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Found 13 results

  1. Jamin Star

    [MOC] Steamer Fire Engine

    Here is my MOC of an old time Steamer Fire Engine to go along with my Western Town builds. Lego Old West Steamer Fire Engine by Jamin Star, on Flickr Lego Old West Steamer Fire Engine by Jamin Star, on Flickr Lego Old West Steamer Fire Engine by Jamin Star, on Flickr Lego Old West Steamer Fire Engine by Jamin Star, on Flickr Lego Old West Steamer Fire Engine by Jamin Star, on Flickr Lego Old West Steamer Fire Engine by Jamin Star, on Flickr
  2. Chrismo72

    [MOC] Large Fire Engine

    Hey all I´m exited to introduce my second MOC here on Eurobricks. I am a true rookie when it comes to building with system bricks, as I've spent more time doing Technic stuff. I tried to make this MOC more realistic than the fire engines that Lego usually releases, and I´ve drawn inspiration from real Scania fire vehicles. Because i wanted to make this thing closer the real thing, I've spent some time at the local fire station, getting to know the real machines. I’m very grateful for comments, questions and suggestions for improvements. Hope you like it, and thanks for taking the time to watch the pictures. Features All doors and hatches can be opened/closed Fully decorated and detailed interior in the cabin Lots of different details that relates to the real deal. Room for 4 minifigs with accessories. 558 parts (without the minifigs) I am very grateful for your support over at Lego Ideas: Pictures (Bigger pictures in my Flickr account: The truck is 8 studs wide, 11 studs high and 17 studs long. This MOC is actually fun to play with. Loaded with equipment, a water cannon and 4 minifigs the possibilities are many. All doors can be opened. The left side is for technical evacuation and rescuing of trapped persons. Here you'll find the hydraulic tools, power tools and life vests. It thinks firefighters deserve appreciation. The salary is low, but still they risk their lives for everybody else. In the back of the truck you find pump controls and connection point for water hoses. The right side of the truck contains tools for firefighting. Different nozzles, hoses and the Compressed Air Foam System (CAFS) If I had a Scania sticker, I would have used it. For now this is proud product of Autoparts. On the roof, you@ll find the water cannon, ladders, hoses, tools and of course the obligatory fire axe. Detalied interior with communication equipment, GPS, IR-camera, flashlights and binoculars. The setup matches real fire engines. "Firefighting is all about megablocks. Busting ours to save yours" Updated picture of the cabin interior. (Rendered in Bricklink Studio) Another color scheme, since yellow seems to be the new white in modern fire engines. (Rendered i Bricklink Studio) Thanks for watching :-)
  3. Roadmonkeytj

    [MOC]Horse Drawn Fire Engine

    So I'm not sure if this fits most of y'alls idea of Town... But it does mine lol. So I build a burnt cottage and wanted to have a fire engine to go with it. However a modern engine just wouldn't do as it would look out of place with my horse drawn carriages. I have always loved the old steam pumpers ever since I saw them as a kid. So I took to recreating. This isn't based off a specific model... More loosely based what I thought looked good in Lego. This has few fragile connections so it's not a playable moc but it's purpose will be to display in a layout once built so it should be OK. Also I intent to use the newer horses to look like they are running. Comments and criticism welcomed thanks for viewing!
  4. scottwb2010

    Scotsburgh Fire Department Update

    Hi Its been a while since I first posted my origanal Scotsburgh Fire department Appliances photo's so thought it was about time I gave an update. Here are appliances/engines that were introduced through 2014. The first appliance/engine is a Scania/Bronto 28m Allrounder, which is an Aerial Rescue Pump. Basically a combined aerial appliance and Rescue Pump. As detailed its on a Scania crew cab chassis with double rear axle to take the weight and has Bronto 28m boom package. First photo's of this are from my LDD design of the appliance. I have brick built it so photo's to follow. Scania Chassis with water tank Scania Chassis with bodywork Unfortunatley I couldn't work out how to get LDD to allow the boom package to fit on the body, but you'll see it when I post the brick built version. Comments as always welcome.
  5. Jespy

    Lego British Fire Engine

    Hi all. After starting to collect modulars and displaying them as a group, I really wanted to include custom models along with it. I'm a big fan of 10197, but never thought the engine was much good! Being big into UK-styled fire engines, I thought I'd make my own. This is LARGELY inspired by MadPhysicist's design ( with a fair number of custom tweaks and designs. The plan is to further develop the chassis to allow for quick, easy redesign of the pump/tender to allow for multiple uses. In one of the example image below, I updated the front-end of the unit to be inspired by the old Dennis units used by TWFRS. Obviously it's not perfect, was just trying out a modular front end style! I'm looking for some constructive criticism for these designs to help them improve! I will happily release instructions once I have the design to a fair level..although I may end up trading them for a donation to a firefighter's charity.
  6. sasbury

    New Fire Station and MOCs

    I decided I needed a place to land my new Life Flight helicopter. The solution – build a fire department heliport. I've also posted links to a couple of new fire apparatus MOCs on my Flickr. Everything is based on real fire apparatus. Let me know what you think.
  7. sasbury

    New American fire apparatus MOCs

    I've posted three new fire apparatus MOCs. The first is a Fire Chief SUV that uses Lego's new tires and mudguards from the Speed Champion sets. The result is a design that looks much more realistic and is more properly scaled in relation to my other fire MOCs. The second is a rig is based on the FDNY Logistics Support Unit. It responds to major emergencies with additional rescue supplies. The third is a Life Flight Helicopter. I wanted a more compact design similar to this helicopter and this helicopter. Please let me know what you think. Also, you can now view my MOCs on Twitter and Flickr. Thanks!
  8. Firefighterlucas

    Lego Fire Engine Responding [VIDEO]

    Hi Guys! I made a short Stop motion video about a water tender of the BDFD (Brickdam Fire Department) responding to a fire. The video is made out of 185 pictures and it taked took 1 hour to film. I hope you guys like it!
  9. Hi all, i want to introduce you a few new MOCs I did the last couple of weeks. First I gave the swap body trucks a make over. The old containers were (more classical) eight studs long, but some newer ones took the length of ten studs for more space. So the primers movers do for a better proportioned silhouette imho. Let's start with the pictures. The Farnheim fire department put two new heavy rigs for their emergency management (e.g. storms, dam failures, floodings etc.) into service. One of the twins is equipped with a crane. The other one has an explosion-proofed cab and it's able to pick up hazardous liquids and goods. This truck loaded up with a tank container by default. Another new truck is a little smaller, but it can be expand with a trailer. So the fire fighters are able to carry two required containers at once to the scene. And finally some pics of some rebuilt containers. Container tank for serious fires Container with two tanks full of foam Container with its whole equipment against hazardous scenarios on waterways. The red strips shell be oil barriers Hope you like them. Critics & comments are greatly appreciated. Thanks for watching.
  10. SharpShot

    [MOC] NZ Type 3R Fire Engine

    Hello, This is my first MOC, which is based off of the only rear mounted pump truck in New Zealand, Sockburn 257, now Nelson 217. (Sorry about the large image size)
  11. PlayerfromTaiwan

    Tiny Fire Engine

    Just a tiny fire engine, share with you guys! Hope you like it!
  12. Inferno is an Autobot from G1 Transformers Cartoon series back in the 80s and he transforms into a fire truck . Same like most of my LEGO Transformers MOCs from recent years, Inferno is fairly articulated /posable, and transforms without parts detachment and reattachment. Specimen 1: the original Inferno Actually Inferno was never in my to-build list. But recently I was building a non-transformer™ transforming mech called Towmecha and noticed how the design can be adapted for Inferno easily as the cab-as-robot-chest transformation are similar. And then there's 4 LEGO ladders lying about (courtesy of official LEGO auto transporter set, I specifically bought to complement LEGO Ultra Magnus photoshoots) OK back to Inferno. The most fun part came from building the back of the vehicle to form the iconic legs and "rollerskate feet". As someone who hates chunky kibble, I can only design a slimmer version of the rotating ladder component (and it no longer conceal the head like in he original toy). A smaller back kibble means he's more stable when posed and won't topple over. These wing nozzles are sourced from LEGO Chima Eagle set. No real animals are harmed in the making of this bot. Vehicle without and with nozzles attached at the side. Notice the balljoint used. Comparison with my previous MOC, Towmecha Some Trivia for those who loves to read =) In Towmecha, the cab conceals the small robot head , so the roof is partially grey. For Inferno, there is alot of clearance for me to obfuscate a decently sized robot head at the back of the cab. This leaves the roof partially hollow. So I have to implement the hinged roof flaps to cover that up. These flaps will become shoulder pads in robot mode. I've been looking high and low for the "lifebuoy" parts from my inventory to mimic the hoses on the side of the truck (like in the original toy) but failed. (I'm not even sure I have 2 of them at all). The next best thing would be some printed tiles and a "steering wheel" I guess. After referring to google photos of various real fire engines, I almost applied yellow stripes running across the truck cab but given up on this idea. (Real Inferno don't have yellow stripes). The nozzles on the ladder tip started off as VERY big and complicated looking. But when I noticed how awkward it is when dangling at the back of robot mode, I simplified it to what you see currently. ​ ROBOT MODE And finally..... a customary wacky shot to end my post =) For a complete set of photos of this MOC ,visit my blog entry below.
  13. Farnheim

    MOC: 4wide Dry Powder Appliance

    Hi all, another bright red vehicle I've built a while back is this fire engine that is part of my plant fire department (an oil refinery). It should be the fictitious brother of a Unimog. The exact description here in germany is TroLF 1500. Tro means "trocken" (dry) and LF "Löschfahrzeug" (appliance). The number reflects the agent in kilogramms. So the truck carries (like a real model) 1,500 kg of class B- and C-powder (effective against petroleum fires) in two tanks. You can can also find the pressuretanks for the powder with its "control panel", two hoses, and some small extinguishers. The red thing on the front end shall show a small covered winch. As an extra detail I put a 2x2 satellite dish on the roof that demontrates a roof hatch (that some orginal Unimogs have/had). Here's a little history of the TroLF 1500: This truck was built in the mid 90s of the last century and is going to reach the end of his term at the oil refinery. But this good old low tech is almost indestructable. So his next operational area could be a reagional air field next to the city of Farnheim. Its little fire brigade is highly interested in buying the truck. So, this is it once again. Hope you like it (a bit) . Any kind of comments and critics are welcome as usual. Cheers, Farnheim