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  1. PaulPrime

    Batman (DC Superheroes) 2024 - Rumors & Discussion

    I will buy that blue Batmobile on the first day, and spend the next days/weeks making it shorter and narrower. I will look if there are dark blue wheel arches out there as well. So much potential.
  2. PaulPrime

    UCS X-Wing 2023 - Mods

    I have removed several chains to get the minifigure, and did the opposite process to convert a minifigure in a keychain. I use the tip of a soldering iron to heat the metal until it slides out with little force. Once cool the plastic is not harmed. I'm not familiar with that led R2-D2 keychain, but if the metal piece used is the same I'm pretty sure you can apply the same process.
  3. PaulPrime

    [MOD] R2-D2 75379 openable cockpit and more

    Thank you very much, I really appreciate your comments. My nephew is absolutely thrilled with this set. We were building it together one bag per day during a couple weeks and it was the only thing he wanted to do after class. I honestly bought it just for Malak, but his enthusiasm was so high and contagious that I ended liking it. Looking how happy he was during the process, it was money well spent. I wonder which will be our next project.
  4. Hello there, I wish I have checked the MOD from master Ron first, as that is the mandatory way to go with this set, but these are my humble modifications so far. Studless head with firing feature and openable chest with cockpit which slides out. Two quick pictures, I will elaborate further later. Kind regards, Paul
  5. PaulPrime

    [MOC] Chopper - a companion to the 2024 R2-D2

    I love the studless head on Chopper. I'm going to try to cover R2 head with tiles and slopes to get rid of the visible studs.
  6. Well, that sucks. It was exactly my plan. The current 5L chain connecting Paz's gun and backpack will stay for now.
  7. PaulPrime

    [MOD] R2-D2 Retractable Middle Foot set 75379 MOD

    When I show him my creations his two questions are always does it open? and does it fire? So I may try to put some firing mechanism in the head instead of the pilot. Please show us if you manage to put a cockpit there!
  8. PaulPrime

    [MOD] R2-D2 Retractable Middle Foot set 75379 MOD

    Amazing! That hollow inner space was surely asking to be used. As requested by my 5 year old nephew i repurposed it into a openable cockpit for the small R2-D2, but I'm very tempted to try your mod.
  9. PaulPrime

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    Just got 75379 R2-D2. Malak is mine!
  10. PaulPrime

    [MOC] Pirate Snubfighter

    Agreed. It's also more compact, in scale and accurate than the official one. Great job.
  11. PaulPrime

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    Trouble on Tatooine just arrived today. I ordered from Lego online store last January, 1st. 10 days, not bad given the problems with the snow here in Spain. Finally I have a proper Mando in Beskar.
  12. PaulPrime

    The Marshall's (Cobb Vanth) Speeder

    That was fast! Very good representation, I liked it on screen as well.
  13. PaulPrime

    75153 AT-ST modification

    Answer for both questions is yes, though you have to modify the sides of the head to make them thinner and use jumpers to offset the seats. I can't link pics as brickshelf is offline but I shortened the legs on mine too.
  14. PaulPrime

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Sorry, didn't take any picture during the process and the helmet is glued on. Not a lot to see anyway, there is like an inner part of the head which fits around the torso neck, and an outer part with an empty space in between with the details and colours. I removed most of this outer layer of the head and leave the face.
  15. PaulPrime

    Micro Razor Crest

    Thank you!