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  1. Cherry-Rose

    [MOC/IDEAS] Concession Corner Modular

    If you were curious to see how this building will fit into a Modular City, I’ve rendered it next to the Detective’s Office and the Downtown Diner.
  2. Cherry-Rose

    [MOC/IDEAS] Concession Corner Modular

    Thanks everybody for the help! Today, after only five weeks, the project reached the second milestone of 1,000 Supporters! I am very grateful. Onwards to 5000!
  3. Cherry-Rose

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Interesting that they’re re-releasing these sets so soon! I’m surprised but I’m happy that more people will get to buy them.
  4. Cherry-Rose

    [MOC/IDEAS] Concession Corner Modular

    Hey everyone! Thanks to you it reached over 400 supporters in the first week. As a reward for getting this far, I’m giving away PDF instructions for a 400-piece Mini-Modular of this MOC. Check it out!
  5. Cherry-Rose

    [MOC] Old townhouse and a cozy restaurant (modular building)

    Awesome build! It’s cool that you’re experimenting with exterior textures and colors.
  6. Cherry-Rose

    [MOC/IDEAS] Concession Corner Modular

    Thanks guys! I’m glad you like it.
  7. Cherry-Rose

    [MOC] White-Faced Capuchin

    Incredible build! You really nailed everything about it!
  8. Cherry-Rose

    [MOC/IDEAS] Concession Corner Modular

    Might not be immediately obvious what I did here, here's a pic of the stairs separated out. It uses the ladders as a base with plates clipped on, to make the stairs narrower.
  9. Cherry-Rose

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Here's my own MOC and my first completed Modular Building! It's called Concession Corner. It features nearly 3,000 pieces, a large fast-casual restaurant, and a loft studio! It was just approved as a LEGO Ideas project, so please give it a support and share!
  10. Cherry-Rose

    [MOC/IDEAS] Concession Corner Modular

    Support the project on LEGO Ideas! More Photos on Flickr! The Concession Corner is a high-profile modular building that is perfect for a bustling downtown scene! I made it to be compatible with existing modular buildings. To make the project unique, I decided to make this an end piece inspired by the likes of the Flatiron building. The sidewalk wraps around the entire perimeter, so it can connect both forwards and backwards. I made it on a 32x32 baseplate for the bulk of the set and a 16x32 baseplate for the tall bay window, which wraps around the two sides and gives a great view. This set works well standalone on all sides. It consists of about 2900 pieces and features two tall stories. It features a Fast-Casual restaurant on the first floor, and a loft office space on the second floor. I went through a lot of iterations to pack in building techniques that I'll let you discover. Ground Floor: On the first floor, there is a lot of space outside to pose minifigures. There is a velvet rope line leading into the restaurant, a bus stop with a wrought-iron bench, and two cherry blossom trees on either corner. In the back, there is an entrance to the kitchen and stairs to the second story. When you first enter, you can pick up a menu under a cool burger sign, or pick from the chalkboard above. The employees would be glad to help prepare food at the counter, either to stay or to go. There is substantial dine-in seating, a fountain soda machine, a condiment table, and a handicapped exit. The kitchen has an industrial fridge, a wide grill for searing fresh patties, a sink, and a cutting board. Second Story Once you go up the stairs through the back of the building, you can enter a classy lobby to be greeted by a professional to help you with any studio needs: drafting, interiors, graphics, even contemporary paintings. There's a futon, a runner and two desks, plus a balcony to view the outside. I included six different minifigures representing children, cashiers, managers, patrons, or anything you want them to be. Thank you very much for taking the time to check this out!
  11. Cherry-Rose

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    A few days ago I uploaded this project for the great show “Rocko’s Modern Life”, based on the main character’s home. The next day it was rejected for the subject matter being “inappropriate” and the IP, which was first unlisted, was then banned. Recently I saw Ashnflash’s video regarding the IP listing and, while I think the new feature is very helpful it has a lot of flaws. I know Rocko is a lot raunchier than most Nicktoons (it’s well-known today for its innuendos), but I can’t see how this is significantly worse than, say, Simpsons or approved projects like Friends, even among Nicktoons Invader Zim seems like a more “inappropriate” show. Has anyone tried to dispute this? I have a few other projects I was working on but I don’t really know what to do with this now.
  12. Cherry-Rose

    [MOC] The Loud House (Nickelodeon)

    Click here to support the project on Ideas And here to view the Flickr album
  13. Cherry-Rose

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Hello! I just submitted this project based on Nickelodeon's Hit TV show "The Loud House" earlier today. Support it here!
  14. Cherry-Rose

    [MOC] The Loud House (Nickelodeon)

    Here are the rest of the photos
  15. Hi everybody, About a year ago I began this project and I have just finished my model of “The Loud House”. It’s a 2,500 piece playset with a complete interior to recreate the adventures of Lincoln Loud and his ten crazy sisters. I tried to keep it as faithful as possible to the show and packed as much interior detail and references as I could. It includes 12 minfigures of the family and their dreaded car, Vanzilla. Hope you like it. UPDATE: Now on Lego Ideas! Support here!