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Found 9 results

  1. This is a MOC I originally created for the "15 Years of Lego Ideas" challenge. This version was rejected for use because it contained microscale versions of existing Lego Ideas products which was evidently not allowed as part of the contest. I had to swap the microscale models above his head for more generic elements. You can see the final version of this model here: Lego Ideas - 15 Year Challenge. Check out my other projects on Instagram and Flickr.
  2. Count Sepulchure

    [MOC] Agents: the Glowfish

    Hello everyone! My quick entry into this year's Bio-Cup miraculously granted me a pass into the first round. I finished 70 out of 81 in the Preliminaries and in the first round was to compete against two other builders, including, ahem, the leader of the preliminary match. So I decided to give it my best shot. The theme was Agents/UltraAgents/AlphaTeam, and luckily found a link to the beautiful glowing octopus from set 8636, the one that also features my favourite minifigure, the Slime Face. The link allowed me to bring forth all of my glow-in-the-dark pieces (I do not own much Bionicle or CCBS otherwise, so this was a life-saver) - 40 "marbled" ones in total. This was also my very first figure-building experience, so keep that in mind please. Thank you! Much like the Octopus, the Glowfish is not intended as an antagonist, despite its, well, creepy mouth. The tails (tentacles?) are fully flexible, although only in one plane, but the foremost pair can also hinge up and down slightly at the base. I think it complements the set nicely, adds immense playability and overall serves as a good tribute to the glowing Octopus. The "glow shot" was a must and I think it turned out passable. Thanks for viewing, I really enjoyed building this!
  3. Actionfigure

    [MOC] Venetian Mask

    Hello, once more a seasonal MOC... Carnival has begun!
  4. I can´t help myself i need to do this remake of viral Donald Trump speech in Pensacola. I have use two motors for remote control of mouth speaking and head moving. Enjoy BTW - sorry i didn´t find category for videos or user creations ... i hope you will not delete this post as a spam.
  5. Hey all, Been getting my bearings around the threads and all and I noticed something kind of worrying on the Custom Decal front. From what I've read there seems to be a difficulty with having white in you decal design. Especially if your are making your decals with something like Testors Waterslide decal paper or similar. My question is is there a reason that White can't be printed with a inkjet printer and show up on the decals. I know the reason why Metallic colors can't be done since Printers can't print metallic (which you think by now we would have ones with addable inks that can) without it just being Grey. I'm sorry if this has been explained else where I don't want to make a thread on a covered subject. But I thought I'd ask the experts. Main reason I ask is I want to have whites for the eyes of my minifigures with glasses like Good Cop's and also you got to have white for the Octan logo. Anyway let me know and I'll figure it out from the pros. Thanks all, Plokman
  6. Does anybody have recommendations for removing back faces from minifigs I haev lots of powerminer heads and do not want both sides. Does the Nail Polish Remover trick from the Lego Movie actually work is was that just an urban legend any help would be great thanks.
  7. So a while ago( what was it, last year?) I had an idea, before the "Breakout" episode came out and the idea of a 'Villain Factory' wasn't so talked about in Hero Factory, I decided to build a drone 'prototype' for some bad guy army. Basically just wanted to use the canister-thing in the Nitroblast set as a helmet. It worked.. sort of.. and I went from there. Used some older 'Bionicle' parts on there as you can tell. The Skrall blade for an antennae, the Whenua Metru masks for the shoulder-pads(wish I'd done that better), and the Barraki feet. Mantax I think? I added the Hero Cuffs on later, once I'd gotten a hold of a Breakout set that included them. I think they were from Rocka's set. Man that was cool. It's been nearly a year since these were taken, but I wanted to share my creations anyway. Now that the computer is deciding to behave itself.. here they are! (I've resized the pics and for some reason they still keep coming out too big. Apologies in advance) Front: Back: Alongside Hero "Citrus" Using Citrus' cuffs against her I had a photo of "Citrus" on the ground after, but sadly it has been lost. And "Citrus" was your average Hero build with a foot on the back. Nothing special, but one of my favorites for some reason. Later, like December later, after "Breakout" had been released, I decided to get a little creative with my pieces. I looked at the Super Hero add-on part and thought 'hmm, what can I do with this?' So I did this: I hope I haven't posted this already! It's just a face with a mustache. And bling. Hope you enjoy, hopefully I'll have some new things to share(or new photos of new MOCs to share) very soon :)
  8. Axle

    PIrate Face Decals?

    Forgive me if this is the wrong place for this topic, but I've had a look around on the forum, but i've been unable to find any decals for the faces of the Classic Pirates. More specifically, i'm looking for Governor Broadside, or Admiral Woodhouse, but there doesn't seem to be any faces done for any pirate minifigs. The torso library is great, but I wanna try and make the "original characters" of Classic Era pirates, but I couldn't afford buying the individual minifigs :P EDIT: My mistake... there seems to be some of the pirates, but none of Admiral Woodhouse... It's probably a lot to ask for in the first place, but I was just wondering if there is a decal of him somewhere?
  9. A Plastic Infinity

    MOC: Emperor Dxoneroxx 1-675

    Just a fun little build for me to try out some new building techniques. I hope you like it. Grand Emperor of the X-2 1/2 Dynasty! Conqueror of a million worlds! The alien with the biggest head in 457 galaxies! Bow, those of you belonging to the lower orders, to his unfathomable might! So... I was trying some facial features and was going to try to make the Creature from the Black Lagoon, (hence the flippers) but it didn't work out so I made...this. It's terribly fiddly, and only looks good from this angle, but I am actually quite fond of it. A lot of new things being tried out here, please tell me what you think.