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  1. I love how ornate the building is.
  2. It's 45 degrees but it doesn't quite look like it because the roll cage's side lean vertically inwards. Then the exterior panels that are mounted on them are 8 studs wide on the horizontals and 6 studs wide on the diagonal placing to give the dirigible and plumper look.
  3. This is my entry for the Bricklink Designer Program Series 1. It had to be created from bricks within a set palette. So after looking at the bricks available I was inspired towards the idea of a fantasy/adventure airship/blimp. I started with the challenge of the blimp and how to create the correct shape (the easy part) while making it stable and without making it too heavy to be supported by two masts (the hard part!). To stay away from the weight of too many technics and plates as support structure I went with the roll cage (windscreen 64450). And a structure that I think is quite a pretty geometry. I liked it so much I wanted it to be a feature rather than an interior support, so this changed the blimp to a dirigible. The ship body has an interior cabin with Murphy bed and kitchenette, front wheelhouse and back luggage compartment as part of the build. It can sit on the table both on or off the stand. The bricks used in the built model are accurate to the Studio design however the colours of them are about 95% there. Mostly due to inability to source them (rare or above budget). And of that 5% the majority of it is in the interior. In the final design you will not be able to see colours peeking through from lower levels. The most noticeable exterior colour difference is that the 64727 spike around the ship body is light blue grey here but navy in the studio design. Not included in the rendered pictures are 12 stickered pieces (7 unique). Including the title sticker on the 4x4 tile at the base, and stickers upon the 2x4 white oval tiles at the center of each area of the dirigible. There are flexible hoses (part no. 27965) on the brick-built model of which only one is in the Studio model, in an approximate position along the panels of the dirigible. This is due to the part stretching in Studio. For more photos and renders of The Cloud Chaser please visit my Flickr stream: Recreating something built in real life in Studio was a learning challenge! But this has now been built, taken apart and rebuilt so many times to condense the steps and little submodels that I really hope other people will have the chance to build it.
  4. Cara

    BrickLink Designer Program

    I'm entering, its a vehicle but not a train. The palette looks great until you start building to a specific idea, then you realise its got breadth but not depth. There have already been guidelines that the five models they pick with be from a variety of themes so at most you will get one train or train related, if lucky.
  5. Thank you for the great photos. I was looking for that trans-clear panel 24116, I find it a shame it's frosted instead of clear.
  6. Cara

    CDC2 CMF Kahir88

    Good take on the theme. I both laughed and cringed.
  7. Cara

    (MOC) The Elvan Seaport of Elvadion

    Great details and wonderful to see a big Elves build. Especially one that is recognisably Elves and also smoothly incorporates fastasy/historical style MOCing.
  8. Thank you for the report . I was there for three of the days and have to say its fun, more so if you meet people you know! Our very own A.C. Pin was displaying his flower MOCs prior to transporting them for display in the yellow zone at the LEGO house.
  9. Cara

    MOC: Le Fleuron, 1729 third rate French ship of the line.

    +1 to adoring that stern! The curves of the fish work so well to make it feel non-brick shaped.
  10. A very interesting read! Thank you. It is great that the prize went to someone fully able to appreciate it. Congratulations.
  11. Congratulations! Those 30 seconds go by really quickly and make it really hard.
  12. Cara

    [MOC] UCS Zeta-class cargo shuttle

    Its enormous! This is fabulous, I love the wip pictures on your Flickr. Great to see it has an interior hold.
  13. Cara

    Winter Village: Ice House

    This is adorable. Great subject matter. I too like the truck.
  14. Cara

    [MOC] Unicorn Calendar

    That's great! I hope you had them printed as a calendar for her?