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  1. Jcreations912

    Lego Ideas Support Thread - Historical/Castle

    Thank you! Very glad you think so! It is a bit different, but the main difference is that I don't have all the buildings Rivendell has, because otherwise it would be too big! XD Thanks again! :D
  2. Jcreations912

    Lego Ideas Support Thread - Historical/Castle

    Hey Castle/medieval fans! I just posted my latest LEGO Ideas project, Rivendell! Would appreciate your support! https://ideas.lego.com/projects/6220a369-8832-4e0b-9d01-3a1d432fe92c What do you think? I'm posting this here because Lord of the Rings is part of the Historic Themes, and this is a Caslte/Historic themes support thread right?
  3. This is my LEGO Ideas Rivendell project. You can support it here! You're support can help make this a real LEGO set! :D Description Rivendell, a collection of beautifully designed buildings, built by Lord Elrond in the 2nd Age of Middle earth. Nestled, almost hidden, among the trees of a deep gorge to the west of the Misty Mountains, Rivendell is the home of the Elves. Rivendell is one of the very key and more well know locations in Middle Earth, having many places named after it in real life. It plays a key role in both the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings, as a safe haven and place of comfort to the characters in both stories. Build This highly detailed, architecture style model is built in roughly trophy figure scale (the same scale as the micro Hogwarts Castle set). I have tried to capture the architecural style and granduer of Rivendell as well as possible in such small scale and with LEGO bricks. I based my design on Weta Worksop's model of Rivendell, which you can view here. Although there is no particular right or wrong for how Rivendell looks, Weta Workshop was the company that designed all the props for the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit trilogies, so I thought that their model would be a good place to start. Pieces This microscale model is actually quite a large set, containing 2578 pieces exactly. This number will obviously change a bit as I make changes to the model based on suggestions made by the community, but I will update it when I can! Would love to here what you think, and even more would love your support! Thanks for checking this out!
  4. Jcreations912

    Harry Potter | Memories of Home | LEGO Ideas contest entry

    Wow. I really appreciate your kind compliment!! Being only a teen builder, I'm really pleased how much you like my model, and the thought I put into it! The boars are a very good idea, but for the competition, I moved on from the gates (which I built first) too quickly to have time to add boars! But I'll see what I can do, as I haven't taken it apart yet! Thanks again.
  5. Jcreations912

    Lego Ideas Support Thread - Historical/Castle

    Hey guys! Here's my latest castle project, The Citadel which was submitted today! Would really appreciate if you could check it out, and go support! Thank you for your support!
  6. This was my entry for the latest LEGO Ideas Harry Potter competition, which won runner up. In this entry, I have recreated a diorama of Hogwarts and the grounds, and filled it with many of Harry's memories. This model was a lot of fun to make, especially because it is built in 3 different scales. One of the big challenges building the model was the angle the castle is place at; but I'm quite pleased with how it turned out! You can probably see that the features of the Hogwarts grounds are not place correctly - but I have used a bit of artistic license to make a great diorama, with all Harry's memories. Some cool features of the model to look out for: Helmets for roof tops A wing for smoke A frog for the dragons head Thanks for reading! What do you think of the moc?
  7. Jcreations912

    Lego Ideas Support Thread - Historical/Castle

    Cool! Thanks for the tips!
  8. Jcreations912

    Lego Ideas Support Thread - Historical/Castle

    Hi guys! Super pleased to announce that my Fantasy Castle project has reached 6000 supporters!! We're getting amazingly close! I can't believe it. If any one knows of other places where I can share the project to gather more support, I'd really appreciate it!
  9. Jcreations912

    Lego Ideas Support Thread - Historical/Castle

    Made a new .apng for my Fantasy Castle project, in hopes that I can update it, and use this as the main image! Please support if you haven't already!
  10. Jcreations912

    Lego Ideas Support Thread - Historical/Castle

    Yeah! I just can't believe!! I am soo pleased. I agree, it should definetly be a very clear message to TLG! Hopefully we can have some Creator Expert/LEGO Ideas Castles soon! Including yours!
  11. Jcreations912

    Lego Ideas Support Thread - Historical/Castle

    I have now done what you suggested! Thanks so much for the suggestion! You can check out what I've done here: Fantasy Castle