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Found 20 results

  1. [HSS] Master Jeweler's shop In the middle of Rockwail stands one of the very few jeweler shops that exist in Nocturnus. Jewelry is not all that popular in the Darklands, at least not the fancy kind. Decorated armour and weaponry, on the other hand, is valued a lot more by Nocty's populace. However, even in the land of monsters and barbarians there are individuals with taste — and Rockwail's Master Jeweler is there to cater to that clientele! One such individual with exquisite taste happened to be paying Rockwail a visit: Lady Sithanna of Shadowmere. Fortunately for her, it was an informal visit. It had been while since she last crossed Rockwail... 15 years, perhaps 55 years? Vampire naps can really mess with one's memory and perception of time! Obviously some things had changed in the city, but she was relieved to find 'her' jewelry shop still around. She paused in front of the shop window. It was almost exactly as she remembered it, but the window was now modernized with large glass panes. She looked at the elegant golden necklace was on display. "That glass wouldn't stop me from taking it, if I wanted to.", she thought. Perhaps the shop had a new owner, since the jeweler she knew was very protective over his wares. Or perhaps security in the city had gotten tighter? Whichever was the case, she was eager to have a look inside. Inside was Heinrigh, the Master Jeweler, tending to a customer. Heinrigh "I think this one suits you particularly well, Madam. The colour of the stone complements your dress very nicely. I also have a broche you could try on, I think that would — Hello, yes come in! Oh my... Lady Sithanna!" Lady Sithanna "Heinrigh! It brings me joy to see you! How have you been?" Yeah... that must have been at least 30 years! One more nap and she might not have spoken Heinrigh ever again... --- A little later than planned, but I enjoyed working on this build and I rather like how this turned out. I'm particulary happy with the 55-piece display cabinet, and the shop window which I've had as a tablescrap for close to two years. I tried to find out what kind of equipment a medieval jewelry maker would have on hand, but couldn't find much all that much online, so I greebled a bit. Let me know what you think, I appreciate your comments and criticism!
  2. Lord Vladivus

    Of Kazzar and Witches

    It is a well known fact that the Kazzar are not particulary enamoured of the Witches of the Moruth Swamps. At least, since the witches have started to steal valuable Kassava claws from the various tribes, to make drugs that are much sought after by the Black Spire. So, when a travelling Swamp Witch reaches a Shadowmere Guard encampment at the base of Shadowwmere's great black walls, the grizzled Kazzar Blackcloak commanding the small detachment of veteran zombie warriors is swift to react. Only a swiftly barked command from an inspecting Fenrir Bloodcloak saves the witch from a gruesome disembowlment by a Kassava lance. The witch arrives. The Kazzar Blackcloak. The Witch herself, apparently of Mitgardian descent. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C+C welcome! I'm not too sure on the style of pictures, was fiddling around with some editing software.
  3. Lord Vladivus

    Ghosts in the Dungeon

    "The dungeons? What is this?" exclaimed Alric, "Fenrir, after..." "Fear not young one" interrupted Sithanna. "We mean you no harm. This is a council of war, of which you are very much a part of. Allow me to introduce Amset Ra, envoy of the Desert King of Kaliphlin." "The Desert King?" asked Alric apprehensively. "Ana khadimaan mukhlisanaan lil Shadowmere." The mountain mummy sorcerer spoke in his native tongue. "He says he's a loyal servant of Shadowmere. So let's get back to the matter in hand." Fenrir spoke swiftly. "Rivalries and political differences matter not if we can't match the Spire. Vladivus is dead, yet his legacy stands- the Resistance. Even the might of the Desert King and Ulandus combined would falter if we let Ravaage win. We are here to see that day never comes. We stand as warriors before the end times. Amset, with me. Alric, Tauro, you may find it prudent to move away" Amset and Fenrir, staffs aglow, moved to the end of the room, where a pool of blood smouldered. As the others watched, a ghostly figure began to coalesce above the bubbling red liquid. "VLADIVUS!" exclaimed Sithanna. "But, how Fenrir? What foul magics is this?" "My dearest Sithanna. Did you truly think that death could hold me back? Krell bound my spirit to the mortal realm- due to my mixed heritage Hades itself finds it hard to retain my spirit. Without Krell, I would have wandered the void between life and death forever. Nevertheless, I do not intend to stay as a ghost. I wish to feel Gurthanol in my living hand once more, to strike the head from Ravaage," said Vladivus. With that, Amset and Fenrir levelled their staffs at Vladivus' ghost. A dark cloud, streaked with red blood enveloped the two staff wielders and Vladivus ghost. The smoke cleared, and a marvel stood before them: "I have returned". Vladivus clenched his fist. "There is much to be done." "My Lord," called Alric. "I am honoured to meet you. My name is Alric, and I am from Dronds Feelds. I helped Fenrir cleanse the rot. How may I be of service?" "Hail and well met, Alric of Dronds Feelds. I am familiar with your neighbour, Beorthan of the Trifork," Vladivus paused. "I would request your aid in helping to clear Shadowmere of, well, undesirables." He turned to the minotaur standing next to Alric. "Ah, Tauro, it's been a long time. If you would be so kind as to return to the Trifork and tell Beorthan that his alliance with Shadowmere still stands. As does the alliance between Dronds Feelds and Shadowmere." The two nodded their heads and departed, Sithanna spoke up; "What now Vladivus?" "We fight," came the grim reply. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The next step in the story! C+C welcome!
  4. Lord Vladivus

    Snakes, Falcons and the Dead.

    The clash of metal on metal emanated from the inner citadel, as the leaderless Shadowmere Guard followed the last command the fallen Necromancer, Krell had channelled through his staff: ATTACK! For weeks now, the remaining living troops had been embroiled in skirmishes with the undead. It was all coming to a head- Lady Sithanna and Sir Eothain the Insane lead the offensive, holding the famed Obsidian Road. Predating the founding of Shadowmere, it lead to a central island where the main citadel was located. This island was ringed by roiling lava flows, making it easy to defend. The fighting was hard and fierce, but with a sudden speed, the Shadowmere Guard ceased combat. The forces of Sithanna and Eothain gathered themselves, and the two leaders ventured out onto the bridge. Standing before them was the traitor, Fenrir Bloodcloak, accompanied by warriors of both Nocturnus and Avalonia, and bearing the staff of Krell. That's why the zombies stopped fighting, he has control of them, thought Sithanna, careful to keep her shock hidden, "Why are you here traitor?" asked Sithanna. "This is my home Sithanna. Not yours or your pet birds. I come with the forces of Dronds Feelds to restore order to this mighty citadel. Even now they assault the walls, and the Shadowmere Guard. I will remove the corruption at it's heart." replied the wolf. "Corruption? I suppose an agent of the Spire knows all about corruption!" snapped Sithanna, her anger palpable. "Why don't we ask one then?" growled Fenrir, turning to Eothain. The Black Falcon reacted with great speed, leaping at Fenrir who barely had time to raise his axe to block the lightning blow that descended. Their blades clashed, but Fenrir uttered words in an ancient tongue and levelled Krell's staff at the Falcon. A blinding flash and a puff of smoke appeared and Fenrir was thrown back. As the smoke cleared, it became clear that another creature stood in the Falcon's place- a crowned snake wielding a mighty scythe. The snake fought simply to escape, and as Sithanna joined the duel, he forced his way though Fenrir's forces, faster than anyone could catch. Fenrir then bowed before Sithanna. "I am truly sorry my lady. Eothain was never truly ours. He has manipulated us from the beginning. I... I have done things I am not proud of. Vladivus is slain, on his orders, by my hand. Without the staff of Krell, Shadowmere would have fallen. An iron fist is needed to keep the warriors of the Shadowmere in line. The creature posing as Eothain was the self-styled "KIng of Snakes", an agent of the Black Spire. There are few as degenerate as him gods be thankful..." Sithanna interrupted him at this point; "We have much to discuss. Follow me." She had realised that regardless of who Fenrir was, without the Falcons, who seemed to have vanished, her Manbats would be unable to match Fenrir's forces. He had won this battle. Fenrir turned to a ghostly warrior beside him. "Come old friend, lets go home."
  5. TitusV

    Shadowmere Siege

    Previous Chapter ------------------------------------------ With a great arch, the stone was launched into the air. Alric had to crane his neck to follow the projectile. With a great plof, the sound of stone on stone and the screaming of human voices, the stone settled itself in the wall of Shadowmere. And altough it had done quite some damage, this was not nearly enough. "Reload", he said to his Captain. Shadowmere must and would fall! ----------------------------------------- Deep inside the dark keep, the sound of falling stone, breaking walls and bones reached the patrouille. These decided not to wait, but immediatly go reinforce the affected wall section. Shadowmere would hold out! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'll keep the story short now, but expect more to come! This build was based on Blufiji, thanks to him, and the interior obvously on Soccerkid6's builds. The trebuchet-design is from Nuju Metru and TheCook. Thanks to them too! I really enjoyed this build, and CC is very appreciated! Additional images Afterwards, I decided to have the sappers building a bridge to reach the castle. This was added to the built, and images may be a bit blurry. Sorry therefor!
  6. Lord Vladivus

    Receiving a Message.

    After reaching Nocturnus, Tauro and Bregir have split up. Whilst Tauro has continued to Shadowmere, Bregir heads towards other members of the Nocturnian Resistance. Tauro has found Shadowmere in a sorry state of affairs. Recent events have taken their toll, and the citadel is no longer quite as whole as it once was. Nevertheless, the Lady Sithanna rules in Vladivus' absence and it is to her that the Trifork's message is delivered. She receives Tauro in her personal chambers, the Minotaur an unusual acquaintance for the vampire Lady. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Finally got around to replying to Bregir's build! I tried a new technique for myself, offsetting the walls by a half-stud. The colour scheme is largely inspired by one of Jorrith's Shadowmere builds, so credit there! C+C welcome!
  7. The following events take place at Shadowmere's north gate: DSC00395 by J H, on Flickr The summer months have made the swamp surrounding Shadowmere florish. Lots of plantlife, and other life that eats alive things... The road to shadowmere's north gate has been a safe route for years, and many travelers and the local populace make use of it. DSC00398 by J H, on Flickr The guard troll is standing outside the gate, watching over the people that come and go... Some lumberjacks are going out to cut some firewood in the swamp, while hunters return... DSC00402 by J H, on Flickr And other hunters hunt for the local fauna in the city's moat... DSC00406 by J H, on Flickr A tradesman is bringing in a supply of fine wine and ales from Avalonia... DSC00403 by J H, on Flickr While one of his customers allready has been hitting the bottle quite hard this morning... DSC00407 by J H, on Flickr The streets are busy and lively, though some travelers are a bit startled by the local quisine... Or is it because of the large teeth of the kazzar walking in front of him? DSC00408 by J H, on Flickr The kids in the street are playing knights, with sticks as swords.... DSC00412 by J H, on Flickr When they become older, they might buy a real sword from the local arms dealer... DSC00422 by J H, on Flickr Suddenly, a person is entering shadowmere in quite a haste... The guard troll does not like, but before he can say anything, the figure has past the gate. It is a messenger, with a letter.. Shortly there after, in the living quarters of shadowmere's main castle.... DSC00424 by J H, on Flickr While his stay at shadowmere is pleasant, Lord Mortis likes to relax in his quarters, reading alot of old lore and maps from the shadowmere library. His study of an old map is suddenly interupted by a knock on the door. Lord Mortis: "Enter" DSC00427 by J H, on Flickr The guard in the hallway enters the room.. Guard: M'lord, there is a messenger here to see you. Lord Mortis: Very well, send him in, will you? Guard: Yes M'lord! DSC00430 by J H, on Flickr The messenger enters the room.. Messenger: Lord Mortis, i bring word from Lady Sonja. She sent me in advance to inform you that she and the army will arrive in shadowmere within two days. Also she has given me this letter to give to you. Lord Mortis: Excellent, i was expecting the army to arrive sooner, but Sonja will probably have a good reason for that. DSC00433 by J H, on Flickr The messenger hands over the letter to Lord Mortis... Lord Mortis: Good man, you must be tired from bringing this message in such a hastely matter... Please ask the guard outside for the shadowmere quartermaster. Tell him you are one of my servants and that you require some quarters to rest. Messenger: Thank you M'lord! DSC00434 by J H, on Flickr While reading Sonja's letter, the look on Lord Mortis his face is turning from grim to even more grim... Encountered Raavage's forces? Been skirmishing? Local populace is forced into service by Raavage's troops? Minimal losses? I must inform Vladivus! Lord Mortis: Guard! Please summon Lord Vladivus! I have some important matters to discuss with him! DSC00436 by J H, on Flickr After a while, Vladivus enters the room. Lord mortis is standing on the balcony watching over shadowmere, pondering about the contents of the letter Sonja has sent him.... DSC00437 by J H, on Flickr Lord Vladivus: Mortis, you have word from lady Sonja? Lord Mortis passes the letter from Sonja to Lord Vladivus... Lord Mortis: Yes, and the reason why her arrival was late, is very dire. She has been fighting her way to shadowmere. Raavage's troops are everywhere rounding up entire villages! The men are given a choice, join his army, or be killed, have their village burned and their women and children enslaved. From what Sonja is reporting, alot of villages have been hit along the route she took to shadowmere, imagine if this is happening all across of nocturnus, then Raavage must be assembeling a huge army! Lord Vladivus: If what she has written in that letter is correct, we might be facing a army the world has never seen... This sure is a problem... Lord Mortis: I agree, and for me the time to just sit idle has past. Maybe rash on my part, but i cannot stand sitting here doing nothing else but reading, though i must say you do have a exquisite library here in shadowmere.. But my army will arrive within two days, and it's time to shed some blood! Please understand my lust for action, i fear if we do not act against these recruitment methods of the enemy, we might be severely outnumbered. Lord Vladivus: Well friend, if you must ride to battle, then so be it. I'll summon the royal blacksmith to take your measurements... If you are going to battle, you will need a suit of armor! Lord Mortis: Why thank you, my dearest Vladivus! DSC00444 by J H, on Flickr After two days, a large mass of men is approaching the north gate. Clad in black and red, just like the shadowmere troops.. Only these troops carry the symbol of the bat... DSC00446 by J H, on Flickr The army was expecting some relief from fighting, only to hear at their arrival that they will be leaving Shadowmere shortly for another campain against the spire... And then, there's the moment to say goodbye... DSC00451 by J H, on Flickr DSC00452 by J H, on Flickr Lord Mortis: Lord Anfauglir, it has been a pleasure meeting you and a pleasure being in your company! I sure do hope we will meet again! Lord Anfauglir: Lord Mortis, i have seen many a vampire, but very few were as pleasant company like yourself. We will meet again, i'm sure of it! DSC00453 by J H, on Flickr Lord Vladivus: The blacksmith has outdone itsself! I might have him ask to make me a suit of armor like that one too! Lord Mortis: Hahaha! And risk that i will lead your troops? Lord Vladivus, thank you so much for everything, i am endepted to you for quite some time! Lord Vladivus: Nothing of that! If you feel that you are endebted to me, than make up for it killing Raavage's troops! Lord Mortis: Lust for blood is what vampire's are good at! DSC00454 by J H, on Flickr Lord Mortis: Would'nt you agree Lady Sithanna? Lady Sithanna: I am so sad to not join you... I know the fire that drives you all to well! But my place is next to Vladivus. Maybe we will meet at the battlefield, and fight alongside eachother. Lord Mortis: And i will be waiting for that day, to have such beauty fighting alongside in battle.... DSC00456 by J H, on Flickr Lord Vladivus: It seems Mortis can be quite the charmer it seems... But before you go, i have one final parting gift. Even though we are always short on mounts, i cannot let you leave on those few tired mounts your army came with. I have ordered the stablemaster to ready our fittest mounts for you, and have them armored with what we can spare. Lady Sonja, it has come to my understanding that you love to ride a white warg... Well it just so happens we had one in the stables, and its yours now. Lady Sonja: ... My lord... That's a kingly gift! Lord Vladivus: Well if you say so.... Sorry Lord Mortis, you get the black steed with gold armor, haha! Lord Mortis: A fine beast too, maybe she wants to trade her warg for this magnifiscent steed after a while! Lord Vladivus: Well, whatever you do, be safe and i hope we will meet again soon. The party says goodbye and the vampire army marches... DSC00457 by J H, on Flickr On top of the tower... DSC00459 by J H, on Flickr OOC: Hey there! I hope you have enjoyed this story and i must appoligise for being out of GoH for a short bit! I've missed out on the kaliphlin civil war totally! But i'm back and i finally opened up a flickr account! (some more pics there too!) I will be building more for the pride of Nocturnus! C&C Welcomed!
  8. Lord Vladivus

    The Emissary: Part 2

    The Shadowmere throneroom was lavish, with a red carpet rolled out from the foot of the obsidian steps leading to Vladivus' golden throne. Banners hung from the walls, indicating fealty sworn to Shadowmere, and defeated enemies. The honour of guarding the throneroom went to the Kazzar Blackcloaks, who owed the Lord of Shadowmere a life's debt. Fearsome warriors all, they cut an intimidating silhouette with their lances, and none moreso than Vorek Steeljaw, his long golden lance setting him apart as a Captain in the Kazzar Blackcloaks. Without so much as a glance at this, the Black Spire emissary strode purposefully up the centre, towards Vladivus, flanked by two of his zombie guards, his crown glinting in the orange torchlight. He bowed exaggeratedly. "Hail once again Vladivus", he said mockingly. "Would ye hear my terms?" "Aye", came the measured reply, "let us hear them." The King's words came swiftly, as though practised. "Ravaage would have you bend your knee to him and yield the Resistance leaders," he said gesturing at the balcony, where Angfauglir and Lord Mortis watched. "In return for undying fealty and the dissolution of the Shadowmere Guard, you shall be granted your mothers former lands in Avalonia, where you shall live your life in exile. Your generals must either bend to Ravaage, or be executed." As the last word left the emissary's lips, the doors to the throne room crashed open, and a shout echoed through. "Stop this madness!" At this, the King drew his dirk, and charged at Vladivus, the sceptre in his hand glowing green, seemingly granting him warding against the Kazzar, who moved to intercept him. As fast as the Kazzar were, and as quick as the King moved, the Falcons were faster. Lead by Sir Eothain the Insane, they charged from the doorway, covering the ground swifter than any would have expected, followed by Lady Sithanna, her lips curled in a snarl, and her Manbat Warriors. Eothain's sword clove the sceptre in twain, and the head of the emissary bounced from his shoulders, as his guards fell to the floor. The bodies were swiftly cleared away, and a hurried council of sorts commenced. "What is this? You would kill an emissary?" Vladivus anger was palpable. "Hear us out my Lord" soothed Sithanna. "Your pup damn near killed my men", spat Eothain "He turned on us on the road to Abyssian. Ravaage's troops ambushed us, nothing we couldn't handle. Then the wolves came. Clawbreakers, and others. Fenrir didn't hesitate. He called for us to follow him against the wolves. Who were we to argue? The wolves came again, from behind, and as we turned to take them, Fenrir turned on us. If it weren't for Sithanna's timely arrival, on account of her taking a roundabout route from Kaliphlin we'd have been dog toys. Your guard you sent with us are all dead I'm afraid m'lord." "This King was with Fenrir- baying for blood. He's no emissary, he is, well, he was, an assassin," said Sithanna. "Amset-ra sent one of his men with us as a sign of the new alliance, and he knew the emissary of old." "This is troubling news". Vladivus mused. "Eothain, I'm offering you the position of Shadowmere General- it seems deeds must speak louder than words." At this, he cast his gaze at Angfauglir, who still leant upon the balcony. He turned, "Vorek!" "Yes my Lord?" said the Kazzar. "Call the Captains. Sir Eothain, ready for war." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And the next installment! C+C welcome!
  9. Please bear the not_so_awesome photography, (F greenpeace) i still need to get a better digicam, and lighting conditions were not that ideal. (well atleast i bought some large sheets of paper instead of the styrofoam plates i used before!) Prologue In part two Lord Mortis met an old friend at a situation that would have gone very different if Raghas was not his long time friend. Now, Raghas his son Carg, is escorting Lord Mortis to Harbringer's Haven.... The next scene will take place at: This old bridge has spanned the guturk river for centuries. Though upkeep left much to be desired, it still stands strong as a passageway into nocturnus. In earlier days this used to be a toll bridge, and travelers would have to pay each time they cross this bridge. But due to the fact that toll had to be payed each time one would want to cross, and this was brutely enforced, it eventually caused an uprising among the nocturnian people. The toll collectors were chained by their feet, and hung to the bridge to starve. These days there is no toll collected anymore, but the name stuck, and the bridge is still used as a place of execution. The hanging of thieves by their feet is tradition, just as those toll collectors in the past stole from the common folk. It also serves as a warning to visitors of nocturnus that have less than noble intentions. The cage is put in place on top of the tower for murderers and rapists. They usually take longer to die this way, so it is in line with the severety of the crime. The unrest in Nocturnus has caused many to flee, including this poor orc family. Their older son forcefully recruited by the black spire, their house burned because the father protested, the remaining family is fleeing with what they can carry to a better place.... But to where will they go? Mitgardia? Kaliphlin? Definatly not back to Nocturnus, that's for sure... After a while, two familiar faces show up... Carg: So, my dad used to serve you? Lucius: Yeah, your old man was a great asset to the army then, but when he wanted to settle down a bit i could not do otherwise than give him his freedom back. Carg: I have heard many stories about you from my father, it seems lord Mortis the cruel has a heart when it comes to his servants... Lucius: Do not mistake rewarding good work as weakness, young man. I am cruel to some, but i also know quality when i see it. Your dad definatly has that quality. Carg: We're at the bridge. Lucius: Well, it has been a while, but the last time i saw this bridge it looked better.. Carg: Well some things age, my lord. Suddenly two shadowmere zombie riders apear.... Carg: Who are these guys? Lucus: They are messengers from shadowmere, let me talk to them. Lord Mortis rides towards the messengers... Messenger: Are you Lord Mortis the cruel, regent of Gza'ar, child of the night? Lucius: That i might be. Messenger: We send word from Lord Vladivus Stormbringer, Captain of the shadowmere guard, and the moruth rangers. He would like an audience with you. Lucius: This is quite unusual, since i allready have an intent to visit your master. Messenger: Our master sent us in advance because there are new developments that need adressing in a timely fasion. Lucius: So that means i will have to join you two to travel to shadowmere? Messenger: You assume right. Lord Mortus turnes to Carg... Lucius: It seems that these guys will escort me further on the way to shadowmere... Carg, why don't you turn back and look after your old man and brother? Carg: Very well my lord. But there is one thing that needs adressing... Carg: I cannot let a lord meet another lord in a ragged cloak like that, please Lord Mortis, accept my cloak as an replacement! Lucius: You are indeed the son of Raghas Memnon! Or paths will meet again for sure, because you have the same quality as your father. Carg: I am just doing what is right, just as my father tought me. Lucius: And that, you should be thankfull for, your father raised you right, i will send out for you when the time comes... Carg: Thank you my lord, i am honored. And so, the fellowship that was created between mummy and vampire was temporarily disbanded. On to shadowmere it is. To be continued..... Bonus shot: All the work i put into the curved bridge ceilings never showed in the other pics, so i had to make this pic! Next build i'll try to go a little smaller... this was quite a pita to get pics for the storyline! C&C welcome, enjoy the story!
  10. MassEditor

    The Resistance Forms

    Talk was light during the ride to Shadowmere. Neither Lord Vladivus nor Anfauglir could shake off the thought that one was leading the other to a trap. Although Anfauglir was alone and many leagues from his men, Vladivus suspected the disgraced Covenant commander might have a trick up his sleeve. After all, was it possible his allegiance had turned so quickly against the Black Spire? For his part, Anfauglir had no way to tell whether Vladivus would lead him right to the hangman's rope. His fate was currently in Vladivus' hands. Anfauglir and Lord Vladivus, flanked by two of Shadowmere's royal guard, rode through the massive black gates which had long protected Shadowmere. The other side was alive with the sounds of the city's famous markets. Merchants were lined up on both sides of the street to sell their wares and little could be heard above the din of haggling. A group of children swarmed Vladivus in excitement, hoping to hear one of his many tales of battle. For the first time, Anfaulgir was able to see for himself the glory of Shadowmere - Nocturnus' most cultured city and one of the mightiest in all of Historica. The group continued towards the royal palace whose towers and spikes rose threateningly towards the sky. The palace was not only home to Vladivus and his court, but served as headquarters for most of the organized resistance against the Black Spire. Anfauglir was led through several halls before entering a room deep within the palace. A shadowy figure stood in the middle, studying a large model of what appeared to be the Obsidian Spike. Vladivus moved forward to great him. "Ah, Lord Mortis, thank you for waiting on us. I apologize for the delay - there was a slight... erhm... misunderstanding at the border. Nevertheless, have you already met Anfauglir?" Lord Mortis turned and shook Anfauglir's hands. "We have not, but no doubt our reputations precede each other. Anfauglir, your escape alongside the Zugal and Dragon Master leaders has been heard across Nocturnus. That rabid dog has lost some of his closest allies, and now limps on just three legs." Anfauglir laughed at this thought of Raavage. "And many horror stories have been told over the reign of you and your minions - I am glad you have chosen to join us against the Black Spire." Vladivus walked up and locked eyes with Anfauglir. "Join us he has - it is you, Anfauglir, whose motivations are still unclear to me. Though my spies suggest your betrayal of Senurhem and Raavage is absolute, I'm still left questioning, why the change of heart? Had the blood finally run too deep?" Anfauglir lowered his head and spoke. He had been awaiting this question. "I was but a simple soldier, blindly following orders for what I thought was my people's best hope in this cruel land. Then I realized the Black Spire would have us march to battle forever, and that all we had fought for would be eventually consumed. Raavage and Senurhem seek a path of endless war that will not stop at the border of Nocturnus." Lord Mortis thought he could see their alliance crumbling before it had even begun. If Anfauglir and Vladivus could not put their past behind, this gathering would be for nothing. "Vladivus, I see no lies in Anfauglir's words. Here stands before you a man wishing to right his wrongs. I have seen the graciousness of you and your city... you would not forget it now I hope?" Vladivus relaxed. He knew he needed the Covenant commander. Their history, however injurious, could be redressed once Raavage's head was on a spike. "I hope you are right, Mortis. What we need now more than ever is able-bodied soldiers, and men to command them. Anfauglir, we still have much to reminisce about, but you are right: Raavage's goal has always been Historica. I'm afraid, however, the other guilds will not sit idly by. If the Black Spire is allowed to conquer all of Nocturnus, Historica will surely unite against our lands. The ensuing battle would likely lay waste to what little we have left." Vladivus walked to the model and mentioned for Mortis and Anfauglir to follow. "Fortunately, that day has not yet come. We still have time to defeat Raavage, but first we need a strategy. Here you see a model of the Obsidian Spike - the heart of Raavage's dominion. The stories you have heard are true: the fortress is impregnable. The Spike is protected by swamps on one side and buttressed by mountains on the other. This only leaves a frontal attack-" Anfauglir cut him off. "That would be suicidal. It would take a legion just to knock on the front door, let alone enter it." Glaring at Anfauglir, Vladivus continued. "-which only a fool would suggest. We need to hit Raavage where he is weak. Given your former alliance, Anfauglir, I was hoping you would have some suggestions." "We need to strike against Senurhem. Raavage is using the Covenant as a crutch now that he has lost the Zugal and Dragon Masters. You have surely heard, too, that the Drow and Varlyrian's allegiance with Raavage may be fracturing. If, as Lord Mortis says, Raavage limps on three legs, let's make him limp on two." Vladivus thought of the Dragon Masters and Zugal. Little has been heard of them since the escape from Lagash Ur. "And what of Anzar, Korrak and Rokkar? Will they fight with us?" Anfauglir took a deep breath and replied. "I don't know. I'm afraid their hatred for one another will not die easily, even under the Black Spire threat. Besides, I fear Raavage will focus his wrath on the Zugal and Dragon Masters for their betrayal. They may not have the forces to spare." Vladivus knew Anfauglir had failed to mention one detail - something his intelligence operatives has just received rumors of. He was about to ask when suddenly the door to the war room flew open and one of Vladivus' guards hurried in. The guard saluted Vladivus. "Sir! A group of warriors claiming to be emissaries from the Black Spire are outside the gate. They wish to relay a message from Raavage, to you personally sir." A look of concern dropped over Vladivus' face. "Looks like they were close on your trail, Anfauglir. Guard, order the garrison to man their posts and stay alert. We shall not fall for any of the Spire's traps! Lord Mortis, Anfauglir - will you join me at the gate?" Anfauglir nodded and followed the guard outside. "And you, Mortis?" "I do not wish to miss what foul message Raavage has sent our way, but there is something I must take care of first. I am expecting some encouraging news from one of my commanders. As you know, we vampires share many connections, and I am sensing something now - as if a veil of eternal sleep is being lifted." Vladivus placed his hand on Mortis' shoulder. "Is it Sonja, my friend?" Mortis nodded. "I believe she has finally returned." "Fantastic news, my friend. Please, take your time and join us at the gate when you are ready. I doubt these Spire scum will leave any time soon." The two shook hands before Vladivus turned and exited the room. Mortis sat down and concentrated. His mind began to form a picture of a dark crypt containing several coffins. Knocking could be heard from within one. --------------------------------------- A full shot of the MOC: --------------------------------------- About this MOC: Greetings! This is another part of the ongoing collaborative project Lord Vladivus, Jorrith and myself are working on. Thanks to everyone who made it through this long, long story - we had a lot to set up in this part of the project! Hope you guys stay tuned because there's much more awesomeness on its way! Other parts of this collab: Part 1 - On the Road to Shadowmere Part 2 - Old Friends And here's a link to ZCerberus' epic Obsidian Spike, so you can see what the model in my build was based on.
  11. Jorrith

    The Awakening - Part 2

    Disclaimer: The following installment is very picture intensive. ME suggested i'd resize and link the bigger pictures, but it's over 40 pics, and well... I don't feel like it after a long workday, probably going to mess up... Other parts of our collab: On the Road to Shadowmere By MassEditor Old Friends By Lord Vladivus The Resistance Forms By MassEditor After reading The Resistance forms, i think The Awakening - Part 1 fits better after The resistance forms, even though it has been posted earlier. The following is part 2 of the awakening. Enjoy! Prologue After lord Mortis rudely entered Sonja's dream and warned her about the coming storm, sonja interupted her slumber that lasted multiple centuries. The next part of this story takes place in: In the cemetery of harbringer's haven stands the dark statue of Danag. He was the first vampire in nocturnus to realise that with building enough blood fountains, the need to drink from the living would become obsolete. Vampires and non-vampire beings could live together, benefitting from eachother instead of hunting and hating eachother. Danag gained quite a fortune in his long lasting life, mostly from building blood fountains in all of nocturnus and was always eager to share his wealth with the less fortunate. His offspring still help the needy as a tradition, and therefore danag's statue is somewhat used as a shrine honoring his, and his family's munificence. But danag also had a darker side... The scythe the statue bears was danag's tool to uphold justice.. Besides wise, generous and social, danag was also known and feared for his cruelty towards criminals. Children are still told the stories of Danag the reaper, coming at the houses of little kids that are up to no good in the middle of the night... When danag died, his remaining kin ordered the construction of a crypt befitting his achievements in his undead life. The crypt was expanded several times, untill it almost became a necropolis underground. It was also the wish of Danag to offer shelter to those who became weary of living a life eternal. Up top we find a vampyr guard securing the entrance... Suddenly the guard hears something... Very faint, but he notices it is originating from the vents underneath the statue... Guard Owen: Sounds like knocking... And it looks to me like the sound is coming from downstairs... I'd better check it out. Downstairs we find another guard, more or less off duty and enjoying the mead that the locals place at the shrine of danag... Guard Owen: Soran, i am hearing sounds coming from downstairs.. We'd better check it out. Guard Soran: *Hick!* Not my problem, you're the one on duty aand it's probably just somebody having a nightmare. *Hick!* Guard Owen: You know, you would do wise to cut down on your drinking... Guard Soran: Pff, i don't drink on duty and what i do in my free time is none of your buisness! *Hick!* Guard Owen realises he's not going to get any help from his fellow guard, so he ventures inside the crypt alone. Guard Owen: That good for nothing deat beat.... Guard Soran: I've heard that! Guard Owen: All quiet here... Must be one of the vampires deeper inside the crypt... As soon as Owen walks around the corner, he sees the lid of one of the coffins laying next to it. While opening the gate, Sonja pops up from her coffin, still in a very foul mood... (the reason why can be found in the previous part of this story) Sonja: You bloody *******! What in nocturnus name took you so long?! Guard Owen: Mi... Milady.. I was guarding outside.. I could only hear you very faint.. Before the guard can explain more, he is rudely cut off by Sonja.. Sonja: Then where is the other guard?! No matter, wake up the crypt! Light the torches! Start the fountain and make sure the vampyr guard is sent to the armory first, then everybody else! And while you're at it, get us some drinks from the fountain! Guard Owen: Yes Milady! Right away Milady! Owen rushes towards his colleage to tell him the news and thinking about the deep trouble they will be both in if sonja discovers that both guards have relaxed their working hours... They were both supposed to guard full time.. Sonja reaches for the pillow in her coffin, and finds the ring that Lord Mortis promised her would be there... Sonja: Well, well, well.. Looks like the old man was right! Time to wake up Darius and Quintella.. Meanwhile, guard Owen neared the guard room, and calls out to Soran. Guard Owen: Soran! Come here! Guard Soran: What is it now? Did you get scared by a little spider? Guard Owen: Put a sock in it, i've just got the order to awake the crypt and mobilise everybody, including you. The grin on Soran's face quickly faded, just as the tone of his skin. The cup he held was still half full, but he quickly threw it inside the lava pool underneath, causing a short puff of steam. Guard Soran: Oh no! I've been drinking... If they find out about our deal we are both toast! Guard Owen: Be cool, get rid of those cups and bottles, tidy up the place quick and light the torches. Just pray the oil and smoke will hide the smell on your breath a bit. I'll go and start the fountain, and get the remaining vampyr guard awake and geared up. In the meanwhile, make yourself rare. Owen runs back into the crypt to start up the fountain.. After pulling a lever, blood is starting to flow from the cup that the fountain's figure is holding.. After a while, there's a thump... and another.. Large stone covers are dropping out of the walls, and vampires emerge... Lured by the smell of fresh blood, more and more vampires are rising from their resting places... And feasting on this endless supply of blood, their first drink in centuries.. After the vampires had a drink, the vampyr guard is directing everybody to the armory to suit up.. It does not take long for the main hall in the crypt is starting to fill with armed vampires, not knowing why they are mobilised, rumors start to hum among the men.. Finally, Sonja appears on the balcony dressed in her battle armor... Sonja: Men, ladies.. You are probably wondering why your slumber has been disturbed and why you are now in battle dress... A storm is coming, and the time to just sit idle has passed! Lord Mortis came to me in my dreams, warning us of the danger that is called the black spire. He is now in shadowmere, forging an alliance with other forces and requested me to bring our covenant to that city. The men grow silent for a moment, then the rumoring starts again between the men.. why fight? we were sleeping peacefully... no need to go to war... Sonja: Men, i understand your feelings and i for one would have preferred we just rest forever more. But we as a group of vampires are posing a threat to the black spire, just because of our numbers and will either be taken out, or subjected. We have a choice now to be defiant, or to be slaves... What say you? Suddenly, a death knight approaches the balcony... His face shows age, and alot of battle scars.. He carries a large sword, weighed down with a gold bar.. Death Knight: We will definatly not be slaves, but if this is so important then why is Mortis not here himself to tell us this? Why should i take the story of a turned vampire girl for truth? If i recall correctly, you have no authority to lead these men, nor the authority to give orders either. If lord Mortis is not around here to lead us, someone second in command should be chosen. Sonja, still in a foul mood, is enraged by the words of this death knight... Sonja: You insolent swine! I should have you killed on the spot where you stand right now! Look at this ring, and look well before you say anything else! This is the ring of Danag, and it was granted to me by lord Mortis! That makes me second in command! Now bow, or prepare to die! Necromancer Quintella: Oh please stop this! There's no need for bloodshed among our own, if we are divided now, all is lost allready. Sonja speaks the truth, lord Mortis has also spoken to me in my dreams on this matter and she is now second in command. The decision was allready made before we went to rest in this crypt! Darius: Please listen to Quintella, she is wise and allknowing. Whatever lord Mortis had decided in the past, we should stick with it and be united as one! Sonja has moved down from the balcony, and gently moves Darius to the side.. Sonja: Well here it is, death knight... Either accept my leadership, or be cast out. Death Knight: Milady, i am loyal to the vampire covenant, lord Mortis and the bearer of Danag's ring. My undead life is yours to command. Death to the black spire! The death knight kneels before Sonja... Sonja: Rise, death knight! Your pride and defiance is admirable. I am honored to have you among the troops. Fight well, and i'll see to it your exploits will be rewarded. Guard! Send out a few men to the local village, and find some mounts to buy. Three minimum, but more would be best. Also buy some food, some of us might be hungry for more than just blood. And so, when the last light of the day fades, a small group of able men is running to the village of Harbringer's haven to aquire some mounts. Later that night, the necromancer is walking trough the cemetery... Quintella: Thank you for escorting this old lady, but there's really no need. The dead can't do much to me, but i can do alot to them.. The spell i'm about to perform is dangerous to the living, so you two better stand back a bit. Don't be afraid of what comes out of the ground, they are mine to control... The two guards stand down, and watch the necromancer walking further into the cemetery, the red gem on her staff is turning green with an ominous glow... Chanting incantations better not heard by the living, Quintella raises her staff, and taps it on the ground firmly. A loud thump is heard, not able to produce with a staff that size, and a green light is waving outwards on the ground... As the necromancer is walking away, a light rumble can be heard... Hands are starting to emerge out of the graves... Lured by the spell, the formerly dead start to walk towards the crypt... The following morning, we find Sonja at the shrine of Danag paying her respects and praying... Sonja: Danag, my lord.. Please keep us safe in the times that come. I have little to offer but my life, i would gladly give in return so that the others are safe. Please be with us. As Sonja is praying, the group that left last evening returns... Sonja: Ah, excellent! You found a warg! It's a shame it's not a white one, but it will do for now. Only three mounts? Swordsman: We are so terribly sorry milady! We have asked around all of harbringer's haven all evening and the early morning for mounts, but the people did not have many. These were the only ones we could find, and as soon as they saw the axeman's shield they would not take money for them either! They said we were children of Danag, and gave us their mounts. Sonja: They gave you these mounts? Danag be praised! Once we find other mounts to buy, see to it that these mounts are returned to their rightfull owners. It is the right thing to do. Order the men to assemble up top, we are leaving within the hour! Swordsman: Yes milady! And so, the vampire covenant starts to march towards Shadowmere... Darius: What a magnificent sight! Quintella: Indeed, but also saddening. Some of these fine men will not return. I hope the zombie troops will take the worst casualties, but the future is still unclear. Sonja: Let's hope we'll do good. For now, the path goes to shadowmere and not war... Yet. Additional pics: Troops 01 Troops 02 Troops 03 Front view Side view Left Side view Right Hi there! I'm terribly sorry for the vast amount of pictures, but it is quite a large build with quite a story, so i had to use more pictures than i would have liked. This is my biggest build to date, and took me about two months, multiple PAB and bricklink orders to complete. The top level is removable in 3 sections for ease of photography inside the crypt, and maybe some have noticed the improved photography.. (a.k.a. new digital camera) There were so many other pictures i would have liked to post, but including the linked pics, its 46 pictures allready! I also wanted to put an ending incorporating punishment for the two guards in here, but that would have taken another two or three pictures, and with the massive amount of pictures, i think it would be better to leave the guards fate to the readers inmagination. I hope you enjoyed the build and story, C&C welcomed, and also take the time to visit LV's and ME's builds!
  12. MassEditor

    On the Road to Shadowmere

    Anfauglir was not anticipating a warm reception as he crossed the border into Shadowmere. Old grudges do not easily die, and there were plenty between Anfauglir and the ruler of these shadowy lands, Lord Vladivus. The Nocturnus Civil War had pit the two squarely against one another, and on more than one occasion both met on opposite sides of the battlefield. Despite the Black Spire's victory, Lord Vladivus continued to command one of the strongest resistance forces left in Nocturnus. His fighters were a constant harassment to Raavage's ambitions, and hardly a whisper passed by the Shadowmere intelligence service unawares. Now it was time to put their bad blood aside. If there was a chance of stopping the Black Spire, it would need all factions of the resistance to unite. Divided, Raavage would stomp them out one by one. Anfauglir had not traveled far into Shadowmere before reaching one of its border outposts. A group of Shadowmere border troops guarded the path ahead, the twin towers of their fortification loomed over the road to the city itself. Dismounting his horse, he approached the outpost expecting a mistrustful greeting - Covenant commanders, even rebellious ones, were not generally welcomed in these lands. One of the soldiers spotted Anfauglir as he neared the outpost. The guard eyed him suspiciously before speaking. "Hail traveler! It's a free city Shadowmere is, but if ye be a troublesome drifter, be warned! Cause a problem and you will be introduced to its gallows! So, what be yer business here?" "I've come to meet with Lord Vladivus. I've traveled a great distance to be here, and it is of the utmost importance that I speak with him." The guard stared at Anfauglir. He turned to the other guards manning the outpost and laughed. "Ye hear that boys? The drifter wants to see the boss! Well, right this way m'lord, we'll take you right to him!" The guard jumped down to the road and unsheathed his sword. Two others followed suit. "And who be ye to waltz into Shadowmere and demand the presence of the Lord of these lands? By the looks of ye, I think ye be a spy, or worse yet... an assassin!" Another guard eyed Anfauglir's sword and spotted the Covenant emblem on its hilt. "A Covenant assassin he is! Come to kill Vladivus no doubt! Anfauglir said nothing as the guards surrounded him. Haste actions now would spoil the purpose of this trip. "Silence, eh lad? I think some time in the dungeons would loosen your tongue! Get 'em boys!" The guards advanced towards Anfaulgir, but a voice called out before the first guard reached him. "Men, halt! I would not advise you to act so foolishly - this man has killed many on the field of battle, including those of Shadowmere. You know not who you deal with." The guards paused. Behind them they saw Lord Vladivus himself, escorted by several royal soldiers. He had been informed of Anfauglir's arrival and rode from the city to met him personally. "M'lord! Covenant scum this one be, and an assassin for sure!" Lord Vladivus laughed. He dismounted and approached Anfauglir. "Indeed, a Covenant he is. But I hope he has not become so desperate as to kill men in the dark to earn his coin. This man is no assassin. He is Anfauglir, a commander in the Covenant army. Or should I say former commander? Does a motley band of soldiers hiding in the mountains count as a command?" Anfauglir's eyes flashed to Vladivus. "We do our best. Now I've come to ask you to do the same." "To do the same? Strange speak from a man who until recently allied himself with the scourge of Nocturnus, pillaging and destroying all before him. Shadowmere has always resisted the Black Spire, and we will continue until the last drop of sweat and blood. Tirelessly do we resist Raavage in hopes of saving our lands from his terror. Now I'm to believe you have matched our effort?" Anfauglir relaxed. He knew his service with the Black Spire would make this a difficult meeting, but he needed Shadowmere's help. "My men have vowed to right the wrongs we have committed, but without your help we cannot resist the Black Spire for long. Raavage and his crony, Senurhem, will find our hidden fortress and they will surely crush it. Unless the resistance unites, Nocturnus is doomed." "So, humility is not a trait entirely lost upon commanders of the Covenant, it would seem. I know why you are here, Anfauglir, and we indeed have much to discuss. Let us ride together to Shadowmere, there Lord Mortis is awaiting our meeting." "I have heard rumors of Lord Mortis' return. Has he pledged to resist the Black Spire?" Lord Vladivus mounted his horse and turned to Anfauglir. "Yes, it seems our allies grow in number each day while Raavage's wither - we have heard about your escape from Lagash Ur alongside the Dragon Master and Zugal leaders. But come, Lord Mortis awaits us." Anfauglir returned to his horse and waved to the outpost guards as he rode by. Riding behind Vladivus on the road to Shadowmere, Anfauglir's mind turned to Samarkand and his men. Their future would perhaps rest on the outcome of this meeting. --------------------------------------------------------------- A full shot of the MOC: --------------------------------------------------------------- Hello again! This build is part of a collaborative project Lord Vladivus, Jorrith and myself have been working on. My original intention with this build wasn't to go entirely with classic, studs-up rockwork but I wanted to give it one more shot before trying some totally new styles, for me that is. I think this is the best studs-up rockwork I've done, but it doesn't really compete with the angled and SNOT techniques a lot of landscaping folks are using now. I wasn't too happy with the way the big tree turned out, but after messing with it for one full, frustrating day, I decided I'd go with it. Anyways, thanks a ton for looking! As always, feedback is much appreciated!
  13. Having heard initial reports from his advicers upon assuming his position of Lord Mayor of the Trifork, Beorthan is presented a dilemma. While the Trifork is in dire need for reform, a delegate from Shadowmere, under the rule of Nocturnian loyalist Lord Vladivus, has arrived, requesting Beorthan’s attendance in Shadowmere to discuss a treaty. Beorthan has decided to heed the invitation, despite doubts as to Lord Vladivus’s motives, the complicated situation in Nocturnus, and his new office. He puts his old friend, sir William Drake, in charge of country administration, and his bodyguard Marcus in charge of training and equipping the militia. He then sets out, accompanied by his other bodyguard Cassius, his Nocturnian scout Tauro, and the Shadowmere delegate. They exit the town by the south gate early in the morning as the gates are opening and the first traffic starts rushing up and down the busy street. The Great South Gate stands watch over the busy south road leading to Cedrica, Nocturnus, and Kaliphlin, and is the most prominent defensive structure in the city walls surrounding the Trifork. It is one of the busiest traffic nodes, being part of the shortest route between Cedrica, Nocturnus, and large parts of Kaliphlin, and Albion, the Avalonian capital. The walls are sturdy but low, as the south road is the only firm land in the meadowy wetlands south of the Trifork. The heavy gate is suspended from the gatehouse like a portcullis, which allows it to be deployed swiftly. Thanks for reading/looking, all! This is my largest GoH build sofar, and also probably my personal favourite. I tried to improve my landscaping, and although simple, I think it turned out pretty well. The gatehouse have (sparse) interiors on the 1st floor, while the ground floor is massive apart from two niches for guards inside the gate-opening. The gate it self is operated by a working winch and the roof comes off in a modular fashion. Further, I stole a lot of techniques in the builds I have seen here in GoH, bit still think I ended up with something pretty original. You can find a few more pics here. C&C more than welcome /Bregir
  14. Below you will find a series of small builds - the purpose is to tell part of the back story for Beorthan going to meet Lord Vladivus in Shadowmere to forge a trading alliance. Sir Beorthan, having recently been recalled to the Trifork from his adventuring across Historica to take over the office of Lord Mayor of the county, has been welcomed by his old friend, Sir William Drake. Drake: Congratulations on the new office. ‘Tis good to have you back in the Trifork, my friend. One wonders where you will start... Beorthan: Thank you, my friend. I am quite surprised to be bestowed such an honour. However, I am not quite certain in what state the old Lord Mayor left the Trifork in. Therefore, I have tasked the twins to inspect the militia, and asked the treasurer to give report on the financial situation of the county. If you please, I should like you to accompany me to the map room to hear the reports. Drake: I should be honoured, my Lord Mayor. Beorthan: Ah, quit it, William. Beorthan will suffice… Drake chuckles and pats Beorthan on the shoulder, following him to the map room. In the meantime, Beorthans seasoned bodyguards, the twins Marcus and Cassius, are inspecting the shabbily clad and ill-equipped militia of the Trifork, putting them through some basic training exercises. The militia, keen to impress, but somewhat unwilling to accept their new commanders, do their best to show off their skills. For the battle-hardened twins, however, the conclusion is clear, but disheartening. Back in the map room, the treasurer has arrived before the new lord with the latest tolls from the bustling market places of the city. Treasurer: Greetings, my lord. I am happy to bid you welcome in your new office and offer my humble services to you. Beorthan: I am happy to hear so, sir. If you please, I should like you to proceed with a short summary of the current financials. Treasurer: Of course, my lord. Your honoured predecessor was highly diligent in collecting taxes and very… conservative in his expenses. In fact, the treasury is overflowing, and for the last few months I have been locking the tax revenues up in the armoury… I assume you wish to continue the practice? Beorthan: Pause there for a moment, sir. Please first explain why my predecessor amassed such wealth. Upon my return, I saw starving kids in the streets… And from why I have seen of the militia… Treasurer: Well... He did so to pay for mercenaries in times of war. How else would we defend ourselves? Beorthan: Leave me to answer those questions. For now, ensure everyone is feed, and lower the market and bridge tolls by 25 % effective today. Dismissed. The treasurer bows before his new lord and walks out. Moments later, Cassius reports in. Cassius: Commander, Legionnaire Cassius ready to report. Beorthan: Go ahead. Cassius: The militia is in no way fit to fight, and would not hold their own against anything but a band of disorganised brigands. They have no knowledge about tactics, and their skills in arms non-existent. The hunters have shown good skills with their bows, but they are as undisciplined as the rest. Beorthan: And their equipment? Cassius: Scraps of old wars. Bent and rusty. In low supply. Beorthan: Thank you, Cassius. You are dismissed. Cassius salutes and leaves: Thank you, sir. As the soldier leaves, a messenger from Shadowmere is announced. Beorthan: Shadowmere? Do you know of Shadowmere, William? Drake: A stronghold of a half-vampire by the name of Vladivus Stormbringer. He supported the old lords of Nocturnus in the civil war, and is still maintaining that support. Honourable and loyal, it seems. Beorthan calls out: Let him in. The messenger enters, bowing deeply: Greetings my lords. I bring word from Lord Vladivus Stormbringer, Captain of the Shadowmere Guard and the Moruth Rangers, Master of Shadowmere and Loyal to the true rulers of Nocturnus. Beorthan: We are most honoured to have been blessed with your lord’s attention, and welcome you to our halls and all that is ours. May we inquire as to what brings you here. Messenger: As you may know, Nocturnus is struggling with the upstart Ravage’s rebels and his scum. Thus, my most honourable lord seeks trading partners and allies outside the reach of the so-called Black Spire. Beorthan: I have heard word of the recent developments in Nocturnus. And while we have had troubles ourselves, we have come through mostly unscarred, and should welcome cooperation between our lands, should the conditions be acceptable. Messenger: My lord bids you most humbly to come to Shadowmere to discuss the particularities of the agreement. He ensures me that you will not regret taking his offer… But you must come soon… Beorthan pauses for a moment, before speaking: Allow me to ponder upon this until tomorrow, where you will have my reply. The messenger bows and leaves: As you wish, mylord. C&C Welcome, both in terms of builds and story telling. It turned out wordier than I had planned, but I hope it makes sense. /Bregir out.
  15. Lord Vladivus

    HSS: Underground in Shadowmere

    Beneath the rocky outcrops and plateaus surrounding Shadowmere are the mines of the Nocturnian Dwarves who produce much of the stone and ore for Shadowmere. These mines are often rough and ready, and the dwarves are prepared to retreat in the face of the frequent Drow raids. Patrolled by swift Dwarven warriors on warg mounts, the mines have an early warning system of sorts. It is one of these mines that Vladivus visits today, alongside his hope for a consort, the ancient, immortal vampiress, Lady Sithanna. Vladivus: "As you can see, these mines are not particularly extensive, or well worked- the dwarves are simply not numerous enough to fend off the Drow, skilled warriors though they may be. My zombies struggle down here, where their numbers count for little in the narrow tunnels." Lady Sithanna: "And you are hoping that I would lend you my Man-bat soldiers, who were bred in darkness and caves, and thus suited to these battles? Do I not strike to the heart of the matter my love?" Vladivus: "Perceptive as ever. You know as well as I do that it would do well- not to mention that an alliance of the vampires of Nocturnus would strike fear into Ravaage. Lord Mortis already aligns himself with Shadowmere." Before Sithanna could reply, a dwarven Captain mounted upon a warg burst into the cavern. Captain Dhumkaz: "M'Lord... and er Lady, I apologise..." Lady Sithanna: "Spit it out dwarf!" The dwarf's eyes narrowed, and he spoke pointedly to Vladivus. Captain Dhumkaz: "My Lord, Angfauglir approaches. Your scouts report that he appears to be alone, but they cannot be sure." Lord Vladivus: "Well, a surprise I suppose. I didn't think that wretch would risk coming here, even if he's on the run from Senurhem and Ravaage. Aye, I will meet him. Send messengers to Lord Mortis and have him meet us here. Sithanna, I trust you will be comfortable in your quarters until this matter is resolved?" Sithanna: "Yes, I suppose. The wolf and the necromancer will have to fill me in on the rest." So, this build is my first proper attempt at SNOT rocks, using kabels tutorial. I'm not happy with the build, and it's gone through several revisions (including a massive tower on top of the rocks), but it began getting tedious, so here it is. I might revisit the mines at some point and try to improve. An entry for HSS: Labourers. C+C very much welcome!
  16. Lord Vladivus

    HSS: Shadowmere West Gate

    A bleak sun rises over a black citadel, and two Kaliphlinites approach the West Gate of Shadowmere. The gate, however, is currently shut. A voice, sharp and growling sounds from the crenellations above the gate. "Halt, and move to one side". The voice came from a leopardman watch officer atop the walls. The Kaliphlinites duly moved off the road, and to one side, puzzled by this request. The gates swung open, revealing a mighty werewolf, none other than General Fenrir Bloodcloak himself, marching forth at the head of a line of Shadowmere Guard. The guard were mainly comprised of spearmen, their livery of red and black distinctive. To one side, accompanied by their bodyguards, were Lord Vladivus of Shadowmere, and Sir Beorthan of the Trifork. Vladivus: "So, we have an accord? Shadowmere will send trade representatives to the Trifork? Nocturnian forged armour and weapons will certainly aid you." Beorthan: "Aye, especially if they are as well wrought as your warriors have equipped here. They are certainly a force to be reckoned with, if not exactly living!" Vladivus: "Heh, not all of my troops are raised from the dead back to the living, although it certainly makes life easier. Look." A line of human troops in a blue livery marched by, their armour and weapons dull, but the edges keen and eager for blood. Beorthan: "Who are they? Not in the colours of Shaowmere?" Vladivus: "They are Black Falcons, led by Eothain the Mad. After the death of his brother, Eothed the Mighty, at Strangeholt Tower, he has sworn fealty to me, and not the Black Spire. These troops head to Abyssian, to bolster the loyalist Nocturnians." Vladivus: "Come, let us follow them to the gate, and I will bid thee farewell." Beorthan: "Indeed, this is proving to be a prosperous alliance." Vladivus: "Farewell then, I shall send scouts with you to ensure safe passage back through the Kelra Labyrinths, although I am sure you and Cassius would be able to handle most of the challenges within!" Beorthan: "My thanks Vla..." The two Kaliphlintes who had been stood outside of the gate as the troops filed past, approached, causing Beorthan to trail off and eye these newcomers with interest. Kaliphlinite: "Hail Vladivus, I am a follower of Masa of Kaliphin, and this is Lysus the Leander. We seek the Aslanic Temple within your walls." Vladivus: "Welcome, you may pass." To Beorthan: "Farewell my friend, safe journey!" With that, the Kaliphlinites wntered the citadel of Shadowmere... ... And Beorthan of the Trifork left. A vendor sells iron swords, forged by Nocturnian dwarves... ... Whilst a Shkyklyk vendor sells fish by the barrel. More sinisterly, a hooded figure wielding a large axe prepares to perform an execution on the Death Sands. Overview: Front overview. Rear overview. EDIT: Bonus picture of the Black Falcons: So, my biggest moc to date! C+C Welcome! And thanks to Bregir for the use of his sig-fig!
  17. Lord Vladivus

    HSS: Blood Fountains

    In and around Shadowmere, there are many fountains of a sinister nature. Beneath Shadowmere, in immeasurable caverns there are vast lakes of blood drained from unfortunate victims. This blood is enchanted and takes on a life of its own, swaying columns of freestanding blood ever moving towards the ceilings of the caverns. The blood forces its way though the rock, and bubbles to the surface. Most of the points at which the blood breaks the surfaces have had fountains built upon them. An industry of sorts has grown up around the thousands of such fountains of Shadowmere- blood wine. Shadowmere, prior to the emergence of the Black Spire, was one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of Blood Wine in Historica. The production still continues, largely due to the unceasing labour of the undead bottlers, and awaits a more favourable economic climate. A small fountain, typical of a freeholding in Shadowmere. From the back, a Shkyklyk overseer exits the small toolshed. An orcish worker uses an enchanted goblet to transfer the blood to the nearby barrel- making blood wine is a laborious task, steeped with tradition and strange arcane rituals. For example, each day, the fresh blood must be tasted and blessed by a member of a particular orcish tribe, which are accorded ranking higher than would be the norm- here Gruzag Wineswiller, in all his finery (he sits upon the Council of Shadowmere as the head of Commerce), sips from a glass of blood taken directly from the fountain. Whilst Scarecroicus (in his new day job), stirs and presses the blood with the femur of a six and half year old baby Bald Blueback dragon. So an entry for HSS: Agriculture. I hope it fits, I've been struggling to come up with an idea, but I hit upon the idea of blood wine, and it kinda stuck. Just a small one for this! C+C welcome!
  18. Most of the Shadowmere Guard are zombified Dragon Masters. Raised from the dead by Krell, they serve Vladivus and Shadowmere unflinchingly. Shown here are a Swordsman, Spearman, Archer and a Knight of the Inner Keep (Elite heavy cavalry). Without figs. As a bonus: "Rawrrrrrrgrh" So, this was originally a display for my Mount Up! build till I realised it was too big. Still wanted to use it for something, so figured I'd show off some of the ranks in Shadowmere's army and the figs (I'm pleased with the Elite Knights!). C+C welcome, even though it's a real quick display build!
  19. In his chambers in the Nocturnian citadel of Shadowmere, Krell discusses business with the head of his personal bodyguard. The business discussed ranges from patrol routes to resolving confrontations with the general citizens of Shadowmere. Krell's personal bodyguard are Shadows, fearsome warriors from beyond the mortal realm. Footsteps echo down the corridor outside, as a figure wrapped in black cloth strides purposefully towards Krell's chambers. The shade guard posted outside challenges the figure; Shade: "Who goessssss ssthereee?" The figure flicks aside some cloth to reveal a terrifying arachnoid face- Draxx, a member of the Scorpionmen race. Draxx: "I come to give important news to Krell, from Vladivus." The Shade stands aside, and opens the door-grate. As Draxx goes to enter, the Head of Krell's bodyguard exits, and though he has no face, his gaze fixes Draxx, who feels his soul bared to this etherbeast. Draxx enters the chambers. Krell looks up impatiently at the interuption. Krell: "Well, what is it?" Draxx: "I have travelled swiftly from Southern Nocturnus with great news- Vladivus has captured Sir Natas and is bringing him here for you to interrogate." Krell: "Perhaps we shall get the information that will lead us to Zurias. At least Vladivus will get some closure." Draxx leaves, and Krell calls in a Shade Guard. Krell: "Awaken the Servants of Torture. We have work to begin." Shade: "Assssss you wisssshhhhh my lord." C+C welcome. A build inside Shadowmere! It shows the build up to the torture of Sir Natas! Also a chance to show off some new fig combinations! In hindsight, I wish I hadn't picked black for Shadowmere, I hate photographing it!
  20. Lord Vladivus

    Krell Interrogates Sir Natas.

    When Lord Vladivus returned to Shadowmere, he handed Sir Natas over to Krell, his Necromancer. In the dungeons of Shadwomere, screams echo throughout the halls. These dungeons are a horrifying place, and one that few return from- those that do are usually the dungeon keepers, but even they do not always return. In one of the cells, Krell and one of his Servants of Torture see to Sir Natas. Krell: "Welcome Sir Natas. I assume you are aware of we are about to do- not that you have any choice mind. You're not in Avalonia or Kaliphlin, here in Nocturnus, we are cruel rather than kind!" He motioned to the Servant of Torture, who stepped forward, bearing vicious looking tools. Sir Natas: "No. You cannot. This is heresy. Ravaage is the true lea..." His voice was cut off by a sharp blow to the face. Krell:"Ravaage is dead, his body merely isn't aware of it yet. Now, about Zurias..." Krell's eyes glowed a fierce red, and with the Servant of Torture, set to work. Several hours later, Krell emerged, now armed with a host of information. C+C welcome, yet another freebuild! What has Krell discovered? I apologise for the lack of focus on the second picture, the camera refused to focus on the faces.