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  1. cimddwc

    [MOC] Cobalt House

    The two in the middle are connected by this: The two on the sides are just snotted to the side walls.
  2. cimddwc

    [MOC] Cobalt House

    Thanks again! Yes, thanks to a Pick-a-Brick wall. :)
  3. cimddwc

    [MOC] Cobalt House

    Thanks! It's some azure, yes. That Assembly Square mod was an early idea but it's not final, I want to change some stuff - add a passage to the back, make it taller to match the LEGO store, and some other adjustments.
  4. cimddwc

    [MOC] Cobalt House

    Hi everyone, another house of mine - with two facades since it's visible from both sides, front to a street and back an inside corner at a square. Why "cobalt"? Listing all the contents - accessories store, occult bookstore, clinic (and apartment) - would have been a bit too long, so I played around with the initials A, OB, C, and the dark blue color fits the title, too. Ground floor on the back contains C. Burke Jr's Occult Books and Artefacts - very narrow, so shown here without walls: Featuring bookshelves and people from 76060 Sanctum Sanctorum - and a lot of other stuff. Accessories store is basically Friends set 41344: And the strange clinic is Hoth's Medical Chamber 75203: The family is shocked because of these visitors that nobody expects... I mean, who would really expect some kind of Spanish Praetorian Inquisition? Here it is shown in context in my city layout: ยป More photos in the Flickr album Hope you like it...
  5. cimddwc

    Lego city - Where to place Apocalipseburg?

    I'd say by the water instead of the small house with the bright red roof, as close to the tracks as possible. And maybe move the medieval house to the other side of the tracks? Nice city, by the way. :)
  6. cimddwc

    MOC: The Coral Hotel

    Another amazing building indeed ๐Ÿ‘
  7. cimddwc

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Maybe. It's sometimes odd, I think, how some new stuff gets used early in just a single set before a wider use in several sets months later: The teal color returned with the Diner before being used mostly in Elves sets; Coral didn't get the same Modular treatment, but was used in the TLM2 party bus (and a CMF) before the upcoming summer Friends sets. But the Garage hat that new turntable base before any other set. Now this new 3-wide window only in the HP bus and no other set as far as I could see in the available images... so yeah, maybe it will be in wider use in early 2020.
  8. cimddwc

    [MOC] SPACEship

    Apart from the thin exterior stuff like antennas, it's quite sturdy thanks to its Technic frame.
  9. cimddwc

    [MOC] SPACEship

    Thanks, everyone! Yes, it will be at BB2019.
  10. cimddwc

    [MOC] SPACEship

    Thanks again! Yes, with the red pin fitting in the protruding hole on the small L-liftarm. Which also saves space when I'll put the modules in a box for transport. And yes, it's modular: SP, A with 8 studs of the C, top and bottom of the C, and the E are the modules.
  11. cimddwc

    [MOC] SPACEship

    Thanks again! A Flickr album is available now, too.
  12. cimddwc

    [MOC] SPACEship

    Thanks again! It's about 111cm long (including antennas), 46cm wide and 40cm tall.
  13. cimddwc

    [MOC] SPACEship

    Thanks! There should be 1001 of the blue 2x2 curved slopes (minus the one that's missing at the bottom front), but other than that, feel free to guess. :)
  14. cimddwc

    [MOC] SPACEship

    Hi everyone, while I usually build houses, I felt the need for a big spaceship - and I decided to use the letters S P A C E for the shape: The back is mostly open so people can look inside: And there are lights, as you can see - pulsing/blinking in the warp nacelles, blinking position lights at the top of the P. A few more views: Schematic: Since Flickr has problems today, I uploaded all 40 photos here to my blog (where you can also click to zoom and browse through them - no per-picture comments, though). Hope you like it...
  15. cimddwc

    Ideas for building this sign?

    At that size, I'd use 1x4 plate & tile vertically, i.e. a 1x4 plate with a 1x4 jumper in the middle and 1x1 tiles at the end for one line of the X, and a 1x4 tile at the desired angle on top of the jumper. Doesn't provide a flat front for the full X, but may be good enough...