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Found 19 results

  1. gudetamago

    [MOD] B/SF-17 Heavy Bomber

    Hi ! Here's a few mods I've made to 75188 Resistance Bomber in the last few days. I first changed the engines to blue (I swear it seems like blue and orange are ALWAYS reversed on Star Wars vehicles!) I'm not a big fan of stud shooters in most contexts, so I switched the rear cannons out for display ones. I also wanted them to rotate together, which took some figuring out. I couldn't find a way to use friction pins to hold both cannons so I put another axle in with a little gear system like in Slave 1. I went through a few different iterations but this was the most compact solution I could find. I transferred the stickers in the bubble canopies to clear 2x2 slopes, and switched the brackets and tiles for a little more visibility. Shorter wings to be a little more in proportion. The interior was already great, but I tiled over the floor and added a weapons rack. I added a small ladder up to the gunner position and added in some more details and stickered controls by the gunner's hands. You can't really see them in this picture, though. The exterior of the turret is mostly the same but it was a great design to start with! For the cockpit I used a bunch of stickered elements from 75105 (getting slowly disassembled in preparation for the big one!) Snap is piloting for the moment, until we find out what the whole crew will be (probably not a bunch of X-wing pilots !) The rest of the changes are just minor cosmetics all over the hull, but I've already made this too long so here's just two more pictures. I didn't capture everything, of course ! This is a really great set! It looks beautiful and is so much fun. As an AFOL I tend to just display things but it's impossible not to fly this around the room ! Thank you :^)
  2. If you found this review first, I suggest you read my review about set 75216 Snoke’s Throne Room first and then after reading that, continue with the review of set 75225 Elite Praetorian Guard Battle Pack. This is my 21st RA review and the 2nd part of my back-to-back Star Wars set reviews. Overview Name: 75225 - Elite Praetorian Guard Battle Pack Theme: Star Wars: The Last Jedi Year: 2019 (1H) Pieces: 109 Minifigures: 4 Price: 12.99 GBP / 14.99 USD / 14.99 EUR Resources: Brickset and Bricklink Introduction Having reviewed 75216 Snoke’s Throne Room set, my goal is not to compare this set against it but to show how it is really meant to be a companion little set for the bigger set. I will also express my opinion about the variants of the Elite Praetorian Guards included in both sets. So, right off the bat when you think of LEGO Elite Praetorian Guards, do you think about the cheaper battle pack or the Snoke’s Throne Room set? Without knowing rocket science, I believe that majority will remember what they could afford and by extension, what they could play. Not all battle packs has great balance of affordability and mass appeal but this packs them all. Starting with the packaging artwork: the front panel artwork shows the Elite Praetorian Guards sparring. The back panel is practically the same thing presented in the front panel, just taken from a different angle. That’s how straight forward this set is. Below is one the uninteresting pictures of the box side panels. Minifigures Because the minifigures are the most important recipe in any battle pack, let’s showcase the minifigures included. First of all, the weapons are plentiful in this battle pack so every minifigures gets at least 1. A stud shooter is included for the lonesome Stormtrooper. Front view with shoulder pads, headgears and weapons armed In order from left to right, I suppose the weapon is meant to be Electro-bisento (TLG: electro-staff), Vibro-voulge (TLG: Vibro-axe) and Bilari electro-chain whip. I don’t know who supplied those alternate names to TLG but those names in parenthesis was mentioned in the official description. I don’t see how someone will confuse axe with a pole cleaver because that’s what a voulge is. Ok, you can say that a pole cleaver is a pole axe but that is really stretching it, quite literally. Front view with shoulder pads and headgears About the headgears, apart from familiar pointed Praetorian helmet, we also get the helmet with a flatter top that extends forward. Personally, this is my most favourite version of the guards because it is flashier and looks more functional to deflect blasts and lightsabers beams as long as it doesn’t hit directly. As for the First Order Stormtrooper, I will make a direct comparison between TFA vs TLA version further below so hold that thought for a moment. Back view with shoulder pads and headgears Surprise! The back of all the Elite Praetorian Guards are all identical. Front view with ridged shoulder pads only Surprisingly the red heads of the guards do not have any face print. I don’t mind it because the helmets will likely stay fitted onto the minifigures all the time so using red minifigure heads make a lot of sense. Back view with ridged shoulder pads only Nothing to see here. No head prints at all. Ridged shoulder pads, Praetorian helmet Here are the official names of each part: Ridged shoulder pad = mini armour, no. 12, element: 6231897, design no. 37614 Flat Praetorian Guard helmet = mini helmet, no. 222, element: 6251104, design no. 42866 Pointed Praetorian Guard helmet = mini helmet, no. 209, element: 6231899, design no. 38561 In my review of Snoke’s Throne Room, I showcased the Elite Praetorian Guards with skirts. The only part that makes those Elite Praetorian Guards exclusive is practically just the skirt/robe part used for the legs (aka mini skirt, no. 6, element 6231958, design no. 39139). Also, thanks to the skirt part, first introduced in set 75206, the Praetorian Guards from Snoke’s Throne Room have the same height as the Praetorian Guards from this battle pack. Unfortunately TLG is not very generous in producing the the third Praetorian helmet with a pointy tip at the bottom. I would have preferred another unique helmet instead of the inclusion of other parts, like those allocated for the training droid. FO Stormtrooper: ep. 7 vs ep. 8 version Moving on, the FO Stormtrooper in this set is the TLJ version with thinner mouth pattern. I don’t really see the point of updating the graphics but I suppose it is more movie accurate for TLJ. I don’t have a problem with the change but I do have a problem with the print quality. If you look closely at the photos below , you can see that the black middle arch has a bit of smudge or imperfection. This is very frustrating because I have 2 sets of these battle packs and both the FO Stormtroopers had this. I don’t know if this print defect is widespread but it’s definitely a let-down. The inclusion of FO Stormtrooper is odd because the set is definitely meant to be Praetorian Guards-centric. I think this is just a way to push these FO Stormtroopers out of the warehouse inventories. Perhaps asking for another variant of Praetorian Guard is just asking too much. Build The built for this set is very mundane but it doesn’t take anything away from the awesomeness of the battle pack. Since it is a sparring stage for the minifigures, it makes it easier to pit the minifigures against each other by spinning the round plate with turntables. Training Droid Bricklink lists that there are 5 “minifigures” in the set but it is clearly stated in the official LEGO set that it includes 4 LEGO minifigures and a training droid [brick-built] figure. Clearly, a training droid is not a minifigure in TLG’s book. Just saying. Anyway, I appreciate the transparent parts included to make the illusion that the figure is floating. Weapon rack I already mentioned the names of the equipped weapon earlier but there is one weapon that I forgot to equip onto the minifigure because it was attached to the weapon rack earlier. The one using the gun-metal horn parts is the brick-built version of Twin vibro-arbir blades (TLG: Twin vibro blades) in its joined form. It should have been longer by a factor of two because an arbir is a pole weapon but I guess we have to make use of what we have. All the official Star Wars weapon names I mentioned here are based from the information published in The Last Jedi Visual Dictionary. Thanks Pablo Hidalgo. Conclusion Considering to re-making the Snoke’s Throne Room fight scene? Thankfully the battle packs are here to save you. It is not a perfect set but for the price you pay, I think it gives you more than enough to warrant multiple purchases. If you need to buy a single set just to get the The Praetorian Guards, the wiser choice is definitely the battle pack because it is the cheaper one. If you want to get all the variants available for The Praetorian Guards, unfortunately, Snoke’s Throne Room still has the exclusive skirted variants. Ultimately, you need to ask yourself whether you really need the skirted variants. Ideally, getting set 75216 during clearance instead of buying the Praetorian Guards thru Bricklink should be more economical because 75216 already includes a lot of great parts to build the throne room with Snoke and 2 crimson guards. Then, adding 2 battle packs in the mix will give you 6 more to complete the 8 Elite Praetorian Guards of Snoke to recreate the ultimate battle in TLJ. A total of 3 sets are required to make this scene possible -- Review summary Playability: 9/10 - For its size, what it lacks for build, it compensates for the weaponries Design / Building Experience: 6/10 - Did I say very mundane? It serves its purpose though. Minifigures: 9/10 - If only a 3rd version of Praetorian Guard helmet is included, this will be perfect. Price / Value for money: 10/10 - I hope this will be another template set that TLG will use for future release of BPs because it offers all the goodies that should be present in all battle packs. Overall: 8.5/10 - This is an awesome battle pack with very desirable minifigures that every Star Wars fan should consider buying. Thanks for reading this back-to-back review.
  3. This is my 20th review in Eurobricks Review Academy and to mark this milestone, I am reviewing a back-to-back review of this old TLJ set 75216 Snoke’s Throne Room and its little companion set 75225 Elite Praetorian Guard Battle Pack. This is part 1. Regardless how you feel about The Last Jedi, it has its intense and satisfying moments. To start this back-to-back review, let’s go through the set that is based on one of the most iconic scene in Star Wars Episode 8. I suppose we don’t need spoiler warnings. So, in a bad Kylo Ren paraphrasing-- don't let this post die, read this review if you have to. Overview Name: 75216 - Snoke’s Throne Room Theme: Star Wars Year: 2018 (2H) Pieces: 491 Minifigures: 5 Price: GBP 64.99 / USD 69.99 / EUR 69.99 / SGD 129.99 / MYR 359.40 Resources: Brickset and Bricklink Introduction Thanks to TLG, this scene was not spoiled because any Star Wars fan can tell you how severely inaccurate this front panel cover picture is. To spell it out for your - (1) Snoke did not even survive to watch any battle inside the throne room; (2) Rey and Kylo Ren did not duel at all as they actually fought alongside each other to fight against the Elite Praetorian Guards; (3) The set included only 2 identical Elite Praetorian Guards even if the movie featured 8 with at least 3 different helmet variations. We will The back panel even misleads you that Rey only fought the Praetorian Guards. Good job LEGO Marketing team! The side panel features The Elite Praetorian Guard because the designers are fully aware that fans of the movie will hunt this set just for these red-armoured minifigures. You can see the other side panels and other photo here in my Flickr album. Build Below is the content of the box. There are 3 numbered bags, 1 instruction booklet and 1 sticker sheet. The sticker sheet included is quite big. As usual, in all my reviews, I won’t be applying them not because I detest them but only because I do not find them necessary. Besides, the sticker type included in this set is the kind that will come off easily after some time. Contents of Bag 1 Bag 1 Build The first bag makes the centre of the throne platform. To some extent, the technic bricks and pegs make this set modular and easy to disassembly into smaller parts. Contents of Bag 2 Bag 2 Build Bag 2 makes up the swivel door that looks more like a lift in the movie. Bag 1 + Bag 2 Builds (No throne) Once connected, you’ll see how “cute” and pathetic the short bridge is. Also shown In the picture above, the technic shaft can be pulled to simulate Snoke's pull force of Rey. Bag 2 also supplies the parts to build the throne of Supreme Leader Snoke which can rotate thanks to that big turntable piece underneath. The roller blades attached at the back looks really neat. Bag 1 + Bag 2 Builds With bag 1 and 2 completed, we're just one more bag away from completion. Contents of Bag 3 Bag 3 supplies the parts for the left and right pillars that support an invisible roof. Kids and grown ups also need the power of imagination for the red wall that is blatantly absent in this set. Bag 3 Build In the middle of each pillars, there is a hidden storage for weapons and accessories. Full Build: Complete! The completed build has a decent size and heft once fully built. You can see another perspective of the build in my Flickr album. And here is the completed throne room with all the minifigures added. Speaking of minifigures, this is a good time to transition to the next section of the review Minifigures As already mentioned earlier, the box art alone suggests that the Elite Praetorian Guards are the main attraction of the set. Until now, this variant is still exclusive in this set. These guards have new shoulder pads, helmets and skirt with robe pattern. Front view with hairpieces and headgears Back view with hairpieces and headgears Snoke has no second face print since he is bald but it shows his highly scarred features. Front view without hairpieces and headgears Once the hairpieces are removed, the Elite Praetorian Guards reveal a plain red head piece under the red helmets. Isn’t that better. Back view without hairpieces and headgears Only Rey and Kylo has second face print among the minifigures. Conclusion A large majority of reviews mentioned about the price of this set so let’s talk about the pricing first. Not long ago, a similar design formula was used in TFA set 75139 Battle on Takodana - 5 minifigures with a small section of a structure. The Snoke’s Throne Room comes with similar number of figures but the parts count is a bit higher making it $10 more expensive. Surprisingly, the price to parts ratio of the Takodana set is worse but it received generally positive reviews in LEGO Shop and Amazon. Outside these 2 online shops however, the reviews were mixed and, dare I say, not favourable because of the price factor. Having owned several 75139 sets, personally, I can say that set 75216 is a better set overall. While it is debatable that the retail price is a tad higher than your average LEGO set, the new moulds for the Praetorian Guards were factored in the product pricing as it is the only set that used the new helmet and shoulder armours at the time of its release. Would I prefer it to be cheaper? Yes, but I guess everyone wants anything cheaper.... Beyond the price, I do think this is a good set; not just too good or great -- just good. Another common gripe that I read about this set is the inaccuracy of the set because it doesn’t have the red wall. It’s true that it has no walls but it also doesn’t have central pillars behind the throne, roof and floating “chandeliers” -- just look at the reference photo of the throne room. I do believe the designer did their very best to capture the essence of the throne room with the limited parts count allotted for the set. If the red wall was added it would have made the set more expensive. A simple, cheap and very easy solution for the red background is to just add your own red crimson paper backdrop in your display if you really wish to reproduce the striking wall colour of the throne. You can see what I did in the photo below. More importantly, if there is something I really want to complain about this set - it has to be the scale. It is just too small to fit four minifigures at each side. The width and breadth of the throne room is not proportional. Just compare how vastly the model was shrunk down compared to the reference set picture . It is definitely smaller than system scale. If you want to recreate the epic fight scene in the movie, modifying this set is necessary. Technically, you can fit 10 minifigures in the middle but the scene would look like Kylo Ren and Rey standing on concert mosh pit with a red army…(not a BTS reference) "You think you can turn him? Pathetic child. I cannot be betrayed; I cannot be beaten. I see his mind, I see his every intent." Review summary Playability: 7/10 - The playset functions as a stage only and the other play features do not elevate the action elements that this set is suppose to recreate. Design / Building Experience: 7/10 - The design captured the essence of Snoke’s Throne Room but the scale is just too small. Making it wider would have helped stage a fight scene a lot better. Minifigures: 8/10 - The Elite Praetorian Guards make this set special and this set is the only way you can get the robed version. Making Snoke a throw-away character in the movie reduced the appeal of this set but that’s not TLG’s fault. Price / Value for money: 6/10 - This is the same rating that I would have given the Battle of Takodana set in value. The Star Wars tax is real. Overall: 7/10 - The set is decent but there is nothing special about this set that will make you buy this immediately. That’s also the reason why I only bought this set after finding a generous discount offer. This review is not complete without the next one. Since you patiently read all the way through the end, please go ahead and jump to the next review of set 75225 Elite Praetorian Guards Battle Pack.
  4. Hi guys I finally built my mini resistance bomber, have seen a few examples out there but nothing that kinda conveyed the bulk that a bomber should have in mini-scale! Some older parts sourced from bricklink! Hope you all like!
  5. marcanadell4

    T-70 X-WING

    This is a MOC of the T-70 X-Wing from the Resistance, in both Poe Dameron's Black Leader (black and orange) and the generic fighter version (blue and grey). This MOC has been inspired not only on one but by several others creations i've found on the internet. Though i've combined several elements from these builds, most of the design is mine. Anyone willing to build this MOC or to know more about it please contact me through the comments. The main pages about this MOC are on the following links: I might post other low-resolution images in the replies. The rendered images are can be seen and downloaded on the links that I've given in the description.
  6. Hey guys, I know I've said that my next MOC is a Solo: a Star Wars Story MOC but I build this one yesterday and I want to upload the SOLO MOC later ( because of spoilers). So I want to show you my newest creation: It is a Midi scale AT-M6 Walker on Crait. My target as it to build it in midi scale with many details, because I don't have enough bricks to build a UCS one. The ground was very umpromted and not planed.. I Build it only because white background alone looks noring. So I hope you like my little walker, what do you mean? Greetings Kevin Star Wars Episode VIII - The Last Jedi -AT-M6 Walker by KevFett2011, auf Flickr Star Wars Episode VIII - The Last Jedi -AT-M6 Walker by KevFett2011, auf Flickr
  7. We learned about this ship just before The Last Jedi came out and I feel it must be included in any comprehensive First Order display. It's Snoke's boudoir!! Next sunny day I've got to take this outside for better snaps. It seems highly likely that we'll get an official one someday but I'm not one for waiting... The front and bottom are not quite finished. Will update once the parts are in. It's 168 studs long! I wanted it to be slightly longer than the SSD Executor. The 'sandwich' format has most of the ship at a height of 1 brick + 2 plates while the middle part is exactly 3 bricks + 1 plate high at the highest point. I was motivated and inspired by LegoProvoBro's build that he's had on YouTube since the film came out. It's a monster size-wise but also had a really nice little interior so I was trying to pull something like that off. This summer's official Lego throne room set 75216 turned out to be a must buy and therefore I could proceed building a Supremacy MOC without the restrictions of an interior. Since I've been building this in my head for several months it didn't take too long to put it together. It was much easier for suss out the build with a pile of parts than plan out in LDD (which I have been floundering with for months). So I scuttled my Royal Nubian starship moc (which needs to be rebuilt with slopes anyway) and I was able to complete the top layer of plates with that alone. That was night #1. Night #2 I put the wedges in (borrowed from the System Falcon) and flushed out the interior "meat" of the ship with mostly regular 2x2 and 2x4 bricks. Despite being incomplete it is remarkably sturdy. Night #3 Tore apart the 75046-1: Coruscant Police Gunship for parts, as well as a couple of other half finished MOCs. I added the bottom plates and put most of the details in. I'd say it's 98% complete. I need a few more studs for the bridge area and some color-corrected wedges but otherwise she's ready to come out of the Unknown Regions at last and punish the New Republic!! Sorry - these pics are so ugly. My office is messy. Better pics to come and please let me know what you think. I'd be especially glad to hear from others on this forum also working on a MOC of the Supremacy... what kind of scale are you using and what are the challenges and so forth. It was very liberating to approach this project without the need to include an interior (same goes for the J-type 327 Nubian royal starship).
  8. Hey guys, here is another small scene from The Last Jedi. It shows Snoke's death and the battle Kylo and Rey against the praetorian guards. Star Wars Episode VIII - The Last Jedi - "Fulfill your destiny! by KevFett2011, auf Flickr Star Wars Episode VIII - The Last Jedi - "Fulfill your destiny! by KevFett2011, auf Flickr I hope you like it , let me know ;) Greetings KevFett2011
  9. notsherwin

    Thoughts on The Last Jedi Sets

    Hello, this is my first post! :) I was wondering what your thoughts were on the new The Last Jedi sets, and which one is your favorite. Personally, mine is the Resistance Bomber - 75188 (except for the steep price...) Anyways, thanks!
  10. Doktor_Vejdur

    [MOC] Defense of Crait

    Poe Dameron leading the resistance squad in the defense of Crait (from The Last Jedi). The surface skimmer itself is a modification of the official set (75202).
  11. Hey guys, this is my arrival on Canto Bight moc. It is 48x64 and it is based on The Last Jedi movie. Any suggestions? Arrival on Canto Bight Arrival on Canto Bight
  12. YodaSkate

    Resistance Bomber Micro-Scale!

    Hi guys Just a little Resistance Bomber I've been tinkering around with in LDD! Always hard to get the feeling right at such a small scale! Turrets are on ball joints! I will build it out soon when I'm happy. :)
  13. Baylez

    [WIP] Crait MOC

    Hey Guys, This is my first post on the site and I'm looking for some feedback on my work in progress Crait MOC. I started prototyping a few hours ago and started on the trench. I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks, Baylez, If you want higher resolution pictures head to my flickr @,
  14. Hello, I'd like to share with you my Canto Bight Police Speeder MOC I saw these in the last jedi and I found their design to be quite interesting so I tried to recreate them with my bricks. There are a few things that bother me with my design but it is the best I could do with the bricks I have. I mostly used the Hasbro toy as a reference (removing the huge cannons) since they aren't many good pictures for this vehicle yet. Let me know what you think of it
  15. gudetamago

    [MOC] Resistance Ski Speeder

    Hello ! This is my first topic so I hope I got everything right in terms of format and stuff ! I'm working on a first draft of the Resistance's Crait speeder with my super limited parts collection. This isn't final (I've already changed up the cockpit since these photos) but I was hoping someone could give me advice about how to construct the hull surfaces around the technic beams connecting the 3 sections ? I don't have much experience using lift arms in builds but wanted this MOC to be able to bounce around and drop on the ground without falling apart ! Thanks !
  16. MovieMocs

    New BB8 Star Wars Lego Set

    Hey guys I was this a UCS set? It has a UCS plaque but there is no UCS symbol on the box. It has 1106 parts which is low for UCS but not the lowest ever. So is it, or is it not a UCS set?
  17. As I'm sure that many of you have seen The Last Jedi Teaser today, I have a special announcement that AFOLs will love to hear about. Last Fall, I attempted to make a Lego Rogue One Trailer in just under two months, but fell quite short of finishing the trailer for the Star Wars Go Rogue Contest. Now that Star Wars has released a trailer with MUCH fewer shots (51 fewer to be exact) I will be going full force (get it) into remaking the teaser trailer from The Last Jedi. I have already knocked out two shots so far, and have started planning out different techniques to make others easier to complete. I should note that my style of Lego animation is fully CG through 3D animation, oh and I should mention all at 4K resolution I will post updates in this thread as more shots become complete in bunches. As for now, here is one of the two shots I completed today as well as some screenshots from my Rogue One trailer to give everyone an idea as to the quality that shots will be completed at.
  18. Similar to @Itaria No Shintaku's guessing game for CMFs, I have created a guessing game for future Star Wars CCBS figures! We'll probably be getting 6 CCBS figures for The Last Jedi, so let's guess what they are and compare with the actual sets when the rumors surface! Here are my guesses: Resistance Rey (with her hair molded this time) First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter Pilot Luke Skywalker Supreme Leader Snoke Resistance Trooper Knight of Ren Post your guesses below! :)