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  1. This looks fantastic!! Really proud to have my train design be a part of that :)
  2. [MOC] Winter Village Whoville House & The Grinch!

    Thanks everyone! I mentioned this in my first post, but want to be extra clear - that ingenious solution is by Peter Aoun :)
  3. I've been doing a lot of custom Winter Village MOCs over the past year, and this is my ninth! I wanted to try something a bit different, so I took my inspiration from a Christmas classic - How The Grinch Stole Christmas. The model includes the Grinch's DIY sleigh with overstuffed sack of presents (with credit to Peter Aoun for the method of attaching the 'antler'!), a Whoville House (with wiggly wavy architecture and crazy colourscheme that gave me a lot of headaches trying to get it to look right, haha - square bricks can certainly make the shapes needed tricky!), and a late addition that I have to thank the Eurobricks Xmas Raffle for (that thread gave me the idea to add this extra!) - a crooked 'Grinchmas Tree'. More photos (and photos of all my Winter Village sets) can be found on my Flickr: LEGO Winter Village Whoville & The Grinch by mouseketeer 111, on Flickr LEGO Winter Village Whoville & The Grinch by mouseketeer 111, on Flickr
  4. Here's my entry - a Christmas Tree Seuss style! Grinchmas Tree by mouseketeer 111, on Flickr
  5. Angle Plate Angles?

    Thank you everyone, and especially @SylvainLS! That's genuinely impressive - it might take me a bit of time to understand precisely how you figured that out, haha, but it does work! Thank you!
  6. I hope I'm not being incredibly silly asking this, but it's driving me crazy! Could someone tell me what angle I need these angled plates to be at in order to make a full curve - I've been doing it by trial and error but constantly have the last plate overhang in whatever direction, meaning I can't snap bricks around it. Thank you!
  7. [MOC] Winter Village Firehouse

    I'm doing a Winter Village display at a show in November, so my Christmassy building is stretching unusually early this year! This is my latest model - a Winter Village Firehouse! The building comes with an old fashioned style fire engine, and a hot chestnut wagon (with glowing light brick, and alternate "on fire" version to give the fire fighters an emergency to attend to!). The building comprises a garage for the fire engine (with an emergency telephone, hat stand, and Christmas tree), a kitchen area and sleeping area in the bell tower, and (of course!) a fire pole to slide down. The festive wreath on the front of the building also surrounds a hidden button that lights up the bell from inside the tower. The full album is at Winter Village Firehouse by mouseketeer 111, on Flickr Winter Village Firehouse by mouseketeer 111, on Flickr Winter Village Firehouse by mouseketeer 111, on Flickr
  8. mouseketeer, your Winter Village MOCs are amazing!  Have you ever thought about entering them on LEGO Ideas?  I'm sure they would go down extremely well, and I think that at least one would reach the 10K mark.

    1. Vilhelm22


      Sorry, I typed this in the wrong place - I meant to type it in your Woodcarver topic but accidentally clicked on your profile photo first, taking to your profile.

    2. mouseketeer


      That's really kind of you, thank you! I haven't really given Lego Ideas much thought actually. I guess I could upload them, but my understanding is it takes quite a lot of 'campaigning' to reach the 10K threshold, and I don't know if I'd be able to do all that!

  9. [MOC] Winter Village Woodcarver

    This November, I've signed up to display a Winter Village display at a Lego show so even though we're still months away from Christmas, I've been working away at doing more Winter Village MOCs! This is my latest one - a Winter Village Woodcarver. Designed as an ornate chalet in the forest, the model depicts the workplace of a toy-maker, with the workstation on the inside (complete with woodworking tools, paint pots, and an almost finished toy soldier), and a cuckoo clock inspired rotating platform of wooden toys on the exterior (operated using a handle on the back of the building). Alongside it is a Christmas-colored gypsy wagon (complete with a stove and cosy bed for the toy-maker to sleep in), and three ice sculptures, which light up! I've been thinking of a doing a turntable Christmas building since I saw a non-Lego Christmas Village model that did something similar. This is my fifth(!) Winter Village MOC. The rest (a pub, a chocolate factory, a church, and custom train cars for the official Winter Train) can be seen in my Flickr album. Winter Village Woodcarver by mouseketeer 111, on Flickr Winter Village Woodcarver by mouseketeer 111, on Flickr Winter Village Woodcarver by mouseketeer 111, on Flickr Winter Village Woodcarver by mouseketeer 111, on Flickr
  10. [MOC] Winter Village Pub

    Thanks @Andy D! Here's a photo next to the Toy Shop (the Bakery is the only WV set I don't have!): And to your other questions, there aren't any rare parts in this model (it's the cheapest Winter Village set I've built myself so far! I think the rarest piece is the tiller of the canal boat), and the lock and boat can very easily be separated - I actually provide the XMLs in four files (one for the building, one for the lock, one for the canal boat, and one for the birds), so you can easily exclude any of those you don't want to build.
  11. [MOC] Winter Village Pub

    Thanks everyone! @Venunder- the reason I went with a pub was because I knew that Lego wouldn't do their own version, haha. Of course, in a universe where Lego detectives investigate cookie smuggling operations, we can assume this pub sells fruit juice!
  12. [MOC] Winter Village Pub

    I realise we're practically six months away, but I need to get these ready in time! :) This is my take on a British canal-side pub at Christmas, with a narrow boat, lock, and pub building with cosy fireplace downstairs, and a four poster bed upstairs! More images are available on my Flickr at
  13. As a child, one of the best Lego sets I ever received was the classic Fort Legoredo set. When the Lone Ranger line came out a few years back, I loved the new designs and styles for the cowboy theme, but felt it was missing an up to date version of the classic cavalry fort. I decided a redesign of Fort Legoredo was in order, and set about designing this to incorporate new pieces, new colors (reddish brown palisade walls, and light and dark bley rockwork!), and improved design techniques. It has custom cacti, a vulture-watched cattle skeleton, a lightbrick in the fireplace, much more detailed roofs, joined up walkways along the battlements, and keeps all of the classic play features too - including the hidden gold beneath the rocks, the rifle cases, an of course the trapdoor chairs in the headquarters, dropping into the jail beneath! Full album at A Western scene! by mouseketeer 111, on Flickr The new fort! by mouseketeer 111, on Flickr A comparison of the original set and my reimagined set by mouseketeer 111, on Flickr
  14. This is a model I've been planning on building for a while now, ever since my girlfriend very kindly bought me my first Harry Potter sets. While I thought the castles were terrific, I thought the train was a bit lacking, so this is my take on a "UCS" version of the train. It's got full Power Functions incorporated - lights at the front, a motor to power the pistons and wheels (despite its large size it still runs on Lego track) - and what I think is the coolest feature - if you place the train on the base, the motor inside the locomotive powers the Ford Anglia car's swaying (no extra motor is needed). I want to get the Dementors moving too one day, but for now I'm happy with it. There's a video to see it in action in my Flickr album too :) "UCS" Hogwarts Express MOC by mouseketeer 111, on Flickr "UCS" Hogwarts Express MOC by mouseketeer 111, on Flickr "UCS" Hogwarts Express MOC by mouseketeer 111, on Flickr
  15. Expand the Winter Village Contest VII Winners!

    Yahoo! Really happy to have got second place! Well done to @LittleJohn and @eliza! So many great entries