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  1. Reminds me a lot of the MOC by JKBrickworks:
  2. ReplicaOfLife

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Oh, cool, thanks for the heads-up. Will need to get some of those parts.
  3. ReplicaOfLife

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Took some time to let it sink in, but I have to say: Not very excited about this. On the plus side, it's big enough to be somewhat credible as a museum. Like that it takes up most of the baseplate. And finally, we get a building without unnecessary small pseudo-buildings attached to it again! It's been a while... But on the other hand, I find the design of it a bit lacking. Again. Just as with the Jazz Club, most building techniques seem to be rather straight-forward, the proportions feel just a tad off and the exterior design - while checking most of the classic museum boxes - looks a bit unimaginative to me. Regarding proportions, I feel that the roof should be higher. Both the dome and the smaller roofs over the wings to the far left and right seem too small for the overall building size. Design-wise, the cornices beneath the roof look rather bland, as does the detailing around the windows. Also, the capitals of the big white columns feel too small - ionic style capitals usually protrude to the left and right, here they sit pretty much in line with the column itself. And the interior seems mostly empty, with relatively few and mostly smaller exhibits dotted around in a lot of empty space. And most of the upper floor literally is empty space where the huge openings to the ground floor are. The one for the dino skeleton makes sense, obviously, but overall it still feels way too empty. It's missing at least two or three more sizable, imaginative exhibit builds there to give the place some more life. So, certainly no Day 1 purchase for me. Might wait to pick up a used one for cheap once the excitement dies down.
  4. ReplicaOfLife

    [MOC] London Street

    Wow, those facades really capture the vibe of a traditional english street perfectly. Love it.
  5. ReplicaOfLife

    [MOC] Modular Building - Camera Store & Apartments

    Nice work on your first modular! Some very nice part usage, especially that bowser shell in the tower. I wasn't even aware of that piece, but it fits perfectly where you used it! Also great work on the interior detail, especially the apartments are very nice! I'd also look into making the ground floor a bit higher. In Lego's modulars, it's usually about 11-12 bricks high. Also - and this may look worse on the pictures than in reality - the dark colors in the the roof area (with the dark red cornices and black roof) drown out the details and create too much negative space, if that makes sense. I'd go for some additional contrasting color there, or maybe a different color for the roof altogether.
  6. ReplicaOfLife

    Bricklinking Modular Buildings

    99% of the set consists of parts that are fairly easy to source. Apart from the five printed windows, which will set you back around 115€ or more, the most expensive pieces are - the Tile, Modified 2 x 3 Pantagonal (22385) in sand-blue - it's exclusive to this set. But you could just replace the sand-blue color on the bank floor with any other color of your choice - the Minifigure, Utensil Key, Ornamented with 1 Stud (19118) in lbg, also exclusive to the set. As it is fairly prominent to the exterior, it's hard to replace, especially since the other colors it exists in aren't exactly fitting for the purpose (like lavender or lime ) - the chrome gold pack of coins and ingot (97053) is also very rare, but you can easily replace the coins with any other coins you might have, and e.g. a pearl gold ingot - finally the 2x4 tile with the printed cheque is expensive aswell, but I think it's neglectable for the set overall The minifigs themselves are mostly made up of common pieces, so you should be able to get them rather easily. I went through the process of piecing it together earlier this year, when I finally decided to build that set. I actually did have it still MISB , but after seeing the prices it goes for nowadays and then going through my inventory, I figured it would be way more sensible financially to sell that copy and get the missing pieces for my own build. But I did have quite the head start, as I had over 2/3rds of all the pieces in my collection, and especially since I had bought extras of the bank windows and keys back when the set was on the market. So I only had to spend somewhere around 100-120€ on pieces. I replaced the hexagonal tiles (and subsequently the other sand-blue tiles on the floor) with sand green, and I'm missing the cheque. Otherwise, it's complete.
  7. ReplicaOfLife

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Classic smiley all the way.
  8. ReplicaOfLife

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Afaik, that policy has been abandoned for some time. I think there was an interview with Jamie Berard some time back where he said that, while that strict limitation had been true for the first few years, by now the modulars have such a standing that they could also get new moulds/pieces. The Jazz Club also had that new piece that fits under the 1x2x6 arch in the pizza oven, for example. Though, from the outside it's propably hard to tell what set an element really was designed for, as usually a new element gets used in many sets upon release.
  9. ReplicaOfLife

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Thanks for that link, would've missed it. Sad to see that I prefer almost all of the early design sketches they shared to the final design. Also interesting to see Jamie say "When you go to a half base plate it gets fairly tight for adult hands " with regards to 16-wide buildings, seeing as they have no problem at all creating even tighter spaces within the small buildings or even just facades they tend to tack on to the 32-wide modulars nowadays. Like the donut shop in the PS, Art Gallery in the Hotel, pretty much everything in the Detective's Office, or the Pizza-shop-half of the Jazz Club...
  10. ReplicaOfLife

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Propably because surrounding the windows with a darker color creates an additional illusion of depth, which makes the facade look more lively. On the other hand, keeping it all in one color diffuses the real depth of the facade (created by setting the windows one stud back from the facade) and makes it look more flat than it actually is.
  11. ReplicaOfLife

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Phew. Positive: It has some decent depth to it, the side walls look really clean. Seems like there's some nice snot work going on on the upper floors of the jazz club. Some nice interior details on the upper floors. But: I really don't like the overall look of it. Especially the upper floors of the jazz club look very random. The rooftop decoration looks downright terrible, imho. The dark red and that azure blue (whichever one it is) are clashing hard visually. The pizzeria has laughably little interior space (notice how they removed all of the front wlals to get that inside pic). Might entirely skip this one. Definitely the least visually appealing one for me to date.
  12. ReplicaOfLife

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Yep. For a company that's famous for making plastic bricks, they sure are very scrimpy when it comes to putting actual decent-sized bricks in the boxes they want more and more money for. Sure, we'll get dozens if not hundreds of 1x1 greebly bits, but compared to the really old modulars, all the last ones were very poor in terms of how many actual, decent-sized bricks were in there. Buildings keep getting thinner and lower. Very bad direction they've been taking. For 230€, I'd want something the size of Green Grocer with the level of detail of the Parisian Restaurant. Which easily could be done with 3000 pieces. Instead, I'll propably get a building sized somewhere between the Book Shop and the Downtown Diner with maybe 8-10 studs in depth, whose interior walls (if existent...) won't even reach the ceiling.
  13. ReplicaOfLife

    "The Golden Frog" Restaurant - Modular Building MOC

    Thank you, very glad you like it this much
  14. ReplicaOfLife

    "The Golden Frog" Restaurant - Modular Building MOC

    Thanks In my experience, at 32 studs width three floor builds only work if the building is either flat-roofed (so you still get two full upper floors), if the floors are very tall, or if the modular is designed with at least two different facades. On more uniform buildings, like I usually do, removing one of the middle floor makes the buildings look weird, because they will feel too small for their width. In other words, you usually want your buildings to be a bit higher than they are wide. Which, I think, is another reason (besides saving on parts & volume) why Lego usually either does multiple facades or doesn't use the entire baseplate on straight modulars nowadays. Green Grocer was the only regular (non municipal) modular they ever did that was designed as a single, 32 studs wide building, and just look at how tall those upper floors are compared to almost all other modulars.
  15. That's rather awesome. Makes me wonder if I should retrieve my island pieces from the box I put them in and build something worthwhile with them aswell. But: How did a post from 2020 end up on the frontpage in 2022? I mean, I'm glad it did because otherwise I wopuldn't have seen it, but....