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Found 19 results

  1. Black Numenorean

    [Moc] Homer Simpson

    D'oh ------------------------------------ Theme: The Simpsons Year: 2021 Creator: Uruk/Hugo ------------------------------------ Soon: Rebrickable's notice Homer_Simpson by Hugo, sur Flickr
  2. FastBrickStudios

    [MOC] Building The Simpsons Springfield

    The faithful recreation of the iconic Simpsons town, Springfield! With greatly enjoying both LEGO and The Simpsons, I found it to be a perfect opportunity to rebuild the remarkable town in LEGO form! Expanding and greatly improving upon the already existing theme. This thread will be updated as new progress updates are released! Subscribe to my YouTube Channel to Support me and never miss out on another Building Springfield update! Enjoy! Latest Update: Week 15 Week 15 - Moe's Tavern: Week 14 - The Simpsons House and Moe's Tavern: Week 13 - Nearing the completion of The Simpsons House: Week 12 - Police Car and Homer's Pink Sedan: Week 11 - Evergreen Terrace and The Simpsons House: Week 10 - Roofs and Interior of The Simpsons House: Week 9 - Attic and Exterior of The Simpsons House: Week 8 - Second Floor Interior of The Simpsons House: Week 7 - Beginning To Recreate Evergreen Terrace: Week 6 - Interior and Roof of The Simpsons House: Week 5 - Second Floor of The Simpsons House: Week 4 - Interior and Walls of The Simpsons House: Week 3 - Exterior of The Simpsons House: Week 2 - Continuing The Simpsons House: Week 1 - Designing The Simpsons House:
  3. FastBrickStudios

    [MOC] The Simpsons Krusty Burger

    I was initially very surprised by the lack of Simpson themed sets that LEGO has put out. With the lack of these sets in mind, there are plenty future set possibles to come and further expand Springfield! Given the show's success, and with it being the longest-running TV comedy, I would've expected LEGO to release many more sets (even a 3rd Minifigure series). With greatly enjoying both LEGO and The Simpsons, I found it to be a perfect opportunity to take on this fun and somewhat difficult challenge of both building and designing none other than Krusty Burger! I've tried to keep the very same building style as the other 2 Simpson sets LEGO has released previously, squeezing in as much detail as possible leading to a more filled up and less boring restaurant. By the way, I've posted this build onto LEGO Ideas: Hope you like the build !
  4. The Indecisive Clutch

    My minifigure collection for each theme

    My minifigure collection for each theme. I’m amazed at how many figures I’ve acquired! Star Wars by TheIndecisiveClutchReborn, on Flickr Star Wars Harry Potter by TheIndecisiveClutchReborn, on Flickr Harry Potter Disney! by TheIndecisiveClutchReborn, on Flickr Disney 1 Minor Disney Characters by TheIndecisiveClutchReborn, on Flickr Disney 2 MARVEL by TheIndecisiveClutchReborn, on Flickr Marvel DC by TheIndecisiveClutchReborn, on Flickr DC Middle-Earth Saga by TheIndecisiveClutchReborn, on Flickr Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit Indiana Jones by TheIndecisiveClutchReborn, on Flickr Indiana Jones The Simpsons by TheIndecisiveClutchReborn, on Flickr The Simpsons LEGO Movie by TheIndecisiveClutchReborn, on Flickr The LEGO Movie What time is it? by TheIndecisiveClutchReborn, on Flickr Adventure Time TMNT by TheIndecisiveClutchReborn, on Flickr Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Minecraft by TheIndecisiveClutchReborn, on Flickr Minecraft Stranger Things figures by TheIndecisiveClutchReborn, on Flickr Stranger Things Doctor Who by TheIndecisiveClutchReborn, on Flickr Doctor Who Pirates of the Caribbean by TheIndecisiveClutchReborn, on Flickr Pirates of the Caribbean The Last Airbender by TheIndecisiveClutchReborn, on Flickr Avatar: The Last Airbender SpongeBob SquarePants by TheIndecisiveClutchReborn, on Flickr SpongeBob Overwatch by TheIndecisiveClutchReborn, on Flickr Overwatch Jurassic World by TheIndecisiveClutchReborn, on Flickr Jurassic World We're off to see the Wizard by TheIndecisiveClutchReborn, on Flickr Wizard of Oz Ghostbusters! by TheIndecisiveClutchReborn, on Flickr Ghostbusters Miscellaneous by TheIndecisiveClutchReborn, on Flickr Miscellaneous
  5. This all started with the pun on the name. I went through a few versions based on different sizes and color schemes before finalizing on this one. I initially built it on a 32X32 plate with a patio on the side, but it felt bare in side. I like it better full of items such as the drink cooler and arcade game. I'm overall pleased with the photo editing but it's definitely another area to work on.Feedback is always welcomed. Doh! left side by fathomer1977, on Flickr Untitled by fathomer1977, on Flickr Homer's distracted by stupid Flanders as Bart sets the kitchen on fire. by fathomer1977, on Flickr Homer's distracted by stupid Flanders as Bart sets the kitchen on fire. by fathomer1977, on Flickr Flanders by fathomer1977, on Flickr Maggie gaming by fathomer1977, on Flickr Marge ringing out Flanders by fathomer1977, on Flickrx
  6. okiba75

    [MOC] Marge Simpson's Wagon

    Hi all, I've been having a play in LDD for the first time and I decided to make a mod for those of you who own the Simpsons house. To complete the look, you need Marge's car right? It features opening doors and trunk, I think I would have to change the roof design to fit in Marge's rather tall hair, but that should be easy enough to do :) LXF files are attached - next projects are Chief Wiggum's patrol car and Homer's muscle car from his teenage years :) simpsons-marge.lxf simpsons-mrplow.lxf

    Simpsons Backyard MOC

    I posted another version of this a few years ago, but I consolidated it to one baseplate and basically redid everything, so here is version 2.0 of my Simpsons Backyard MOC! Feedback welcome, thanks for checking it out!
  8. Presenting the Android's Dungeon Comic Book Store and Jake's Unisex Hair Palace. I was hoping we'd get more official Simpsons sets, but since the line appears dead I figured I'd try and build a MOC instead. The building next to the Android's Dungeon changes from episode to episode so I decided to make it a barber shop. Both buildings have interiors, but I concentrated on the comic store. Feedback welcome! Here's the tape collection/player where Bart and Milhouse find Might edit this interior, but was fairly pleased with how it came out with a limited footprint.
  9. SimpsonManHomer59

    Homer Simpsen

    So many of the people who like the SImpsons are fans of the many nice LEGO sets that were made by the LEGOS to be about the show. But i thought there should be a very big statue of the head of Hommer Simpsen the dad from the Simpsons. So I did the statue in the LDD. It's good old Hommer Simspon and his dognut. Homar has a mouth and just like in the show it is full of many food. He is gluttonous but love able. His tounge moves too and there is food in his mouth. Here is the Homer eat the donut. Hommer have many adventures with his wife Marg and his children Magey, Lysol, and Bert. They live in town of Springtown and have adventures with Mr. Barnes and Smather, Kirsten the Cloun, Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, Ralf and Chef Wiggem, Hand Malloman, and even Bender the Robot. I will make all of them to have adventures soon. I uploaded the Hommer so you all can look on it with you're computer and change it to be green if you really like. HOMMER SIMPSEN.lxf I hope you like the lego building I made
  10. This is very much a WIP, so any feedback is greatly appreciated! Still gotta figure out the interior... I want to stick with the 6 wide so it's a little hard to get the front end right. Just wanted to share my progress!
  11. I've always wanted a copy of the Sailboat painting that hangs behind the Simpsons family couch, but I can't paint or draw. So this is the next best thing. :) What do you think? If you want to support it the link is here:
  12. I've had a bunch of licence-related MOCs on the go for ages, but this time last week, inspiration struck - and I've quickly pulled together this MOC of 'The Homer'. This is the car from The Simpsons episode Oh Brother Where Art Thou? where Homer designs a terrible, terrible car for his long-lost brother's car company. In the show, the results are disastrous... But for me, this has been a lot of fun. I built it across three evenings, and used the recent Hot Wheels version of The Homer (only £1.75 in supermarkets here in the UK!) for reference on the proportions. I avoided looking at the one or two other MOCs of this out there. DSC_0263 by MOChael, on Flickr That's the main image and the gallery has more shots, including some comparisons for size with Wetwired's excellent LEGO Ideas ECTO-1 from this summer. Most pleasing part of the build has been using part #12708 - this is one half of the Christmas Baubles you can by from LEGO S@H and the retail stores. I've wanted to use one in a build for ages (and have a bunch of ideas in my head but not had any time to implement them until now). Here, I think the contours inside the dome (which usually hold a dish when actually used as a christmas bauble) suit the windscreen really well. It's obviously an unorthodox piece, but I do consider it a true LEGO piece - the whole on the tab at the top of the dome is stud-sized! That's how I was able to make something with a Technic peg/pin that created a structure to hold the horn and also helped hold the dome in place. I build it with a bunch of PAB wall pieces - that lime green colour is rife at the moment, and spot on here - plus four Mixels packs and some of my spares.
  13. So I love the Simpsons and bought the house immediately when it came out, and off and on I've been working on some MOCs to complete the set. Thought I'd share my progress! The front of the house Backyard Overhead shot I designed the fence so that only a 2 stud corner connects to the house itself, you can just slide the baseplate off once that is disconnected. So the house still opens up to about 90 degrees for playability. I removed the connection between the garage and house so that it can still open up without removing the garage. Just switched some bricks around. And here is a detail of Marge's car. I used red because I don't have a lot of orange. Not sure what is up with the old baseplate on the roof I'll have to try and clean it more. Any thoughts/feedback appreciated!!! This is the first real MOC I've made that wasn't just combining sets. I might buy some cheese slopes for the fence to make it more like a picket fence, but I'll have to price that out.
  14. I bought the Simpsons house and realised I wanted some more Springfield landmarks, so I decided to start with the Comic Book Guy's Android's Dungeon. I've only just started trying the Lego Digital Designer so I should get better once I've used it a bit. I hope to refine the design in LDD some more and then get the parts and build it. I am still working out the interior, but I'm reasonably happy with the exterior so far. The dumpster was a design I saw on Flickr And yes, I'm new to this. The Simpsons house and minifigures has reactivated my interest in Lego!
  15. I wanted to do some stop motion animation ever since I put the Simpsons lego house together a few weeks ago. Here's the result. Bart Simpson with special guests Milhouse and Nelson.
  16. Hello everyone! It looks to me there's not enough buzz about this upcoming series of CMF. We barely have any information and it was officially confirmed only a few days ago. And yet it looks like an extraordinary series - it's gonna be the first licensed CMF line ever, based on a widely-popular cartoon, and after 11 regular series (TLM series is an exception to me, something like Team GB series) we were used to looks very unsual and promising, regarding the future of this theme. However, there's not much going on in the discussion thread, and even the guessing game is missing. I'm really excited about this series, soooo... Let's fix it and try to foresee what minifigs will appear in this line! Attention - this is not a "Minifigures you would like to see" kind of thread. Be rational, thus no obscure guesses. Intent to think like a LEGO designer and try to write down all sixteen. Have fun! I'll start: 1) Homer - regular appearance, including a normal facial expression. Donut and a mug. 2) Marge - same as above. Some kitchen instrument as an accessory, such as frying pan. 3) Bart - same as above. Slingshot and Santa's Little Helper! 4) Lisa - same as above. Saxophone and Snowball II! :blush: 5) Maggie - same as above. Teddy bear. 6) Ned Flanders - same as above. Some gardening instrument as an accesory, maybe a watering can. 7) Grampa - fake teeth! Really, I can't think about any other accessories and this would be hilarious. 8) Milhouse - Squishee - could be a reprinted coffee mug. 9) Apu - dollar bill and a sausage. 10) Mr Burns - plutonium rod. 11) Principal Skinner - tile with printed exam. 12) Moe - regular appearance with apron. Grumpy face. Mug. 13) Itchy - axe and club. 14) Scratchy - sword and dynamite. 15) Chief Wiggum - must be fat. Else a head/belly combo (see Bombur) or a belly piece alone. New coffee mug and a baton. 16) Comic Book Guy - same solution as Wiggum. Two comics (printed tiles).
  17. With The Simpsons CMF list just announced fully, I thought I would start a topic for ideas on a Simpsons advent calendar. Here's my ideas: Day 1: Homer in Santa suit, as seen in the pilot episode, "Simpsons Roasting On An Open Fire", with a cookie and dog race ticket Day 2: Santa's Little Helper, food dish, piano stool, bone Day 3: piano Day 4: Grampa with dentures and T.V. remote Day 5: Green chair that's in the living room Day 6: Fireplace Day 7: Marge in jacket and scarf, with baby bottle and mug Day 8: maroon sofa from the living room Day 9: End table with dish, cookies, and milk glass Day 10: Selma with cigarette and lighter Day 11: Jub-Jub with dish Day 12: Patty with cigarette and cigarette box Day 13: table Day 14: 4 chairs Day 15: 4 chairs Day 16: Lisa in cozy clothes with saxophone and "Jingle Bells" lyrics Day 17: Snowball ll with ball and dish Day 18: food Day 19: Maggie with blocks, in her starfish jacket that she wears Day 20: high chair Day 21: Christmas tree Day 22: Bart in Christmas clothes, with leash and slingshot Day 23: Presents Day 24: Jaqueline Bouvier with Christmas card, flowers So, what would YOU want to see? Please write it in the same format that I have, or just list certain items.
  18. As requested by many people like Freddy Bricker and Rinzler, here's a thread where we can see which minifigures we're missing out of the upcoming The Simpsons theme. The following characters are confirmed already: Homer Lisa Marge Bart Maggie Ned Chief Wiggum Moe Apu Itchy Scratchy So, just put the name of a the character, what appearance they'll be based on (link to a reference picture), and an accessory that they'd have. Similar to the missing minifigure thread. Name: Appearance: Accessory: Or you can just do it as a sentence with those in it. I guess I'll start! I'd love to see Ralph Wiggum. Here's how he usually looks. His accessory would be a glue bottle, similar to what was in the Kidrobot figure!