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Found 4 results

  1. Winter Village Chalet (Restaurant and bedrooms) This is my second great moc for my new Winter Village 2014. A MOC that are also very fond of because it took me a remarkable job. Unlike the Farm, which could have an architectural orientation of American type, this chalet is very European indeed very Italian! The building is a little bit smaller than the farm but has a large number of small items, and then brings the piece count to about 2600. The chalet is structured with a restaurant on the ground floor which is accessed from the main doorway and offers its customers the cozy bedrooms upstairs which is accessed by a wooden staircase on the front. The restaurant has tables set up with tablecloths, plates, glasses and candles to create the right atmosphere. We also find the classic crackling fireplace, a Christmas tree, and on the right side there is a corner with little bar, cash, coffee maker and a small sink. Upstairs there are 3 bedrooms, one single, one double bed and two twin beds in the attic. On the same floor I made a small bathroom with shower, sink and toilet. I tried to make the building in a rustic stone walls wooden beams between a floor and the other, a sloping roof and wooden floors with double color in the bedroom and more stone tile floor in the restaurant. The roof is only supported, but thanks to a precise interplay of connections it allows good stability and at the same time a high speed of removal in order to better observe the interior of the bedrooms and the bathroom. The interior upstairs is also removable to be able to see more easily the restaurant. To change a little bit the predominant color that could be the gray of the stone I decided to make the walls of the central part of the Chalet with a valuable but very rustic sand-green Thank you all for watching and for your comments. Sandro Lateral View: Rear View and interior: The Restaurant: The Bedrooms: Top View: The complete gallery images:
  2. sdrnet

    Winter Chalet UCS Fan Edition

    Hello everyone! At the beginning of the year my Chalet entered the third 2019 LEGO Ideas review after reaching 10,000 votes. We also know that the set unfortunately did not pass in the live vote on 23 June 2020. Regardless of the result that I would have obtained, I wanted to somehow thank all the people who wrote to me and all those who liked the Chalet. So I decided to create a Christmas landscape that "welcomes" the Chalet in a dignified way, that was a more "UCS" style model! The Winter Village theme is definitely not new to me (!) But for the first time in a moc I ventured into an entire moving scenario. There are 17 moving parts powered by a single LEGO XL motor or directly by hand with a lever on the back! The two bases transmit movement to each other through an axle technic that connects the two areas. Being raised I also carried out a project (in the pipeline for some time) that is to make the cellar of the Chalet accessible from the right front door. In the side part of the diorama I have also obtained a small cave of ice crystals that can be illuminated thanks to an adjacent compartment where I have also stored a small battery pack with a string of LED lights. The lights flow in the cave but also in the cellar of the chalet and I can also make them reach the interior rooms of the chalet to illuminate them at night. You can see all the moving parts by yourself in the small video I made (I apologize for the poor quality): The most complex part was not only to be able to "reach" the movement in the various areas of the diorama, but also to differentiate the speeds according to what had to be moved. It was a great challenge, but as always I had a lot of fun making it and the important thing is this! Merry Christmas! I dedicate this work to my dear friend Gianluca who is no longer with us. I hope you can admire it from up there. Flickr Gallery here: Comments are welcome Sandro
  3. sdrnet

    [MOC] Winter Chalet.. Help me!

    In a distant December 2013 I presented here on EuroBricks a moc to which I am particularly attached: the Winter Chalet! This building took part like many others in my winter village which year after year became an ever larger diorama. Given the interest I decided to include (several years later) the Winter Chalet on LEGO Ideas and immediately had a great success! I didn't think I would get that high on the score score. I have never done too much publicity on this project but now there are less than 2000 votes to reach the summit and I need you! Even if maybe it will never become a LEGO set I would love to get up there ... If you haven't seen or known it yet, go and see my video that I uploaded to YouTube: If you like this project, help me support it! Let your friends know about it, help me reach 10,000 votes. Thank you so much for your support! Sandro
  4. HI guys, I want to share with you this interview we did to the builder of this MOC. As it is in Italian, turn on subtitles in English. Let me know if you are interested in other MOC videos exhibited in Italian events.