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  1. [MOC] Three Axle Truck

    A small clearance is only on third axle becaouse I had put a lifting mechanism and suspension
  2. Very nice loader with interesting colour scheme. Maybe you make a video to show how all functions working. Good job!
  3. Hi Everyone. It's my newest MOC, a three axle truck. Dimensions: -Lenght: 40cm -Height: 21cm -Width: 15,5cm -Weight: 2225g Functions: -Driving -Steering wheels -Lifted third axle -Working saddle with lock -Full suspension -Tilted cabin -Fake V6 engine -Suspended seats A truck has a lifted and driven third axle. It's not a typical solution becaouse a most of trucks have a lifted and steered axle or lifted axle with twin wheels but without drive. A only real truck which has a this system is a newest Volvo FH with lifted chassis. For propel a mechanisms serwing a 2 M motors. One for lifting a axle and one for operating a clutch. Principle of operation of the saddle is very simple. everything is based on a tooth rack to is attached a lock. To drive a truck serve a Xl motor witch 1.19:1 ratio. For steering a wheels serve a ServoMotor. A truck has a full suspension with a leaf springs at front axle. Under the tilting cabin is a fake V6 engine, and in interior are suspended seats. For suspending a seats serves a Lego's rubbers. BatteryBox and IR receivers are mounted behind the seats. In apperance and dimensions I was inspierd by Renault Magnum. Generaly I'm very satisfied with the effect. A truck drives good and all functions workin well. I'm waiting for your comments :) FULL GALLERY: https://www.flickr.com/photos/124730997@N05/albums/72157685238086861
  4. [WIP] Dodge Monaco

    It looks very interesting. I'm waiting for more progres. Good luck :)
  5. Hi Everyone. It's my simply small overload truck with concrete beam trailer Dimensions: -Lenght: 98cm -Height: 14cm -Width: 10cm Functions: -Drive- 1 XL motor -Steering- ServoMotor The first two axles are steered and the last axle is driven. It have a turnable on trailer for the better agility. A truck drives good but it sometimes have a little problems with grip. It's just a small weekend build, nothing more... FULL GALLERY: https://www.flickr.com/photos/124730997@N05/albums/72157682012483584
  6. [MOC] 1:20 Tatra 815, RC

    I like the front and cabin, but you should use a twin wheels on rear axles and I don't like the rear mudguards. I think that a 1 XL motor will be sufficient for drive. Last think, a bath should be a bigger. Generally, good job
  7. [WIP][MOC] Jeep Renegade

    Looks really good. I'm waiting for more progres
  8. [MOC] VW Golf GTI MkI

    Woww! That's crazy! :O
  9. [MOC] VW Golf GTI MkI

    Gallery with photos of chassis
  10. [MOC] VW Golf GTI MkI

    Thanks :)
  11. [MOC] VW Golf GTI MkI

    Yes, older cars were simpler...
  12. Hi Everyone. Today I want to show you a my technic version of legendary car, a VW Golf GTI MkI. Dimensions: -Lenght: 43,5cm -Width: 18cm -Height: 16cm -Weight: 2120g Functions: -Drive (XL motor) -Steering (ServoMotor) -Full suspension (Front- MCPherson/ Rear- twist bean axle) -Fake 4 cylinders engine -Openable door, hood and rear trunk -Working steering wheel -Front "Angel Eyes" LED ligths -Adjustable front seats It has a deatiled engine and interior. BatteryBox and IR receiver are in trunk. It moving fast enought and steering well. You can adjust front seats and open passanger's glove compartment. A suspension workin good but front springs are little too soft. It's all from me. Im waiting for your comments :) FULL GALLERY: https://www.flickr.com/photos/124730997@N05/albums/72157681690383841
  13. Hi Guys. It's my newest MOC, a motorised mini all terrain vehicle Dimensions: -Lenght: 23cm -Height: 14cm -Width; 11cm -Weight: 625g It's a simple vehicle with all wheel drive and cradle suspension. It's driven by 2 M motors, each one for a one axle with 1:16 ratio. For steering is M motor with 1:24 ratio. A vehicle moving slow but it have a lot of power to riding on the hills. I think it looks like a old truck or maybe Unimog? That's all, I'm waiting for your comments :) FULL GALLERY: https://www.flickr.com/photos/124730997@N05/albums/72157680058172453
  14. [MOC] Tracked vehicle

    Thanks all for commnets
  15. [MOC] Tracked vehicle

    HitFilm Express 4