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  1. Favorite/Inspirational Sci-Fi MOCs

    It was only a matter of time before Nick Trotta's latest made an appearance here! His work is just sooo good!
  2. I'm a little busy to play at the moment, Kintobor, but I appreciate the invitation.
  3. Fantasy Funnies

    New funnies!
  4. Space Base H17

    Incredible to see all these craft come together with a great base to tie them together Z! The lights are just spectacular!
  5. Dark Elves

    Nice transformation of the nicebricks helms!
  6. *Throws fireball at exetrius for being a bad Nocturnian* *Grabs pie, hands one to exetrius*
  7. Captain Haddock didn't even bother to rise from his seat as he thundered, "You know where I stand, It's hunting time!" Unfortunately the length of the session, had led to Counselor Hadelson dozing off in his seat, and attempts to rouse him subtly were unsuccessful. Revon de Crocodil stood quickly to fill the silence, "I also stand in favor of hunting vessels whose sole purpose is piracy, but we must be sure that traders are not harmed. Trade is our lifeblood as well as theirs." 2 Yeas and an Abstention from the Sea of Thieves
  8. Trial by Jury - Conclusion

    Awesome work as Host medium! The cancelling kill mechanic is unexpected, seeing as I didn't believe you would do that. And a big shoutout to kwatchi for covering for me a few times!
  9. Trial by Jury - Day 6

    Given our tendency as a town to be horribly wrong every time we go full analysis into people's posts and voting history, I feel like I have to go with my gut today. Vote: Tony (jluck)
  10. Trial by Jury - Day 6

    Ok, we're having less discussion than Anthony gets action (despite his frequent lack of pants) How about we just see if we have any consensus on least trusted individual? I don't trust tony. (And Gary is really the only trustworthy person)
  11. Trial by Jury - Day 6

    Well shit. Thanks for being upfront about your action last night, that saves us some back and forth today. As a townie unit, we seem to have a really low number of power roles, unless Harry was one of our PRs...
  12. Trial by Jury - Day 5

    Alright I have to make this quick due to life, but now that Gary has revealed that he's been protecting Steph each night, I don't see any reason for Tony to still be alive unless he's not working with the town. Vote: Tony (jluck)
  13. Trial by Jury - Day 5

    The night actions in this game make less and less sense with every post I need to lie down... As for what I thought anthony was a risk: He was active, and therefore had a greater chance of manipulating us.
  14. Trial by Jury - Day 5

    @Lady K The lynch was already secured with an excess majority when I got around again late yesterday. My gut feeling was that Anthony was slightly more dangerous, so I left it. Anthony and Gary, your thoughts on the results since were only a few hours out from the start of voting?
  15. Trial by Jury - Day 5

    Well, that was a crappy night for us... Unfortunately Brock the Moletti was pretty quiet yesterday and exclusively pushed for the lynch of Amanda, who ended up being innocent. (Honestly Amanda, you need to play a bit differently if you're going to help out the town in the future) Ol' Cliff was also innocent, but I'm going to say he probably was in the dark for any info. He was a good vanilla. (Stick around for some future games LegoMF, you did great!)