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  1. Dennis Bosman

    Liebherr LR 11000

    Very impressive model. I’ve seen similar cranes by blokes here in NL but they are far, absolutely far from what you are presenting here. Not just the functionality but also the looks of it. It must take quite some time to set it up or dismantle it, especially with all these wires. Magnificant piece of engineering!
  2. This year I spent less time online due to several reasons (like my career) but I haven’t been hanging around when it comes to LEGO. Next to co-organize LW I built a couple of models and one of them is this Scania T143 bulk hauler. I originally started with mk1 in 2016 but gave it an overhaul in 2017. For sure it is based on Ingmar Spijkhoven’s model but actually I wanted to give it a personnal touch. Is has another chassis and drive train which is more based on Jaaptechnic’s Actros. The cab is different from Ingmar’s. I chose for the original side panels with the typical 2-series and 3-series shapes. The rear panel got the same treatment. The truck is powered by a singe XL motor with is strong enough to pull a drawbar trailer. Both bodyworks can tip with a XL motor and it has lights on front and rear. It is supplied with an SBrick. Special thanks to Dirk Klijn and Jaaptechnic for the high quality decals. For more pictures please have a look in my album:
  3. Dennis Bosman

    [MOC] Kenworth K100 Tow Truck (1:13)

    Thanks Igor! Nice to read it inspires others :-) We get rid of the LEGOish look more or less however it's not to bad to still have the original 'vintage' Technic wheels underneath them.
  4. Dennis Bosman

    [MOC] Scania T144 Wrecker - Slades Garage

    This one's very neat. I remember I sent you a bunch of pictures some years ago. Just to compare the model with the real thing:
  5. Dennis Bosman

    [MOC] Liebherr R 926 Compact Litronic

    Very smart! Great job how you put all LA's in the arm of the tiny excavator! It operates very good!
  6. Dennis Bosman


    I tried to solely use LEGO parts for my models many years ago but to get everything right is hardly possible. I'm using the SBricks and will turn into Brickstuff lighting systems as well as I see great benefits compared to the genuine LEGO one. My goal is to create lifelike models and when it comes to adding non-LEGO stuff I think that legitimate as far as it's not going to be over the top. Another great feature is adding chrome or pearl chrome pieces to your models. LEGO has some, but far too less. As soon as you stick to pure LEGO bricks that's up to you but in my opinion you can make your models even better by adding some non-existing (LEGO) parts.
  7. Dennis Bosman

    [MOC Fully RC VOLVO EC950EL Excavator

    You definitely need a custom make bucket of this size to able to make proper scoops. It fits very well with the artic dumper. Impressive model!
  8. Dennis Bosman

    [MOC] Volvo NL12 with Conveyor Belt Trailer

    I won't do this to each of my existing models. Like the orange Renault I still have on the shelf laden with the CAT dozer. That one's too aged (over 10 years now). The Volvo could use an update and I like the techniques inside the trailer. Awaiting for the final pieces to finish the model. Updating an existing model might be an easy job to do in between. It doesn't take as much time as raising a new one. And to be honest; some of these I still have to keep ...
  9. Good to see this model here! Nice livery and details (like the opening doors).
  10. Dennis Bosman

    Scale Modeling Building Help

    And do not forget; the ability to visualize.
  11. Dennis Bosman

    [MOC] Moto Guzzi Airone Sport 1954

    Good job to both of them! I see many more motorcycles coming. Very good!
  12. Dennis Bosman

    [MOC] Mercedes-Benz Actros MP3 - Mammoet & Nooteboom

    Another version of the trailer is my Nooteboom 5-axle low loader with swing dolly (EURO 114-25). The rear deck double mounted wheels (the smaller one but with same diameter) and are steered by two servos. The swing dolly has two fixed axles and the swan neck is merged to it with a Technic turntable. Two LAs are taking care of leveling the loading deck (powered by two L-motors). The trailer runs very smooth and is capable to carry quite some heavy loads like this heavy Trojan prime mover built by Paul van der Loo. The combo still needs to be finalized with some decals.
  13. Dennis Bosman

    [MOC] Tatra T2-603

    One of the weirdest cars I've ever seen. Very good captured in LEGO!
  14. Dennis Bosman

    [MOC] Dutch FTF Brick Truck (1:13)

    This model also still exist and got un update last year as well. The truck itself is quite unique and is among one of my favorites. The chassis has been replaced by a system build instead of using Technic beams. I took the opportunity too to add all hoses for the breaking system, fuel lines etc. The bodywork easily can be removed. Of course the cab's roof has a smooth look. Pictures of the end result still have to be taken. I took the picture below in July 2016 in my previous work shop.