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  1. PaulPrime

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    Trouble on Tatooine just arrived today. I ordered from Lego online store last January, 1st. 10 days, not bad given the problems with the snow here in Spain. Finally I have a proper Mando in Beskar.
  2. PaulPrime

    The Marshall's (Cobb Vanth) Speeder

    That was fast! Very good representation, I liked it on screen as well.
  3. PaulPrime

    75153 AT-ST modification

    Answer for both questions is yes, though you have to modify the sides of the head to make them thinner and use jumpers to offset the seats. I can't link pics as brickshelf is offline but I shortened the legs on mine too.
  4. PaulPrime

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Sorry, didn't take any picture during the process and the helmet is glued on. Not a lot to see anyway, there is like an inner part of the head which fits around the torso neck, and an outer part with an empty space in between with the details and colours. I removed most of this outer layer of the head and leave the face.
  5. PaulPrime

    Micro Razor Crest

    Thank you!
  6. PaulPrime

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Thank you! I used a soldering tool and some blades. I roughly marked the portion of the head I wanted to remove, heated the blade and cut. Heating is not mandatory but makes cutting process faster. Then I cut little bits with smaller blades until the helmet fits. You have to be patient and don't cut too much each time.
  7. PaulPrime

    Micro Razor Crest

    My order finaly arrived and the new engines are done. There are not many 3x3 round pieces, and I had to sacrifice the inner detail from the first version, but the size is as correct as it can be at this scale.
  8. PaulPrime

    Updating Your Minifigs

    I have this idea for Kuiil and made it a reality during my holidays. I didn't expect to have to carve so much of the original head to fit the helmet, at the end only the face and neck remained. A bit of white on the eyebrows and a Blurrg and it's done.
  9. PaulPrime

    Micro Razor Crest

    Thanks for the compliments, much appreciated. Regarding the engines I agree, actually those were the pieces I had available but a Briclink order with a couple pieces which will fit better is on its way. I will update when it arrives.
  10. PaulPrime

    Friedies Millennium Falcon Moc/Mod 2nd Edition

    The accuracy given the scale is amazing. Great job! Regarding the mandibles, it's an easy fix. Check this but there are many examples around.
  11. PaulPrime

    Micro Razor Crest

    I decided to give a try to build my own version of the Razor Crest during the quarantine, but using my own bricks. Due to limited availability it had to be a micro version, but I'm happy how it turned out. I tried to incorporate some play features as well (doors open, kind of landing gear, "interior" or at least hollow space) and keep it as smooth as possible. I'm proud of the sloped cabin, the most difficult part by far. I hope you liked it. Regards, PaulPrime
  12. PaulPrime

    Updating Your Minifigs

    My orders arrived and finished my small Mandalorian army. The custom arms and weapons are amazing.
  13. PaulPrime

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Sorry, I'm not sure what is the part you are asking for. Legs and hips comes from different minifigs or legs from my parts bin. Is this one ?
  14. PaulPrime

    Updating Your Minifigs

    These Mandos are fun. I just want to share my small group with you. It's a WIP as I am waiting for some orders to arrive, including the printed arms from Firestartoys. The dark orange one is my favourite, especially after putting in place the Ninjago dual molded arms.
  15. PaulPrime

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Agreed. This is my attemp with the parts I have at hand. The cape is what really adds to the look. I cut it from a paper bag and carefully folded to better resemble his on screen appearance.