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  1. toorayay

    [MOC] HAU Tiki Bar & Polynesian Restaurant

    It's actually from the Orient Expedition series from the early 2000s.
  2. Here is my latest Modular MOC, a Tiki Bar & Restaurant with a townhouse next door. I completed this MOC in the spring but just got around to photographing it this past week, so I thought I would share it here. This will be a very image-intensive post, so if you want to see all of the images on Flickr, check out my album here! Here's the full front view, with both buildings side by side. A closer view of the facade of the Tiki Bar. I named the bar HAU after the Infected Bionicle mask that adorns the entrance. Now to look inside! The A-frame Archway clips on and can easily be removed in order to access the individual floors. The A-frame Archway, Disassembled from the main structure. Top floor of the Tiki Bar. The chef prepares Polynesian-inspired chicken and seafood recipes in the kitchen. The best seats in the house are at the banquet table on this floor, giving diners a unique experience. The second floor of the restaurant and the bottom floor of the townhouse. More townhouse pictures are coming up. This floor of the restaurant has an opening that overlooks the bar below. The dining tables on the second floor. The walls are adorned with traditional Polynesian-inspired Tiki decor such as nautical paraphernalia and seashells, and globe lamps light the restaurant from above. Overlooking the bar below is a loft area with a giant Tiki idol and a colorful banner. The stairs leading to the top floor have some hidden skulls beneath them. All of the great Tiki bars have lots of hidden details. The bottom floor of the restaurant, with the bar and additional dining areas. The bar area has lots of traditional Tiki mugs lining the shelves made from an old boat hull. Another large Tiki statue looms from the archway in the back. The front door from the inside, showing the torches that help to create the appropriate level of lighting. The lavatory is hidden off in the area behind the bar. After getting past the Tiki idol on the ground floor, patrons will find the stairs to the upstairs level, along with a door to the outside... ...where they can find cozy outdoor patio with intimate seating for two. And now, for the adjoining townhouse: The top floor of the townhouse, with a loft-style bedroom and bathroom. The townhouse bathroom. The open kitchen on the first floor, with a small dining nook. A cozy living area allows the resident to watch their favorite TV shows or relax with a good book. The back of the apartment has a small porch with flowerbeds and seating. Thanks for looking! Again, the whole gallery can be located here!
  3. toorayay

    [MOC]Modular Triumphal Arch

    This is fantastic. A great, out-of-the-box idea for a Modular building. This opens up a world of ideas for how to incorporate road plates into Modular designs.
  4. toorayay

    [Moc] Modular Apartment and Ice Cream Shop

    Sure it is. It can be combined with the existing modular buildings via the Technic pins. It's a nice little building AND it's technically a modular.
  5. toorayay

    Winter Village: Filling Station

    I was going for an art deco/streamliner style from the 1930s or 1940s. This is one of the images I used for inspiration:
  6. toorayay

    Winter Village: Filling Station

    Welcome to the Winter Village Filling Station, where you can fill your gas tank and fill your belly at the same time! This creation features the main building, a pair of vintage-style gas pumps, and a retro gas truck. Here's the main building, with tire rack and vintage road sign. It's been decorated quite nicely for the winter holiday. Inside, you can stock up on supplies and chat with the friendly staff. The pumps are shielded by a canopy. And here's the truck, which I had the most fun designing to give it a mid-century diesel look. More images available on Flickr. Thanks for looking! Comments and suggestions welcome!
  7. Hello! I'd like to present my newest modular, which I completed late last year. This is my biggest Modular MOC to date and features three different business all under one roof: A book store, an ice cream parlor, and a music shop! Here's the overview of the building. At the street level, there is a music store facing south and an ice creamery facing east. Next to the ice cream shop is the entrance to the upstairs bookstore. A street level view of the south side of the building. A close-up of the music store facade, with an interior view. A street level view of the east side. Ice cream shop facade close-up. Top-down view of the ground floor. Inside the music store. "Weird Al" Yankovic is looking for a new accordion. Inside the ice cream shop. The hippie was disappointed that there were no vegan options available. Inside the bookstore, where the mechanic is looking for a nice book on Eastern philosophy while the old man gets sucked in to his favorite spy novel. ] The employees are always helpful for those searching for that perfect book or to froth some milk for a nice hot latte to go with it. Some of the customers prefer their books to be read to them by a celebrity. The upstairs reading loft comes out to give access to the area below. After completing his purchase, the mechanic asked the bookstore girl out for ice cream, and they seem to have hit it off. "Weird Al" Yankovic was a little disappointed that the shop didn't carry accordions, but he did find a good deal on a new guitar. Meanwhile, the old man just can't put down that spy novel. I do have one minor confession! I used a non-Lego part (The BrickWarriors Spartan Shield) as a building decoration. I didn't realize it was a custom piece at the time of the build, having acquired it in a large bulk purchase a few weeks before. Being a purist when it comes to my MOCing, I've since removed and replaced it, but I just had to get that off my chest. Whew! There are plenty more pics in my Flickr folder! Thanks for looking!
  8. toorayay

    [MOC] 50's Style American Diner

    I built this little diner to fit into my Modular town. It occupies a single base plate and can serve as an end cap to a row of buildings, but has facades on three sides. To date, this is one of my favorite builds. A little close-up of the marquee: Ground level view of the restaurant: A little profile shot: And then the top came off! Plenty of seating inside: Hamburger, fries, milkshake, or a fresh slice of pie today? The staff is always friendly and helpful. There's always a hoppin' tune playing on the jukebox. Situated in a busy area of town: Thanks for looking! You can see additional pictures (with more details) in my Flickr gallery!
  9. For the Celebricktion event in Atlanta earlier in October, I decided to build a new Modular for our LUG train layout. So, I built a little fast food joint. Here's the entrance: And right above it, a spacious loft apartment perfect for inner city living: Step inside the restaurant for a bite to eat: Then relax on a fall afternoon on your rooftop garden patio: Inside, the restaurant takes up most of the ground floor: Place your order at the counter: Then sit down to enjoy your meal: The upstairs resident keeps his apartment neat: He can always cook in his modern kitchen if he's not craving burgers from downstairs: After a hard day's work, it's always fun to relax with games and movies: On the top floor, you find the bedroom and bath: Where finally, he gets a good night's sleep in his cozy bed: Thanks for looking! Other photos and larger versions of these can be found in my Flickr album!
  10. toorayay

    2016 Speed Champions Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I love this news. I just found the McLaren P1 today after it being sold out at my LEGO store and TRU for months, and I have to say that this is the line I've been most excited about in years. SO glad to be getting another wave!
  11. toorayay

    10247 Ferris Wheel

    Those trees are so brilliant, and I presume it's just a 4-sided SNOT brick with flower stems on all sides and the top, which makes me wonder how I never thought to do that before.
  12. toorayay

    Just mixing City and Friends

    What are the columns on the grey building? I don't recognize them.
  13. toorayay

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    gotoAndbuild's Modular Apple Store hit 10,000 earlier this year:
  14. toorayay

    [MOC] Octopus Modular Japanese Restaurant

    I'm delighted to check back today to see so many kind words about this one. To address a few comments and questions: I had a few laying around for some design testing, and then found a dealer on Bricklink that had hundreds of them in that speckled chrome black color for just a couple of cents each, so my decision to use them was a no-brainer at that point. I'm happy with how they turned out. I felt the same way when I found some other similar designs on Eurobricks before posting this one. Particularly, this one by Hobbythom which has some similar design elements to mine (although I didn't see it until after I completed mine.) That one is fantastic, by the way. All of the stickers and printed elements are from sets, mainly from Ninjago sets. The knob in the back activates a light brick in the fish tank, which I didn't get a good picture of when lit. Here's a link to it, but it's a bit blurry so I didn't include it in the thread. I'll be posting some more modular creations and other pics from my newly-remodeled town soon as well.
  15. I'd like to take you to another stop in my burgeoning modular LEGO city! Today's visit is to the Octopus Japanese Restaurant, where minifigs flock for authentic Asian cuisine! Here's Octopus! The torii and rock garden help to allure hungry diners to the restaurant. If you're in the mood for sushi or hibachi, you've arrived at the right place. Around back, we can see the open air dining area. A closeup view of the dining area in the back of the restaurant. Now for a look inside! Here's the ground floor. The sushi bar is to the right, with a casual dining area to the left. Another look at the ground floor. There's a sink in the prep area near the sushi bar, some decorative items on the wall, and a restroom under the stairs. One of the most alluring aspects of the ground floor is the large aquarium, dividing the sushi bar and table settings and giving the restaurant a calm atmosphere. There's even a light feature in the aquarium to further enhance the experience. Here's a look at the bathroom. It's a small space but it has what's necessary. But now, let's travel up the stairs to the next floor: The next level has two hibachi tables. The hibachi is very popular for large parties and business meetings. The chefs are very skilled and put on a highly entertaining show. To the right, another chef prepares food for preparation at the table. Some friends are enjoying sake and miso soup before their entree is served. Swinging doors separate the kitchen area from the patrons in the main dining area. And now, let's go up one final flight of stairs, which really picks up after hours: The top floor contains a karaoke bar and lounge! Patrons sing their hearts out to their favorite songs, but occasionally a professional entertainer puts on her kimono for a performance on selected nights. Dark curtains help keep an ambient vibe and another aquarium and flowers keep the patrons happy. And for musical accompaniment, a full sized piano sits on the stage. Our featured performer hopes you enjoyed your evening at Octopus! Check out more pictures on my Flickr page!