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  1. damjan97PL

    [MOC] 8x4 Dump Truck w/ instruction

    Now, you can build my truck. Get the instruction here: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-19929/Damjan's Lego Technic Garage/8x4-dump-truck/
  2. You can build my truck. Get the instruction: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-19929/Damjan's Lego Technic Garage/8x4-dump-truck/ Hi Everyone. It's my second in a row MOC on 49,5mm wheels, a 8x8 dump truck. Dimentions: -Lenght: 38cm -Width: 12cm -Height: 16cm This is not a very complicated model, but i wanted to build a nice looking truck with smooth working functions. It has only a three motorised functions- riding, steered wheels and lifting a bath. A model is propeled by L motor with 2.33:1 ratio. Power is transferred to the two rear axles. Two front axles are steered by Servo. It don't have a suspension. For lifting a bath I use a single linear acctuator which is propeled by XL motor with 1:1 ratio. This set allows lift a 2500 grams. A cbi A cabin have a openable door and detailed interior with dashboard and seats. BatteryBox is behind the cabin, You can easy replace it. You can turn it on with tie on the left side on truck. Whole dump truck is moving smoothly and I'm glad with the look. I'm waiting for Your opinions :) I'm working on a instruction and when it be done I share it there. MORE PHOTOS: https://www.flickr.com/photos/124730997@N05/albums/72157700708712182
  3. Hi Everyone. This is my new MOC, a self propelled scissor platform. Dimentions: -Lenght: 28cm -Width: 18cm -Height: 21cm -Max height: 59cm Platform has a three folding sections, it's not too much but after unfolding whole constructionis tilting on sides. The real platforms have a hydraulic cylinders for lifting, but my construction has a tooth rack propelled by L motor with 1:3 ratio. Max heigh after lift is 59cm For propel a whole vehicle is M motor with worm gear and 1:8 ratio, and for steering a wheel is Servo motor. FULL GALLERY: https://www.flickr.com/photos/124730997@N05/albums/72157674654688778
  4. damjan97PL

    [MOC] Tracktor Truck with Dump Trailer

    nope, I just wanted to try something different
  5. Hi Everyone. Today I want to show You my newest MOC, a tracktor truck with dump trailer. Dimensions: -Lenght: 51cm -Height: 17cm -Width: 12cm -Weight: 1900g Functions: -Drive- XL motor -Steering- Servomotor -Lifting a bath- L motor -5th wheel- operated manually -Support foots- operated manually A tracktor truck has a openable doors and details of interior (steering wheel, seats etc.) A 5th wheel is operated manually and its the same like in a 42078 Mack Anthem Lego set. Becaouse the most of the weight is in front of truck a rear wheels are sliding during acceleration. For propel a truck is Xl motor with 1:1.4 atio and for steering a wheels is Servo motor. A trailer is a classic the axle dump trailer. Becaouse i don't have enought 49,5mm tires I had to use a more ballons tires. For dumping I use a tooth rack from the 42061 set which is propeled by L motor with 1:3 ratio so the whole mechanism has a enought power to lift bath with load. A locarion of IR receiver and a construction of the support foots is caused by space in trailer. I'm satisfied of the appearance of whole model and about working all mechanisms. I'm waiting for Your comments :) FULL GALLERY: https://www.flickr.com/photos/124730997@N05/albums/72157697807310332
  6. damjan97PL

    Hummer H1 Wagon

    Hi Everyone I was here a long time ago, dark days.... Finally I present you a my new MOC- Hummer H1 Wagon. Dimensions: -Lenght: 35cm -Height: 15,5cm -Width: 17cm -Weight: 1670g Features: -Driving- 2 XL motors -Steering - Servo -Openable all doors and front hood -Full independent suspension First wersion of my Hummer I built 2 years ago but... it driving too worst Now, with 2 XLs for driving it drives much better It has a independent suspension with 2 yellow spring per wheel. Inside you can find a four seats, dashboard and steering wheel. And baterrybox. And of course a photo of under a car. FULL GALLERY: https://www.flickr.com/photos/124730997@N05/albums/72157698232443515
  7. Hi Everyone. This is my newest MOC, a mini wheeled dumper. Model is inspired by this vehicle: https://thumbs.img-sprzedajemy.pl/1000x901c/29/5d/e2/ausa-wozidlo-obrotowe-kolebkowe-ausa-d-600-apg-484282761.jpg Dimensions: -Lenght: 34cm -Width: 16cm -Height: 24cm -Weight: 1450g Functions: -Drive (4x4) -Steering -Rotating a bath -Tilting a bath This is a mini wheeled dumper with two functions bath: rotating and tilting A bath is rotating by large turnable propeled by M motor. The tilting function is operated by a small motor centrally located in the turntable. It's propeled by L motor. A steering is by two small linear acctuators propeled by M motor. Turning angle is not too big but is enough for smooth turning. Model has a four wheel drive and working steering wheel. The whole is powered by big BaterryBox. It's all from my side, I'm waiting for your comments :) FULL GALLERY: http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=574190
  8. Hi everyone This is my newest MOC, a simply 4x4 rally car. Inspired by rally Group B and Pikes Peak cars. Dimensions: -Lenght: 34cm -Width: 18cm -Height: 12cm It's propeled by 1 L motor with ratio 2.14:1. Wheels are stered by Servomotor. This is simply MOC, without suspension and openable door, just drive and steering. A car drive really smooth and fast. I'm waiting for your comments :) FULL GALLERY: https://www.flickr.com/photos/124730997@N05/albums/72157665115550337
  9. damjan97PL

    [MOC] "Nightcrawler" Muscle Car

    A weather in Poland is horrible...
  10. Hi Everyone. It's time to show You my first in this year MOC, a american muscle car with adjustable suspension. Technical data: -Lenght: 54cm -Width: 22cm -Height: 17cm -Weight: 2950g -2 XL motors for drive -ServoMotor for wheels steering -2 M motors for lifting/lowering front axle -1 L motor for lifting/lowering rear axle Suspension: Principle of operation is similar like in 8297 set that means the upper handle of shockabsorber is moving up/down pulling a swingarms which causes the body lowering. Front and rear suspension are independent. For propel a front mechanism serve a 2 M motors with 1:66 ratio, for propel a rear axle serve a L motor with ratio 1:40. The diffrence between upper and lower body is really huge. Model has a openable door, front hood and rear hatch. In the interior you can find a adjustable seats and working steering wheel. Of course all interior is red :) Under the bonnet is a really American V8 engine with carburetor. Model is driven by 2 XL motors with 1.19:1 ratio, making the model driving nice. A design of my car is a mix of the most popular muscle cars like a Mustang, Camaro or Challenger. I'm generally happy with the look but the C pillars are not the most beatiful part of my car. That's all from my side, I'm waiting for Your comments :) FULL GALLERY: https://www.flickr.com/photos/124730997@N05/albums/72157688200493760
  11. damjan97PL

    [MOC] Coach Bus

    Hi Everyone. New year is a good time to present my newest MOC. A motorised coach bus. Dimensions: -Lenght: 56cm -Width: 12cm -Height: 18cm -Weight: 2525g Functions: -Driving- XL motor -Steering- ServoMotor -Openable doors- M motor -Openable luggage hatch on both sides- M motor This is a very simple bus coach with openable both doors by one M motor. A luggage hatchs also are openable by M motor. A battery Box is placed in the rear part of body, under the passanger seats. Inside you can find a driver seat with dashboard and passanger seats. All functions works preety well and it drives quite fast. I'm very glad of the exterior design. I'm think it looks very good. It's all from me, I'm waiting for Your comments :) GALLERY: https://www.flickr.com/photos/124730997@N05/albums/72157667866996989
  12. Hi. This is my new MOC a tracked dump truck. It's inspired by Bergmann 4010 http://www.ditec-baumaschinen.de/upload/Home/Ditec/Allgemeine Bilder/Lieferanten/Bergmann/4010.gif Dimensions: -Lenght: 33cm -Height: 18cm -Width: 17cm -Weight: 1650g For drive I used a 2 XL motors with 1:1 ratio. A vehicle has a bogie suspension with three roleys per track. Model moving very good. To handle the bath serve a 2 large linear actuators propeled by L motor. This set provides a good capacity. A cabin has a openable doors and detailed interior. In front bumper are a LED lights. I'm very satisfed with the look. A BatteryBox and IR receivers are placed behind the cabin. This is all from me. I'm waiting for Your commnets :) FULL GALLERY: https://www.flickr.com/photos/124730997@N05/albums/72157688370066211
  13. damjan97PL

    [MOC] Jeep Cherokee

    Yes, I know that photos are little to dark
  14. Hi Everyone. It's my new MOC, a Jeep Cherokee from 1997. Dimensions: -Lenght: 46cm -Width: 18cm -Height: 22cm -Weight: 2225g ] A model is propeled by two XL motors with 1:3.9 ratio. It driving good and it has enough power. Rear xle has a diff lock propeled by M motor. Model has a full suspension-live axles with yellow springs. In front is a winch propeled by L motor with 1:24 ratio. On the roof is a roof rack with chainsaw and driveways. I don't know for what are these cylinders... A car is driving very good and it gave me a lot of fun. I'm waiting for Your comments :) FULL GALLERY: https://www.flickr.com/photos/124730997@N05/albums/72157687405877180
  15. damjan97PL

    [MOC] Simson S51

    Hi. it's my newest MOC, a Simson S51. Simson is a German moped produced in years 1980-1991. It has a 1 cylinder 48ccm engine. Dimensions: -Lenght: 30cm -Height: 20,5cm -Width: 13,5cm It's a typical technic model. It has a fake 1 cylinder engine and rear suspension. Of course you can put it on a foot. This is a simple, light weekend MOC :) I'm waiting for your comments :) FULL GALLERY: https://www.flickr.com/photos/124730997@N05/albums/72157686862138454