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  1. thenightman89

    Licensed Lego Ideas - Support & Discussion

    I designed a Winter Village inspired set based on Dr. Seuss's "How the Grinch Stole Christmas." It was a ton of fun hiding Easter egg references to other famous Seuss books, as well as writing up my Seuss-inspired poem for the description. Your support would make my heart grow three sizes!
  2. thenightman89

    The Lord of the Rings 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    If LEGO does not release 18+ style Architecture-style sets of the iconic locations of Middle Earth, they're basically throwing money away. Give me Orthanc and Barad-Dur!
  3. thenightman89

    [MOC] Modular "Back to the Future" Clock Tower

    Of course, I couldn't stop at just building the Clock Tower - I have now gone ahead and designed the park that appears in front of the Clock Tower in 1955! Surely I'll eventually try to do the 2015 versions of the Clock Tower and its park...but in the meantime, let me know what you think of the 1955 versions!
  4. I designed a modular building (32 x 32 studs) that is carefully designed to resemble the worst bar in Philadelphia, Paddy's Pub. And don't worry, jabronis, I also made instructions for it, which can be found on Rebrickable and my personal site. To limit the piece count, only the first floor interior is furnished - however, the bar is packed with hilarious Easter eggs that any "It's Always Sunny" fan will immediately recognize. Let me know whatcha think!
  5. thenightman89

    [MOC] Modular "Back to the Future" Clock Tower

    Thanks for the kind words! :D I had a lot of fun designing this!
  6. "GREAT SCOTT!" A double-corner style modular of the famous Clock Tower / Court House from "Back to the Future!" What a joy and challenge it was to design this MOC! Not only was it a challenge to match the look of the building (classical architecture is particularly sensitive to proportions) but also make sure it fit within the confines of the Modular Building style. To limit the piece count (and because the inside of the building was never meaningfully shown on-screen), the interior of this MOC is bare-bones but functional (see more pics on Rebrickable). This leaves you with plenty of fun and opportunity to design your own look. Anyone interested can find the instructions here and on!
  7. thenightman89

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Overall - there's a lot to like! The design of the hotel is striking - I'm just not in love with the light nougat color of the 2nd floor and the art gallery feels a bit smushed/tacked on, especially with the stairs leading up to the patio bar.
  8. thenightman89

    71033 LEGO Muppets CMF Series - Rumors & Discussion

    This is so exciting since it will make a Muppet's "A Christmas Carol" display a reality in my winter village!
  9. thenightman89

    Harry Potter custom builds and moc's

    I designed a MOC of Zonko's Joke Shop that uses 82% of the pieces found in the official Hogsmeade Village Visit set (76388), so you can more easily expand your village! Anyone who may be interested can find the instructions here and on my Rebrickable page.
  10. thenightman89

    [MOC] "The Lord of the Rings" skylines

    Thanks for all the kind words! I'm definitely keeping my fingers crossed we can get more LOTR sets with the upcoming Amazon show.
  11. thenightman89

    [MOC] Zonko's Joke Shop

    Thanks for the kind words! :D
  12. thenightman89

    [MOC] Zonko's Joke Shop

    "...Zonko's Joke Shop's frankly dangerous.." - Percy Weasley I designed a MOC of Zonko's Joke Shop that uses 82% of the pieces found in the official Hogsmeade Village Visit set (76388), so you can easily expand your own winter village! Anyone interested can find the instructions here and on my Rebrickable page.
  13. I designed a series of MOCs in the style of the Architecture Skyline series for "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy. These designs are slimmed down versions of my original MOCs to be more in line with the width and depth of the official Skyline sets. I hope you enjoy figuring out which iconic locations are represented in each skyline! For anyone who may be interested in the instructions, you can find them here and on my Rebrickable page.
  14. thenightman89

    Lego Architecture - rumors and discussion

    While it's a nice improvement from the original, it just strikes me as an incredibly uncreative choice from LEGO when there are endless other possibilities!
  15. thenightman89

    Chinese New Year Sets - Rumors and Discussion

    Here you are, friend. I have both sections in separate files: Section 1 Section 2