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Found 7 results

  1. BrickChampsCOM

    [MOC] McDonald's signs

    I'm creating a McDonald's for my LEGO LANE project. Here are my simple techniques to create various McDonald's signs. Feel free to use them in your city! Find out how to create the Apple Store logo here. LEGO McDonald's 1/3 - Signboard pole How to create the famous "M" signboard pole from McDonald's in LEGO. LEGO McDonald's 2/3 - Rooftop sign Push the studs (part 87087) of the "M" into the holes and you have a McDonald's rooftop sign. Attach another "M" on the back for a nice 360 view. LEGO McDonald's 3/3 - Wall sign and Ronald McDonald statue And here's another way to put a big "M" onto your McDonald's build. I also created a very basic Ronald McDonald statue. The fries and burger are from official LEGO sets.
  2. For the Celebricktion event in Atlanta earlier in October, I decided to build a new Modular for our LUG train layout. So, I built a little fast food joint. Here's the entrance: And right above it, a spacious loft apartment perfect for inner city living: Step inside the restaurant for a bite to eat: Then relax on a fall afternoon on your rooftop garden patio: Inside, the restaurant takes up most of the ground floor: Place your order at the counter: Then sit down to enjoy your meal: The upstairs resident keeps his apartment neat: He can always cook in his modern kitchen if he's not craving burgers from downstairs: After a hard day's work, it's always fun to relax with games and movies: On the top floor, you find the bedroom and bath: Where finally, he gets a good night's sleep in his cozy bed: Thanks for looking! Other photos and larger versions of these can be found in my Flickr album!
  3. bobabricks

    [MOC]/[WIP] McDonald's

    I'm starting to work on a Mcdonald's MOC and I just got done finishing the M logo. The red panel in the bottom center would have the sticker from 3438. I was just hoping for some feedback and if there is a better way to make that M. Thanks!
  4. 3BrickFriends

    [MOC] Fast Food Machine

    This is my new Lego MOC based on some pieces I received in a Bricklink order: Cows, chicken, green spikes and yellow gems. It is called the 'Fast Food Machine'. I've posted the below video on our Youtube channel which gives a commentary about the MOC. I hope you like it. Mike .
  5. BirdOPrey5

    Drive-Thru McDonalds Modular [MOC]

    Hello all, this is my improved Drive-Thru McDonalds that I have up on LEGO Ideas. Features - removable roof, booths for customers, counter flips up to allow worker to enter/leave, refrigerator, oven, stove in kitchen with clock, soda dispenser (or sink), sunroof, spinnable "Big M" on top. It has come to my attention for the USA (or non UK country) I have the drive-thru going the wrong way. Need to fix that. This works with modulars or stand along in a city layout. It is improved from my original concept which was a mini-McDonalds.
  6. Siercon and Coral

    E-MOTE: Happy Meal

    So we built this happy-creepy Mcdonalds robot based on Legohaulic's recent E-MOTE releases this month. Figured we'd join in the fun :P If you missed his, simply go to his Flickr. Anyways we thought the torso looked similar to a happy meal, so here's what happened :P And of course he has to have a real genuine Big Mac to wrestle with :) Cheers!
  7. Carleduardoling


    What do you think of Galidor, The show and the toy, like pro's and con's. For me the show was CONS; a bit cheesey low production value ended on a cliff-hanger PROS; It was felt something LEGO would have designed with the city look character look ECT. Cool costumes cool concept and props fairly good storyline good principal cast TOYS CONS; Out of proportions with the characters made them look weird mcdonalds toys were lacking Just kinda weird as a whole set PROS; cool packaging cool organic looking pieces that can be used for MOCing (no matter how much people say its not) some have cool functions