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  1. [MOC] AEX-12J FORDY

    I love the body shape on this!
  2. [MOC] M:Tron BoatTronShip

    That is a fantastic usage of the boat hull, and it's M-Tron to boot!
  3. Captain Haddock thumped out of his chair and answered with an emphatic, "AYE!" Hadelson and Revon de Crocodil subsequently stood and also voiced votes of affirmation. "Aye, aye"
  4. Trial by Jury - Day 1

    They have to let us out for the restrooms sometimes. At this point I agree that/believe votes are more productive than mere accusations based on nothing, which is what what we have, a big ole zero in market research. Our resident no nonsense senior citizen might as well be waiting around til the point when he's no longer a bandwagon and just the guy voting to finish off whichever candidate we choose as a mob. Vote: Harry Oldman (fhomess)
  5. Trial by Jury - Day 1

    This seems to be a lot of witch hunting on our newest mail carrier... @Drunknok why are you so eager to stop our mail service? Do you not want to pay his pension?
  6. Trial by Jury - Day 1

    Did you two elderly gentlemen take your meds this morning?
  7. Captain Haddock rose slowly from his seat, "I agree with the motion to hold a special election for the Prio Seas. Without a representative that region cannot be sure their defense needs are heard!"
  8. Trial by Jury - Day 1

    A movie does sound good after this, as long as its not the Brickfather. I feel that would be a bit close to home after what the Bellagios are likely to put us through.
  9. Trial by Jury - Confirmation and Discussion

    These hands were made for phones, not dragging gas-filled saws around.
  10. Trial by Jury - Confirmation and Discussion

    Tina has arrived, now lets make this quick before my boss decides to fire me because he has to take his own phone calls this week.
  11. Yes! A great way to kick off the new year mediumsnowman! 1. Yep! 2. Definitely will be active. I have to travel at the end of next week, but I'll still have internet. 3. Maybe a 3-4
  12. Who's Your Favorite Film Composer and/or Score?

    Zimmer wins the overall favorite for me, with John Williams close behind. As for individual scores, here's my current top 10: 1. Tron: Legacy - Daft Punk | A Complete redefinition of what a film soundtrack can be. If you haven't listened to it, rectify that immediately. 2. Star Wars - John Williams | The original, and he didn't just keep the same schtick. Episodes V, I, II, and III all got tracks that would have defined franchises on their own. 3. Interstellar - Hans Zimmer | Pure. Organ. Masterclass. Zimmer. 4. The Dark Knight Trilogy - Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard | Zimmer usually gets all the credit for these (he's a genius, not denying it) but JNH brought his own elements to the first two that really worked well with Zimmer's. 5. The Lord of the Rings - Howard Shore | An entry that needs no explanation. Shore's dedication to bringing Middle-earth to life is insane, having spent an entire year on the fellowship alone. 6. Gladiator - Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerrard | Another masterpiece of Zimmer's, with pulse pounding battle themes and haunting songs of death. Gerrard's vocals are another level. 7. How to Train Your Dragon - John Powell | One of Zimmer's proteges, who now operates on a level close to that of Zimmer himself. Berk is so much more alive with his music. 8. Indiana Jones - John Williams | A true classic. 9. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly - Ennio Morricone | The only man comparable to John Williams on the sheer quality and scale of a career. One of his greatest. 10. Blade Runner - Vangelis | A masterpiece, and the guy can't even read music.
  13. Lego Universe Character Poll

    Yes, it was a multiple choice poll.
  14. [ESL] Throwing a Hat Into the Ring

    Thanks everyone, hopefully I'll be around BoBS more this year!
  15. Hello Everyone! @Exetrius and I have been working on a little something and we'd like to get some community opinions and data! Please vote for as many or as few characters as you like, and feel free to share any ones that you think should have been included. For reference, here are some images with the characters/ specialties in the order they are listed in the polls, with 1 being the upper left and each row being included in its entirety fromleft to right before starting the next row. If you'd like to check out everything in more detail, I recommend the Lego Universe Wiki. (Click this one to enlarge) Thanks again!