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  1. Thanks a lot, @zephyr1934 !
  2. Thank you @Hod Carrier and @Shiva! In fact it’s almost Speed Champions size… Indeed, it's that one that inspired me. Yes, that’s right. It might have been possible to use mudguard parts, but I didn’t want to do that, because they have that protruding „lip“ which looks pretty inappropriate for that kind of car (in my opinion, that is). Besides, it would then have been very difficult to combine the 7-wide wheel arches with the 6-wide body. So the slightly-too-large wheel arches are of course a compromise, but I think they look quite okay. Clever idea with the gear wheels and the tires - thank you! I’ll have to look if I have some of these tires left somewhere. I can send you a PM with my email address, if that’s okay for you. Or simply post it here – I’m absolutely fine with showing other folks’ modifications of my model in this thread.
  3. Hi Davide, I've uploaded the .io file and building instructions to Rebrickable. Feel free to use them and to modify the model! Best regards, Sven
  4. Thank you all for your positive feedback! I suspect there aren't many options... The PV 831 was almost exclusively used as a taxi, so most of them were black. I actually made a (digital) taxi version, but it doesn't look very good as I couldn't find appropriate wheels - all LEGO wheels are either too small or too big/wide. Oh yes! And there is an endless number of other such vehicles... maybe a new theme for me when I've finally run out of space for locomotive models? It's gauge 1 track (45 mm).
  5. Thanks a lot for your kind words, Emanuele! I'm happy that you like my odd little Swede. However, I won't participate in the OcTRAINber contest this year. Maybe next year again...
  6. Hi all, during research for my SJ Litt. S1 engine, I stumbled across a rather odd vehicle – a 1953 Volvo PV 831 taxi converted to a railroad inspection car. And as I like oddities, I decided to include it in my little 1/32 scale „Swedish series“… so here it is: The model is driven by a Circuit Cube motor with Bluetooth battery. The wheels are MS disc wheels from Bricks-on-Rails. I also made a short video clip, which illustrates what I’d really appreciate: It would be great if the guys behind the Circuit Cube could come up with a higher-revving motor – speed is rather sedate… And a bit less noise would be nice, too. Thanks for stopping by! Best regards, Sven
  7. Very simple: I wound a piece of adhesive tape round the pin before inserting it into the wheel, so that the pin becomes slightly larger in diameter and fits very tight in the pinhole.
  8. Sven J

    10497 Galaxy Explorer 90th anniversary set

    Here it is: Explorer
  9. Thank you for your kind words, @Sérgio! I'm happy when I was able to inspire you!
  10. Sven J

    BR 98 Battery Powered

    Lovely little thing! Amazing that you even managed to fit lights in this tiny locomotive.
  11. Ok, that's a bit difficult. Since these are no SJ locomotives, they aren't listed in "Särtryck 262". I just looked up in my book about TGOJ rolling stock (Sundström/Frederiksson: TGOJ lok och vagnar, Stenvalls förlag 2016), but there also aren't any drawings of M3b or M3t. You might try to search in the "Järnvägshistoriskt forum", I found the drawings for my M3a there years ago.
  12. Very impressive! What parts did you use for the handrails next to the doors?
  13. The "yellow carriages in between" are additional tenders, as @Murdoch17 explained.