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    1x2 tile
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    Jazz Club Modular

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  1. scarovich

    GoH 10 B: The Witch of Heedwor

    Nice! Love the details and sweepingly tall roof.
  2. scarovich

    [MOC] Pizza Shop - 16x32 modular

    Thanks. We wife bought the Jazz Club set just because it was part of the collection. I guess now we'll have rival pizza shops in our town.
  3. scarovich

    [MOC] Pizza Shop - 16x32 modular

    Thank you.
  4. scarovich

    [MOC] Pizza Shop - 16x32 modular

    Long before the Jazz Club modular came out, I created this pizza shop to fill in some small spaces in my city. It was my first custom modular crafted from lots of old spare bricks I had. I deliberately used discolored white bricks that had yellowed over time as part of the building to give it that old "greasy spoon" of an old pizza parlor.
  5. scarovich

    [MOC] 1933 Ford Model A Mail Truck

    Thanks. Had to build this first so I could figure out how high to build the loading dock on the future post office.
  6. scarovich

    Hello Lego Fans

  7. scarovich

    Hello Lego Fans

    I'm glad to finally be approved to join. My wife started putting together our Lego town "Brickadoon" starting with the bookstore just last February. Here's how much it has grown since then.
  8. scarovich

    [MOC] 1933 Ford Model A Mail Truck

    Thank you.
  9. scarovich

    [MOC] 1933 Ford Model A Mail Truck

    I am working on post office for my city and started by creating a postal truck for it. Since the town exists somewhere between 1930 - 1960, I selected a classic Ford Model A version to model. For now, it has become part of our holiday village.
  10. scarovich

    Hello Lego Fans

    My name is David but you can find me under tag name of Scarovich on several Lego forums and sites. I've grown up with Lego building and still have all my set which date back as early as 1970. I started with city models creating houses, a police station, hospital, etc. covering my parent's dining table each weekend. In my teens, I collected the technic sets and delved into all sorts of animated projects. Now in my 50s, I've introduced my wife to the fun of Lego and returned to building cities once again except now I have them a table that doesn't need to cleared off each evening.