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  1. Nice little excavator you made. It looks very clean and well thought out. Well done!
  2. That's very cool! How do you conect the rigid hose together so it doesn't interfere with the balls?
  3. [MOC] Truggy

    Thank you. The performance could definitely be improved. One day I'd like to invest in a Buwizz. But unfortunately for now, it's not just the limitations of the PF motors. The whole IR system is pretty poor when it comes to RC cars. 
  4. [MOC] Truggy

    Thanks! Truggy's are pretty wide. It stops them flipping over. Thanks. Yes, the lime is a nice colour. I had to Bricklink a fair amount to finish it. The suspension has about a stud and a bit travel. It had more when I started, but style took preference over function when I realized the performance wasn't great!
  5. Hello all. Today I'd like to present my latest creation. A Truggy! This came about when I lost my way with Lego. I had no enthusiasm or inspiration to make much. Summer is very short lived in the UK, and I wanted to be outside. So, I bought myself an RC Truggy. WOW! what fun! Then, inevitably, the summer came to an end. it got cold and dark. So in I came and saw my neglected Lego. Hmmmm. What shall I make? How about an indoor Truggy! And few evenings later, I got my Lego mojo back, and here's the result! There are a few issues I have with it. First, the PF capabilities are lacking in power and speed. Especially after hobby grade RC. This will probably be my last attempt at PF powered cars. I much prefer making construction stuff anyway. Also the back end seems a bit "lacking" somehow. anyway, There probably wont be a video as the performance isn't great. But here's some pictures. Thanks for looking. As ever constructive criticism always welcome.
  6. Mini-Truck

    Nice little truck you made there! I'm honored that my yellow truck could give you inspiration.
  7. [MOC] Monsrter Truck

    I like it a lot. The colour scheme is great! I hope it doesn't need to use the spare tyre on the back. I don't think it would Fit!
  8. @Hinckley, It looks much better on this forum. It still looks jumbled on the technic forum. http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/oliveralder/drivetest/screenshot_20170929-170852.png This was 5:12pm UK time.
  9. Hi. I like the new look. Unfortunately my mobile still shows some issues, http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/oliveralder/drivetest/screenshot_20170929-080116.png The page numbers of topics and the topic creator name is all jumbled up. And I still can't see some images in a few posts. I'm using android Sony Z2. edit: The problem with the bottom of the name is still in evidence in the technic forum. In this post, by shineyu, the y looks like a v. It's also an example of a post in which I can't see pictures! http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/oliveralder/drivetest/screenshot_20170929-081125.png Cheers.
  10. Hello. I know there has been a lot of tinkering with the site. I'm sure people are still working on it, but I can't see pictures in a lot of the posts. I'm using android. Anyone else having this problem, or is it my phone? Thanks.
  11. You got that right! Awesome job on the truck. Simple yet very effective.
  12. Working electric guitar

    Oh, how did I miss this one! I love it.
  13. General Part Discussion

    It seems that the new colours have only just been added to bricks and pieces. I've been checking regularly for them. My guess is they take a while to be added. Maybe they have to produce enough to go in the sets first. Although, black 19L flex axles have never been added, even after the heavy lift helicopter....... Keep checking. I'm sure they'll be available soon. Just make sure you buy enough the first time round! 😉
  14. Invictus V12 Supercar

    Great looking car! Personally I like a bit of space in the bodywork. I'm not a fan of closing everything up. It's nice to see the mechanics. The overall shape is very pleasant to my eyes!
  15. Technic Pub

    Hi all. I saw that Argos in the UK have all three of the new technic sets with a 3 for 2 deal on. I'm not sure if it's all across the UK, I live in Bristol.