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  1. (MOC) sennebogen 880 eq

    According to sariel's gear ratio calculator 1:20. Thanks for the replies. Just to clarify why I think it was a fail. The functions didn't work as planned. Also, just after I shot the video, it pretty much fell apart due to the weight of the arm. Unfortunately I couldn't make the weight evenly distributed. The counter weight at the back housed one of the battery boxes, but it still wasn't heavy enough for even ballance. This in turn caused the whole top structure to be unstable. The 4x4x6 round wall pieces used for the main body just couldn't handle the weight. On top of that, I couldn't come to a compromise between weight and rigidity for the arm. I had to press the pieces back together after I moved the model every time. The last demonstration in the video was all it could take, and it just broke! So on many levels the project was a success. It looked good and I enjoyed building it. But overall, it just didn't live up to my expectations. But watch this space, I'm sure MK II will come at some point.
  2. 42069 - C MODEL

    Very well executed! It could easily be an A or a B model. Like others have said, The use of wheel arches is genius.
  3. (MOC) sennebogen 880 eq

    Thanks. I did try a few methods with wheel. Unfortunately due to size a part constraints, I couldn't make it work.
  4. Hello all. This is my latest MOC (fail...) The Sennebogen 880eq. This has been in the making for quite some time now. Today I decided to call it finished. Unfortunately, It is a bit of a fail. Technical parts involved, 5 x PF medium motors 2 x AA battery box 3 x PF IR reciever 4 x Large liner actuators Motorized functions, Motorized tracks (2 x PF medium motors) Arm movement (2 x PF medium motors) Top super structure slew (1 x PF medium motor) - FAIL..... I was pretty happy with the over all looks of the model. Here's the picture I used, As for the functions. Well, that's where the problems are! The tracks work well, and I was surprised the medium motors could cope with the weight of the model. The arm works ok, but the range of movement is way too limited. The last function, the slewing didn't work at all. Unfortunately the weight of the model caused too much friction on the turntable. I used the old stye one as it fitted together better given the studded nature of the model. I even tried a bit of oil, which goes against everything I stand for! It's a shame because it took ages to come up with a mechanism to fit inside the main column. oh well. Here's a couple more pictures and a short video of the functions. You can see my arm trying to help with the slewing just before something inside broke! Here are a couple of shots of the internal workings, Thanks for looking. As ever, constructive criticism most welcome.
  5. Liebherr LR 11000

    Absolutely incredible. I can only echo others comments. Congratulations on front page and pro tag. You deserve it! Out of curiosity, what is that hook piece you used for the railings?
  6. AT-TE

    I like it! The movement of the legs is very satisfying to watch. Good job.
  7. Nice little excavator you made. It looks very clean and well thought out. Well done!
  8. That's very cool! How do you conect the rigid hose together so it doesn't interfere with the balls?
  9. [MOC] Truggy

    Thank you. The performance could definitely be improved. One day I'd like to invest in a Buwizz. But unfortunately for now, it's not just the limitations of the PF motors. The whole IR system is pretty poor when it comes to RC cars. 
  10. [MOC] Truggy

    Thanks! Truggy's are pretty wide. It stops them flipping over. Thanks. Yes, the lime is a nice colour. I had to Bricklink a fair amount to finish it. The suspension has about a stud and a bit travel. It had more when I started, but style took preference over function when I realized the performance wasn't great!
  11. Hello all. Today I'd like to present my latest creation. A Truggy! This came about when I lost my way with Lego. I had no enthusiasm or inspiration to make much. Summer is very short lived in the UK, and I wanted to be outside. So, I bought myself an RC Truggy. WOW! what fun! Then, inevitably, the summer came to an end. it got cold and dark. So in I came and saw my neglected Lego. Hmmmm. What shall I make? How about an indoor Truggy! And few evenings later, I got my Lego mojo back, and here's the result! There are a few issues I have with it. First, the PF capabilities are lacking in power and speed. Especially after hobby grade RC. This will probably be my last attempt at PF powered cars. I much prefer making construction stuff anyway. Also the back end seems a bit "lacking" somehow. anyway, There probably wont be a video as the performance isn't great. But here's some pictures. Thanks for looking. As ever constructive criticism always welcome.
  12. Mini-Truck

    Nice little truck you made there! I'm honored that my yellow truck could give you inspiration.
  13. [MOC] Monsrter Truck

    I like it a lot. The colour scheme is great! I hope it doesn't need to use the spare tyre on the back. I don't think it would Fit!
  14. @Hinckley, It looks much better on this forum. It still looks jumbled on the technic forum. http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/oliveralder/drivetest/screenshot_20170929-170852.png This was 5:12pm UK time.
  15. Hi. I like the new look. Unfortunately my mobile still shows some issues, http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/oliveralder/drivetest/screenshot_20170929-080116.png The page numbers of topics and the topic creator name is all jumbled up. And I still can't see some images in a few posts. I'm using android Sony Z2. edit: The problem with the bottom of the name is still in evidence in the technic forum. In this post, by shineyu, the y looks like a v. It's also an example of a post in which I can't see pictures! http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/oliveralder/drivetest/screenshot_20170929-081125.png Cheers.