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  1. Hello. I know there has been a lot of tinkering with the site. I'm sure people are still working on it, but I can't see pictures in a lot of the posts. I'm using android. Anyone else having this problem, or is it my phone? Thanks.
  2. You got that right! Awesome job on the truck. Simple yet very effective.
  3. Working electric guitar

    Oh, how did I miss this one! I love it.
  4. General Part Discussion

    It seems that the new colours have only just been added to bricks and pieces. I've been checking regularly for them. My guess is they take a while to be added. Maybe they have to produce enough to go in the sets first. Although, black 19L flex axles have never been added, even after the heavy lift helicopter....... Keep checking. I'm sure they'll be available soon. Just make sure you buy enough the first time round! 😉
  5. Invictus V12 Supercar

    Great looking car! Personally I like a bit of space in the bodywork. I'm not a fan of closing everything up. It's nice to see the mechanics. The overall shape is very pleasant to my eyes!
  6. Technic Pub

    Hi all. I saw that Argos in the UK have all three of the new technic sets with a 3 for 2 deal on. I'm not sure if it's all across the UK, I live in Bristol.
  7. [MOC] Yellow Truck

    That looks cool. I'm not with my lego at the moment so I can't try it out. I did try a two stud high version myself but thought it was a bit too chunky. It would be nice to make open too. Thanks for your input.
  8. [MOC] Yellow Truck

    Thanks. You are indeed right. However with a small system like this, the curve is fairly negligible and the springs have a certain amount of flex in them. I might upscale the model and use class tyres next time. Thanks for all the positive feedback guys.
  9. [MOC] Yellow Truck

    Hi. Thanks. I haven't tried this set up with 4 wheel steering. I might modify it for another time. I did do a 4 wheel steering on this one though.
  10. [MOC] Yellow Truck

    Thank you. Funnily enough, I'm doing an engineering degree in my spare time (what little I have!)
  11. [MOC] Yellow Truck

    Thanks guys. I made an LDD of the suspension set up. I didn't put the body on as I'm sure others could do better! There are some bits I couldn't place, but it should be fairly straight forward to figure out. Have fun. LINK
  12. Greetings. I put together this little truck because I wanted to use the wheels from 8858. They are currently my favorite wheels Lego have produced! My main goal was to create some nice bouncy suspension using only the 6L links and soft shocks to connect to the main structure. It took a while to realize that if I crossed the 6L links diagonally, this would stop sideways movement of the axles! It also needed steering, which is controlled via the black gear on top. The doors open, but other than that, it doesn't do much! The body work needs a bit of refining. Especially the front. I think it would look better with a white bonnet (hood?), but I don't have the 5 x 3 curved bits in white. I've moved on to another project now, so probably will need the pieces..... Thanks for looking. As always, constructive criticism welcome.
  13. [MOC] Monster Truck Transporter

    I see. I like the idea of controlling axles separately. Switching from 4 wheel, to crab, to 2 wheel steering in an instant! As for the style. Well, if everyone liked the same thing. Life would be pretty boring!
  14. [MOC] Monster Truck Transporter

    Cool builds! They look very good. My only personal gripe is the monster truck. It leans forward too much for my liking. I would move the cab back a few studs and lengthen the hood. Can I ask why you decided to use two servo motors on the monster truck? All in all, a very nice project!
  15. wow....... You struck gold there!