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Found 22 results

  1. Now Rivendell is out, I thought it was a good time to start this thread. There is already a similar one for Star Wars, Harry Potter, DC, MCU and Pirates of the Caribbean, so one for The Lord of the Rings (as well as The Hobbit and any other Middle Earth) figures seems appropriate. If you haven't looked at any of the threads for the other themes, it's a place to share and show off any updates to improve your LOTR figures. It will be a while before I get Rivendell, so here are some I have put together in the meantime. Tom Bombadil, with his famous yellow boots. He is based on his depiction in the video games, as well as probably the best known illustration. I'm quite happy with him, although a more detailed torso and brown legs with boots would be better. There is also his appearance on the cards which features one of the crew of LOTR dressed by weta as Tom. I think Bilbo's Lake Town garb would look good for this, but unfortunately I don't thi k there are any dark blue legs with yellow boots. Next, here is one I threw together quickly, some useful figures to help you populate Rivendell. Using the 2012-14 elf hair pieces and Princess Leia's old torso, CMF Elf and Centaur, the old Snape and some other torsos from the Hobbit sets Finally, here are some of Thorin's company with medium legs. Thankfully all legs colours for the Dwarfs are available, these are the only ones I had to hand. I also gave Kili a better looking hair piece, although he could also do with an updated face. I hope to have some more soon, it would be great to see others work!
  2. Hi, In January 2018 I started with my first Game of Thrones moc. After 5 months of building and 20.000+ bricks later it was done. The scene is based upon the season 3: Episode 7 Bear and the Maiden Fair. If you like what you see give me a follow on; Flick, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and/or Pinterest. Game of Thrones - Bear and the Maiden Fair - by Barthezz Brick 1 by Barthezz Brick, on Flickr Game of Thrones - Bear and the Maiden Fair - by Barthezz Brick 4 by Barthezz Brick, on Flickr Game of Thrones - Bear and the Maiden Fair - by Barthezz Brick 8 by Barthezz Brick, on Flickr Game of Thrones - Bear and the Maiden Fair - by Barthezz Brick 10 by Barthezz Brick, on Flickr Game of Thrones - Bear and the Maiden Fair - by Barthezz Brick 25 by Barthezz Brick, on Flickr You can find more detailed pictures in the Flickr album. Greetings Barthezz Brick
  3. This is my LEGO Ideas Rivendell project. You can support it here! You're support can help make this a real LEGO set! :D Description Rivendell, a collection of beautifully designed buildings, built by Lord Elrond in the 2nd Age of Middle earth. Nestled, almost hidden, among the trees of a deep gorge to the west of the Misty Mountains, Rivendell is the home of the Elves. Rivendell is one of the very key and more well know locations in Middle Earth, having many places named after it in real life. It plays a key role in both the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings, as a safe haven and place of comfort to the characters in both stories. Build This highly detailed, architecture style model is built in roughly trophy figure scale (the same scale as the micro Hogwarts Castle set). I have tried to capture the architecural style and granduer of Rivendell as well as possible in such small scale and with LEGO bricks. I based my design on Weta Worksop's model of Rivendell, which you can view here. Although there is no particular right or wrong for how Rivendell looks, Weta Workshop was the company that designed all the props for the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit trilogies, so I thought that their model would be a good place to start. Pieces This microscale model is actually quite a large set, containing 2578 pieces exactly. This number will obviously change a bit as I make changes to the model based on suggestions made by the community, but I will update it when I can! Would love to here what you think, and even more would love your support! Thanks for checking this out!
  4. Black Numenorean

    [Moc] Carn Dum

    _________________________ The fortress of Carn Dum _________________________ Theme: Middle Earth Date: 2020 Made by : Uruk _________________________ Carn Dum was the fortress of the Witch King of Angmar. It was the capital of Angmar, the kingdom founded around the year 1300 of the Third Age by the Witch King , the Lord of the Nazgûl, and depopulated after his defeat in 1975 3A _________________________ Carn Dum 1 by Hugo, sur Flickr
  5. This moc took me 8 hours to build and has 382 parts. I built this thinking "Wow, this is a scary dragon!" I don't know how well that image came out in my model but if I saw this dragon flying towards me I would run! I would love to know what I can do better next time and what you liked about it. Building instructions are available for extremely cheap for this size and scale! The parts list is in the ebay ad. Buy Instructions HERE:
  6. Hello everyone! I am MovieMocs and I am new to the forums but I would like to share some of my favourite mocs I've created and I'd love some feedback to help make me a better builder. The first moc I will be posting is this one. A 3-D map of middle earth. It features these famous landmarks: Barad Dur Mt. Doom Minas Tirith Helm’s Deep The Iron Hills The Lonely Mountain/Smaug Laketown Mirkwood/Spiders High Pass Rivendell Weathertop Gandalf’s Fireworks Hobbit Hole Dol Guldur Please leave as much feedback as possible. Thanks so much!
  7. MovieMocs

    [MOC] Bilbo's Door

    This is my third Lord of the Rings/Hobbit MOC and it is more of an artistic view on the famous shot of Bilbo's door in the Hobbit. This is not an exact re-creation identical to the movies but I still really like it and the scale is really nice. I wish I could finish the whole house but like most of my MOCS, I just don't have the parts. I hope you enjoy my idea of The door to Hobbiton.
  8. MovieMocs

    Map of Middle Earth MOC

    Hello everyone! I am MovieMocs and I am new to the forums but I would like to share some of my favourite mocs I've created and I'd love some feedback to help make me a better builder. The first moc I will be posting is this one. A 3-D map of middle earth. It features these famous landmarks: Barad Dur Mt. Doom Minas Tirith Helm’s Deep The Iron Hills The Lonely Mountain/Smaug Laketown Mirkwood/Spiders High Pass Rivendell Weathertop Gandalf’s Fireworks Hobbit Hole Dol Guldur Please leave as much feedback as possible. Thanks so much!
  9. Hello everyone, there is a contest, that comes around annually, and never ceases to impress, both with the fun from the participants, the difficulty deciding for the judges, and even the amazement of the viewers, of the the Middle Earth builds posted in the 5th annual Middle Earth Lego Olympics on Mocpages. I had the honor of helping set up the contest this year, and I am very excited for what is ahead, since the Mocpages forum is dying off, and we still want to have a competition that is fun, and challenging, we are advertising this contest on all other sites so that it can meet the expectations of the moccers on Mocpages. There will be six rounds, of different Middle Earth related such as Poems/Songs in the books and/or movies. Round 1 will be a free for all, which will be judges by 6 judges on a 1-10 point scale where the top 32 contestants will move on to the next round, then, from rounds 2-6, the rounds will be a one-on-one moc-off, where contestants will face off, and the judges will choose whose build they think is better. Please check out the contest by clicking the link below the banner: Mocpages Group Link!!!!!! Thanks so much for viewing, I hope you choose to compete, view, or donate to this great contest, no matter what you do, I hope you come along for the ride to Mordor! To God be the Glory!!!
  10. LEGO Helm's Deep Project. Work in progress... I'm currently 10,000+ pieces in, with another 5,000-10,000 to go. I have approximately 500 more figures (400 Uruk-Hai and 100 Rohan) to add to the diorama upon its completion. I'm quickly realizing that I'll need to purchase another table if I plan to display this all in one piece ;) I wanted to update people on my progress thus far, I hope that you enjoy it! Credit to Brickstruct for instructions. More pictures available on my flickr: If you would like to receive updates on this project and others, please follow!
  11. This is my "The Great Eye: Barad-dûr" Lego Ideas set. It would be a pit for Lego to never produce any more large sets for the world of Middle Earth without a decent version of the main enemy Sauron himself and so I have made this set in hopes that one large missing chunk can be filled. If you want to support it in hopes of it getting made you can do so through here. Every vote makes a change so please do not hesitate to leave your support. It only takes a few minutes if you don't already have a account imagine all the time I put to make it:http:// This is the main image in a large resolution. If you wish to see more close ups there are many more to be seen on the Lego Ideas link. Let me know what you think. -Gus Something happened with the post the title should be ""Sauron in armor minifigure along with Barad-dûr (Lotr) What do you think?" and it posted it twice. GG
  12. My 2nd Entry for the 2014-2015 Middle Earth Lego Olympics. The theme for this Round was The Hobbit characters and for my category I was given Gandalf. Gandalf the Grey, later known as Gandalf the White, also known as Mithrandir (Sindarin-"White Pilgrim" or "Gray Wanderer"), was a wizard, or Istar, sent by the West in the Third Age to combat the threat of Sauron. He joined Thorin and his company to reclaim Erebor from the dragon Smaug. For this entry I decided to build a brick built figure of Gandalf, trying to go out of my comfort zone, as I have never done brick built figures before. In this build I was attempting to portray Gandalfs and Bilbos meeting at the start of the The Hobbit film an Unexpected Journey. During there time together Bilbo spoke to Gandlaf "Good Morning" and Gandalf replied; "What do you mean?" he said. "Do you wish me a good morning, or mean that it is a good morning whether I want it or not; or that you feel good this morning; or that it is a morning to be good on?" "All of them at once," said Bilbo. I wanted to portray a scene which identifies a concept of Gandalfs personality, even though he is down to earth and tolerant about serious situations, Gandalf still has a great sense of humor and creates some brilliant comic relief within the books and films. Hope you guys enjoy :)
  13. What are you going to do now, Bowman!? You are forsaken... As a conclusion to the final Hobbit movie, and to Middle Earth... The poster for the final Hobbit movie, the Battle of the Five Armies, built in Lego! Finally! After 2 months of work, hours of set up, buildings crashing/rebuilding, and adding lighting, it is finished! I built the Hobbit Poster for the Final Hobbit movie in Lego (excluding Smaug). Poster link. I had tons of fun building this, probably my favorite (but most tedious) part of this is the water and fire effect with it. I hope you like it too! Also my first and maybe last entry into the CCCXII 4th Wall: Backstory: My friend and I are doing a collab of this poster, and were going to enter it into the CCCXII. I was going to build Laketown in the picture, and he was going to build Smaug. I decided not to build the exact poster, but added my own artistic flare with the stone. Also, I don't have that much brown. :P What you see is basically everything, I have basically no more plates or tiles. I did have a ton of fun building and designing it however, which is most important. :) Problem: Unfortunately, Smaug is not ready. We are going to take pictures of both sections together at a later date, but after the CCCXII is over. However, I still wanted to enter into the CCCXII. Conclusion: so after we talked about it, I took the photo of Laketown, excluding Smaug. So this is only HALF of the collab. We will take photos of that at a later date. So this is my section, I hope you like it! In case you are wondering, this is what I have been working on for a while. :) Enjoy! Also, MERRY CHRISTMAS! Soli Deo Gloria! ~Matthew~
  14. ~ MEC Category B: Fimbrethil's Return ~ "When Winter comes, and singing ends; when darkness falls at last; When broken is the barren bough, and light and labour past; I'll look for thee, and wait for thee, until we meet again: Together we will take the road beneath the bitter rain! Together we will take the road that leads into the West, And far away will find a land where both our hearts may rest." ~ J.R.R. Tolkien, The Two Towers I've always thought that the story of the lost Entwives was a sad tale... ... and I'd like to think that at some point Treebeard and Fimbrethil find each other and live happily ever after. Here's the whole build: Thanks for looking! C&C always appreciated. And there's a few more pictures over on flickr,
  15. In this re-envisioning of the classic story, Bilbo decides that he's had enough of adventure and stays in Lake-Town while the dwarves continue on to the Lonely Mountain. Once Smaug arrives with a score to settle with the Lake-men, he realizes that maybe he shouldn't have stayed behind after all... The Wrath of Smaug by lancethecat, on Flickr
  16. "He gazed for what seemed an age, before drawn almost against his will, he stole from the shadow of the doorway, across the floor to the nearest edge of the mounds of treasure. Above him the sleeping dragon lay, a dire menace even in his sleep. He grasped a great two-handled cup, as heavy as he could carry, and cast one fearful eye upwards. Smaug stirred a wing, opened a claw, the rumble of his snoring changed its note... Thieves! Fire! Murder! Such a thing had not happened since first he came to the Mountain! His rage passes description - the sort of rage that is only seen when rich folk that have more than they can enjoy suddenly lose something that they have long had but have never before used or wanted. His fire belched forth, the hall smoked, he shook the mountain-roots." ~ J.R.R Tolkien, The Hobbit Here's my entry for the MEC category C. The Lord of the Rings brought me out of my dark ages so I had to get at least one build up for this contest...Now lets see if I can get something built for the other two categories before the deadline . A few more pictures below, and still a few more on flickr.
  17. Hello everyone. This set is from the movie "The hobbit - an unexpected journey" into the scene where Bilbo tries to take time with the trolls who are roasting the dwarves until Gandalf arrives and breaks the rock by becoming stone trolls. Unfortunately I have no real mountain trolls and I had to content myself with this but I hope they are nice too. Thank you in advance for all the views and comments and I wish you all good luck and fun for the contest. ROASTED DWARVES main image The Rock can be opened easily I smell something burning.... Bilbo Minifigs Thanks a lot...
  18. Hello all, this is my entry for the EB Middle Earth Contest in the category B: The Age of Men. I really enjoyed building this and for one time I was able to furnish the second floor too: we can see the bed with a small sideboard, as some weapons to use during the hunting, or, in case of extreme need, against any attackers. On the first floor, some tables with cups and mugs to be filled with water, wine or beer and a small fireplace to cook food. Outside, a fountain to water the horses and Jarvis cleaning the small lay-by in front of the house, ready to welcome every traveler who wants to stop, while his wife takes care of the kitchen and the home. Thanks for hosting this great contest, I really enjoyed building in the Middle Earth. I hope you enjoy, and good luck to the other contestants! Enjoy! During the Age of Men travelling became once again safe, the legions of orcs were far away, kept at a distance by the armies of men which kept the travelling ways secure too. The resumption of travelling proved to also be a possible source of income and Jarvis, with the aid of his wife, builded this little tavern, to offer passing travelers refreshment. Today, two dwarfs, come in search of a glass of wine and a snack in their long travel.
  19. Hi all, This is my creation for the Middle Earth Contest category C. This moc is from the second Hobbit movie (The Desolation of Smaug) and it depicts the scene where Thorin and company are attacked by the Mirkwood spiders in Mirkwood. This is one of my favourite scenes from the movie and therefore I chose to recreate it in Lego. My moc features the tree Bilbo climbed, the old elven path though Mirkwood, one Mirkwood spider and the Mirkwood forest floor. I would love to hear what you think of my moc and any improvement suggestions you may have. Hope you enjoy it. The contest rules it say, "16 x 16 with minimal overhang". Could someone please let me know if my creation's overhang is too far. If so, I'll change it. Thanks.
  20. Here's probably my only entry for Category A: The Missing Set. I chose to do Mount Doom. I'm not really sure why LEGO never did this scene, seeing how it is the most important of the movie. This comes three play features, all coinciding with the movie, as are the minifigure's outfits: Sam's dirty, and without all the equipment printed on his actual, LEGO-made torso, and Frodo's dirty and torn. Setname: 79022 Mount Doom Parts: 201 Minifigures: 3 Price: $24.99 The play features, like a handle for Frodo to hold onto. A lever, that if you pull... ...this will happen. And finally, a launcher that fires, well... fire. ;)
  21. ShaydDeGrai

    [WIP] Barad Dur

    I haven't posted many MOCs here lately because I've been a bit busy with this guy. I spent about two months designing designing things on paper (literally, I play with Lego to get away from computers so I rarely do much with LDD or MLCad) and about eight months building and rebuilding the model itself. The tower stands a bit over four feet tall from base to crown and is made from a ridiculous number of small parts for something that weighs about as much as a teenager. There's a six foot strand of LED christmas lights in the lava moat at the base to try to break up the black a bit, but other than that, everything else is pure factory issues Lego. I still consider this a work in progress as: a) I haven't come up with a good solution for the Eye of Sauron despite having built several dozen at this point (bricks, cones, flames, helmet plumes, radar dishes - still haven't the right look yet) b) There's still work to be done on the base (outer guard towers, flume delivering molten rock to the lava moat etc.) c) I really need to learn how to photograph big black, highly detailed ABS surfaces. This thing is way too big for my light box and I've yet to take a photo of it that does it justice. The base is about 2 feet by 3 feet and the lower ramparts are a system of concentric rings tied together by radial walls. It's nominally hollow, but there's a lot of internal buttressing, arches, and technic structure buried inside to support the weight of the upper tiers. If you're curious, I have a few more photos (of equally poor quality) over on MOC pages I welcome all comments, questions and suggestions as to how best to finish and photograph this beast (particularly if you have any great insights in to the design of a 10 stud diameter Eye of Sauron that doesn't look cheesy). Thanks for stopping by.
  22. Umbar was once the chief southern port of Gondor, but after the fall of Numenor and ages of strife, Umbar became an independent rival state under the control of the Haradrim. The Corsairs of Umbar were nominally privateers, though their fleet included more than 50 capital warships, more interested in destroying Gondorian vessels to exert dominance than raiding them for the sake of simple profit. I've been meaning to do a ship for some time now, and I've also been on a bit of a LOTR kick of late, so the Corsairs of Umbar seemed like a good way to kill two birds with one brick. I debated for some time as to what the ship should look like. The Peter Jackson film envisioned a boat with strong eastern influences, like a junk or a dhow but I know many history buff and fans of the books who firmly avow that the ships are clearly dromonds while still others avidly argue in favor of caravels. After much internal debate, it suddenly dawned on me that, while Tolkien's work was clearly informed by history, it was in no way constrained by it and that, rather than trying to cram an accurate model of an historical ship into Middle Earth, I should just build something with lanteen sails (the only feature all the candidate ships and the text itself had in common)that looked both cool and intimidating. Hopefully it's pretty clear that this is a warship, long keel, narrow beam, battering ram just below the waterline; why even pretend to be a cargo ship? I was really going for something that looked like it could slice through a ships hull as easily as it cut through the waves. The raised afterdeck is so the helmsman can line up a clean shot over the heads of raiders waiting to board the enemy vessel. The top of the ram's base is just visible above the waterline on the bow. A bank of oars (11 per side) helps to put on the extra head of steam for ramming speed (and backing away afterwards) The elevated stern affords a commanding view of the surroundings. The rigging (or entire lack thereof) could use some work, but overall I'm happy with how things came out. Happy sailing....