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  1. stigge72

    EB Xmas Raffle 2018 - Your Santa MOC entry thread

    This year I managed to get something together in time. by stigge72, on Flickr [edit] And now I managed to get it out of flickr as well.
  2. stigge72

    The Obligatory Winter Creation

    Very nice. We don't have much snow in Sweden either (at least not i my part). What part is the thing between the tractor and the plow?
  3. stigge72

    The Custom Gearbox Thread

    I haven't built much actionfigures, and particularly not my own, and I wonder why the different gearboxes are named as they are.
  4. As so many before me already said: Awesome build! Very nice trick to change the step lengths for turning.
  5. stigge72

    Outpost 18

    Interesting scene with a lot of exciting flora and fauna.
  6. stigge72

    Portal 2 Advent Calendar

    I'm not acquainted with Portal, but I like your small creations. What is the middle piece of Santa Core's hat?
  7. stigge72

    Sup mateys

  8. stigge72

    Hi :)

  9. My tree is still attached to the ground at home in its forrest.
  10. stigge72

    How many AFOL's "Swoosh"?

    Every flying contraption needs to be swooshed, if nothing else, so one know its construction is sound. Every car/truck/et c needs to be brrrm-ed, to make sure the wheels can touch the ground and go round at the same time...
  11. stigge72

    MOC: Monster

    IIRC: Round head and body, orange body, three yellow eyes, big red nose, four purple ears, small green mouth with two sharp teeth, long arms with blue hands, short legs with brown feet, spiky pink hair.
  12. stigge72

    MOC: Monster

    Thanks. The eyes and nose was part of the description. Three yellow eyes and big red nose. I haven't seen any of the childrens drawings either.
  13. stigge72

    LEGO Halloween - Mad Science

    Nice flick! Thanks for sharing.
  14. stigge72

    MOC: Monster

    Last night, my girlfriend told me that the fourth graders she teach, had had an exercise where she described a monster, which they then got to draw and paint. Having heard the description, I decided to do my own interpretation, but (of course) in lego.
  15. stigge72

    Welcome to Luxembrick

    My guess is that the bases are all brickbuilt. Otherwise you can use e.g. 44728 (the thin part is as thick as a baseplate) and attack a baseplate on top of a SNOTed surface.