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  1. Sven J

    [MOC] Challenger

    I always hoped that someday someone would build a model of what I consider the most beautiful North American steam locomotive - the Challenger in two-tone grey livery with smoke deflectors. Very good work so far! I hope to see it in real bricks soon...
  2. Sven J

    Mercedes-Benz W 115 (/8) in 7w

    Thank you @A_Forest_of_Lego!
  3. Sven J

    Mercedes-Benz W 115 (/8) in 7w

    Thanks a lot, Emanuele! That must have been a flourishing shop, considering that Mercedes cars always had rather hefty price tags...
  4. Sven J

    Mercedes-Benz W 115 (/8) in 7w

    Thank you very much for your appreciation, @t-brick, @jpx and @Feuer Zug! I'm glad you like it, though it's not entirely new for me... Oh yes, I love using rigid hose pieces...
  5. Sven J

    Mercedes-Benz W 115 (/8) in 7w

    Hi all! As I mentioned elsewhere, I thought that it would be great to have some "decoration" for my gauge 1 railway models. So I decided to have a try at building some 1/32 scale cars… The first one I finished is the Mercedes-Benz W 115, better known, at least in Germany, as "/8" (that designation, an abbreviation of the car’s launch year 1968, was used in the vehicle titles for distinguishing the W 115 from the preceding model). Being 7 studs wide, my MOC is not only in 1/32 scale, but almost perfectly Speed Champions size, so I put in in this forum. I hope that’s ok. So here it is. Or rather, here they are, for I built two versions: Free instructions for the model are available on Rebrickable. Thanks for stopping by! Sven
  6. After a VERY long time, the video is online! I'm quite amazed about how much power that little locomotive has. With the BuWizz in "Normal" mode, it hauls the train at around 60 km/h, and there's also "Fast" and "Ludicrous" - but they don't work in my oval, because the locomotive is taken out of the curve at these speeds...
  7. Thank you @Darkkostas25!
  8. Thanks a lot @zephyr1934!
  9. The Swedish saga continues...
  10. Hi all, For the video I’ve yet to make featuring my Swedish Litt. S1 locomotive, I felt some background decoration was needed. So I chose to build a Swedish vintage truck in 1/33 scale: a Scania-Vabis 355, one of the first cab-over-engine trucks (though not a true one, as the engine remained directly behind the front axle and the driver had to squeeze in beside/behind it). Some parts of the model are a bit fragile, so I didn’t want to turn it over after completion. A render image has to suffice to show the bottom side … Thanks for your interest! Best regards, Sven
  11. Thanks a lot, @zephyr1934 !
  12. Thank you @Hod Carrier and @Shiva! In fact it’s almost Speed Champions size… Indeed, it's that one that inspired me. Yes, that’s right. It might have been possible to use mudguard parts, but I didn’t want to do that, because they have that protruding „lip“ which looks pretty inappropriate for that kind of car (in my opinion, that is). Besides, it would then have been very difficult to combine the 7-wide wheel arches with the 6-wide body. So the slightly-too-large wheel arches are of course a compromise, but I think they look quite okay. Clever idea with the gear wheels and the tires - thank you! I’ll have to look if I have some of these tires left somewhere. I can send you a PM with my email address, if that’s okay for you. Or simply post it here – I’m absolutely fine with showing other folks’ modifications of my model in this thread.