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Found 15 results

  1. This is my LEGO Ideas Rivendell project. You can support it here! You're support can help make this a real LEGO set! :D Description Rivendell, a collection of beautifully designed buildings, built by Lord Elrond in the 2nd Age of Middle earth. Nestled, almost hidden, among the trees of a deep gorge to the west of the Misty Mountains, Rivendell is the home of the Elves. Rivendell is one of the very key and more well know locations in Middle Earth, having many places named after it in real life. It plays a key role in both the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings, as a safe haven and place of comfort to the characters in both stories. Build This highly detailed, architecture style model is built in roughly trophy figure scale (the same scale as the micro Hogwarts Castle set). I have tried to capture the architecural style and granduer of Rivendell as well as possible in such small scale and with LEGO bricks. I based my design on Weta Worksop's model of Rivendell, which you can view here. Although there is no particular right or wrong for how Rivendell looks, Weta Workshop was the company that designed all the props for the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit trilogies, so I thought that their model would be a good place to start. Pieces This microscale model is actually quite a large set, containing 2578 pieces exactly. This number will obviously change a bit as I make changes to the model based on suggestions made by the community, but I will update it when I can! Would love to here what you think, and even more would love your support! Thanks for checking this out!
  2. soccerkid6

    [MOC] Imladris

    I built this model as a prize for the 16th Colossal Castle Contest, which just started recently. As the name implies, it is a model of Rivendell from Lord of the Rings. Since I had already built a scene named Rivendell, I used its alternate name this time. Unlike my last Rivendell build, I didn’t base this directly off any source material. If you’d like a chance to own this model, build an awesome entry for the Micro Medieval Mountain category of the CCC. You can find more images on Brickbuilt. Comments and suggestions always welcome
  3. Brick Pilgrim

    [MOC] Departure from Rivendell

    In this MOC of the departure from Rivendell described in The Fellowship of the Ring (Book), I tried to capture the grey feel of the scene. I also wanted to experiment with making a tree from various connections. I'm pretty happy about how it came out and I discovered a new technique* * Somebody may have done this before, but if so, I discovered it independently so it's a new technique to me: The ratcheted hinge piece and the clip fit together naturally and they form a smooth hinge (really nice for me as I do not have the old hinges).


    Hi guys! I bring you my new MOC that represents the first half of the movie The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. This MOC begins in Hobbiton (The Shire) through the Old Forest where the Hobbits meet the Nazgûl, the Brandiwine river, the village of Bree, Weathertop and Rivendell. You can see the rest of the images in my Flickr album:
  5. soccerkid6

    (MOC) Rivendell

    My second micro Lord of the Rings creation, after Edoras. Andrew JN suggested that I build Rivendell, and I was skeptical about being able to pull it off in micro-scale at first. The main build process took a little over 2 weeks, and then I needed to wait a bit longer for parts to arrive to finish the model. It was primarily based off of these two images: picture 1, picture 2.The model is view-able from all sides, and while one of my most complex micro creations, it was an extremely rewarding build. Rivendell, also known as Imladris, was an Elven town and the house of Elrond located in Middle-earth. It is described as “The Last Homely House East of the Sea”, referencing towards Valinor, which is west of the Great Sea in Aman. High resolution images on flickr. Check out all of the pictures on brickbuilt to make sure you don't miss any details. Thanks for looking
  6. My entry for round 1 of The Middle Earth LEGO Olympics over on MOCpages. The category was to create a build based on one of J.R.R Tolkien’s poems or songs. Here is the one I chose: Farewell we call to hearth and hall! Though wind may blow and rain may fall, We must away ere break of day Far over wood and mountain tall. To Rivendell, where Elves yet dwell In glades beneath the misty fell, Through moor and waste we ride in haste, And whither then we cannot tell. With foes ahead, behind us dread, Beneath the sky shall be our bed, Until at last our toil be passed, Our journey done, our errand sped. We must away! We must away! We ride before the break of day! I tried to portray the 3 main themes of the song: hearth and home, travel through the wild, and Rivendell. More pictures on Brickbuilt. Thanks for looking, C&C welcome
  7. TheLordOfBricks

    [MOC] A Short Rest...

    Hello! This is my third of 19 posts I will be doing, where I will be building my way through the Hobbit story, one chapter per post, I will do this over the course of the year... Anyways, about the builds, these are three builds, that I wanted to do, and I felt like they best fit into the Rivendell chapter best, so I decided to build three builds, and put them in one post... :D So, my first build is on an irregular baseplate, but it is roughly 36 x 52... Also, fun fact, of the colors that are showing minus the figs, there are only three colors total... :D Here is my main pic: Here are some pics of my first build: The ugly backside: Here is a pretty similar to the finished product WIP pic of my first build: So, my second build doesn't really have a baseplate, but it is roughly 39 x 16... Also, fun fact, of the colors that are showing minus the figs, there are only three colors total... :D Here are some pics of my second build: Here are some WIP pics of my second build: And finally, my third build, which also doesn't have a baseplate, and is about 30 bricks wide... Also, only three colors, if you don't include the texturing on the map... Here are some pics of my third build: Here are some WIP pics of my third build: I hope you enjoyed as much as I had fun building them!!!! My favorite is by far the second one, and I experimented with two different colors blended rockwork, all these have three different colors showing... :D C&C Appreciated! To God be the glory!
  8. TheLightWeaver

    Middle Earth Minis

    Middle Earth is one of the most expansive, well-known worlds ever created by an author. This project honors J.R.R Tolkien and the beautiful world he created, as well as Peter Jackson, who brought Middle Earth to life. There are so many Lord of the Rings and Hobbit fans who were disappointed when the LEGO series was discontinued. You can learn more about my project and its goals at Lego Ideas here. Also, I would love to have feedback on how to improve and what I could add. Please leave a reply. (I am a new member and this is my first MOC that I am posting.) Middle-Earth Minis is a series which contains many small, microscale versions of the iconic places in Middle Earth. Since LEGO chose not to produce many locations, hopefully these can cover for some of them. Ideally, all of the locations would come in one set with a Middle Earth Map and you could put each microscale version on their according locations. The locations: Bag End Isengard (Orthanc) Argonath Edoras Helms Deep Minas Tirith Minas Morgul Barad-Dur
  9. Hello, Does anybody know what is a fare price for having a giant lego display at a public museum? The display is over 250 lbs., 55 inches tall, and needs a uhaul to transfer which is an hour away. They have a lego event every week which they promote by using these displays. I personally would do it for free but wouldn't mind breaking even or making a gain. A local public museum (Oshkosh, WI) is showing Nathan Sawaya's The Art of The Brick exhibit which started last weekend. They have offered some interest in displaying my most recent creation, The Hobbit-Rivendell in future events. They wanted to know what the fees were for my display? Anybody have some insight/ suggestions? LEGO IDEAS here High Res Pics here Thanks, Ben
  10. Ben Pitchford

    MOC 120,000 + piece Rivendell

    LEGO Rivendell over 120,000 pieces as seen in "The Hobbit An Unexpected Gathering" See pics at
  11. Anduin1710

    Modular Rivendell

    I made a modular Rivendell in currently 5 Parts. You can change and combine every part with another. It has more than 13,000 pieces. There are 24 minifigures (11 she-elves), 4 statues and 2 light gray horses. Plaese take a look on my projects and support them. I have also made some more from Middle-earth: The Hobbit - The house of the Master of Laketown (updated!) The Hobbit - Halls of Thranduil The Hobbit - Dale LOTR - The Prancing Pony LOTR - Barad-dûr Ultimate Collector's Set LOTR - Minas Morgul (updated!) LOTR - The Tower of Cirith Ungol LOTR - Doors of Durin You can also visit me on flickr.
  12. Captain Braunsfeld

    Narsil in Rivendell

    Hello everyone, my younger son has come up with a nice idea that we completed together: Narsil in Rivendell: It might not be totally clear, but the guy standing behind the remains of the sword is meant to be an elven statue. That's it for now. Have a wonderful 2014!
  13. This is what I have been working on for the past weeks, my version of the council of elrond. Personally I think this is my best dio (would that be a correct name for this?) so far, I just love the colors so much! Even despite the design of the rocks I where managed to make it sturdy as well, wish is something that is usually prio 1 on my models. Hope you guys like it as much as I do!
  14. Lynx

    LEGO Glorfindel

    Hi guys, I have been unsuccessfully browsing Bricklink for pieces to create one of my favourite characters in the Lord of the Rings. Given that many of you are experts in Historic Themes, I was hoping that somebody might be able to help me out. This is a picture of Glorfindel as he appears in the LEGO Lord of the Rings video game. I have the hair and head and surely could find a dark blue cape, but I couldn't find anything that even remotely resembles the torso and legs. I would greatly appreciate any ideas and suggestions! Cheers, Michael