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Found 155 results

  1. [LDD MOC] The Emperor's Balcony

    Hello folks, It's me again, this time around with a WH40K-inspired digital creation that I built for a contest of... balconies. It's a strange world, but you just have to keep building. No accuracy intended here, just general inspiration as far as architecture goes, whilst the figure strays even further off the path. But hey, the scale dictated my options... Thanks for your attention, and keep on building! .)
  2. Dear Everyone! 2018 will be the year of anniversaries in the life of LEGO. One of them is the introduction of the LEGO brick itself! For this occasion, this Advent Calendar presents you 24 microscale versions of the most iconic sets ever released! Hopefully, the yearspan and the choice of themes will be diverse enough. I had no idea that LEGO will release a 60th anniversary set with microscale models, but mine will be even smaller, the size of a normal LEGO Advent Calendar window. Although I hope all of them will be recognizable, I will include the „template” for all days’ sets. The joy starts tomorrow! J Check out the Minifig Advent Calendar in the special LEGO themes topic.
  3. [MOC] Chartres Cathedral

    This was built for a college assignment, where we had to make some sort of visual art. Of course I chose to do something with LEGO, and used it as an opportunity to recreate Chartres Cathedral. The Abbey of St. Piat was not included in my rendition. It took 16 hours to complete, and weighs 4.6 pounds. This is my first cathedral, and it was quite a fun project. You can see more pictures on brickbuilt. Thanks for looking, feedback always appreciated
  4. Playing in Space Since 1978

    Let me introduce you to my new creation. PLAYING IN SPACE SINCE 1978 by Cristiano Grassi, su Flickr Have you ever wondered how our Spacemen Heroes could travel for almost 40 years through space without getting older or bored to death? Here’s your answer. For forty years our heroes have been playing with LEGO bricks! I was reorganizing some minifigs when I found a spaceman that I used to play with when I was a child, having him live the most amazing adventures. And I started wondering “He’ll be 40 in a little while, what’s his secret?” So, I imagined him, together with all his travelling companions, playing with a LEGO Space base for forty years. Maybe it’s true that playing with LEGO bricks keeps you young. What do you think about it? Do you find it new? Interesting? Creative? I had never seen something like this before and it's one of the reasons I've launched the project on LEGO Ideas. Another one is to see our beloved Classic Space minifig come back, or, why not, maybe even a few themed sets could come back. This project could act as a springboard. If you like, here's the link Let me know what you think about it.
  5. Hi everybody, I'd like to show you my lates little MOC, the reproduction in microscale of the big mobile crane TEREX DEMAG AC 1000: Here the real one: Any comment or suggestion is well accepted. Thanks Bye Teazza PS: sorry if I put links but I have problems uploading pictures...any suggestion ?
  6. [MOC] Micro Scale UFO Attack

    Hi all, Here is a little moc inspired by the Washington Monument scenes from "Mars Attacks" and "Earth Vs the Flying Saucers". Hope ya like it
  7. Hi, I would like to show you my moc of the WDW Cinderella Castle. Original LEGO one is too big to store in my house and I stumbled upon this wonderful creation [MOC] Cinderella Castle from which I got more than an inspiration, but this was still too much for me in difficulty, price and dimensions. So I compressed everything in a 12x12 baseplate but i think I still managed to capture the magic of the castle. I hope to add some better photos as soon as possible, my idea is to put it inside an IKEA HÄRLIGA glass case like this other creation , i created it to fit inside (but still couldn't manage to buy one to check if the side tower fits ). LEGO MOC - Cinderella Castle by Matteo M, on Flickr LEGO MOC - Cinderella Castle by Matteo M, on Flickr LEGO MOC - Cinderella Castle by Matteo M, on Flickr Hope you like it
  8. [MOC] Microscale Brick Store

    It was my entry on LEGO Rebrick's Micro Modular Madness contest. This house includes a LEGO Brand Store with product booth, cash desk, shelves and a Pick-a-Brick wall (custom stickers, could have better quality). At upper floors, there is a flat with a large balcony. The floors are easily detachable, just like in the large modular house sets, because hey, this tiny creation is a mini modular building! Althought I didn't win anything at the contest, I've really enjoyed the making of this tiny model; it is my very first microscale building. A minifigure-scale version is in process. I'm happy to read your thoughts. :)
  9. The Secret of the 8 Provinces - Prelude The Secret of the 8 Provinces - 1st Chapter The Secret of the 8 Provinces - 2nd Chapter The Secret of the 8 Provinces - 3rd Chapter The Secret of the 8 Provinces - 4th Chapter The Secret of the 8 Provinces - 5th Chapter The Secret of the 8 Provinces - 6th Chapter The Secret of the 8 Provinces - 7th Chapter The Secret of the 8 Provinces - 8th Chapter The Secret of the 8 Provinces - 9th Chapter (you are here!) (Picture by Captain Braunsfeld... in case that wasn't glaringly obvious. ) Captain Cookie continued: Well, my lady, you know that Red Fandago had collected all the miniature ships and found all the maps. So he decided to charter a ship and set sail for the wreck. He took off his mask and changed his wig so that no one would recognize him, and as a further precaution, traveled to Eslandola and visited old Captain Argentum. _____Lady de Summer: Old Captain Argentum? Yes, my lady. You know Captain Argentum, who attacked the Oleonders and established the settlement of Nova Crablandia. His father. They had their similarities... Old Captain Argentum: So you'd like to charter my ship? Red Fandago: And I was about to say - you have a ship you'd like me to charter? Old Captain Argentum: I do, I do. As fine a ship as ever sailed the seven seas! She can boast of having put a hole through the planks of twelve Oleonder ships in three separate engagements! Not bad for a peaceful trader! Red Fandago: I'm amazed that you're interested in lending it. Old Captain Argentum: Well, my good sir, I'm not getting any younger, you know. These ol' timbers might not hold up much longer. And the truth is, my son - he's a flighty boy, you know! Always getting into scrapes. Can't seem to keep a ship afloat for more than a month. I'd rather see the Sparkle in safe hands. Red Fandago: That's me, definitely. Old Captain Argentum: Let's see. What do you do when you spot an Oleonder on the high seas? Red Fandago: Fire! Old Captain Argentum: Quite right. And what do you do when you see a Sea Rat? Red Fandago: Fire! Old Captain Argentum: Excellent! And what do you do when you spot a Corry? Red Fandago: Fire! Old Captain Argentum: ...? Red Fandago: A twenty-four gun salute, of course! Old Captain Argentum: Well said! Well said! And what is your opinion of King Fernando? Red Fandago: Fire! Ahem! I mean - Long live King Fernando! Old Captain Argentum: Your answers, sir, are excellent. My own son could not have responded better. And what, by the way, do you do when you see a crab? Red Fandago: Fire! Old Captain Argentum: ...? Red Fandago: To cook it, of course. Old Captain Argentum: Bravo! You are just the man. That is where my son trips up. He wishes to protect the crabs. It will get him into trouble one day, the foolish boy! Red Fandago: Unthinkable! Old Captain Argentum: Well then, you have yourself a deal! I wish you a prosperous voyage, and may the winds always be in your sails! Red Fandago: And in yours, good Captain Argentum! [to be continued...] A few more pictures of the forced perspective! Constructive criticism is always appreciated!
  10. [MOC] Microscale Battle of Hoth

    Ion cannon, turrets, and AT-AT are slightly modified from the Advent Calendars. Base doors and snowspeeder are my own designs to match the scale. Enjoy!
  11. Guggenheim Museum

    My rendered model of the Guggenheim Museum in New York, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. The MOC uses 62 pieces.
  12. The Root Kingdom

    Hello, deep in the forest there is magical place: A kingdom on the roots: The build was inspired by the seed part, the green Duplo grass piece. Hope you like it! Jonas
  13. [MOC] LEGO Life

    An entry for the LEGO Life logo contest on Rebrick. Under each ‘stud’ on the brick, there is an 8×8 minifig scale vignette, in the same theme as the microscale build above it. I tried to represent three of the core themes of LEGO: City, Space, and Castle. This was a very enjoyable build, as I got to dabble in several themes, but it still all came together fairly quickly and easily. Lots more pictures on Brickbuilt Thanks for looking, C&C welcome
  14. Hello, I'd like to present you my microscale Aleginator cruiser. It is a counterpart to the Proteator built some time ago. I hope you will like it :)
  15. So, some years ago a Russian toy company TEHNOLOG released a tabletop wargame "MechBat" (Mechanical Batallion). It featured two groups of four Mechs battling each other along with squads of tiny soldiers. At the time, I loved the game, especially because it was not restricted to any kind of gaming board so I could come up with all kinds of crazy landscapes, scenarios and special rules. Each of the four Mech figurines had detachable arms and back pieces that symbolized their weaponry and special systems. My two favorites were Barbarian, armed with missile launcher and power fist, and Predator, armed with minigun and a laser cannon. Thanks to my friend @Garry_rocks I was recently reminded of the existence of MechBat and our conversations inspired me to recreate my favorite mechs in LDD. Here is how the original minis looked like: I took the respective color schemes from the picture and applied them to my models: [Render] MechBat - Barbarian and Predator by Artemiy Karpinskiy, on Flickr Here are Barbarian and Predator separately: [Render] MechBat - Barbarian by Artemiy Karpinskiy, on Flickr LDD Screenshot [Render] MechBat - Predator by Artemiy Karpinskiy, on Flickr LDD Screenshot * * *Now folks remember, if you like what I do and you want to see me create your OC, a favorite Bionicle Character, or something else, feel free to look up my Commission Info! I also now have a Patreon page, so please consider supporting!
  16. Starfleet

    Hi! This is a small group of microscale spaceships I made. I hope you enjoy them.
  17. Microscale outskirts

    I've been too busy to build much in the last couple of months, so my latest build is actually pretty small. Due to space restrictions, I limited myself to build something modular on multiple baseplates, so I could built on one or two baseplates at the same time, and keep the rest in storage. Another problem was my semi-sorted brick collection, which affected building time a lot. The biggest challenge was to find all the small parts needed. And despite the small size, there is a lot of parts used in the display. I started experimenting with some houses first and then built the rest. Then I continued with the outskirts, the river, the train tracks and a lonely farm on the other side of the river. At this point, I was running low on most of the parts needed to add more details, so I round it up. Some of the details are not in the perfect scale with others, but I think they're still recognizable. This is how the display looks like from a distance. The idea is to extend this display further. While this part was largely unplanned, I need to plan more for the extensions, and most importantly order some of the parts I almost run out. If you're interested, you can find high-res pictures on my Flickr.
  18. This is my microscale version of the 42055 BWE - Bucket wheel excavator, including the truck.
  19. This is my first attempt at microscale build. Enjoy!
  20. Location: E11 - The Fascini Cluster Tags: Military, Vehicle, Spaceship "Mission: Shoot your way through the asteroid belt to separate the required resources while avoiding any asteroids that don't contain any" This'll be easy. New highscore coming up! How many times do I need to tell you to stop playing that game and get on with your work?! I have stopped playing that game. This is a different one. OoC: Been ages since I last posted, so think I've done the tags right.... I built this ages ago, around the same time as the build linked in the conversation AC is having with Lloyd. I was going to work it in to the story as a game that Lloyd was playing, but never found time and we weren't building on a suitable planet for me to use it as a stand alone piece at the time, but it's going here now so that I can finally post pics of it. Below are some more pics of the little microscale space ship showing it from different angles. When I built it I just wanted to try building a microscale spaceship using a minifig jack hammer in the build somewhere and this was the result.
  21. Microscale Tree Mini-tutorial This is a short tutorial showcasing a technique for building microscale trees. This technique was used to build most of the trees in my MOC Avalonian Countryside. The pieces needed are shown above. The centerpiece of the tree is the 6 stemmed plant piece (19119) which is essential for the design. The rest of the pieces are pretty standard, and some can be exchanged for other pieces. As seen on the 1x2 plate in the lower right, the plates need to have a little hole in the center column, as this will be attached to the stems. I believe the hole is pretty standard in pieces nowadays, but not sure for older pieces. First we put together the trunk. Nothing strange here, just attach the 1x1 round bricks to the telescope and put the plant piece on top. For the canopy we construct little building blocks that we will then hang on the stalks. These building blocks are easily constructed from 1x2 plates and a 2x2 plate as shown in the top right. We need three of these. We then proceed to hang these on the tree. They should hang on the 3 lower stems that are more horizontal. After hanging each part we will then secure it by attaching another 1x2 plate directly to the stem. This is done by inserting the stem into the little hole on the center column at the bottom of the plate. Our tree should now look as on the left. The next step is to add 1x2 plates to the top of the tree. These are again attached directly to the stems. I find they look best if placed in a kind of windmill pattern as shown in the center picture. We now have our completed tree as shown on the right. If all our trees look exactly the same, it won't look natural. So let's look at some modifications that can be made to break the pattern. Some of these modifications can also help if you are short on certain parts, or want to use colors that doesn't have certain elements. First some variations of the trunk. Instead of the standard telescope trunk, we could use technic connectors. It gives a thicker, straighter trunk, but is a bit more complicated to connect to your build. Another option is to use a regular bar, which gives a very thin trunk. We can also just use straight up 1x1 round bricks, and possibly mix in some 1x1 round plates in the mix. This works well if we want to do a tree with shifting colors, like a birch or similar. There are also endless possibilities to modify the canopy. Instead of building an anchor shape from 1x2 plates we can more round plates as in the top left. For colors like olive green we can't use a 2x2 round plate, but can instead use a 3x4 leaf element. The leaf is then hung from the top right hole of the leaf element. We can also just alter the orientation of the regular design, as shown in the bottom left, where we have put the anchor shape on the right side. It is a very small change, but still helps break the pattern. Also just want to point out that the 6 stem piece does come in different colors, so if you are building a canopy in dark orange, you may want to use a 6 stem piece in dark orange as well, as the green can sometimes be seen through the canopy. Some examples of what the finished trees may look like. There are lots of other ways to build trees like this, so just go ahead and try different things. If you lack a piece for something, just try replacing it with something else. It might just end up even better :) Happy building!
  22. Monas is a Local Landmark of Jakarta, Indonesia. Inspired by this Yul Burman Karel’s Monas MOC, but I redesigned it. Monas by Kamal Muftie Yafi, on Flickr I actually want to make this model for join this "Local Landmarks contest" in this forum, but the rules state: “All entries are to include only real LEGO. No clone brands, 3rd party parts, or digital entries allowed.”, Sadly, I don’t have all the part that need to create this model, though all the parts are exist in real life. Well, at least this could be an addition to my (digital) creations.
  23. [MicroMOC] Hangars and Docks

    A selection of scenes and hangars for the presentation of tiny little space vehicles. Blue Bay by TenorPenny, on Flickr Blue Bay by TenorPenny, on Flickr Dock 7 by TenorPenny, on Flickr Dock 7 by TenorPenny, on Flickr
  24. Hi! Our association "!" was asked by Lego Poland to design and build a map of Poland along with several characteristic places. Such a map will be shown at the Lego events in Poland. One of the models that I built is the Royal Castle and Cathedral on Wawel Hill in Krakow. Our models were not to exceed a certain size, so I built only a portion of the building complex. Design - 5 days Building - 2 weeks Size 64x105 studs The height of the highest tower - 46 bricks More than 200 lots About 20000 bricks Wawel complex is one of the best known sites in Poland. Archaeologists dug passages that suggest that already in the eleventh century there were more residential buildings. Later Wawel Castle was the seat of Polish kings and today is one of the places used as presentable by the Polish presidents. Exactly two days ago the Pope celebrated Mass there, upon arrival to the Poland. :-) Entire Complex Courtyard of the castle Tower of Sigismund III Vasa Tower of Jan III Sobieski Tower Jordanka Danish tower Hen's foot Senators Tower Cathedral Clocks Tower Sigismunds Tower Silver Bells Tower And renders of design steps Finished project And some fun with the photo. :-) Ufff ... Thanks for the reading and watching. :-)