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  1. Cara

    MOC: Le Fleuron, 1729 third rate French ship of the line.

    +1 to adoring that stern! The curves of the fish work so well to make it feel non-brick shaped.
  2. A very interesting read! Thank you. It is great that the prize went to someone fully able to appreciate it. Congratulations.
  3. Congratulations! Those 30 seconds go by really quickly and make it really hard.
  4. Cara

    [MOC] UCS Zeta-class cargo shuttle

    Its enormous! This is fabulous, I love the wip pictures on your Flickr. Great to see it has an interior hold.
  5. Cara

    Winter Village: Ice House

    This is adorable. Great subject matter. I too like the truck.
  6. Cara

    [MOC] Unicorn Calendar

    That's great! I hope you had them printed as a calendar for her?
  7. Cara

    Bricks By The Bay

    Maybe we can find enough people for an EB meeting there next year?
  8. Cara

    EB Con Dec 3

    Congratulations! I hope it goes well.
  9. That absolute quiet of a new blanketing of snow.
  10. Built for the Rebrick Best Friends contest. Best Friends on Vacation Whether those friends are two-legged or four-legged, everyone is having fun. Go out on the water or enjoy the beach, horseback riding along the sand and shopping on the promenade. A few more on my Flickr Album.
  11. Cara

    Forum Upgrade

    Ad issue or first item in the frontpage pushing wide? On an ipad mini. Cant insert the screenshot because its bigger than 0.1MB Currently the green fort item at the start of the body of the front page pushes all the way over the right menu, outside the page and across the grey border to the edge of the screen. There is a floating ad on top of the article around the location of the right column, however the ad has no x to close it so it covers the article.
  12. Cara

    Forum Upgrade

    In case this hasn't been mentioned: When your window width is narrower than a certain value which happens to be about half of my screen width, so not small, (in safari 9.1.3 on a mac) then the activity and browse menu bar and the search is not shown in the portal screen. So there are no links , only the articles, and a visitor is left wondering where to go. Then if you are in the forums you do not see the directory structure Home > Forums > Frontpage... so again hard to navigate. Overall I do not like the upgrade, the paragraph breaks instead of carriage returns, lots of plain white background, big font, I would hope its some settings I could change but it just doesn't display well for me and it makes it unpleasant to read. Edit: So the board looks nice on an ipad mini, guess its just my mac settings.
  13. Back when it was out the pyramid was still on my too expensive list, so I bought about 8 of the Anubis guards keychains and took the figures off the chain. If you are not going to take the pieces apart you might be able to find alternatives to the expensive mini figure.
  14. I am populating a Friends MOC and Im looking for beach, horse riding and adventure minidoll theme pieces. Such as halter tops, bikinis, shorts, horseriding hats and one fig to use as a waiter, so the white shirt and either the tie or the bandana. Then I need male minidoll heads. I am hoping to find someone that has bought the sets for parts but doesnt want the dolls. If that sounds like something you have for sale or trade, send me a message with a picture of what you have and a list of what you are looking for, or a price. I would prefer someone in North America so we can keep the postage down. Thank you! Cara.
  15. Cara

    Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Expedition

    Way to go =) I like the film references. As someone who finished Gold, I hope you can use that for your Skills section!