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  1. Oliver 79

    [MOC] Claas Scorpion 756 - telehandler

    This is really very, very nice. Lovely smooth movements and a refined body.....
  2. Perfect. Worked like a charm. Thanks.
  3. Hello. Are the new small wheelarch parts in studio? If not, where would I get the LDraw part and how do I get it into studio? Thanks in advance.
  4. Oliver 79

    Technic General Discussion

    Hey all. Set 42088 is being sold in Lidl this week for £6.99 (in the UK). Just picked up a couple of them. They're quite good little parts packs.
  5. Oliver 79

    (MOC) The Red Monster

    Thanks. The red parts come from bricklink mainly. I need to start stocking up on other colours though. Red's getting a bit boring for me!
  6. Oliver 79

    (MOC) The Red Monster

    There are similarities. Maybe subconsciously it inspired me to build this! Thanks for your comments.
  7. Good afternoon people. After several mini dark ages, I proudly present my latest creation. The Red Monster! This model came about after trying to get back into Lego via Creator Expert models. Specifically the Ford Mustang and the VW Beetle. I'm usually more into construction machinery, but my last project just couldn't get my creative juices flowing! Anyway, there's not a great deal to say about this model other than I wanted to use the big shocks and have hand of god steering. I'll let the amateur pictures and video do the talking. As always constructive criticism welcome. Thanks for looking!
  8. It's not Technic, but..... Also used in creator turbo track racer 31070 For the door mechanism. (one of my favorite sets!)
  9. Oliver 79

    45678 LEGO Education SPIKE Prime

    The 3x3 technic beam is already out of stock on bricks and pieces.
  10. Oliver 79

    LEGO Creator 2019 - Rumors, Discussion, and Speculation

    Do we know what the release date is for the general toy shops. Specifically the Ford mustang?
  11. Does anyone know when the general release for toy shops in the uk will be?
  12. Oliver 79

    [MOC] RC Telescopic excavator

    Nice! I love the locking system for removing the superstructure. The modularity is great! 😃
  13. Oliver 79

    BuWizz Competition: The power of BuWizz

    Yes. You are right about advertising. Sorry, I missed the last discussion. And this attitude is precisely why I rarely post on this forum.
  14. Oliver 79

    BuWizz Competition: The power of BuWizz

    OK. But if the prize is a BuWizz, isn't it a bit limiting to non owners of a BuWizz? Sorry if I'm being negative. It might make sense to have a completion where you could show your MOC BuWizz free, and explain how a BuWizz could make your MOC even better. Don't want to be a party pooper! 🙄 It's all cool either way.....