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  1. Chrismo72

    MOC: Minifig rescue helicopter

    Thanks for your feedback. In Norway we have waited long for this helicopter to arrive, and in the mean time many of us have been checking out the danish versions on youtube :-) Me too, actually :-) Thanks for your comment. I tried to get rid of the front studs, but couldn't find different parts and at the same time maintain the angles I wanted.
  2. Chrismo72

    MOC: Minifig rescue helicopter

    Hi. I haven´t made any instructions. The model is put together digitally in But i am going to build it for real, and maybe I will make instructions when I'm building. Thanks for your kind words. It would be nice if Lego releases an 18+ helicopter. I appreciate your comments about studs. I think i will keep the visible studs in my model. After all, its Lego :-)
  3. Chrismo72

    MOC: Minifig rescue helicopter

    Thanks, Peppermint. I guess I will have to try out different solutions to figure out what is best. Thats the good thing about lego. Nothing is really wrong, just a matter of taste. Thats part of why I love lego. That's good to hear. The medical crew in this helicopters are experts on plastic surgery :-)
  4. Chrismo72

    MOC: Minifig rescue helicopter

    Thanks for your suggestions, that might work nicely. I will try to use some arrows, or maybe some customs stickers. The colors are inspired by the actual helicopter.
  5. Chrismo72

    MOC: Minifig rescue helicopter

    Thanks for your comment. Glad you liked it. I agree, the studs along the side should be covered up. They belong to bracket-pieces that was needed to offset pieces. It is A LOT of offsetting is this model, and that made it alle the more difficult to build. At lesst for a novice like myself. I tried different tiles, but it looked weird.. Maybe i will try a different approach. Thanks again.
  6. Chrismo72

    MOC: Minifig rescue helicopter

    Hi fellow builders My third MOC here on Eurobricks is a minifig scaled model of the brand new SAR helicopter in Norway. The Leonardo AW 101 is a magnificent machine! I start off with some important information. I built this MOC based on a model i found on Lego Ideas. The creator SimonSchepp published six pictures of his grey army version of this helicopter, and I used these with the intention of making a similar model. The result is a helicopter that looks similar, but is probably built very differently. With only six pictures available It was really difficult to figure out how to build this thing. But I think it turnes out nice, and I learned a lot along the way. Hope you like it. Minifigs deserve only the best, and the AW 101 is state of the art. You can hoist the patients in to the helicopter. The crew has lots of medical equipment available for treating patients. The helicopter flies fast and safe in all kinds of weather conditions. Fully decorated cabin, similar to the layout in the real helicopter. Size does matter, and this thing is big. Fully decorated cockpit, with collective and cyclic. I know there should to room for 2 pilots. But to maintain playability, I could only fit in one seat. The godfather of helicopters, Igor Sikorsky, deserves som credit. Any comment or questions is much appreciated. Thank you for your time. Keep building :-)
  7. Thank you neonic and Peppermint_M. I am in the final stages of making pictures of my MOC. Hopefully I will publish my MOC during this weekend
  8. I recently discovered a few pictures of a great MOC over at the Lego Ideas. Unfortunately the MOC has not gathered much support, and will probably never reach review stage. Based on the 6 pictures that was published, I managed to make a decent version of the model. Now i have I tweaked and changed it, and I am very happy with my result. Since I only had a few pictures to work with, my model is probably built quite different than the original model, but they look similar. The question for you guys: Is it ok for me to publish my version of this MOC here on Euorobricks, as long as I make it very clear that it is inspired by another MOC? I will of course include a link to the Lego Ideas page where I found the original model. I have to tried to find a way to get in contact the original constructor, made my search came out empty. I don't want to do something that will get med banned from the great Eurobricks. Thanks for any answers and comments. Regards, Chrismo
  9. Chrismo72

    [MOC] Large Fire Engine

    Thanks! You are not alone :-)
  10. Chrismo72

    [MOC] Large Fire Engine

    Thanks for your comment. Fire engines look different around the world, but in Norway (where I live) they are actually a bit boxy :-) Thanks! I would have preferred a Scania sticker, but I didn’t have any. Tanks :-) That was actually what I tried to achieve.
  11. Chrismo72

    [MOC] Large Fire Engine

    WOW!!! Thanks! This is great news, makes me really happy :-)
  12. Chrismo72

    [MOC] Large Fire Engine

    Thanks a lot :-) I have recreated the MOC digitally, and I will look into how I can make instructions. Its new territory for me, but I´ll explore it. I tried to submit the MOC to Lego Ideas, but it was rejected. They said it didn't meet their quality standards. So don't expect to much :-)
  13. Chrismo72

    [MOC] Large Fire Engine

    Thanks a lot :-) Thanks! I'm really looking forward to see your japanese fire truck. Thank you, I am happy to hear that :-) Thanks :-) After I posted the first pictures, I updated the interior. Check out the latest picture at the bottom of my original post.
  14. Chrismo72

    Which forum does my MOC/topic belong in?

    Thank you for your feedback. Perhaps I´ll inspire more people to make vehicles for our beloved minifigs.