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  1. Yatkuu

    [ENTRY][SMALL] From Merchant to Pirate

    Steve is a great philosopher – what would be the point of surrendering to despair? NO, Steve is more the kind of guy to take things in stride, bide his time and daydream about open sea, spicy rum, juicy contraband... and of course, vengeance on the Imperials! And yeah, that guard is definitely drunk… actually taking a nap right now... tsk tsk, you just can’t find good personnel these days. Obviously, with 200 elements I could not really build a castle (here's a behind the scene look at the build)... but I would like to think that this prison cell is actually located in the basement of my "Hermit Fortress".
  2. Yatkuu

    For the Birds

    I just wanted to share a picture "in the bricks" of the MOC. For the Birds by Gregory Coquelz, on Flickr Some of you might notice a difference with the renders when it comes to the "wire". With the actual build, I tried using regular flex tube but there was .. well.. too much "flex" to support the 2 birds! It worked, but it was a bit wonky. So I came up with an alternative based on technic joints/axles/pins and bars. There is still a bit of give, but I don';t think this will stress the elements too much. Also, I will be the 1st to admit I am a terrible LEGO engineer, especially when it comes to Technic elements and I am sure that alternate options are possible... I just have not been able to figure out any. If you have any suggestions, please share these here!
  3. Yatkuu

    For the Birds

    A few years ago, on a random inspiration, I decided to recreate one of my favorite Pixar shorts – the classic “For the Birds”. Squawk! by Gregory Coquelz, on Flickr To my surprise, this small MOC turned out to be one of my most successful ones on Flickr... but I always thought I could improve it and take it to the next level. Today, I am happy to share the revised/improved/expanded version, which I submitted as a project on LEGO Ideas! While my original MOC only featured the 2 small birds, this new version also includes the big goofy one. In order to promote this project, I also prepared a few comics showcasing the birds bantering while perched on their wire, here is the 1st one! If you like this project, please consider heading over to LEGO Ideas to cast your vote, thank you! Project link: https://ideas.lego.com/s/p:51449e5af1a34810ab09679ed339fa76
  4. Yatkuu

    [ENTRY][SMALL] From Merchant to Pirate

    Yes, for sure, the walls could have used a bit more texture, and in any other type of creation I would have gone the extra mile but here I kept it relatively simple for two reasons: parts count, highly textured walls are extremely parts intensive and I wanted to keep this one under the 200 elements limit. Granted, there are not 200 elements visible in the final shot and the non-visible parts could have been optimized to offset the overal parts count - but I didn't want to overhthink it all because I wanted to keep it simple. The main focus is meant to be on Steve/the prisoner and I didn't want the rest of the piece to be too distracting. I used my reflex for this one, you can find all the camera setting details on Flickr. I shot this in the afternoon with sun shining in from the right and leaving a small gap open in the cell ceiling to give the "ray of light" effect. The camera was laid flat on the table and I covered it and the front part of the build with a blanket to shield it from the outside light and used my phone as small light source under the blanket to make the guard visible. I was hoping the yellowish light of the phone would give it a latern-like glow - I'm not sure I achieved that, but this was the 40th attempt and I decided it was good enough! Overall I am quite happy (and surprised TBH) with the decent result - my only gripe is the fact that the cell window / seagull is a bit too exposed but I think that fixing this would have required some extra trickery - maybe shooting 2 pictures with different settings and merging them afterward.
  5. What happened to Steve between his last appearance as a merchant at the Imperial Trading Post and his transformation into a pirate aboard Captain Redbeard's Skull's Eye Schooner? Well, if you were to ask him, his stories would vary, often depending on his rum intake that day. Once, he claimed to have traveled to China, where he made a fortune in the silk trade, only to lose it all in a game of dice. Another time, he boasted of rescuing an Indian princess from an arranged marriage, only to find her "quite a handful", as he put it. The truth, however, is much more mundane. Steve was caught with goods on which he had "forgotten" to pay taxes and was sentenced to a year in jail. But Steve never wallowed in self-pity. He took this setback in stride, using his time in jail to plan his future and contemplate revenge against the Imperials... From merchant to pirate by Gregory Coquelz, on Flickr The MOC is just under 200 elements, here's a behind the scene look at the build.
  6. Yatkuu

    [Contest] Space Pirates - Back to the Carribean Galaxy!

    Thank you Eurobricks for running this fun contest and for everyone who voted for my entry! It’s great to see that 2 Islanders MOCs made it to the podium!!
  7. Yatkuu

    [SPC] Cat C - Kahuka-1

    Greetings fellow Eurobricks members! It's 2024, everyone at LEGO is going into Space... even the Islanders! Kahuka-1 on approach! Kahuka-1 by Gregory Coquelz, on Flickr Thank you to the EB staff for organizing this fun contest and good luck to All!
  8. Yatkuu

    [SPC] Cat A - The Misfits

    Greetings fellow EB members, I am happy to introduce you to the crew of the "Misfits"! The Misfits by Gregory Coquelz, on Flickr Captain K.O. and CK-D3 by Gregory Coquelz, on Flickr Captain Kurogame Oroku aka Captain K.O. Captain K.O. was not originally destined for piracy as dancing was his first passion. He particularly had a thing for 80's Earth pop music and in his prime, he was the lead actor of a troupe that was playing a musical based on Michael Jackson's Captain EO. His interpretation of the famous space opera was praised across several galaxies. Then, one day, tragedy struck and K.O. lost a leg during a rehearsal in a freak accident. Sadly, this was the end of his stage career - indeed, try doing the moonwalk with a peg leg. But, as his grandpa always said, when life gives you bualafru, you make bualafru juice. And so began his second career, reality caught up with fiction and K.O. became the captain of the fierce pirate crew of the "misfits". When in the mood, K.O. occasionally still breaks into a convincing interpretation of "another part of me", and his crew kindly pretends that he still got the moves. CK-D3 CK-D3 is your standard pirate crew maintenance droid. The thing is though, Captain K.O. won him at a cards game and his previous owner was not totally upfront about his quirks. The deal was good, but the detail that was not advertised is that CK-D3 is stuck in "Mexican mood" demo mode. Let's just say that it was a bit jarring at first to be pillaging and plundering away with a robot blasting away mariachi tunes, but the crew got used to it and even got him a hat to complete the ensemble. Willy Wheelie and Coco by Gregory Coquelz, on Flickr Willy Wheelie Willy is definitely not the sharpest tool in the shed. Actually, he probably is the dullest. But that's ok, if you hit things hard enough with a heavy hammer, things tend to go your way eventually. Coco Coco is the misfit's navigator and the result of a failed experiment that mixed growth hormones and aggressive behavior modification therapy. The result is an angry giant bird who likes to blow things up occasionally. Thankfully, he still has a great sense of direction... but don't try to give him a cookie. Octavio and Jade by Gregory Coquelz, on Flickr Octavio aka Squid Shame As the firstborn of the mob boss from the largest SOC (Space Octopus Cartel), Octavio was destined for great things in the family business. Unfortunately, his mom had an affair with a member of a rival Space Shark gang, and as result, he was born a half breed. Octavio was promptly outcasted from his clan. Is he still losing his ink over it? Let's just say that I wouldn't recommend bringing this topic up. He's the kind to hold a grudge, and his sharpshooter skills are unrivaled. Jade If you thought being a Mantis was tough already with all the stigmas surrounding the mate eating business, try living as an outspoken gay vegan one. Yeah, she had it rough. She still loves to slice things up however, so it's best to stay on her good side. Thank you to the EB staff for arranging this fun contest, and good luck to all!
  9. Yatkuu

    mini Disney theme park locations

    Thank you! The plaques were a fun side project for these builds. They were all created using Studio and I kinda cheated a bit... many of the elements I used do not exist in the colors I picked. I also sort of "created" new elements by deactivating the collision detection and fusing elements together. For instance, the head of the vampire uses a hair piece that has horns going through it - this element does not exist! The design of the plaques was inspired by elements seen in the parks. The vampire one is placed at the entrance of the Phantom Manor : Phantom Manor entrance #disneylandparis by Parques @ Reunidos, on Flickr Here's the Hollywood Tower plaque: Hollywood Tower Hotel logo at Twilight Zone's Tower of Terror by Loren Javier, on Flickr For the other 2, I took inspiration from a few places and blended them together.
  10. Hello everyone, Today I am happy to share a small series of 4 MOCs meant to complete the existing "line" of microscale Disney sets such as the mini-castle 40478 and the mini-haunted mansion 40521. These are all inspired by locations found at Disneyland Paris, a place I visited many, many times... mini-Thunder Mountain mini Thunder Mountain 1 by Gregory Coquelz, on Flickr mini Thunder Mountain 2 by Gregory Coquelz, on Flickr mini-Phantom Manor mini Phantom Manor 1 by Gregory Coquelz, on Flickr mini Phantom Manor 2 by Gregory Coquelz, on Flickr This model holds a secret, if you lift the house you can access a crypt where you can place a minifigure. mini Phantom Manor - The crypt by Gregory Coquelz, on Flickr mini-Hollywood Tower Hotel mini Hollywood Tower Hotel 1 by Gregory Coquelz, on Flickr mini Hollywood Tower Hotel 2 by Gregory Coquelz, on Flickr This model also has a special feature, the back holds a small monochrome scene inspired by the Twilight Zone TV series. mini HTH - the Twilight Zone by Gregory Coquelz, on Flickr mini-Skull Rock mini Skull Rock 1 by Gregory Coquelz, on Flickr mini Skull Rock 2 by Gregory Coquelz, on Flickr mini Skull Rock 3 by Gregory Coquelz, on Flickr Instructions for these 4 models are available on Rebrickable (the mini-Thunder Mountain instructions are FREE) or on Planet GBC where you can also find custom kits. mini-Disney series by Gregory Coquelz, on Flickr I hope you guys like these, which one is your favorite? Should I keep going, and if so, which location should I do next? Edit: Click here for a short video presentation of each build.
  11. That micro-Anubis ... Great scene and full of clever techniques.
  12. Beautiful entry! You should add the other pictures from the back view that you have posted on Flickr! Good job of the play functions as well!
  13. Brilliant entry! Clever use of the roller coaster tracks! 👍
  14. I am happy to present my entry in the Category C - Ride to Adventure..."Otto Shnurrbart’s M3 half-track". “In a wild twist of fate, Jack Storm and Harvey Blitheworth find themselves in a sand-swept race against the notorious tomb robbers led by Otto Shnurrbart. Determined to protect their newly liberated sarcophagus of Amset-Ra, our heroes dart across the desert like caffeinated roadrunners, with Otto's goons hot on their heels. Now, Otto may not be the poster child for subtlety; he's more like a bull in a china shop with a flamethrower. Seriously, his idea of diplomacy is probably smashing through walls and shouting, "I'm here!" It's safe to say there are few obstacles that cannot be overcome by an M3 half-track with a mounted 50 caliber machine gun…” Camel crossing by Gregory Coquelz, on Flickr Camel crossing by Gregory Coquelz, on Flickr Roadkill on the menu by Gregory Coquelz, on Flickr This MOC also happens to be my half of a collaborative display I made with my good friend Pixel Fox for the Paredes Fan weekend 2023. Pixel Fox’s part of the display features the heroes’ Land Rover that is trying to escape the bad guys who are chasing them. The setting of this desert chase scene is inspired by the adventures of Jack Storm, a fictional character invented by Pixel Fox and featured in his LEGO comic “The Island” that can be read here. (see also this link for downloads to tablet and e-readers downloadable files)