was very pleased. This project was very difficault because i haved to buildt it only from drawings and renders, also the building style where complete new for me . End of this month this model will stand in the great new book from Dennis Glaasker and Dennis Bosman. The real Kiss is now sailing to Monaco and is nominated for best ship in there class at the Monaco Yacht show 2015(23 to26 september) and mine model is standing with proud on the real one . In this topic i will give you a glimp how i build this model . This is the real Kiss at their launching party on 14 februari 2015 at the yard Royal The Vries and mine family and JunkstyleGio where there as quest. Soooooo enough information and here is the start of the model . First start was the bow and the most difficult one. After building the bow the idea's came quickly and the progress grow's every day. This enough for today and hope you like it . Greetings Edwin and stay tuned for the rest of it .
  13. September 2013 the first WIP picture of my crane was uploaded, now 3,5 years later I dare to say the model is finished. In all these years I have faced a lot of technical challenges with this model, thought most of them are solved a few remain annoying (steering and drive). In the end I consider the model done and decided to learn from the not fully working features to improve on in later builds. Other tough challenges that were beaten in this model are: Fully capable outriggers that lift the complete model of its axles, Lift of the boom using a brick build linear actuator, fitting tens of meters of wire in the model to power all the led's. A full list of the features can be found at the end of the post. Even though I consider myself quite a purist a few elements of this model are not from TLC. For control the model uses 5 sbrick's together with a custom profile, enabling all the rc features I needed with a good signal . Since the PF led's are way to expensive and dull I decided to solder my own led's with the right color and a good brightness. The stickers are supplied by JaapTechnic. More pictures can be found on my flickr Full road configuration with 14.4 tons of ballast weight. The spreader plates are stored on the back. All the light are controlled by the Sbricks, this includes the indicators, beacons and reversing lights. Yes this actually lifts. With the jib mounted the piston is able to erect the then 1.7 meter boom to full height. Fully erected the model stands 2.6 meters tall. Even though the model faces a lot of technical challenges all of the details are added including full interior in both cabins. Full feature list. Motorized functions: Drive, Steering, Outriggers front and back, Compressor for the outriggers, Slewing, Boom lift, Boom extension, Winch, Cabin lift. Light functions: Normal driving lights, indicators, hazard lights, beacons, reversing lights, working lights on the superstructure. Other functions: All cabin doors open, Openable storage doors on the back, Full suspension, Folding jib with multiple angles, Folding safety railing.
  14. As rm8 mentioned, this month is "Month of Russian technics".So, let me be the 3rd with my new work that took me 8 months to do - Russian famous KAMAZ truck. Features: Front lights Scale - 1:16.7 RWD (like the real one) Width - 18 studs Ackerman steering (solid suspension on the front axle, based on 2Lego`s design) Differential on the rear axle (Classic technic suspension, don`t know how to name it) Many SNOT solutions like the front grill and the roof that were a very big headache. As for the technical solutions, the thing I`m very proud of is the steering mechanism.It was the biggest problem due to the weight of the cab, but the idea with using a minifig part decided it. Just to add, I have used some ideas from this work : http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=304715 My model: KAMA3 43253 by DB_Kit Fisto, on Flickr 1 by DB_Kit Fisto, on Flickr 3 by DB_Kit Fisto, on Flickr 4 by DB_Kit Fisto, on Flickr 2 by DB_Kit Fisto, on Flickr 5 by DB_Kit Fisto, on Flickr 6 by DB_Kit Fisto, on Flickr 7 by DB_Kit Fisto, on Flickr 8 by DB_Kit Fisto, on Flickr