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  1. Oliver 79

    Land Rover Series II 88 1958

    Clever construction there. Those 2x1 rounded plates come in very handy. Looking forward to seeing it built in real life.
  2. Oliver 79

    Land Rover Series II 88 1958

    That's a lot of SNOT! Very nice Indeed. Do you plan on making it in real life? Could you possibly show us a picture of how you constructed the bonnet (hood), those angles look tricky....
  3. Oliver 79


    Very nice. It's huge! Definitely would like to see some more pictures.
  4. Oliver 79

    (MOC) Ford F100 1956

    Thank you! That's the spirit I was channeling! Thank you. I can't tell you how many iterations those curves went through. Yes, it would seem there are a few variations. This one worked the best for me. Other versions have a problem with toe in and toe out.
  5. Oliver 79

    [MOC] Humvee

    That's a very nice little Humvee you've made. The functions work perfectly and the body work is great!
  6. Hello All. I'd like to introduce my latest model. The Ford F100 1956 edition. Before I get into it, If @Jim feels like it's in the wrong forum, please feel free to move it. I didn't know if it belongs in here, the special Lego themes or the scale modeling forum. I'm not sure it's good enough for the later! This model has been a while in the making, but I'm finally ready to show it off. It features steering, opening doors and opening bonnet (or hood for our friends over the pond!). The steering uses a virtual pivot mechanism that was adapted from @nico71's small sedan car. (https://www.nico71.fr/small-black-motorized-sedan-car/) On the whole, it works pretty well. Although it does create a bit of friction between the tires and the ground. The steering is actuated by the trans orange beacon on the top. The bonnet opens from the front which gave me a bit of a headache. I finally managed to squeeze in a few Technic lift arms and make it solid enough. I tried to make the doors as thin as I could to avoid them sticking when opening. Unfortunately the hoist and winch at the back are merely esthetics. Maybe my next version I'll try and incorporate working mechanisms in it. So now without any further ado. I'll let the pictures do the talking! And this is the reference material I used: I hope you like it. Thanks for looking and as always, constructive criticism is very welcome.
  7. Oliver 79

    [MOC] Orange Pumpkin

    Thanks for all the kind words!
  8. Oliver 79

    [MOC] Orange Pumpkin

    Thank you!
  9. Oliver 79

    [MOC] Orange Pumpkin

    Thanks. The Porsche would contain a few. The Corvette is a better choice as it has the wheel arches. I've been thinking about the Grave Digger! Thanks (I think! )
  10. Hello brickers. I would like to show you this creation that has been sat under my desk for about a year. I need the pieces, so I thought I'd take a few shots before I take it apart! It's a pretty standard truck. Loosely based on a 1950's style Ford. It has the usual functions: suspension, 4 wheel steering, opening doors and hood. There's not much else to say about it, so without further ado, some pictures! Thanks for looking!
  11. Oliver 79

    Technic General Discussion

    Yeah, I do get that. But I prefer to see it in action after the build. And imagine showing a friend the finished Porsche: Me: check out this cool model. It has gears, moving pistons and everything! Friend: oh really. That's pretty cool, can you show me how it works? Me: um... No. Sorry....
  12. Oliver 79

    Technic General Discussion

    Thanks Jim. That's an interesting read. I asked the original question because I've made an MOC that I don't really know where to post. It's not quite finished yet, but I think it might fit the scale model forum more than the technic one. I'll post it over there when I'm done and see what happens! 😃
  13. Oliver 79

    Technic General Discussion

    Oh. Ok. Sorry Jim.
  14. Oliver 79

    Technic General Discussion

    Hello all, I have a question for you. As this forum is Technic and Model Team, what constitutes a model team MOC? Recently I have been moving away from Technic. I'm not a fan of the 'close all gaps with panels' way of building. I like to see the guts of Technic models. I like to see what's happening inside and see the mechanisms working. I think the Porsche 911 GT3 was a turning point for me. Why add a gear box and functioning piston engine if you can't see it working? I know building realistic and life like models is hard and I can appreciate and respect the people who can create amazing work. The Technic forum seems to dominated by car MOC's that look slick, but I miss the bare bones look of the 90's and 00's models. Yes, I might be looking at them through rose tinted glasses. But hey, I'm getting older! I have been building MOC's with 'system' elements more and more recently. focusing on looks that I think are better suited to regular bricks rather than panels. I really enjoy building the creator expert cars and I know they can't really be classed as Model Team, but their functions are getting more innovative incorporating many Technic pieces. So I guess my question is, how much Technic and how many functions should a Model Team MOC have? And is this forum the right place for them?