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Found 8 results

  1. *Your entry has earned 5 XP* 'The mission to Zakuul wouldn't be easy, so we had to be prepared for anything. During our quick debriefing, I received a hologram message from a strange person warning us to not come to Zakuul, something about rebellions and droids. Who was this man? Was he friend of foe? Anyway, the separatists had been wiped out, and any rebellions would be dealt with quickly. Something didn't feel right. The mystery and questions, I had to warn our commander about this, we were heading into the unknown.'
  2. **EDIT: New images here ** This is my entry for the LDD/LDraw Contest 2014 free build category. Since I always dreamed of traveling the world in something like this I created a LEGO version: the roof can be lifted while the truck is parking. The truck carries a motorbike on the back. The roof is walkable and can be used as a terrace =) Of course it has a comfortable interiour. The truck has two bedrooms (one in the roof). In case of a zombie apocalypse it has some flick fire missiles hidden behind the front bumper ;-). Here is the LDD File. Best regards marv
  3. Hello EB! I'd like to humbly show this remote control (PF) winter expedition vehicle (MOC). Featuring 4 independently driven tracks with a unique steering system. More explanation below and in my YouTube video. It has many issues that I'm not willing to spend more time to fix, but I've learned a lot from the process, which will help improve my future MOCs. If I was to start from scratch here's what I would change: Put motors closer to driven axles Split drivelines into either front/back or single motor per tread less complicated steering system Use a different type of suspension instead of pendular raise the height of the driven sprocket instead of extending driveline with gears reduce weight with panels vs lifttarms (I didn't have any at the time of building) Never use an Adder again, or if I really have to then use the old-style 24t differentials Work more on the cabin/exterior design A sizeable portion of the issues stemmed from the weight, which is something I didn't expect! I ordered some parts to allow me to finish the frame, and added design elements in the meantime. The design elements were pretty much the difference between being-able-to-carry-its-own-weight and not. The MOC is already disassembled, but I'll be happy to hear feedback and suggestions!
  4. Hi everyone, I have wanted to make an off-road truck for soo long and I just have enough time to build and design one. But I desperately need some expert opinions on how to design the front cabin for this vehicle. Does anyone have any ideas or designs you would like to share? ps I am looking for a design kinda like this:
  5. This picture shows a teaser of the layout I've built in 2019. 01_Teaser by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr In the following days, I will post more pictures about this project. I know for sure some of you recognize the parts in this picture.. Stay tuned for more..!
  6. Anduin1710

    James Cook and the HMS Endeavour

    [pid][/pid] LDD 17A Hi everyone, I made a lego HMS Endeavour with the LDD. You can vote for it on lego ideas. All images are on Flickr.
  7. Hi! It's my entry for the 200 contest! This is a ship with a yellow submarine. Hope you like it! Part count is exactly 200! The creation has four functions, two of them are controlled by hand, and two are controlled by the two black gears at the rear (but by hand ): - telescopic crane - posable robotic arms on the submarine - high or low position of the crane - control the reel inside the ship to put the submarine into the water Thanks for watching!
  8. Commander Turtle

    The HMS Lily

    [pid][/pid] 161B This is my first ship, the HMS Lily, which is an exploration ship inspired by the real HMS Challenger. It was kitted out with exploration kit to find out how deep the ocean was, and to dredge it to find out what (if anything) lived down there. In my model I've got enough beds and living area for the 6 crew, plus the lab area with all the samples they've collected. Overview of the hold, with the cooking equipment, table, and the laboratory at the end. A strange bird head in a jar, and a taxidermied dog of some variety. The stern cabin, where the captain and wife sleep. Left to right: Captain, his wife, zoologist, biologist, and two sailors. In the real HMS Challenger, there were over 200 crew and three scientists. (!) More detail pics are available on Flickr. Also a bit more history on the HMS Challenger, which I think was super cool. I should make a proper warship next!