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  1. mouseketeer

    [MOC] Winter Village Police Station

    Here's a rendering of it alongside the official Fire Station :) Winter Village Police Station and Fire Station by inklingbricks, on Flickr
  2. mouseketeer

    [MOC] Winter Village Police Station

    Protecting the presents of the Winter Village from Christmas crooks is this Winter Village Police Station! I've included a break area (with donuts of course!), a blue light Christmas Tree, mugshot board, computer desk, and jail cell - complete with a stocking filled with coal for being very naughty! A crank at the back spins the police light on top of the building, and accompanying it are an old-fashioned police car and police box. Winter Village Police Station by inklingbricks, on Flickr More photos are on my Flickr here
  3. mouseketeer

    [MOC] Modular New Orleans Jazz Club

    Thank you everyone! :)
  4. mouseketeer

    [MOC] Modular New Orleans Jazz Club

    Inspired by the ornate architecture of New Orleans, this modular brings a touch of the Big Easy to the Modular street. At ground level is a gumbo restaurant with indoor fountain, a beignet bakery, a pirate statue (containing hidden treasure), and a wall fountain being sipped at by a bayou frog. Up the alley staircase, minifigures will find a voodoo emporium on one side, or head the other way into a bar complete with (minibuild) model riverboat. Out onto the balcony and up a second staircase, minifigures reach the jazz club itself, with complete jazz band. More images are on my Flickr at LEGO Modular New Orleans Jazz Club by inklingbricks, on Flickr LEGO Modular New Orleans Jazz Club by inklingbricks, on Flickr
  5. mouseketeer

    EB Xmas Build 2019

    Here's a contribution from me :) With the Santa theme last year I made a Santa "Megafigure" - with the Snow theme this year, I thought I'd make a Snowman Megafigure! Snowman Megafigure by inklingbricks, on Flickr
  6. mouseketeer

    [MOC] Halloween Village Train

    Seen as the Winter Village goes in this forum, I figured a Halloween version would too! The Winter Village has had its train for a while, so I thought that now it's time for Autumn to have one. LEGO Halloween Village Train by inklingbricks, on Flickr Along with the locomotive (fully compatible with Power Functions), tender, and caBOOse, are five cars: - a Frankenstein Car, with SPINNING lightning rods to spark life into the monster on the slab. - a Man-Eating Plant Car, covered in vines and mushrooms with SNAPPING jaws as the train rattles along. - a Skeleton Stock Car, which two skeletal horses. - a Pumpkin Car, filled with varying sizes of pumpkins and watched over by a scarecrow. - a Toxic Tanker Car, with two SWIRLING cauldrons filled with acid. Close-up images are on my Flickr at
  7. mouseketeer

    [MOC] Modular Red Car Trolley Station

    Here's my newest custom Modular design - a Modular Red Car Trolley Station! Inspired by the pueblo deco architecture of 1920s Los Angeles, this Red Car Trolley Station brings a new form of transportation to the LEGO Modulars! The first floor lobby includes a busy ticket office, luggage storage, telephones, and lockers, with an external staircase heading up to the platform. There, passengers can head through the glass doors to a waiting room, with a coffee bar and times board. The Red Car Trolley runs on LEGO train track, and includes opening double doors on each side. Back at ground level, there's also a street-accessible newsagents underneath the viaduct. More photos are available on my Flickr at Modular Red Car Trolley Station by inklingbricks, on Flickr Modular Red Car Trolley Station by inklingbricks, on Flickr Modular Red Car Trolley Station by inklingbricks, on Flickr Modular Red Car Trolley Station by inklingbricks, on Flickr
  8. mouseketeer

    [MOC] Modular Baker Street of London

    I've just finished designing this new MOC - a Modular Baker Street of London! Based on the iconic home of the world's greatest detective, this modular comprises Sherlock Holmes's 221B Baker Street house and a mysterious Antiques Store next-door. Sherlock's home includes an ornate Victorian living room and bedroom, a rooftop terrace (with a greenhouse, telescope, and table for afternoon tea), and Sherlock's laboratory filled with equipment and apparatus for solving his latest whodunnit. The two-level Antiques Store contains all manner of antique minibuilds, along with an old-fashioned elevator, and Sherlock's biggest secret - a moving bookcase that creates a secret passageway into Holmes's house! Outside, the streets of London are iconified with a 'pillarbox' mailbox and classic red telephone box. :) The full album is at Baker Street 1 by mouseketeer 111, on Flickr Baker Street 2 by mouseketeer 111, on Flickr Baker Street 3 by mouseketeer 111, on Flickr Baker Street 5 by mouseketeer 111, on Flickr Baker Street 9 by mouseketeer 111, on Flickr
  9. mouseketeer

    [MOC] Twelve Custom Cars for the 10254 Winter Holiday Train

    Nothing especially expensive now, haha. I'm a lot more aware of things like that since I first did my early sets! (Like going back over and redesigning my original six cars to be a lot cheaper while still keeping the same look). With the Chocolate Factory, I'd recommend switching those gold tanks out for black tanks, and just putting one 2x2 gold round plate as a 'stripe' on each. Much cheaper than all gold, but the look still works :)
  10. Two Christmases ago, I designed my first six custom cars for the Winter Holiday Train, and this year I doubled it in size with six brand new Christmas cars PLUS a rebuild of the locomotive itself to better fit the scale of the expanded train! My initial six cars were: - A Passenger Car - A Christmas Tree Car - A Hot Cocoa Tanker - A Gingerbread Car - A Present Car - A Reindeer Car Now I've added: - A Snow Globe Car with sugar plum fairy, that rotates as the train moves along! - A Christmas Dinner Dining Car with a full spread of food, hanging chandelier, and kitchen! - A Toy Machine Car with working conveyor belt that moves doohickeys from the machine to the packing crate as the train moves along! - A Sleigh Flatbed to transport Santa's sleigh when he's riding aboard his locomotive! - A Christmas Lights Car with reels of Christmas lights ready to decorate any station Santa pulls into! - A Mail Car to transport all of the letters to the North Pole! A full album for the first six cars can be found at: And a full album for the six new cars (including a VIDEO of the full train in motion) can be found at:
  11. mouseketeer

    [MOC] Winter Village Ski Slope

    Thanks Klaus! I actually sell the instructions for my models, which disqualifies me from entering it on Lego Ideas unfortunately. I would like to do a model to submit specifically for Ideas one day though!
  12. mouseketeer

    EB Xmas Raffle 2018 - Your Santa MOC entry thread

    Well this gave me an excuse to do a model I've been wanting to do since last Christmas! This is my Santa Claus megafig / maxifig (?) - with Quidditch hoops I stole from my wife's Harry Potter set for his spectacles, haha. Thank you CopMike for doing this again! Santa Megafig / Maxifig by mouseketeer 111, on Flickr
  13. mouseketeer

    [MOC] Winter Village Gingerbread House

    My obsession with the Winter Village continues with my latest Winter Village MOC - a Gingerbread House! I've included gingerbread walls, icing borders, a candy cane roof-line, gumdrop roof tiles, hard candy windows, and licorice decorations. The interior is fully detailed as a candy shop, with a gumball machine, cotton candy maker, chocolate display stand, old fashioned cash register, display counter for cookies and pastries, a shelf filled with candy jars, and a model train running around the top of the room! Winter Village Gingerbread House 1 by mouseketeer 111, on Flickr Winter Village Gingerbread House 3 by mouseketeer 111, on Flickr Gingerbread House 6 by mouseketeer 111, on Flickr
  14. mouseketeer

    [MOC] Winter Village Ski Slope

    I've been eager to keep expanding my Winter Village for this Christmas, and this is my latest model - a Winter Village Ski Slope! As with all my Winter Village models, I try to make them as accurate to what could be a genuine Lego Winter Village set as possible (both in terms of design style, and with a reasonable piece count - hence the use of 16x16 plates for the slope and BURPs to build up the mass of the mountain). It comprises a mountainside with working ski lift, a mountaintop cafe, a cliff-face for mountain climbing, a ski slope (with moguls, slalom flags, rail, and ski jump) and an equipment chalet and locker room at the foot of the slope with a ski rack and fire pit for marshmallows. The ski lift can be powered either by hand with a rear handle or connected up to Lego Power Functions to automate it. To see a video of the the ski lift in action please click And to see the full album please go to Ski Slope 2 by mouseketeer 111, on Flickr Ski Slope 5 by mouseketeer 111, on Flickr Ski Slope 6 by mouseketeer 111, on Flickr
  15. I built this set to match with the official LEGO Simpsons sets 71006 The Simpsons House and 71016 Kwik-E-Mart. I've included the pool table, jukebox, Laramie cigarette machine, love tester, television, and fully stocked bar (with hidden shotgun!) - all with a detachable roof and opening back wall. I also did custom graphics which are printed onto genuine Lego pieces for the wall-mountain photos and advertisements (including The B Sharps, Playdude, Duff Beer, Mount Lushmore, and Flaming Moe's - look at the final image to see them all). Full gallery at Moe's Tavern by mouseketeer 111, on Flickr Moe's Tavern by mouseketeer 111, on Flickr Moe's Tavern by mouseketeer 111, on Flickr