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  1. The Loreman

    Best lego Castle set?

    Oh boy. Knight's Kingdom II is absolute nostalgia to me. I will never forget the day my parents bought me this precious set: 8779 - The Grand Tournament It was during a vacation in the mountains. I hurt my hand countless times using the jousting-slammer, but I didn't care. After playing with it for a while, I tore it apart. And rebuilt it. And tore it apart... Then I started making traps for Jayco to run past at lightning speed. It's funny, because the fact that the heroes had ridiculously bright colors or the super abilities never occurred as odd or strange. Now let me tell you about the truly best (my opinion of course!). So a year later I receive Vladek's Dark Fortress for my birthday. WOW. Now often cover art feels misleading to me, as things usually felt over-promised. Not THIS set. My friends, it was every bit as epic as the box said it would be. I could go on, but I think we've all had enough of my rant. Thank-you stella2015 for jogging my memory! Those were good times.
  2. The Loreman

    [MOC] Rivergate

    This is a great little scene! I love the simplicity and your color usage (especially with the tree!).
  3. The Loreman

    The Hungry Golem

    Thanks LordofBricks! The action was a last minute decision, so I'm glad it turned out OK. Those colors are some of my favorites! Thank you Servertijd! I'll admit I was a little unsure about this particular build, and almost didn't post it. In the end, I'm glad I did.
  4. The Loreman

    The Hungry Golem

    “The man desperately scrambled up the rocks, hoping to escape the giant stone hand reaching for him. Golems are not typically hostile, but they are very possessive of things they believe are theirs. The red-cloaked warrior struggled to hold back his enormous pet, and with no small effort shouted some words of wisdom to the fleeing man - “just give him the apple!” -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The final result of this build is very different from the original concept. With little success, I struggled for a while in my attempt to build a complicated bridge on the rock base. I always have table scraps of random things I've built at a whim - one of them was the golem creature. He's not very complex, but he looked so humorous with the odd body proportions and the hammerhead skull, so I've kept him built for a month or two. I finally put him to use! - Loreman The Hungry Golem_2 by The Loreman, on Flickr The Hungry Golem_3 by The Loreman, on Flickr The Hungry Golem_4 by The Loreman, on Flickr The Hungry Golem_5 by The Loreman, on Flickr
  5. The Loreman

    [MOC] A Short Rest...

    Your welcome! I feel your pain - all the Tolkien sets came out during my "dark ages", so I missed out on one of my favorite themes. When I returned, I was able to get myself Helm's Deep to somewhat make up for it. It's a pity the theme is gone! Oftentimes I'll make custom figures to represent ones I don't own.
  6. The Loreman

    [MOC] A Short Rest...

    Nice rockwork - the second one must have been quite the challenge in getting all the sections to blend together, but you did a great job. I was able to recognize all the scenes, so I'd say you did well! As for improvements, perhaps you could pose the figures to better capture the action of the scenes. E.g., have an orc or two chasing the dwarves in the first one, add an elf on horseback for the second one, and have the figures standing around the map for the third moc. I look forward to seeing the other chapters!
  7. The Loreman

    [MOC] My very first MOC(in progress) "Ambush"

    This is great! You're off to a good start. I could feel the suspense in the ambush scene. Those lion knights are in for some trouble!
  8. The Loreman

    MOC- Medieval Cottage

    I love the rock work - especially how the wall has a slight draft to it in some places. Well done!
  9. The Loreman

    The Root Kingdom

    Wow, this is great. I love your style. The Root Kingdom is indeed magical!
  10. The Loreman

    [Set revamp] Stone Tower Bridge

    Wow, I love the whole thing! It's great that you integrated the play functions of the original set. If only TLG made some sets like this.
  11. The Loreman

    Your Lost Lego

    Finally, a place to get some sympathy! The most memorable lego I lost during my childhood was the first Jango Fett minifigure (from 7153). I don't know if they've come out with another since my dark ages, but I remember looking up the price when he first went missing, and I think he went for $80. I remember desperately searching for him, but the situation was hopeless - we were outside on a friend's farm at night. During my dark ages, practically all my lego batman minifigures went missing. To this day it haunts me! That one was probably the worst. Worse than not being to find the bags with my AT-TE parts. But that one might still be in storage, I suppose.
  12. The Loreman

    General Magma's LOTR Figures

    Many thanks! I ought to do that to all my skulls one day. It would be neat if TLG produced a skull variant like that.
  13. The Loreman

    [MOC] Ancient Ruins

    You've done well in capturing the essence of a fantastic tabletop rpg. Brilliant landscape, and nice characters - my sigfig wishes he were amongst them, battling monsters and searching for lost treasure!
  14. The Loreman

    [MOC] CCC14 - Clarendon Castle

    You built half of it in two weeks? That would have taken me half a year at least! The whole thing is an incredible build, with the waterfalls being my favorite part.
  15. The Loreman

    Work in progress: Middle Earth

    I cannot wait to see this in it's completion! I'm especially glad you're incorporating scenes from the books that never made it into the film.