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  1. cimddwc

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    Well, you can clip onto the flotation ring/toilet seat 30340, but only in straight direction, and obviously not where the stud is.
  2. cimddwc

    Straight tracks closer together than eight stud gap?

    Well, two standard curve tracks shift the track by 6 studs, but are about 1 1/4 studs shorter than straights, so unless you can accommodate for that in the entire setup, it doesn't help; 8 pieces of flex track stretch to the proper length with a 4 studs shift without noticeable stress (I'm using this in my setup), but have all the disadvantages of flex tracks. I'm not aware of third-party solutions for this, but would also be interested... If the two tracks come around a corner on both ends of the station - not very realistic in real life, but maybe necessary in a small Lego setup -, you can of course use a single flex track piece or third-party quarter straight before the curve.
  3. cimddwc

    [MOC] Somewhere over the french streets

    Really beautiful! Lots of great architectural and interior details!
  4. Hi everyone, as I said in the "Café, Fashion, and more" post, the market square should soon be finished - here it is: A busy market square on a Saturday afternoon... with two birch trees (after all, my town is called Port Birch), and a monorail station. There's a lot going on: A promotion for some Ninja game (from Ninjago market place); since there's a Star Wars convention in town, there are always some cosplayers around for taking photos with them; a wedding (comes with the Town Hall set, anyway); a hot dog cart. The statue's from a set, the masked saxophone player is fom Vidiyo, more hotdogs, and more people. The trees trunks, by the way, are built around a long Technic brick so I can use them as handles to lift this module. Wavy glass roof on the monorail station - not the most practical thing when it rains from certain directions, but, well, it's art... And a rock wall to the side (not really part of the market square, but I include it in this album anyway) featuring a sawn-up monorail straight as slope extension, small buildings from a Monkie Kid set, the Hidden Side shrimp shack, remainders of Ninjago City and Docks... ...and a mirror "monolith" (anyone still cares about those that popped up in various places some time ago...?), and some sort of art project/escapist refuge where you can live in a cave for one month for free. » Flickr album
  5. cimddwc

    [MOC] Café, Fashion, and more

    Minifigure, Footgear Roller Skate (connected to the curved slope above) Plate, Round 1 x 1 (connected to roller skate) Plate, Modified 1 x 1 with Light Attachment - Thick Ring Plate, Modified 1 x 2 with Bar Handle on End - Closed Ends or Plate, Modified 1 x 1 Rounded with Bar Handle Brick, Modified 1 x 1 with Bar Handle Plate, Modified 1 x 1 with Tooth Vertical plus regular plates in between where needed for spacing.
  6. cimddwc

    [MOC] Café, Fashion, and more

    Thanks, everyone! Well, it's always a compromise anyway. The exterior proportions are smaller than in real life, so either I make properly sized rooms with an apartment spanning two or more full floors, or I make the interior smaller and more cramped. In this case, I chose the latter to get more different functions inside. Sometimes noticing "Oh, i forgot this item", making it even more cramped than intended...
  7. cimddwc

    [MOC] Café, Fashion, and more

    Hi everyone, my latest building: A modular "double double house", i.e two parts with different facades on front and back. DD fronts by cimddwc, on Flickr Featuring a fashion store, a small ice cream parlor, a café, a waffle shop, and some offices and apartments. And parts of the Winter Village Fire Station set's facade. Possibly the smallest ice cream parlor in town, but, judging by the queue, also the best: Geometry fun fact: the square root of 49+49 is nicely close to 10: The outdoor part of the café continues next to the neighboring building: Inside: Latest fashion from the Beauxbatons collection, a café using parts of an old Friends set, the little ice cream parlor, and the waffle shop uses another Friends set: Upper floor of fashion store: orange astronaut fashion is all the rage; and a lawyer's office in the dark red half: A financial advisor inhabits one side - white-haired customer is waiting, the assistant sits in the middle, and the advisor with a big gold clock in her office. The other half is a small single-room apartment (but still expensive right next to the market square) - the woman apparently doesn't enjoy the TV program as much as her boyfriend, but luckily she got hold of the remote: And on the top floor, there's an apartment spanning the full depth - and the orange astronaut fashion is being produced here in home work: And finally the parents' bedroom under the roof, plus a roof terrace: The narrow part features a small and cramped robotics workshop (an old Friends set) and an apartment spanning two floors. (Seems something was forgotten in the inaccessible space under the stairs...): Between the neighboring buildings, the round pharmacy on the left and the old "Atlantis-style" City Bank on the right: Maybe I should spice up the side windows of the pharmacy a bit. Same buildings on the other side, facing the market square, which will hopefully be finished soon: » Flickr album Hope you like it...
  8. cimddwc

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    The first part looks like leaves of 30176 broken off.
  9. cimddwc

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    That's just a weight:
  10. cimddwc

    [MOC] Fine Arts Shop & Newsagent's

    Great! Both the architecture and the interior details. (Though I thought the "messy room" would be messier. ;) )
  11. cimddwc

    [MOC] Cathedral

    Great! Nice architecture and nice details, and lots of them since it's so big.
  12. cimddwc

    Modern high-rise building (corner facade)

    Ah, yes, I think I never showed that here in detail. I'm working on filling the gap next to it (and the two to the left are new, too), so I'll show it a bit closer soon.
  13. Hello everyone, something more modern this time, a high-rise building for the far left corner of my Lego room, thus only built as corner facade. Next to it an similarly cut-off bridge across a brook with a few reused building parts from Ninjago City and Docks. The artwork next to it is the Avengers Tower GWP which I originally intended as rooftop decoration, but that wouldn't really fit style-wise. The back has a rigid Technic spine, continued under the road so I could grab it at the corner under the road and put it in the corner: Inside there's the lobby... ...café... with executive suite... ...flower lady and cosplayer getting ready... ...a bathtub lover and a battle scene... ...smashing a window, here a closeup: (I was one transparent blue panel short...) ...and finally a club with live music (announcement): » Full album on Flickr Hope you like it...
  14. cimddwc

    [MOC] Barbershop

    Really amazing indeed!
  15. Hello everyone, my latest building - with the contents of the Central Perk, Chinese Dinner, and Cloud City sets, hence the title for which I had no better idea... Continued in the back on the left: Street café view - the little tram is from my inclined street scene: The underground hosts teh dungeons or whatever you can call these of Cloud City, i.e. the dark part: Ground floor with Central Perk café and unsuspecting owners and guests: Above the similarly unsuspecting Chinese family having dinner: Above that, back to the secret Star Wars operations: And continued under the roof - the red twin pod is split and ready to launch through the large roof hatch: The decoration on top of the round part is also from Cloud City, of course. Finally a view across the church roof next to good old Green Grocer (with an extra floor): » As usual more photos on Flickr. Hope you like this one, too. :)