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  1. Xig_brick

    [MOC] Imperial Lighthouse

    Thanks for the positive feedback. How can the topic be moved to the Subforum?
  2. Xig_brick

    [MOC] Imperial Lighthouse

    About one and a half years ago I had started this project. At that time I was just waiting for the delivery of my Barracuda Bay. What I never finished was the building instructions. This I have now made up for. I took the opportunity to completely rework the lighthouse, especially the rock cellar and the upper platform. The building instruction is now available on rebrickable. I hope you like my design.
  3. Xig_brick

    [MOC] Endor Landing Platform

    You can find my instructions on https://rebrickable.com/users/Xigphir/mocs/
  4. Xig_brick

    [MOC] Endor Landing Platform

    Thanks and yes, it's all designed by my own. Today I finished the last revisions and completed the building instructions.
  5. Xig_brick

    [MOC] Endor Landing Platform

    This is my micro scale version of the Imperial outpost landing platform on the forest moon Endor as featured in the Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi movie.
  6. Xig_brick

    [MOC] Microscale Hoth Diorama

    These days I designed a microscale snowspeeder. Now I did a small Hoth diorama because I like to see him in his natural habitat.