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  1. ReplicaOfLife

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Phew. Positive: It has some decent depth to it, the side walls look really clean. Seems like there's some nice snot work going on on the upper floors of the jazz club. Some nice interior details on the upper floors. But: I really don't like the overall look of it. Especially the upper floors of the jazz club look very random. The rooftop decoration looks downright terrible, imho. The dark red and that azure blue (whichever one it is) are clashing hard visually. The pizzeria has laughably little interior space (notice how they removed all of the front wlals to get that inside pic). Might entirely skip this one. Definitely the least visually appealing one for me to date.
  2. ReplicaOfLife

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Yep. For a company that's famous for making plastic bricks, they sure are very scrimpy when it comes to putting actual decent-sized bricks in the boxes they want more and more money for. Sure, we'll get dozens if not hundreds of 1x1 greebly bits, but compared to the really old modulars, all the last ones were very poor in terms of how many actual, decent-sized bricks were in there. Buildings keep getting thinner and lower. Very bad direction they've been taking. For 230€, I'd want something the size of Green Grocer with the level of detail of the Parisian Restaurant. Which easily could be done with 3000 pieces. Instead, I'll propably get a building sized somewhere between the Book Shop and the Downtown Diner with maybe 8-10 studs in depth, whose interior walls (if existent...) won't even reach the ceiling.
  3. ReplicaOfLife

    "The Golden Frog" Restaurant - Modular Building MOC

    Thank you, very glad you like it this much
  4. ReplicaOfLife

    "The Golden Frog" Restaurant - Modular Building MOC

    Thanks In my experience, at 32 studs width three floor builds only work if the building is either flat-roofed (so you still get two full upper floors), if the floors are very tall, or if the modular is designed with at least two different facades. On more uniform buildings, like I usually do, removing one of the middle floor makes the buildings look weird, because they will feel too small for their width. In other words, you usually want your buildings to be a bit higher than they are wide. Which, I think, is another reason (besides saving on parts & volume) why Lego usually either does multiple facades or doesn't use the entire baseplate on straight modulars nowadays. Green Grocer was the only regular (non municipal) modular they ever did that was designed as a single, 32 studs wide building, and just look at how tall those upper floors are compared to almost all other modulars.
  5. That's rather awesome. Makes me wonder if I should retrieve my island pieces from the box I put them in and build something worthwhile with them aswell. But: How did a post from 2020 end up on the frontpage in 2022? I mean, I'm glad it did because otherwise I wopuldn't have seen it, but....
  6. ReplicaOfLife

    10497 Galaxy Explorer 90th anniversary set

    That argument also works against the original Galaxy Explorer, which had a big see-through roof panel aswell. Only that back then they used a trans-yellow 4x10 plate instead of a windscreen, propably because they didn't have big windscreens yet. And you really shouldn't get started on structural vulnerability regarding Classic Space ships . Pretty much all of them had giant windows or even giant holes all around their fuselage, all of which would be rather impractical in an actual spacecraft.
  7. ReplicaOfLife

    10497 Galaxy Explorer 90th anniversary set

    Gorgeous set. Love the shape & building techniques, and am I dreaming or does it look like all the decorated pieces are actually printed? The awful sticker sheet was one of the main letdowns on Benny's SSS. Only detail I don't like about 10497 is the back wing - looks too bulgy and plain just using those two big ramp pieces. Will most likely mod that on my copy. And of course, the unnecessary colors on the inside - though at least they limited themselves to the clasic Lego colors that were around back in the 70ies & 80ies. Which is a nice touch in a way, but I'd still prefer they'd use only the colors actually needed... but that goes for literally all sets they make nowadays. Oh yeah, and I demand we get an identical version numbered 10928 in Europe!
  8. ReplicaOfLife

    MOC: The Station hotel

    That looks absolitely marvelous
  9. ReplicaOfLife

    "The Golden Frog" Restaurant - Modular Building MOC

    Thank you :) I intentionally didn't make it fully symmetric - I've done so many symmetrical builds already The name Golden Frog came about by sheer coincidence - when I designed it, I just thought about 'some sort of restaurant'. The frogs already were there, but I had originally planned with dark blueish grey ones as a direct nod to Café Corner. Then I noticed that I didn't have enough grey ones, but did have the golden ones. And since it's pretty common for restaurants to be called "The Golden [some thing or other]" around here, that gave me the name for it. Thank you :)
  10. ReplicaOfLife

    "The Golden Frog" Restaurant - Modular Building MOC

    Thank you @Zork & @Guts 24
  11. ReplicaOfLife

    "The Golden Frog" Restaurant - Modular Building MOC

    Thank you all for your kind words! Much appreciated And also thanks for the frontpage showcase! Much appreciated! I get what you mean about the staircase hand rail looking a bit bulky. It's actually quite low though, when you look at how high it compared to each step. But as I was reading your reply and looked at it again, I actually got an idea for a technique to create a similar effect that would be less bold. I'll definitely re-use this, and that way it won't look the same No, I don't mind at all - if my work inspires others, that''s great! I'd appreciate a shout-out, though, especially if you go very close to what I did. Regarding the roof: Yes, SNOT is involved, and of course there's some supporting structure in the back. But propably less than you'd think - each roof section is one interconnected assembly, and the supports are just attached at two points to that assembly
  12. "The Golden Frog" Restaurant (Restaurant "Zum Goldenen Frosch") Alost two years after my last MOC it's finally time to reveal my latest work. This is a modular building with a restaurant - "The Golden Frog" (or "Zum Goldenen Frosch" in german) on the ground floor. The second floor houses a psychotherapists office, and the top two floors feature an apartment. Summary: Parts: 5650 (excluding minifigs) Design: designed in from May to June 2021 and from December 2021 until March 2022 (got hard stuck with the design last summer and worked on other projects for a while). Highlights include the roof, where I tried to mimic the typical look of a copper plate roof as found on many older european buildings, the facade featuring lots of snot work, and the glass spiral staircase leading from third to the fourth floor. As usual, the model also has full interior. The color scheme using bright light orange might not be everyone's cup of tea, but I really like the color, so there you are As usual, head over to flickr for even more pictures: The copper plate roof. I'll leave it to you to figure out how it is built - I'll just say that all pieces are firmly connected. The restaurant's namesake is featured above the windows and door on the ground floor. Interior of the restaurant. The restaurant also features a piece by a local modern artist. It's cryptically titled "Entrails of a Star Destroyer". On the second floor, a psychotherapist has his office. Many of his patients find the loud ticking of the grandfather clock to be distracting. He enjoys analyzing their reactions to it. The third floor is the first of a two floor apartment. This floor has a kitchen, eating area and home-office working space. The luxurious kitchen has a big fridge and a kitchen island with further seating. The glass spiral staircase leads up to the final floor. It is built using panels. Curved slopes with cut-out create the nice organic shape of the banister. The top floor is less spacious then the ones below. It features the bedroom, couch and TV area and the bathroom. The bathroom features a big, open shower (with a coloured glass wall preventing spray down the staircase), toilet and wash basin. I hope you enjoyed my MOC - looking forward to any feedback, constructive criticism or praise you have to offer More pics on flickr: Tobias
  13. ReplicaOfLife

    [MOC] The french Grand Hotel

    Very impressive, a truly grand hotel. Love the highvattention to detail throughout and the well structured facade!
  14. ReplicaOfLife

    Bricklinking the Modulars

    True. Though you can propably tile the entire floor with red tiles (2x2 tiles in red are just a few cents each) and buy a new baseplate in whatever color for less than the red baseplate goes for
  15. ReplicaOfLife

    [MOC] Corner Bakery

    Cool building! Love the interior, it all feels very warm and cozy. Making a 'true' modular (with repeatable floors) always is a bit harder than just building them floor by floor, but it's oddly satisfying, even if the possibility is never exploited.