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  1. cimddwc

    2018 Lego Trains

    It looked yellow in the early leaks and orange now. I'd prefer yellow (regular or flame)... Maybe they'll add the other switch to next year's extra cargo train (assuming there will be one like before)?
  2. cimddwc

    [MOC] Yet another modular Lego store

    Thanks again! Second floor? European definition above ground floor, it's a 2x2 round plate plus 2x2 round tile with hole on a Technic axle pin. Second floor of the upper part (dark red/tan) is 30094 plus tiles, and a tooth plate above..
  3. cimddwc

    [MOC] Yet another modular Lego store

    Around the corner from the Grand Hotel, between a yet-to-be-modified Assembly Square and something else about which I haven't much of an idea yet...
  4. cimddwc

    [MOC] Yet another modular Lego store

    Thanks, everyone! Yes, the window frame took quite some playing around with snotting half-plate offsets etc. The mini Falcon is basically last year's Advent Calendar design plus that extra bit in the front. And white instead of gray, of course.
  5. Hi everyone, my latest building is a 16-wide Lego store, featuring the store from 60097 City Square and the VIP Store and Minifigure Factory GWPs plus a facade based on the Zehender house in Heilbronn (and a roof cornice of my own): The "Z" on top is a reference to the Zehender house. Simpler back side: Inside we start with many sets on the walls and a vintage poster (luckily I kept the STAMPs from set 1592 all these years): Pick-a-Brick wall upstairs... Build-a-Minifigure and bigger sets. Feel free to imagine what the huge Friends-colored set could be. :) Next floor: The Minifigure Factory didn't really fit as a factory into this small building, so it's a manufacture for special hand-painted figures: VIP cards are checked before you get access to the upper floors... And there's the VIP lounge - free drinks, chatting with employees and other fans, and exclusive previews of new sets such as the UCS Kessel Run MF... ...and if you got the money, you can buy a rare discontinued set from the display case or a vintage decorative brick from the top shelf: Want to take a selfie with Brick Girl? Go to the rooftop! » Flickr album Hope you like it...
  6. cimddwc

    MOC Modular Travel Agency

    Great buildings with nice architecture and nice details indeed!
  7. cimddwc

    [MOC] A new shop in spring

    Thanks, everyone! Indeed! There are some used in Legoland models, so they have been/are being produced anyway, just not available to anyone but the Legoland builders... Well, I think I won't add another one next to these three, but of course I will build more houses. Later. I've postponed cleaning up and sorting for way too long already...
  8. cimddwc

    [MOC] A new shop in spring

    Thanks! That silver piece is the little spider from this year's Nexo Knights.
  9. cimddwc

    [MOC] A new shop in spring

    Hi everyone, another 16-wide modular building of mine, featuring Spring Yellowish Green as its main color, a shop being renovated (which might open in spring) and an apartment: Well, the color is still a bit too strong for my taste, but it still looks good in this building, I think, and together with the others: Let's look inside - here's the renovation: Similar layout to the Ice Cream Parlor with a child's room and the bathroom of an apartment on the second floor, though this time it's a younger boy's room: Living room with kitchen area upstairs: That goblin statue must be a present from a mother-in-law, or why would they have it in their living room? (Anyway, it's from the Elves set that most of the Spring Yellowish Green parts are from.) And the bedroom in the attic, admittedly with a less than optimal space between roof plates and interior (like what's supposed to be a closet on the left), but, well... » Flickr album Hope you like it...
  10. cimddwc

    How was this build?

    That should be part 4081 with its round sides in the wheels' holes.
  11. cimddwc

    MOC, Modular Building: Cozy Pub

    Great interior and great exterior indeed!
  12. cimddwc

    Adding a change in elevation to a layout

    Correctly assumed, yes. The track needs to be aligned to studs anyway when it's horizontal again (on the higher level), makes a 90° turn and has to fit in with more scenery and houses...
  13. cimddwc

    Adding a change in elevation to a layout

    I have the immediate ballast attached to the track pieces, one stud wide beyond the sleepers (so 10 studs wide for a single track), simply placed between the table-parallel scenery which starts with more ballast (1 or 2 studs) - with such a minimal incline, it's hard to notice the difference, and where necessary to avoid gaps, placed another plate under the track ballast. Granted, the track is "stretched" - slight gaps between track pieces so they align with the scenery every 16 studs -, but these are also hard to notice at only 0.04 mm per track piece.with a 1-plate incline (or 0.16 with 2-plate incline). That doesn't add that much to the usual Lego gap of 2*0.1 mm.
  14. cimddwc

    [MOC] Ice Cream Parlor

    Yes, well, I got to do something with the door height and/or the gable height anyway since, as has been pointed on, there's not enough space for a roof between door and gable cutouts... I agree. The only LBG will be the thin line between the white parts - consisting of tiles, and the quarter circle tile isn’t available in many colors yet.