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Found 16 results

  1. [COR - CH II - Cat B] The Fatu Hiva Expedition - Base of Operations -------------------- Expedition Log: Part 1 Part 2 -------------------- Journal entry of Sergeant Anthony Andrews, Aide-De-Camp to Major Nathaniel Brickford. Day 12, After two long days of traversing through the dense jungles of Île d'Or, we finally reached the clearing that Tuk Tuk told us about. It was a little smaller than we first anticipated, however the well trained troops quickly got to work. We tried to remain as quiet as possible, but we needed to make a temporary palisade to protect ourselves. We dug down and cut bamboo in order to make a slightly camouflaged campsite. From past 10 yards we were invisible. The Fatu Hiva Expedition - Base of Operations 1 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr After most of the camp had been set up and the men were put on sentry duty, the major, Tuk Tuk, and myself began to form a course of action. Tuk Tuk told us that we were most certainly already being watched by the enemy. That was confirmed later when we started to hear the distant sound of war drums. We were within striking distance of the savage tribe, but we still didn't know what we were truly up against or even where they were located. Tuk Tuk began to tell us about the surrounding landscape as we brainstormed some ideas. The Fatu Hiva Expedition - Base of Operations 2 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr Tuk Tuk told us that the tribe would most likely be centered around a cave. The natives were very superstitious and in some of the caves there were shiny stones and veins of gold, which they believed gave them special powers. So we had to be prepared for a conflict in the darkness of a cave. Major Brickford believed that this could be a forgotten treasure and if what Tuk Tuk was saying was accurate, then there could be a fortune to be made on Île d'Or! We had priorities though, so we decided that before we finalized any plan we would find a vantage point and physically locate the natives campsite and find how strong their numbers were before attacking. It would not be long before we could liberate this island of this terror. -------------------- This is my second entry to Category B. More builds and more of the Fatu Hiva Expedition to follow! I was thinking this will fit as a small residence. C&C are welcome and appreciated and thanks for looking!
  2. [COR - CH II - Cat B] The Fatu Hiva Expedition - Into the Jungle ----------------------------- Part 1 of the Expedition. ----------------------------- Journal entry of Sergeant Anthony Andrews, Aide-De-Camp to Major Nathaniel Brickford. Day 10, With the help of some local fisherman and Major Brickford's leadership, we ferried our supplies from the HMS Resilience to the shore. It took a full days work to get everything off loaded and organized, but it was worth the effort. We were able to offer the residences of Fatu Hiva some valuable supplies including food and other goods. Considering their own government refused to lift a finger the local leadership was grateful that the Major was able to bring some of Corrington's abundance to help their overtaxed settlement. From there we checked our own supplies and packaged it up into our rucksacks. Before we left Quinnsville Major Brickford had commissioned some special uniforms to be made for the troops. Knowing we would be in the jungle and that red and white tend to stick out, he had a sort of 'camouflage' developed, consisting of a dark green jacket and black trousers. This way our movements should be less detectable to the savages and rival explorers. We rendezvoused with Tuk Tuk at his hut on the beach. After some brief discussion, Tuk Tuk told us of a path that leads straight into the jungle. He knows that particular area very well, because that is where he cultivates some of his bamboo for his kayaks. It was a 4mile march over sand and rocky terrain, but after an hour we finally reached the location. Into the Jungle 1.1 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr The transition in terrain was far from gradual. As soon as the foliage starts you are immediately in thick jungle. Thankfully, since Tuk Tuk comes here often, there was a path leading straight through the overgrowth. Into the Jungle 1.2 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr Tuk Tuk began to fearlessly lead us through the jungle. Some of the men were a little jumpy at some distant noises, however Tuk Tuk assured as that it was just the ambient noises of the environment. While we were hiking, our guide let us know that we were headed to a clearing in the jungle that we could make a base camp at and from there look for the savage tribe. From memory, he believed that it was a 25 mile hike, which would be trying, but nothing to big for the best troops of Her Majesty's settlement of Quinnsville. Into the Jungle 1.3 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr With a predetermined stopping point and a pep in our step, we marched on. We are currently making a temporary campsite so the men can rest for a few hours, but we will be back on our feet at first light to hike the remaining 10 miles to the clearing. ------------------------------------------------- This is my first entry for Category B. I'm having a lot of fun with this challenge so far, and this jungle scene was pretty cool to build. It is something new for me building wise, so hopefully you all like it as well! As usual, C&C are welcome and appreciated and thanks for looking! More builds to come! This will be licensed as a small plantation in Fatu Hiva.
  3. My entry for Category B of Challenge V, as well as a bonus entry to ABS Builder challenge. Credit for the arch design goes to Mark of Falworth. The Katoren siege-workshop is in full swing as they manufacture all types of siege weapons for the war against the Spire. More pictures on Brickbuilt Thanks for looking, C&C welcome
  4. After building Chenonceau, I was in a bit of a micro mood, and thought it would be fun to try my hand at a micro siege workshop. The whole build is only 8×8, and includes four micro siege weapons: one ballista, two catapults, and one siege tower. Dwarves in Mitgardia have long been masters of creating devastating siege weapons. With new demand for armament to battle the Spire, these Dwarven craftsmen have put their forges to work forging powerful ballistas, catapults, and more. Thanks for looking, comments and suggestions always welcome
  5. Here's my entry to Category B of the Frozen Beyond contest: The Wild Yxen is typically only found in the northernmost parts of Mitgardia, but the unusual cold of the current winter, has seen many migrating well south of their general habitat.They're known for their bulky, furry build, and while not usually an aggressive animal, their brute strength and sharp tusks can be quite dangerous: C&C welcome, I do have more GoH builds coming within the next month, including one that may be my best build yet
  6. :: Kawashita Group Hummer KG8 :: - troop dropship - The Hummer is a troop dropship which can carry 8 soldiers in four detachable cabins, which makes it easy to scatter scouts around a small area of interest. In the main hull the Hummer can store rations, ammo and two smaller or one large ground vehicle. If necessary the vehicles can be exchanged for an additional 20 seats suitable for troops. The cockpit seats only two pilots, but with the two hull crew and an engineer included that makes a total of five standard crew members and one squadron of troops. Four Hummers are assigned to every Collision colonization ship of which Narbilu commands one of. The Hummer is capable of GATE jumping, but docked to the Collision it moves around far more efficient. But when the Hummer is undocked it glides through space and atmosphere with such grace it can outmanoeuvre most smaller fighters. The thrust engine can drop the Hummer to ground level within seconds when the Collision enters close orbit of any planet. inside cockpit troop cabin side engine
  7. (Looks like my title was too long! It should read: A Part to Play: Abd-al-Malik's role in the Kaliphlin Civil War) The din of the battle raging around Abd-al-Malik grew dimmer, replaced by flashing moments of his earlier life. Even the pain from his wound, though mortal, began to fade away. He had premonitions that his death would come on Al Amarj Island, but he never expected it to be so peaceful. As the Desert King troops and High Council defenders battled around him, Malik's thoughts turned to happier times. There, in his old home, he could once again see his wife and child. How long it had been since he had seen their faces. The house, with its palm trunk walls and dirt floor, was nothing fancy, but it had been their home for years. A wood burning stove cooked the family's meal each night and kept the house warm during the cold months. There was no other place Malik would rather be. Malik's thoughts than moved to his son and the many adventures the two had. Malik wanted his son to grow strong and brave. Often the two would explore the nearby jungle, clearing their own trails and stumbling upon many natural wonders. Those were happy days, before death and violence had consumed Kaliphlin. Everything changed the day the war came to Malik's home. He had been laid off from the nearby sawmill that day. Many of its workers had either fled or joined one of the various armies marching across Kaliphlin. Only Malik and a few others remained, but the owner closed the sawmill in fear of becoming a casualty of the spreading war. Malik walked home slowly, wondering how he would tell his family of the loss of their only source of income. When his house became visible Malik immediately knew something was wrong. His son, Adnan, always waited for him by the road, jumping out of the bushes to surprise his father and then walk home together. Then Malik noticed the smoke rising from his home. He ran as fast as he could but the house was completely engulfed before he arrived at its doorsteps. Hours later, when the fire had died and the ash cooled, Malik collected the remains of two bodies he found inside. He would learn later from neighbors than a pack of rogue Ulandian soldiers had stumbled across the home, performing unspeakable horrors against Malik's wife and child before setting the structure ablaze. Malik collected what remains he could and buried them under a nearby tree. For days he did not sleep and ate nothing. He only laid there, weeping quietly by the graves of his beloved family. Then, suddenly, the thirst for revenge hit him like water does a man lost in the desert. He had watched his world collapse around him, and decided he would seek vengeance. He hated the Ulandians, and the High Council for not putting up a stronger resistance against the Centurion's march across Kaliphlin. He had heard rumors of a prophecy brought to life in the northern stretches of Kaliphlin. And it was the Desert King, and Malik knew it was to him that he would place his allegiance. The Desert King was the one entity willing and able to force peace on these lands and return Kaliphlin to the glory of its past. Malik found a Desert King outpost and signed up initially as a mercenary. Those early days were filled with sharp and hectic battles for the peripheries of the marching armies. It was at one particularly crucial battle for an aqueduct where Malik's potential was noted by a senior officer of the Desert King. Shortly afterwards, he was inducted into the Desert King's covert operations. Malik's covert military career with the Desert King quickly took off. At first, he was tasked with detecting and countering sedition in towns captured by the Desert King's forces. These included "fifth columnists," deserters and those who would dare to defenestrate the Desert King's tax collectors. Malik was then put in charge of subverting targets of the Desert King, especially the big cities which stood as the centers of power in Kaliphlin. As a southern Kaliphlin, Malik was especially adept at infiltrating High Council positions and leadership circles. From Qarkyr to Petraea, Malik served an immeasurable role in weakening enemy defenses and allowing the Desert King's armies to march in secretly and quickly defeat their opponents. (Malik watches from the shadows as civilian supporters of the Desert King triumph their victory in Qarkyr) (Desert King troops surprised the High Council defenders of Petraea, no doubt due to Malik's subterfuge) (Malik looks on as Desert King troops capture Petraea, Kaliphlin's greatest city) After these stunning victories, Malik was ordered with his greatest task yet: neutralizing the High Council strong point at Al Amarj Island. No enemy forces had ever landed on Al Amraj, let alone conquered the fortress, but Malik was not one to back down. He swore to the Desert King that he island would be captured, or that he would die in the attempt. After all, Malik had nothing else to live for. Again, using his masterful ability to blend in, Malik as well as his apprentice, Salah-ad-Din, managed to infiltrate the island under the guise of a merchant and his bodyguard. Malik began quickly to study the islands defenses and watch schedule. He quickly concluded that the island's defenses had been largely siphoned off for the war effort on the mainland. An eavesdropped conversation revealed the arrogance of the island's defenders and their belief that Al Amarj would miss the bloodshed as it always had. One night, when the opportunity seemed perfect, Malik sent a signal to a large group of Desert King forces stationed on vessels just out of sight of the island's defenses. Malik and ad-Din neutralized the few guards on duty on the island's southern watchtower. Dozens of Desert King troops began scaling the walls and descending on Al Amarj's few defenders. Despite a valiant and fierce resistance by the defenders, it was clear that the island would not stand up to the Desert King onslaught. The defenders fell where they fought and by morning virtually all of the island was in Desert King hands. It was at this point that the High Council commander of Al Amarj called to Malik to join him in single combat. As Malik's soldiers cleared the last few areas of resistance, Malik battled the commander on the high rock archway above the crashing ocean. It seemed as if their battle lasted an hour or even more. Despite Malik's plea that the commander surrender, the High Council officer continued to strike. A heavy blow struck Malik's sword, throwing him against a tree. The commander raised his weapon to deal the final blow, but Malik struck sooner, his blade entering the enemy's chest. A swift kick sent the High Council officer soaring off the arch and into the water below. Malik turned to join his troops but a sharp pain in his stomach stopped him suddenly. He looked down to see a young boy holding a sword, half its length now buried in Malik's abdomen. He was the High Council commander's son, who had witnessed the battle and now sought his revenge. The boy's face reminded Malik of his own son, which brought to the fore those memories of happier times. Desert King troops rushed to help their fallen leader. One mummy grabbed the young boy but Malik ordered him to be released. The boy had only done what was right by the code of honor and family. The boy ran off to join his remaining family in the High Council stronghold. Malik's flashbacks caught up to his present time, where he was slowly dying. His death would not bother him, as his mission had been completed - Al Amarj was in Desert King hands. The victory would likely signal the beginning of the end of the war. Nothing would please Malik more. After so much violence and bloodshed, Malik was happy to turn his thoughts to peace. Salah-ad-Din attempted to treat Malik's wound, but it was too grievous. Malik thanked him but knew there was nothing he could do. It was there, on the island fortress, that Malik died. Malik's troops noticed the smile on his face - the first they had ever seen on the old warrior. They were relieved that he had died happy. Malik was dressed in the white robes of a Kaliphlin elder and given the funeral rites of a highly respected Desert King officer. He was placed in a floating funeral pyre and set into the ocean. 14 That morning, as the sun rose over Al Amarj, Salah-ad-Din walked alone to one of the islands watch towers. He looked out into the ocean and he too began to think of peace. Ad-Din's lust for combat had been tempered by the loss of his leader and friend. He vowed that, when this war ended, his work would focus on making sure future generations would enjoy the peace those like Abd-al-Malik had died to achieve. 15 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hello again everyone! I know this is a few hours past the deadline but I hope I will be forgiven - I had intended to have this uploaded last night but, as some of y'all know by now, the recent Flickr update has made it impossible for me to grab the BBCodes for my pics using the hardware I own. I had to borrow a friends computer this morning to get the pictures. If Ska or the group thinks my entry should be disqualified because of the deadline, I will certainly have no hard feelings. A little sad, not but mad! Anwyays, I hope you guys enjoy this story. Thanks for looking!
  8. My entry into the Guilds of Historica Book II Challenge III Category B - Deceiving Elves For the Dwarves! The elves worked diligently and efficiently to help stop a dwarven invasion on Avalonia and the Drow, to prevent war and promote peace. They sent out scouts on their newly tamed wargs and built towers to detect any sign of dwarves, and to stop them. Unfortunately, despite their efforts, it all came to nothing. The dwarves secretly mined underneath their very nose, and gained entry into Avalonia, ready to take war on the Drow..." Overview: Phew! I can't believe I finished it in time! Thanks to the extension of the deadline and a canceled family gathering, I had enough time to finish my second entry into the GoH Challenge. Once again I experimented in one of Grant Davis's techniques that he created in his creation "Undermining." (If you have not checked out Grant's creation yet, what are you waiting for!? Go give it a look! ;) ) Tons of fun to build, making all the little sections of rock pieces fit together was so much fun (although very delicate)! The details on the top were also fun to add, I finally got to use my wargs! :D Even though wars in LOTR are evil, I always though they were kinda cool, so if you could tame them...they could be quite lethal and well worth the effort. ;) All in all, a decent build, there are a few more things I would have liked to try if I had more time, but deadlines are deadlines. ;) Thanks for viewing, and enjoy! Soli Deo Gloria! ~Matthew~
  9. "Bring over those barrels of ale and place them with the rest!" "And after that, sir?" "After that, fetch the bottles." "Yes, sir!" "I have the bottles of ale, sir, now what?" "Place those two with the barrels, and pour that one over everything." "But, sir, why would we waste ale like that?" "Ah, you'll see. Once the torch runner ignites the barrels, the fire will devour the wood and alcohol and grow rapidly. Speaking of which, where's that torch bearer?" "Here, sir!" "Ah, there you are! Now's the big moment, light the fuse!" "Yes, sir!" "Now, run!" "Did you hear that rumbling?" "Nay, I bet it's just your stomach, what'd you eat..." "No, the ground grows hot and unstable, something is not right, we must evacuate the tunnel." "Yes, sir, I'll give the word." "Quickly, quickly now. We must evacuate the tunnels!" Hurry, hurry!" "We're running as fast as we can! It's rather hard with such short legs." "We're almost... ahhh!!!! "Someone, help me! Somebody, help me!" "Ah, settle down, you'll be aright. I'm coming for you." And so, Sir Gareth's plan to build a tunnel beneath the dwarves' own tunnel was a success. When the support beams burned down, they brought the dwarves tunnel tumbling down with them, leaving not only the tunnel, but the dwarves' plan in utter pieces. Thanks to Sir Gareth's cunning, and help from his good friend Edward von Graystar, peace in not just Mitgardia, but all of Historica, has been upheld.
  10. Infiltrating through the Necropolis A company of dwarves are infiltrating the drow tunnels through the catacombs of a vast dwarven necropolis, deep below ground in southern Mitgardia. That the necropolis is nowadays connected to tunnels of more evil origin is sadly all too apparent, since drow or orcish plunderers have recently sneaked in and broken up all the cover stones of the graves to plunder the riches of the entombed dwarves. To someone like these dwarven warriors who are venerating their ancestors, this is an atrocity that cannot be forgiven and strengthens their resolve to defeat the Drow. Please give me feedback on the photography and editing, I've been playing with my new camera and trying to learn Lightroom and might very well have overstretched a slider or three when developing the pictures (Credit to Teabox for inspiring the design of the alcoves)
  11. Upon hearing that the Mitgardian Dwarves were coming for them, the population along the banks of the Avalonian lake gave themselves up to despair. That is, until Ageven's representative Rex showed up. He immediately suggested to flood the caves and tunnels the dwarves were building. The city burghers and the nobles around jumped at the idea, but didn't feel like getting their boots dirty, so Rex went around to the Kaliphlinian merchants in the area. These, quickly realizing that the green tight trade would languish without the lake's population, volunteered for the work, and soon a band of apprentices, armed with shovels, crossed the lake and began to dig. All unaware of the waterfall about to be released above their heads, the dwarves plan their attack, stockpile weapons, and continue to dig. Above ground, rock has been struck! And don't worry, the inundation will leave plenty of time for the dwarves to crawl back out of their tunnels... providing they don't stop for even a tiny tiny fraction of a second... Overview: Thanks for checking it out! I hope I didn't stretch the category rules - no bloodshed you know, and what could be more diplomatic than cold water? C&C welcome! [Picture re-size necessitated edit.]
  12. This is the Black Spire Outpost in the western foothills of the Rakath Mountains, just below the Cerean Pass. The outpost is maintained by Fether Rodun and his men, after they seized the abandoned tower for Black Spire some time ago. The trio has returned from the skirmish in the pass and continues to guard their outpost. The main view Wall Detail Top View And the interior I revised the story for my cat. A entry, which you can read here. This build was a greatly time consuming and I had to downsize it a bit because I needed to study for exams, but I added the interior to offset it. C&C welcome
  13. Captain Settle

    Category B: Black Spire Fortress

    The hardest part of this build was definitely trying to make the ground seem barren, but still detailed enough. C&C welcome.
  14. Hi all, here I am again with a small fortress for challenge l category B. I know it is not that good, but I listened to tips from earlier mocs, that said that I should use cheese slopes on the wall, and more details on the wall, and more plants on the ground. Here it is: Here are some soldiers from the Black Spire trying to take the fortress (They don't stand a change!) Ladders and battering rams won't help 'm! Yup. A dead soldier. Many will follow. That is a high wall (no it isn't, just perspective). Details of the left wall. They really need to clean it, all that moss, just gross. If the Black Spire breaks the doors, there is this warrior (and another I forgot to photograph ) to kill them. Some horses in the stables. The right wall. Again too dirty. Guys, stop drinking and start cleaning! (I know that the lightning is not good on this pic, sorry.) So, here is the other warrior on the ground. Apparently I did photograph him. And the soldier on the wall is jumping to kill Black Spire enemies. That is it, hope you like it! Any form of comment is welcome!
  15. soccerkid6

    Denrith Fortress

    Well here's my build for Category B of Challenge I. The fortress has a full interior and all the doors/drawbridge/trapdoor work. The lava is lit in several spots. Legonardo inspired the roof of the fortress, while kris_kelvin and DR Church inspired the fortress itself. Also Captain Beerbeard suggested lighting the lava I'd like to receive UoP credit for: roofing (one of three techniques) [Architecture], extreme environments [Landscape Design], life in Nocturnus [Anthropology], lighted builds [General Building]= 4 credits Denrith Fortress is the base of operations for the pack under Gavin's leadership. Denrith provides a secure place of retreat after robbing passers by, or more recently after attacks on the Black Spire. Gavin views the Black Spire as a threat to 'business' and thus all his efforts are now spent trying to bring about ruin for the Black Spire. The dungeon in Fenrith has held many kinds of prisoners over the years, but now it holds one Hand of Corruption soldier who the pack is interrogating for information about the Black Spire so that they can plan their next attack. There are some more pictures here: link All comments and criticism welcome
  16. janatale

    Swamp Defenders

    This is my entry for Category B: Defensive Structure. Enjoy! After recruiting the Wolf Tribe to fight for Nocturnus, Rasmus and his Mitgardian friends began the return journey back to Nocturnus's capital, Abyssian. They spent days sneaking through the many swamp lands of Nocturnus, avoiding many Black Spire tratiors. Eleven days into their return journey they came across an abandoned tower situated on a high cliff. Knowing that Black Spire spies and armies used the swamp lands frequently, they began to bring in provisions and fortify the tower. They vowed no Black Spire traitors would pass the tower alive for as long as they defended the area. After 3 weeks, their vows hold true. They have taken down many enemy spies and after Rasmus's latest supply run, they have enough provisions to last six more months in the tower. Though news isn't all good, there are rumors that the enemy is gathering a large group to overtake the tower. Will this be the end for Rasmus and his men?