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  1. gudetamago

    Future Star Wars Sets

    I definitely am, the cockpit is a real let down.
  2. gudetamago

    [MOD] B/SF-17 Heavy Bomber

    Thank you!!! Nothing as fancy as a tilt shift, just a regular ol 50mm :)
  3. gudetamago

    [MOD] B/SF-17 Heavy Bomber

    I've never made a parts list but I've put together an LDD file of how I made it. Hope that will help you if you take it apart digitally! Thank you! :)
  4. gudetamago

    [MOC] [LDD] Yavin IV Rebel Base

    This is so nice!! The only thing bugging me is that minifigures won’t be able to sit on those seats in the war room ?
  5. gudetamago

    [MOC] Resistance Ski Speeder

    Looking back it really was too long, huh! It didn’t stay built but I may put together a similar version, because I really loved that scene and the official one just looks way too big ? I’ll post on here if I do make one! Thank you !!!
  6. gudetamago

    Future Star Wars Sets

    Thanks for clarifying! It would be everyone’s dream, I think ! ?
  7. gudetamago

    Future Star Wars Sets

    I’m pretty sure I read (on Ideas somewhere?) the license actually prevents them from making people packs because it covers building toys and not figures.
  8. gudetamago

    [MOC] YT-1450 Light Freighter - "The Nadir"

    Yeah ! It's just so fitting for the universe. If I could paint well I'd be onto that so fast!
  9. My store has it displayed nearly vertically but the stand is custom made and behind a perspex screen. They recommended but I don't think that would have anything particularly specific... I'm sure someone will start producing them for consumers soon enough.
  10. gudetamago

    [MOC] YT-1450 Light Freighter - "The Nadir"

    This is incredible!! Really stays true to the aesthetics of the original films, and there's such wonderful use of colour and detailing :) That last shot surprised me with how sleek it is, which also feels very Star Wars. I can just picture a McQuarrie painting of this!
  11. gudetamago

    Future Star Wars Sets

    What's the age range for this site again ?
  12. gudetamago

    [MOD] B/SF-17 Heavy Bomber

    I've added a couple more photos for you ! I really recommend it. It channels all my favourite parts of Star Wars design.
  13. gudetamago

    [MOC?] UCS Falcon interior

    This was very enjoyable to watch ! I love the door technique so much ?
  14. gudetamago

    [MOD] B/SF-17 Heavy Bomber

    Hi ! Here's a few mods I've made to 75188 Resistance Bomber in the last few days. I first changed the engines to blue (I swear it seems like blue and orange are ALWAYS reversed on Star Wars vehicles!) I'm not a big fan of stud shooters in most contexts, so I switched the rear cannons out for display ones. I also wanted them to rotate together, which took some figuring out. I couldn't find a way to use friction pins to hold both cannons so I put another axle in with a little gear system like in Slave 1. I went through a few different iterations but this was the most compact solution I could find. I transferred the stickers in the bubble canopies to clear 2x2 slopes, and switched the brackets and tiles for a little more visibility. Shorter wings to be a little more in proportion. The interior was already great, but I tiled over the floor and added a weapons rack. I added a small ladder up to the gunner position and added in some more details and stickered controls by the gunner's hands. You can't really see them in this picture, though. The exterior of the turret is mostly the same but it was a great design to start with! For the cockpit I used a bunch of stickered elements from 75105 (getting slowly disassembled in preparation for the big one!) Snap is piloting for the moment, until we find out what the whole crew will be (probably not a bunch of X-wing pilots !) The rest of the changes are just minor cosmetics all over the hull, but I've already made this too long so here's just two more pictures. I didn't capture everything, of course ! This is a really great set! It looks beautiful and is so much fun. As an AFOL I tend to just display things but it's impossible not to fly this around the room ! Thank you :^)