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Found 13 results

  1. soccerkid6

    Dwarven Ballistas

    This scene is my second entry into the Colossal Castle Contest XVI, for the Fantasy Siege Weapon category. I took inspiration for the landscape from the style of detailed model bases you often see for things like Lord of the Rings scenes. Mitgardian dwarves are masters of warfare, and their powerful ballistas are feared by all enemies. See more pictures on Brickbuilt. Once I figured out the ballistas, this scene came together quite quickly, and it was fun doing a larger landscape again. C&C welcome
  2. soccerkid6

    Danyel's House

    I enjoy building in the Dwarven style, and have made a fair amount of Dwarven scenes over the years, but not any recently. Which made it a great time to experiment with another building. I also got back into the habit of including full interiors. The corner pillar design is a modified version of a technique used in the Disney Castle. Eryl has many friends in Harburg, but one of his closest companions is Danyel: the son of a Dwarven merchant. Despite being nearly the same age as Eryl, Danyel already shows signs of having a fine Dwarven beard in the years to come. When they have some free time, the two boys enjoy exploring the forests and mountains around Harburg or playing mischievous pranks. It must be admitted that most of the latter are Eryl's ideas, and he can just about always convince Danyel to help him carry out his tricks. See more pictures on Brickbuilt. Felt great to do some building for Mitgardia again!
  3. This was built for the Colossal Battle Contest V, specifically the Dread Ambushers category. I have always enjoyed building dwarven style creations, and had wanted to do another for a while. The tower was somewhat influenced by dwarven towers in skyrim. This also gave me a great opportunity to use the polar bear in a build. The dwarves of Staor have many small outposts around the mountain that serve as defensive bastions, and gates into their underground kingdom. Some unfriendly neighboring trolls have planned an ambush and scaled down the craggy mountain slopes in an attack on the dwarves. Little do they realize that they too may be on the receiving end of an ambush. More pics. Thanks for looking, comments and criticism welcome
  4. After building Chenonceau, I was in a bit of a micro mood, and thought it would be fun to try my hand at a micro siege workshop. The whole build is only 8×8, and includes four micro siege weapons: one ballista, two catapults, and one siege tower. Dwarves in Mitgardia have long been masters of creating devastating siege weapons. With new demand for armament to battle the Spire, these Dwarven craftsmen have put their forges to work forging powerful ballistas, catapults, and more. Thanks for looking, comments and suggestions always welcome
  5. LittleJohn

    Nordheim Fjall

    The 7th and final section of my Nordheim collab with Isaac. You can see the others here: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th. This module especially was a collab effort, with Isaac doing a lot of the rockwork, while I built interiors, and some of the windows/entrances into the mountain. Creating a dwarven look was quite fun, and allowed for some interesting parts use. All the doors open and close, including a sliding door that serves as the entrance to the treasury. Fjall mountain houses a large house of dwarves that keep busy mining new metals and refining their smithing techniques. They have several trained dragons which serve as a scout force. Their rumored wealth is a matter of some debate among the Nordheim townfolk, as none have actually entered the secret treasury. Lots more pictures on Brickbuilt The full layout will be revealed sometime next week. As always, C&C is very welcome
  6. soccerkid6

    Hradcanny Dungeons

    Built for the Colossal Castle Contest. It was inspired by Michal Herbolt's "Defending the Mine" build. There are 4 individual cell modules that hook onto the back of the build. The dwarves of Hradcanny know well that run down prison cells increase the chances of escape, thus, even their dungeons feature wonderful craftsmanship of stonework. See more pictures here: link Thanks for looking, more to come soon
  7. A dwarven hammer I built out of LEGO-bricks. It has a width of ~39cm and a length of ~106,5cm. Some additional views (22nd March 2015): +++++][+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+++++ More pictures of my creations can be found on my homepage! +++++][+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+++++
  8. This is a counter to MKJoshA's Monkey Business guerrilla. ​Shortly after a new city pledged their allegiance to Ulandus and the First Centurion, a Dwarven officer has been stationed their as a recruiter and as a defender. Surely enough, he's spotted something rather peculiar - a monkey running around with what appears to be stolen gold. His first instinct was to put down the monkey, which he has down so with a single swipe of a steel longsword. Surely enough, it was revealed that the monkey was in a scheme to steal gold from Ulandian sympathizers. The monkey's owner and trainer has not been found. He has probably crawled into a cave like the rest of the Desert King scum should be. Here's an additional picture with a closer view.
  9. The mechaknight of the Dwarven faction in the STAR KNIGHTS universe It's in cuusoo and all your help advertising and supporting this is well appreciated. Hope you like it Thanks!
  10. Long ago, when the guilds were still young, outposts were established throughout the western range to keep watch on the Orcish Marches. In the spirit of cooperation fostered by the recent formation of the great guilds, a human contingent was dispatched to each outpost to join the Dwarven sentries keeping the ways thru the mountains clear and safe. One such outpost along a minor road a couple days' journey northwest of Erikson was manned one spring day by a human named Denric Wulfsen, far from his home outside Nordheim, and the dwarf Thorgal Axehand out of distant Omurtag. Most of the outposts in these parts were dwarf-built, and Denric & Thorgal often passed the long hours of their shifts arguing over whether theirs was a watchtower or merely an outpost. Thorgal firmly believed it to be a tower, only exceeded by the great structures within the halls of the Dwarven cities. Denric refused to budge, noting his usual perch as the resident archer was barely a man's height off the ground. For three months the pair had been stationed there, alternating with another human/dwarf duo every 12 hours, spending their time off duty at a small mining town three miles inland. It was a quiet life, with only the occasional trader or traveler passing near their outpost. Word of orc incursions further north had reached the mining town, but there was little fear of any raiders so far south. The only excitement they'd had on duty was when Thorgal dozed off against the nearby tree and a wolf mistook him for an easy meal. He was startled out of sleep with a yell, and only managed to get one wild glancing blow against the hungry creature before Denric's arrow pierced its heart. On that particular spring day, over a month since the wolf incident, the two were bickering over the outpost's status, keeping an eye on the road in front of them but neglecting to keep watch on the woods & rocky hillsides around them... Tark and Ruggezh, two orc scouts from the Marches, were part of an offensive seeking weak points to gain passage thru the mountains to target the richer lands to the east. Traveling much further south than the other scouts and raiders, the pair found a suitable spot they deemed too far from Erikson to warrant much defense. For a week they observed the occupants of the outpost from a distance, both shifts, and found the two on duty that day to be the best targets given their frequent if mild arguments. Ruggezh led Tark thru the woods northwest of the structure, approaching from behind as the watchmen bickered. Ruggezh gestured for Tark to take care of the dwarf, while he'd attack the human up top, who had foolishly left the ladder down. Sadly--or, perhaps, fortunately--Thorgal and Denric never knew what hit them. Their petty squabbling was the gateway to a shift in power in the region, for a time anyway... Here's a better view of the players: More pics in the full Flickr album! Thanks for viewing! This is my first real MOC structure. Can't wait to get Phase II done, but vacation beckons...
  11. The main focus of this build was the large waterfall, which features a new waterfall technique (more info on that later in this post). The small tower doesn't have an interior as there wasn't space for one with the SNOT design, but the larger towers do and the whole build opens up to reveal tunnels, rooms, and a stairway created by the dwarves. Credit for the snow on the bushes design goes to Brother Steven. Credit for the slope corners of the lower tower goes to Daniel Church. The Fossgard Falls are some of the most famous waterfalls in Historica. The dwarves of Fossgard have many tunnels and fortresses built around these falls, but are willing to allow sightseers from any of the guilds to come enjoy the falls' splendour: Left tower interior: Right tower interior: The waterfall design is quite simple, it uses mainly 3 pieces: clear 1x2 bricks, clear 1x2 plates, and clear 1x1 round plates. Using those pieces you build a wall 2 studs thick in front of white bricks. You use the white bricks to define the shape of the fall, for mine I used 6 studs as the width for the center of the fall, then stepped back a stud and did 4 studs wide on either side of the 6 studs, then stepped back another stud and did 2 studs wide on the outside edges of the 4 stud sections. While building the wall of clear, you attach 1x2 plates so that they stick out one stud from the rest of the wall every so often, and you put 1x1 round plates or cheese slopes on top of the protruding edge of the 1x2 plate. Also as you build the wall every three or four brick layers, you step the whole fall back a stud by moving the white bricks back one stud then keeping the clear wall in front only two studs thick. These two pictures should help show what I mean. This one shows the use of 1x2 plates and 1x1 round plates or cheese slopes in the waterfall: This picture shows how the fall steps back: Hopefully that long-winded description makes sense There are more pictures here: link Any Comments/Criticism greatly appreciated
  12. soccerkid6

    Hradcanny Hall

    Pillars,table, and chairs inspired by Gideon's cool interior for challenge VI, and the doors were inspired by some of SoT's stuff. I had fun with the figs and furniture in this build. Also used a couple of tips from Gideon concerning presentation. Joktan and Jayan are meeting with some Hradcanny nobles in one of Hradcanny's many great halls: More pictures here: link All C&C appreciated
  13. soccerkid6

    Hradcanny Gatehouse

    Another build showing some of the great Dwarven city of Hradcanny. This particular build shows one of the gates into the underground sections of the city. Jayan is originally from Hradcanny so he and Joktan have come to try and gather some dwarves willing to help fight the Hand outside of their city: More pictures showing the interior here: Any C&C appreciated