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Found 25 results

  1. Name: Wullham (pronounced Wool-um) Ownership: The Crown of Corrington Location: Panarium, New Haven Sea Map: Mayor: Major Sir Jonathan Brickleton (@evancelt) Trade Value: See account summary Town Bank: See account summary Town Income per turn/Town Expenses per turn: TBD Who can own property in Wullham: Anyone Who can freebuild in Wullham: Anyone Description: Wullham is a settlement located on the small but strategically important island of Panarium. Panarium is the most northerly of the New Haven Sea islands at this longitude. The island is exposed to harsh northerly winds that have left most of the island devoid of trees. Instead, the hilly landscape is dominated by lush grassland and low shrubs. The winds bring plenty of rain but also lower the temperature significantly compared to the more tropical climate of neighboring islands. Rocky outcrops dot the grassy hillsides and add pops of color with bright lichen growth. A unique lavender-colored mineral appears in the lighter grey rocks found nearby. The small sheltered valleys that surround the coastal location chosen for the settlement are quite fertile and are ideal for grain crops. Sheep thrive in the hilly grasslands. Original Information: Builds in Wullham Please help us out by posting your a link to your Wullham builds in this thread. Licensee is Listed after the type of license. Properties: 45/30 Size for EGS purposes - Town Required for Level 3: 1 Artisans: 5 Cartwright Shop Microbuild, small artisan, Bregir Inn, medium artisan, evancelt Shipyard and Drydock, medium artisan, Corrington via Wellesley Commerce: 6 Pier and Warehouse Microbuild, small commerce, Brickwolf Dockmaster's Office Microbuild, medium commerce, evancelt Supply Dock at Fort Stockton, large commerce, Corrington via evancelt Factories: 1 Wool Factory Microbuild, small factory, Mesabi Residences: 6 Hamlet Cottage Microbuild, small residence, evancelt Mayor's House, medium residence, evancelt Kate Wilson's Residence, small residence, Brickwolf Macarthur Residence, medium residence, Ayrlego Art and Culture: 1 Rock of Cashel, small cultural attraction, evancelt Educational: 9 Museum of Antiquities, small educational, evancelt Sea Bird Viewing Point, medium educational, evancelt Sheep Shearing School, large educational, evancelt Military Academy at Fort Stockton, large educational, evancelt Plantations: 12 Produce Farm in Wullham, medium vegetable plantation, Wullham (via evancelt) Traffic Jam in Wullham, small wheat plantation, evancelt Mushroom Grown House, Wullham, medium mushroom plantation, evancelt Sheep Farm, Wullham, medium sheep plantation, evancelt Sheep Flock, medium sheep plantation, evancelt Goat Farm, large goat plantation, Corrington (via evancelt) Mines: 2 Wullham Quarry, rock quarry, Corrington (via Ayrlego) Forts: 3 Fort Stockton, large fort, Corrington (via evancelt) Troops: Company of 26th Foot and 18th Hussars Other Buildings: Vessels stationed here: Gunboats, Wullham Bay, evancelt Other related builds: Establishment of Wullham Settlement by Captain Brickleton, evancelt A Survey of Panarium is Conducted by Land & Sea, evancelt Prospecting in Wullham, evancelt Cavalry Drills in Wullham, evancelt New Recruits at Fort Stockton, evancelt Mushrooms for Dinner, Wullham, evancelt A Hard First Day, evancelt
  2. A dock at Fort Stockton allows the garrison to quickly receive supplies for the fort. ----------------- OOC: To be licensed by Corrington as a large commerce in Wullham @Ayrlego This build got started around the idea that those light / dark bley projectile shooters looked like wet and dry rock in a single brick. Once the middle rocks were built I then added the basalt columns.
  3. Shepard Willoughsby watches as a company of 26th foot march through his flock. With the Lotii on the rampage in the New Haven Sea, Willoughsby takes comfort in the fact that patrols from Fort Stockton seem to have increased in frequency. ------------ OOC: Wanted to try out using ziplines on a tree. To be licensed as a medium plantation in Wullham
  4. A crate had arrived earlier in the day from Captain Brickleton. It contained a strange alcoholic drink Brickleton had called 'absinthe' in his accompanying letter. The drink was apparently taking off in Westface on the island of Terraversa. Elsabeth Stockton decided to invite the women of Wullham to sample the new beverage together. Under the guise of a knitting circle, they gathered in the lobby of the inn where Stockton was staying. Stockton gossiped with Mary Chattan about Captain Brickleton and rumors of a war with the Lotii. Victoria Bettenworth and Georgina Fellenstep agreed the drink tasted of licorice. Harriet Pilloughsby was not a fan. They all had strange dreams that night. --------------------------- OOC: I received a whole bunch of those bright green Harry Potter mugs during a LUG draft and wanted to use them in a build! Also wanted to try out using the treasure chest lid as a window sill.
  5. With the recent success of recruiting drives on the island, the Corrington high command has commissioned a military academy at Fort Stockton near Wullham. Candidates for admission must apply directly to the academy and receive a nomination, usually from a member of standing within the colonial armed forces. Lieutenant Bollford rides a horse along the beach as a training officer leads a contingent of cadets back to the academy barracks after a day spent running drills. ------------------------ OOC: To be licensed as a large educational building in Wullham. Wanted to try out a studs-up Duplo landscape using the custom 1x2 pieces I recently used in the MOC Through the Pine Barrens
  6. Forest Bineford loved the location he had chosen for his sheep farm. The rolling hills provided ample grazing land for his flock of sheep, and the hillside behind his home allowed him to sit under a small grove of trees to watch his sheep among the pastures. Now with winter closing in, the leaves on the small stand of trees had fallen and he looked forward to seeing folks about town sport clothing made from his wool! ---------------- Here's my micro medium property earned as a prize during Challenge IV: Rebuilding Terraversa (bonus upgrade). To be licensed as a sheep plantation in Wullham. More pics
  7. The brothers Gregor and Duncan MacAulen had lived alongside sheep for most of their lives. They were new to Wullham and had quickly noticed upon their arrival that there was a niche that needed filling. Wullham had a ton of sheep, but very few people who knew how to shear wool! They first thought of monopolizing the shearing trade, but the huge number of sheep on the island frankly scared them a little. Instead, they decided to open a sheep shearing school. In their inaugural class, the brothers welcomed five locals - including a woman! They weren't picky when it came to students who could pay their class fees. Local herders would bring their sheep to a holding pen and the MacAulens' dogs would make sure they stayed in line. Once a fleece was removed from a sheep, they would pile it on a cart to take to town. Corporal Thiessen of the 26th Foot skirted the outside of the school on his way to Fort Stockton. He had received orders to report to the fort - there were rumors of action with the Lotii in the New Haven Sea! -------------------- OOC: To be licensed as a large educational build for Wullham. This one was just a fun chance to try out some techniques I'd been wondering about (the thatch roof, treasure chest tree, wigs for fleece, etc). You may recognize the boat prow building from this unlicensed build. I like the plumes better than the backpacks for the roof
  8. Reginald Brewerfrump had always been interested in old things. As a child in Belson, he had sought out all of the oldest places in Corrington and when he visited them he had taken notes in a pocket-sized notebook. Now as an adult, he was about to get to catalog new discoveries made in the Brick Seas! Brewerfrump was the new curator of the Royal Society of Natural Philosophy Museum of Antiquities in Wullham. Among the first exhibits on display was a collection of large mysterious bones found by the 26th Foot while stationed in Elizabethville. ----------------- OOC: Submitted as a Corlander entry in the Faction Flavours Mini Challenge. I wanted to make this build to continue the story of the mysterious bones! I found a way to fit in 6 colors of telescopes, but didn't find a natural way to fit in my black or yellow ones. Also thought it would be fun to feature all custom redcoats and only show their backs Licensed as a small educational building in Wullham
  9. Elsabeth Stockton was bored. She had been in Wullham for a season and while taking entrepreneurial steps to financially back a Mushroom grow house had kept her busy for a time, she missed socializing with other gentlewomen the way she had while back in Belson. In an effort to stoke the fires of society in Wullham, she had her servant deliver copies of a note to all of the esteemed houses in town. In her note, Elsabeth invited the young women of the area to join her for an adventure to the coast. She next visited Reginald Brewerfrump at the Museum of Antiquities, where he had recently been made curator. She discussed her plans for an outing and he suggested a picturesque headland to the south where they could observe a great many sea birds in their element. He volunteered to lead the party the following week. When the time came for the outing, she was pleased to greet six other women of the town for the short field expedition. They hiked up their dressbottoms and headed for the coast! OOC: To be licensed as a medium educational build in Wullham It is beginning to feel like autumn here in Colorado so I wanted to make a fall-inspired build. Built on Duplos!
  10. No sooner had the group of new recruits at Fort Stockton received their gray trainee uniforms than their drill sergeant received word that a field gun had broken its limber. The gun was being transported along the coast and had fallen into some mud when its carriage broke. The recruits headed out to begin what turned out to be five hours of hard work necessary to free the gun. A troop raising build for Wullham
  11. The evening after her dinner of wild mushroom soup prepared by Treewa, Elsabeth Stockton couldn't stop thinking about the delicious meal. Over the next few weeks, she had Treewa prepare the dish four more times. On the fifth occasion, she made a proposal to Treewa: Would he help her run a mushroom grow house here in Wullham? She was a gentlewoman and not one to fantasize about entrepreneurial endeavors, but she knew a good opportunity when she tasted it. She had plenty of funds, and no task to occupy her time. When Treewa agreed to be her business partner, she had him source some good starting fungi and contracted masons from town to construct a low mushroom grow house adjacent to a small pond. She and Treewa figured they would need the water to keep the sheep manure they'd be growing the mushrooms in damp. Elsabeth remembered that Captain Brickleton was not a fan of "earthen" smells, and made sure the location was downwind of the Mayor's House. Once operational, the cooks at Fort Stockton would regularly send soldiers on kitchen duty down to the grow house to fetch fresh mushrooms to feed the garrison. Licensed as a medium plantation in Wullham
  12. Elsabeth Stockton was a lady of means. Her father was a general in the army back in Belson and she had grown up in a stately manor outside the city. She wasn't one to wait around twiddling her thumbs. She had arrived in Wullham earlier that month and learned of Captain Brickleton's mission away in Terraversa. Now she and her servant were staying at the inn located in the town center. As they headed for the front door of the inn intending to go for a walk, the attendant manning the hotel desk let Elsabeth know she had received a letter. The letter was from Captain Brickleton. He had caught wind of her travels to Wullham via an acquaintance in the Naval Intelligence Office. He let her know that his mission in Terraversa had been successful and the island was at peace. The war was over! He also included some notes about interesting things Elsabeth should explore in Wullham. There was a mysterious heart-shaped carving, Brickleton's own mayoral home, and an Onondaga friend named Treewa she should call on. She had already explored Brickleton's home when she initially sought him out earlier that month. She made a mental note to see the carving soon. The Onondaga friend intrigued her - the idea of meeting a friendly native of the Brick Seas fascinated her. The Onondaga were a native tribe from the island where Brickleton had been stationed prior to coming to found Wullham. Elsabeth decided to seek out the Onondaga friend, and she and her servant set out at once. They found the Onondaga friend Treewa at his home outside of town and he offered to take Elsabeth for a nature walk. He had scouted out much of the island when the settlers first arrived. The group traveled inland toward the large interior mountain. They approached a rushing stream and Treewa leapt up onto a fallen tree trunk and crossed over. Elsabeth and her servant warily followed. On the far side of the stream they found a large assortment of sizable mushrooms surrounding a rotting tree stump. Treewa recognized the fungi varieties as edible and collected them for the group to have for dinner that night back in Wullham. OOC: @Ross Fisher's shell craters that looked to me like rotted tree trunks got me thinking about mushrooms Also was really intrigued by @Kai NRG's Cherry Blossom Fort where she loosely coupled slopes and inverted slopes in the walls to make tessellations with gaps. i figured the same could be done with slopes and wedges
  13. In his last letter to Elsabeth Stockton, Captain Brickleton had said he would need to stop writing for a short while but didn't explain why. After a month of no correspondence, Elsabeth became worried and determined that she must travel to Wullham to discover why Brickleton wasn't in communication. Following a long voyage from Belson, Elsabeth Stockton arrived in Wullham to find Captain Brickleton gone. She had her servant place her belongings in a rented room at the town's luxurious inn and then traveled to Fort Stockton (named after her great-grandfather) to inquire after Brickleton. At the fort, she cornered Lieutenant Bollford, who was in charge of the fort in Brickleton's absence, and wrung out of him that Brickleton was away in Terraversa on a secret mission of diplomacy in the hope of averting a war with Oleon. Glad to know the truth but worried for Brickleton's safety, Elsabeth returned to the inn for a fitful night of sleep. Inn licensed as a medium artisan in Wullham OOC:
  14. Sergeant Allister allows the new recruits to take a short break after restocking cannon balls at their 8th battery at Fort Stockton. With each recruit carrying two cannon balls each, it only takes two trips to each battery to supply the necessary material. As new recruit Ewan MacReagie leans back against the battery wall, he figures only 16 more round trips to go before they break for lunch! Troop raising build for Wullham OOC: I wanted to do a first troop build at Fort Stockton and, since most of my normal green bricks are currently tied up in the Fort Stockton build itself, I tried out the sand green / dark orange color scheme. Threw in some light bley / medium lavender / aqua for fun!
  15. With the growing importance of Wullham as the "Breadbasket of Corrington" becoming apparent, the Headquarters of the Corlander Armed Forces thought it wise to build defenses in the settlement. Named for a war hero from generations past (who happened to be the great-grandfather of Elsabeth Stockton), sprawling Fort Stockton guards Wullham Bay with 16 large shore batteries. The fort also houses barracks for a large contingent of infantry. Built for GoC Strategic Outposts, to be licensed by Corrington as a Large Fort in Wullham Some BTS shots:
  16. After Captain Brickleton's horse lost a shoe, Lieutenant Tennyson gave him a ride home. Brickleton was glad to see that his attendant had the fires going inside - there was a chill in the air. Brickleton had chosen the spot for his home during an early scouting survey. When he saw the magnificent oak next to a small stream, he knew he would build his house next to it. With so few trees on the island of Panarium, a mature oak was to be treasured. Licensed as a medium residence in Wullham
  17. Two new types of gunboat are being deployed in Wullham Bay to help protect the coastal waters. The boats, which can be rapidly put to sea from Fort Stockton, are oar- and sail-powered, and pack a punch with a large onboard gun. An oar-powered gunboat: A sail-powered gunboat: Original Post photo: Submitted to Glory of Corrington - Oaken Shield - Gunboats for the Colonies. To be licensed as two gunboats
  18. It appeared some time during the night. Horatio Jefferson, a root vegetable farmer, spotted it when he stepped out the front door of his house the next morning. He couldn't believe he had slept through the sound of steel on rock, but he must have. He couldn't prove it, but he knew the heart-shaped carving in the rock outcrop was for his daughter Bethel. The peat-cutter Cashel Macklin had made it quite evident that he had his eye on her. As Jefferson explained all this to the gathered townspeople, Bethel began to blush. She thought it was beautiful. To be licensed as a small cultural attraction in Wullham OOC: Had to use the Wullham lavender for a Valentine's build!
  19. The new fence lining the edges of the wheat fields created a bottleneck when two parties caught up to each other on the path. Shepard Grogson told Lieutenant Bollford that the sheep would be on their way in good time, but Bollford's men were ready to get home to a warm dinner. To be licensed as a small wheat plantation in Wullham BTS:
  20. After a quite painless voyage from Elizabethville, Captain Jonathan Brickleton arrives on the newly named island Panarium (Island 4 in the New Haven Sea) to establish a new settlement for the Crown of Corrington. Claimed by Corrington, Panarium is the most northerly of the New Haven Sea islands at this longitude. The island is exposed to harsh northerly winds that have left most of the island devoid of trees. Instead, the hilly landscape is dominated by lush grassland and low shrubs. The winds bring plenty of rain but also lower the temperature significantly compared to the more tropical climate of neighboring islands. Rocky outcrops dot the grassy hillsides and add pops of color with bright lichen growth. A unique lavender-colored mineral appears in the lighter grey rocks found nearby. Along with his mixed company of 26th Foot and 18th Hussars, Brickleton is joined by a few dozen adventurous pioneers from Elizabethville who will help found the new settlement, which he names Wullham. Upon first inspection, the small sheltered valleys that surround the coastal location he has chosen for the new settlement appear to be quite fertile and will likely be ideal for grain crops. The few sheep they have brought with them appear to enjoy the terrain and Brickleton expects them to thrive. Rather than use the few trees on the island for firewood, Brickleton sends a small group out to cut some peat for their fires. They then begin setting up a makeshift camp at what will become the settlement of Wullham.
  21. Captain Brickleton and Lieutenant Tennyson enjoy some fresh melon that Trooper Rolston has halved during his solo sabre drill. Captain Brickleton instructs the hussars to drill regularly to stay in tip-top fighting shape, never knowing just when they will be called upon to ship out in the fight against Oleon. OOC: I wanted to try out a new kind of SNOT base. It isn't as sturdy as the one I usually use, but is nice for change of pace.
  22. With the whole island to themselves, the new settlers on Panarium could choose the location they wanted to call home. Artemis Granger found a small sheltered hamlet just to the southeast of Wullham that looked good to him. He could see out off the headlands to the New Haven Sea, and if he climbed up the steep hill behind his house, he could see a mysterious interior mountain off in the distance. A rainstorm was headed his way, so he took shelter in his whitewashed cottage. Microbuild prize for 3rd Place Faction in The Battle for El Oleonda - Era II, Challenge III To be licensed as a small residence in Wullham OOC: My first microbuild! Since Wullham is still new, wanted to try to capture some of the landscape here for others to reference: grass coming down to sand at beach, hills and highlands, and some interior mountains! House is again a whitewashed cottage with a thatched roof. Wanted to try a SNOT tile/plate ocean to keep the color variation without it being too chunky. Left the 1x1 plates off the end of the ocean rows to give it a feeling of motion
  23. Captain Brickleton wanted to know more about the island of Panarium. In the week following their arrival at the future site of Wullham, he sent expeditions out by land and sea to survey the island. Second Lieutenant Berthing of the 18th Hussars set out with another trooper and an Onondaga settler who had accompanied them from Elizabethville. They rode across the island many times identifying key features Most of the island was covered in grassy hills. They noted a total of ten mountains on the island and highlands on the northern half of the island. A medium-sized river flowed from the mountains of the southwest on to the sea. They spotted a few smaller islands offshore. Lieutenant Freeman, a Royal Navy Intelligence officer, circumnavigated the island by rowboat. Accompanied by a soldier of the 26th Foot, they spent a week camping on beaches and sounding the depths to establish the extent of the shallows. They made depth soundings around the island and took a detailed account of all of the inlets and shore curvature. They also were able to make out ten distinct mountains as they made their way around the island by sea. Once back at camp in Wullham, Lieutenant Freeman erected a table on a hill overlooking the sea. He had become close friends with his travel companion from the 26th Foot while conducting the survey. His friend and a second soldier played melancholy background music while Freeman combined the interior details the Hussars had gathered with his more detailed sea records. A detailed map of Panarium OOC: The accordion idea is from the BirdBase build by @Fraunces. Got some new CMF Series 21 minifigs in the mail yesterday and wanted to include the fiddle from violin boy in the third vignette.
  24. Benedict Thorpe had thought it might be hard to start a produce farm in Wullham, but the rich soils on the island of Panarium meant everything he planted thrived with only basic tending. He had planted extra carrots, onions, melons, squash, and wheat thinking not all of it would make it, but the vegetables seemingly doubled in number during the growing season. The result was he had more produce than he knew what to do with! As Thorpe stood pondering his good fortune, Corporal Newbury returned his dairy cow Elise who had wandered off down the track. Without many trees to be found on the island, the farmer used driftwood to build his garden fences. After Elise the cow was re-secured in her barn, the croaking of the frogs at the nearby pond helped Thorpe doze off into a nice nap. Licensed by Wullham as a medium vegetable plantation OoC: Wanted to try a SNOT base with darker soil colors, went with reddish-brown and dark orange, which are darker than what we commonly see in pirate builds. Also wanted to begin to establish a whitewashed architectural style for Wullham that incorporates little bits of the lavender color. I'm imagining fancier buildings will have slate roofs and more ornamental features.
  25. On the second day after their arrival on Panarium, a lightning storm hit and the settlers had to seek shelter. With no buildings erected yet, they were quite exposed in their camp. After seeking shelter next to a nearby rock outcrop, two pioneers began to wonder about what riches lay embedded in those rocks. As the storm broke, the two returned with pickaxes and began breaking off chunks of rock. Prospecting build in Wullham. OOC: What do we have in these rocks?