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  1. mouseketeer

    [MOC] Winter Village Ski Slope

    Thanks Klaus! I actually sell the instructions for my models, which disqualifies me from entering it on Lego Ideas unfortunately. I would like to do a model to submit specifically for Ideas one day though!
  2. mouseketeer

    EB Xmas Raffle 2018 - Your Santa MOC entry thread

    Well this gave me an excuse to do a model I've been wanting to do since last Christmas! This is my Santa Claus megafig / maxifig (?) - with Quidditch hoops I stole from my wife's Harry Potter set for his spectacles, haha. Thank you CopMike for doing this again! Santa Megafig / Maxifig by mouseketeer 111, on Flickr
  3. mouseketeer

    [MOC] Winter Village Gingerbread House

    My obsession with the Winter Village continues with my latest Winter Village MOC - a Gingerbread House! I've included gingerbread walls, icing borders, a candy cane roof-line, gumdrop roof tiles, hard candy windows, and licorice decorations. The interior is fully detailed as a candy shop, with a gumball machine, cotton candy maker, chocolate display stand, old fashioned cash register, display counter for cookies and pastries, a shelf filled with candy jars, and a model train running around the top of the room! Winter Village Gingerbread House 1 by mouseketeer 111, on Flickr Winter Village Gingerbread House 3 by mouseketeer 111, on Flickr Gingerbread House 6 by mouseketeer 111, on Flickr
  4. mouseketeer

    [MOC] Winter Village Ski Slope

    I've been eager to keep expanding my Winter Village for this Christmas, and this is my latest model - a Winter Village Ski Slope! As with all my Winter Village models, I try to make them as accurate to what could be a genuine Lego Winter Village set as possible (both in terms of design style, and with a reasonable piece count - hence the use of 16x16 plates for the slope and BURPs to build up the mass of the mountain). It comprises a mountainside with working ski lift, a mountaintop cafe, a cliff-face for mountain climbing, a ski slope (with moguls, slalom flags, rail, and ski jump) and an equipment chalet and locker room at the foot of the slope with a ski rack and fire pit for marshmallows. The ski lift can be powered either by hand with a rear handle or connected up to Lego Power Functions to automate it. To see a video of the the ski lift in action please click And to see the full album please go to Ski Slope 2 by mouseketeer 111, on Flickr Ski Slope 5 by mouseketeer 111, on Flickr Ski Slope 6 by mouseketeer 111, on Flickr
  5. I built this set to match with the official LEGO Simpsons sets 71006 The Simpsons House and 71016 Kwik-E-Mart. I've included the pool table, jukebox, Laramie cigarette machine, love tester, television, and fully stocked bar (with hidden shotgun!) - all with a detachable roof and opening back wall. I also did custom graphics which are printed onto genuine Lego pieces for the wall-mountain photos and advertisements (including The B Sharps, Playdude, Duff Beer, Mount Lushmore, and Flaming Moe's - look at the final image to see them all). Full gallery at Moe's Tavern by mouseketeer 111, on Flickr Moe's Tavern by mouseketeer 111, on Flickr Moe's Tavern by mouseketeer 111, on Flickr
  6. mouseketeer

    "Real" Steam?

    Hi, I have a Hogwarts Express model I designed which sits on a base, and I'm wondering whether it would be possible to get something akin to smoke coming out of the chimney. I've done some googling for this already, but almost all of the advice I've seen is in relation to *moving* trains, not ones confined to a stationary base. Because of that, I think I might have some more leeway in how to achieve the effect, as I can hide whatever contraption I use for the steam behind or within the base, and then just put a pipe up through the model, without having to worry about it moving with the model. The options I've come across seem to be smoke machines and water vaporisers (I've even seen people suggest the vapour that comes from e-cigarettes) - real steam can't be used because it certainly damages the bricks. I was just wondering if anyone had any knowledge or experience they could share about using either of these methods (or if there's any other way of achieving this that I'm missing)? The main consideration is that I don't want to damage the Lego. Is there a way this can be done?
  7. Hey everyone, I'm planning on doing quite a large scale MOC (though how big I'm not sure yet), and I've read before how people keep them modular etc. so that they can transport them to shows. I was just wondering if there were any resources, articles and things like that which people have written before I start planning it. I'm thinking things like reinforcing the base, deciding on the area and heights of the modular sections, things like that. If I can learn a bit now that saves a preventable headache later on down the road it would be really helpful!
  8. mouseketeer

    What's going wrong with my Lego geometry?

    Ohh, I get what you mean! So I redid it with the vertical section on three 1x4 plates (which were then on two 1x4 plates to secure them), and while the gap isn't as pronounced, it is still there, which then gets magnified because of the 1x1 column. It does seem to be a combination of bending 1x plates and the tolerances.
  9. mouseketeer

    What's going wrong with my Lego geometry?

    Bit of trouble parsing that, haha - I mean that I've taken the sideways-studs section (with the crenellations) and placed it alongside the 7-plates-hide vertical-studs section (with the castle), to exclude both the 1x10 white plates and the 1x12 brown plates which can be subject to warping, but even without them the sideways-studs section is longer than the vertical-studs section. I'm going to put this down to something that works in theory, but in practice goes a bit wonky!
  10. mouseketeer

    What's going wrong with my Lego geometry?

    Hmm that's really interesting - I'm having trouble replicating it though with my pieces. I've taken off the brown border completely, stood the two sections on their edges against the table and the bricks are still overhanging.
  11. mouseketeer

    What's going wrong with my Lego geometry?

    I gave it a shot but no luck! The bricks still misalign even with the brown frame completely removed.
  12. mouseketeer

    What's going wrong with my Lego geometry?

    I'm glad I'm not missing some obvious error! I've definitely pushed all of the bricks as close together as possible, and laid them flat and pushed that way to make sure everything's fully aligned. Even though there is some colour discrepancy, they are all genuine Lego, new condition pieces. I swapped the brown plates around too to check if any had warped, but they seem fine. I think it must just be the tolerances building up with these pieces. I separated the two lines that are horizontal, and it's only the bottom line (the one with the crenellations) that pushes out the brown column once they're disconnected. I might have to Bricklink some more medium blue and dark bley 1x1 plates and see if a different combination of bricks amounts to a different length. I guess normally this variation would barely be noticed, but the surrounding pieces I'm using just magnify it further. Thanks for the help everyone! :)
  13. I'm doing these mosaic-y backdrops, but something is going really wonky! I thought I had my Lego geometry correct (2 studes wide = 5 plate edges), and while this is working for the above (forest) mosaic, it's not working for the lower (castle) mosaic even though the numbers are the same. As you'll see the brown support is leaning out quite a bit (to the point that it's messing up another part of my model). What am I doing wrong here? Here's a link to the images:
  14. mouseketeer

    [MOC] Modular Italian Restaurant

    Thanks for the comments everyone! I think if I did another design iteration I'd tighten up the left tower a bit (the double-plate thickness lines between floors bug me), but there's only so much time I can spend on one model! :) With the right building, I purposefully restrained how fanciful the architecture was because I felt that was needed to fit it in with the official modulars - if I pushed it too far it would have been incongruous. With the height, it's actually pushing the limits of how high modulars go! When I digitally designed it initially the tower was taller, but when I built it and put it next to the official sets it was clear it was too much. Pretty happy with how it works with the official sets in the end though :).
  15. mouseketeer

    [MOC] Modular Italian Restaurant

    01 Front by mouseketeer 111, on Flickr Hey everyone, this is my first attempt at a custom Modular! Based on the colorful architecture of Italian coastal towns, the model includes an Italian restaurant and pizzeria, along with a gelato shop, on the ground floor. Up the spiral staircase to the al fresco balcony, there's also a gentleman's tailors and small Roman museum complete with mosaic of an erupting Mount Vesuvius. Finally, up the rear staircase to the top floor, there's a artist's studio with half-sculpted statue, and a winemaker. More images (including the full interior) are on my Flickr at 02 Street by mouseketeer 111, on Flickr