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  1. Jcreations912

    Lego Ideas Support Thread - Historical/Castle

    LEGO Ideas the Fantasy Castle has made it to 1000 supporters in 12 days! Thank you so so much for your support! Please continue to share this project with your family, friends and on your social media sites to help get it to 10K! If you haven't already supported, please do so here: https://ideas.lego.com/projects/f7743e0f-cfbf-45b0-a89f-8e72680f7a02 Thanks again!
  2. Jcreations912

    Fantasy Castle

    Yup!! I am so pleased!! I hope a stay there!! Should make 1000 soon!! ;-)
  3. Jcreations912

    Outskirts of Mophet

    Wow!! This is a really incredible model with such a NPU!! The detail is amazing!
  4. Jcreations912

    Fantasy Castle

    Thanks so much! Even if it doesn't make it, I still like to see how many supporters it gets!! XD Thanks so much @leafan I sure hope your right!! Lets hope we get this to 10K!
  5. Jcreations912

    Springvale Watch

    This is brilliant! I love the unique colours and peeling plaster on the wall!!
  6. Jcreations912

    [MOC] Monarch Butterfly

    Wooah! This is awesome! Such a brilliantly designed model!
  7. Jcreations912

    [MOC] The Bear's Fortress

    This is awesome! I love how you did the turrets - very clever!
  8. Jcreations912

    Black Knight's Castle 6086 Revamp

    This is just incredible!! Soo detailed and well built!!
  9. This is just awesome!! Supported a while ago! So much detail!
  10. Jcreations912

    [MOC] WatchinOut

    Wow!! That is insanely detailed. Such a cool model!
  11. Jcreations912

    [MOC] A Little Bit of Magic - Trade District of Albion

    This is just incredible!! The amount of detail is astonishing!!
  12. Jcreations912

    Fantasy Castle

    Thank so much!! ;-) I have already supported yours a while ago!! It's brilliant!
  13. Jcreations912

    [MOC] Fort Iron Cactus

    Your welcome!
  14. Jcreations912

    [MOC] Fort Iron Cactus

    This is awesome! Supported on Ideas!