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  1. AlecLantz

    [MOC] 2 walkers-rollers

    These are really beautifal and original !
  2. haha thanks! thank you! And me too
  3. First off, thanks for checking out my build! This MOC originally involved a few mini-scale resistance X-Wings on display, but then I encountered Jason Allemann's (JK Brickworks)'s video on his kinetic sculpture of Sisyphus endlessly pushing the boulder up the mountain. This is where my inspiration to make a moving vignette came from. The terrain on the top of the gear box is supposed to represent any number of desert planets you want it to be, most likely Jakku though. ;) Anyways, three's a link to a video of the thing in action right below the first picture, the font is huge you can't miss it. Once again, thanks for checking this out! If you have any constructive criticism don't hesitate to comment, hope you like it! :) -Alec DSC_0460 by AlecTheAverage, on Flickr CLICK THE LINK TO SEE IT IN ACTION! DSC_0457 by AlecTheAverage, on Flickr DSC_0451 by AlecTheAverage, on Flickr DSC_0449 by AlecTheAverage, on Flickr DSC_0456 by AlecTheAverage, on Flickr DSC_0459 by AlecTheAverage, on Flickr
  4. All those little ships flying around it really make this thing come alive! absolutely fantastic!
  5. AlecLantz

    [MOC] Coruscant Hi-Rise,

    Brilliant! the greebiling on the side is like a dream! this is an amazing creation!
  6. AlecLantz

    [MOC] Millenium Falcon Falcon

    this is so creative!, i love the coloring!
  7. AlecLantz

    [MOC] Jungle Planet Encounter

    Hello, everybody! This isn't really based off of any specific film or show. The MOC is very small but I am pretty happy with the way it turned out. The hardest part of this build was actually trying to set up the gun blast looks. Thanks for checking my creation out! DSC_0260 by AlecTheAverage, on Flickr DSC_0250 by AlecTheAverage, on Flickr DSC_0259 by AlecTheAverage, on Flickr0 DSC_0258 by AlecTheAverage, on Flickr DSC_0257 by AlecTheAverage, on Flickr DSC_0254 by AlecTheAverage, on Flickr DSC_0258 by AlecTheAverage, on Flickr
  8. AlecLantz

    [MOC] The People of Laaf

    very very well done! the brick texture is amazing!
  9. AlecLantz

    [MOC] Imperial Star Destroyer Tyrant

    The detail is Incredible! this is one of the best star wars builds ive ever seen!
  10. AlecLantz

    [MOC] Voltron

    The colors are beautiful! the whole thing... magnificent!
  11. AlecLantz

    [MOC] The RG-1 Galactic Cruiser

    haha I agree. And thankyou!
  12. AlecLantz

    [MOC] The RG-1 Galactic Cruiser

    Thanks! This is very different from any other shape I've attempted, so I'm glad you like it!
  13. AlecLantz

    [MOC] The RG-1 Galactic Cruiser

    That makes a lot more sense, thankyou so much!
  14. AlecLantz

    [MOC] The RG-1 Galactic Cruiser

    This is my first attempt at a spaceship MOC. I would gladly take any constructive criticism anybody has. Thanks for checking this page out! SIDE NOTE: I think Im doing something wrong because the post options only allow me to post at a very small size; so if anybody knows what error I most likely made, Please let me know!