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  1. It might be a bit difficult to implement. But could you use some struts like this?
  2. This is true. I didn't take that into consideration. However, the frame could be modified to fit.
  3. This is coming along nicely . I have a suggestion regarding all those bevel gears in the lift mechanism. You can get rid of a few of them with this setup: With this all the mini LA's will be rotating in the same direction and will have less friction due to less gears.
  4. I like the way this is going. I think it belongs in this forum, but I'd imagine it would fit the creator forum too. I'd say PF over PU but only because I think it integrates with Technic better. And I don't like all this smart phone enabled stuff. Looking forward to seeing more progress for sure.
  5. This is really intriguing and with such lovely movement. I might have to have a go at reverse engineering it! Thanks for sharing it.
  6. Ha ha . thanks for the explanation. Shapeways here I come!
  7. Thanks @Jundis . I did try those panels. In fact I ordered some especially for it, but somehow I didn't like them. I might post a picture with them on for comparison. This part would indeed work and would be very useful. But I just can't go over to the dark side! (if only Lego would take note!) Thanks for all the comments guys.
  8. Thank you. I'd be delighted if Sennebogen wanted to buy it. I once made a Huddig backhoe and they contacted me asking to buy it. They didn't in the end as my asking price was too high!
  9. Thanks for your comments. I don't have any lime so I had to go with yellow. I also tried adding more panels to the arm but the extra weight ment it was too heavy for the actuator to lift. If I changed the gearing ratio it might work but I couldn't find any space inside to do that. The outriggers are geared through a worm gear hence the slow speed. I'd still say they're faster than the 42009 though
  10. Thanks. I suppose if you put a couple of motors in the under carriage they might fit. But then where to put the battery box? Personally I prefer the challenge of only using one motor and figuring out the gearbox.
  11. I'd prefer green! Thanks Good question. I don't know. There were some long periods where I didn't work on it at all. I just know it's been stuck on my lego desk for a very long time!
  12. Greetings Euro brickers. I am proud to present my model of the Sennebogen 817 E. This model has taken about a year and a half (if not longer) to finish. And to be honest, I'm glad it's over! Let me start by listing the functions: four wheel steering via HOG on the back. outriggers (motorized). 360 degree rotation of upper carriage (motorized). Cabin raising and lowering (motorized). Fully functional arm (motorized). Orange peel grab (motorized). All the motorized functions are multi directional via the red switches on the top using one PF large motor. I had many challenges along the way. The main problem to solve was bracing all the gears to stop the dreaded clicking. Unfortunately I started this project before the 'flip flop' beams were introduced. This probably would have made life a little easier, but I have no intention of starting again! The upper carriage is also a bit wobbly and I would have liked to build some kind of 'track' for it to turn on. The 'banana gears' are too big and I couldn't come up with a decent solution. Also, the lower actuator of the arm could do with being geared down a bit to give it more power. But again I couldn't find a solution due to space issues. I'd also only realised this problem when the main upper structure was completed and I started working on the arm. All in all the model turned out pretty well. But I realise there are a few differences between this and the real machine. I think the proportions are a little off and its obviously yellow not green.... I decided to use the orange peel grab from set 42006. It fits pretty well if not a little small. One of the biggest challenges I had was taking decent pictures. I only have my phone camera and I couldn't get many decent shots due to the size. Fortunately I did manage to edit a mediocre video... All the functions are in real time, so I apologise if it's a bit long... [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v= [/media] Thanks for looking. And as always, constructive criticism welcome. Link to the Sennebogen website.
  13. I just ordered some Zetros tires, new VW Camper Van tires and some of the new 3L pins from the Darth Vader Meditation chamber. Very much looking forward to a new MOC session!
  14. Yep. it's a new tire.... 49.5 x 14