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  1. Chrismo72

    [MOC] Large Fire Engine

    Thanks! You are not alone :-)
  2. Chrismo72

    [MOC] Large Fire Engine

    Thanks for your comment. Fire engines look different around the world, but in Norway (where I live) they are actually a bit boxy :-) Thanks! I would have preferred a Scania sticker, but I didn’t have any. Tanks :-) That was actually what I tried to achieve.
  3. Chrismo72

    [MOC] Large Fire Engine

    WOW!!! Thanks! This is great news, makes me really happy :-)
  4. Chrismo72

    [MOC] Large Fire Engine

    Thanks a lot :-) I have recreated the MOC digitally, and I will look into how I can make instructions. Its new territory for me, but I´ll explore it. I tried to submit the MOC to Lego Ideas, but it was rejected. They said it didn't meet their quality standards. So don't expect to much :-)
  5. Chrismo72

    [MOC] Large Fire Engine

    Thanks a lot :-) Thanks! I'm really looking forward to see your japanese fire truck. Thank you, I am happy to hear that :-) Thanks :-) After I posted the first pictures, I updated the interior. Check out the latest picture at the bottom of my original post.
  6. Thank you for your feedback. Perhaps I´ll inspire more people to make vehicles for our beloved minifigs.
  7. Yesterday I posted pictures of my Fire Engine MOC in the Town theme/forum. That may have been a mistake, because this category seems to be mostly about buildings and modulars. I am still not sure where this MOC belongs, but perhaps some of you experienced members can help me? Thank you in advance.
  8. Chrismo72

    [MOC] Large Fire Engine

    Thank you so much. If I can bring out nice childhood memories, I think I've achieved my goal with this MOC :-)
  9. Chrismo72

    [MOC] Large Fire Engine

    Hey all I´m exited to introduce my second MOC here on Eurobricks. I am a true rookie when it comes to building with system bricks, as I've spent more time doing Technic stuff. I tried to make this MOC more realistic than the fire engines that Lego usually releases, and I´ve drawn inspiration from real Scania fire vehicles. Because i wanted to make this thing closer the real thing, I've spent some time at the local fire station, getting to know the real machines. I’m very grateful for comments, questions and suggestions for improvements. Hope you like it, and thanks for taking the time to watch the pictures. Features All doors and hatches can be opened/closed Fully decorated and detailed interior in the cabin Lots of different details that relates to the real deal. Room for 4 minifigs with accessories. 558 parts (without the minifigs) I am very grateful for your support over at Lego Ideas: Pictures (Bigger pictures in my Flickr account: The truck is 8 studs wide, 11 studs high and 17 studs long. This MOC is actually fun to play with. Loaded with equipment, a water cannon and 4 minifigs the possibilities are many. All doors can be opened. The left side is for technical evacuation and rescuing of trapped persons. Here you'll find the hydraulic tools, power tools and life vests. It thinks firefighters deserve appreciation. The salary is low, but still they risk their lives for everybody else. In the back of the truck you find pump controls and connection point for water hoses. The right side of the truck contains tools for firefighting. Different nozzles, hoses and the Compressed Air Foam System (CAFS) If I had a Scania sticker, I would have used it. For now this is proud product of Autoparts. On the roof, you@ll find the water cannon, ladders, hoses, tools and of course the obligatory fire axe. Detalied interior with communication equipment, GPS, IR-camera, flashlights and binoculars. The setup matches real fire engines. "Firefighting is all about megablocks. Busting ours to save yours" Updated picture of the cabin interior. (Rendered in Bricklink Studio) Another color scheme, since yellow seems to be the new white in modern fire engines. (Rendered i Bricklink Studio) Thanks for watching :-)
  10. Chrismo72

    Coastguard Mini Helicopter

    Great MOC!! Clever rotorhead (without severe vibration), and transmission of movement from the cyclic stick. I like the way you designed the helicopter, and the fact that you only use current lego parts. You obviously know a whole lot about helicopters, and you are able to translate this knowledge into clever lego builds. I don't think most people appreciate how difficult it is to make a helicopter such as this one. Keep up the great work, you really inspire me to stretch my goals.
  11. Chrismo72

    Technic Photography

    I'm not sure why it's grainy. It's not a problem on the full size versions. The settings are f/5, 1/60s, Iso200. Shot with a Nikon D3 and Sigma 50mm. I agree, the black details are to dark. At the time I thought it looked good, won't happen again. Photoshop work: Adjusted hue and saturation, removed som dust and dirt from the background cardboard, curves adjusted, added some vignetting. Nothing much really. BTW: Here is the flick-gallery, with bigger pictures:
  12. Chrismo72

    Technic Photography

    I think it useful to remember that the background is almost as important as the main object itself when composing and shooting a nice picture. Daylight from a large window on a cloudy day, combined with a plain background will get you far. Direct sunlight is always very difficult, and usually requires reflectors and carefully picked background. Stay in the shade or wait for a cloudy day is my advice for outdoor photography. I use a DSLR and flashes indoors myself, because it gives me good control of the lighting. In the picture below, I used two flashes. The first flash lit up the helicopter itself (through a small softbox), and the second light was aimed at the background to avoid harsh shadows fro the helicoptr. The background was some leftover thick cardboard i used to protect my floor while I painted the bedroom roof. The cardboard was taped to the wall and desk so that it was softly curved. Finally i did some touchup in Photoshop.
  13. Thanks for giving us these brilliant MOCs . You shouldn't feel bad about making MOCs without the astounding complexity we all know you are capable of. The cars are stil way ahead of what many of us are able to invent. These two wonderful cars provides lots of valueable information, and I'm learning a lot from studying them. And the fact that you have a signature look to your MOCs is quite an achivement. Hope you keep feeling better.
  14. Chrismo72

    Lego Technic Air Ambulance

    All of you, thank you very very much!! I had no idea my creation would be met with so many kind words and good questions. The last few months I have sat at my desk and built lego while I wondered if anyone would notice my helicopter. If you are interested in seeing some bigger pictures, I made a Flickr album here: The tail is, as you correctly point out, rather heavy. Without support the whole tail hangs kinda like a sad banana, but not all the way to the ground. The last picture shows the tail-support, and so does the small picture of the box-art. Yes, I will make a video when i got some spare time. The fact that my big hero Madoca1977 commented on my MOCs makes very proud. Thanks a lot.
  15. Chrismo72

    Lego Technic Air Ambulance

    Actually this is my third MOC in total, but my first here on Eurobricks. My first MOC was more like a practice session, but the second one (Lego Technic Urban Buggy) was somewhat better.