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Found 18 results

  1. Hello, I present here a small agricultural tractor. The origin of this model is simple. It has an educational value. I used the subject to begin explaining to my son the basic principles to achieve his own models. The purpose was therefore to explain to him the following principles: - Steering rack, steering wheel. - How does a pendular axle work? - The U-joint how does it work? - Differential utility, - Realization of a simple transmission, - How to properly cross a transmission axle and a steering shaft, - What is a gearbox? ; simplified application in on / off mode for a function. There were finaly lots off things to explain. And the result is a nice tractor, playable simple to build. Here it is : About the design, we are on a MF235 base or something like that, (it's not really important;) Some other views: The rear linkage is three-point type, the PTO is in the central position, offset from the wheel axle for realizing a transmission axle with the gearbox wich is located under the steering wheel and allows to put the PTO on/off. Closer: The lifting is carried out by means of a simple mini-cylinder controlled by a crank located on the left side of the tractor: The hood is openable, of course, and we have a small engine L3 in direct drive on the differential of the rear wheels: We added some details, such as a pseudo oil gauge: Small zoom on the PTO control, under the steering wheel: The front axle is pendular (thank you to the neighbor who showed it in real life to my son), a view of the driving position, with the high exhaust pipe , in order to not 'Gaz' the farmer :) And finally the traditional view from below or we somewhat sacrificed the possibilities of crossing by installing the mini-actuator, but ...Who cares? In the end this Moc comes back to me rather well, it fulfilled its first role;) What else? Steph.
  2. ederseesteine


    Here ist my next modell: Zunhammer ZUNI-X-Trac, based on Claas SaddleTrac: ZUNI-X-TRAC Review promobricks
  3. I have watched in awe of some of the great tractors from that have been added to this forum in the last couple of months. So enjoy another one, even if it not at the same level of perfection. More implements are coming... The tractor features: -Rear Wheel Drive -HOG Steering -I4 Engine (Green of course) -Front PTO (on/off switch) -Rear PTO (on/off switch) -Front Three Point Hitch (HOG) -Rear Three Point Hitch (HOG) -Opening Hood And the rear with PTO and drawbar. And the bottom for a little idea of how it all fits together. Much more at, and you can view the full album on
  4. Hi everyone You may have seen my MOC modular buildings on here recently, The Queen Bricktoria and Brick Square Post Office. For my new project I've decided to build something completely different. This is also my first ever entry as a Lego Ideas project. "A roaring fire and a full head of steam, the old traction engine is ready for work!" I have created a scene set some time during the early 20th century. Farmers are working in the fields with their steam traction engine, affectionately known as "The Old Workhorse". The model includes a detailed mini fig scale traction engine, a wagon and various other accessories and mini builds. THE TRACTION ENGINE The main feature of the model is the traction engine itself. I've used a classic green and red livery with polished brass lining and details. There are several interesting parts used to create this engine including paint roller handles and mini fig syringes used to create the piping around the boiler and inside the cab. A system of cogs ensures that the flywheel spins around as the traction engine is pushed forward. A detailed cab interior includes steering wheel, controls and a firebox door that can be opened and closed to reveal the burning fire inside. The front wheel axle can be pivoted left and right. THE WAGON I've also included a wagon/trailer that can be coupled to the back of the traction engine and used to carry the various accessories included with the model. The sides of the wagon can be dropped down to provide loading access for the mini figs. There is space at the front of the wagon to hold tools and mini fig accessories. MINIFIGURES & OTHER ACCESSORIES Included with the model are 2 mini figs, a dog, a rat and several mini builds including tree stumps, logs and rocks. These are all designed to be carried and towed in the wagon. THE FINISHED MODEL The overall model contains 480 pieces. Here is a shot of The Old Workhorse, steaming past the buildings in my MOC modular street. LEGO IDEAS As mentioned earlier this is my first entry as a Lego Ideas project. If you like what you see then I really would be so grateful if you could please support my project on Lego Ideas, and help The Old Workhorse to gather steam. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this and I hope you like the model. Feel free to let me know what you think. If you'd like to see more pictures, there are many more on my Flickr page. Edit: I've added a new brick built version of the model on page 2 of this topic.
  5. Hello Over the past couple of months I have been enjoying building 42054 - what a great little set. Once I'd finished it, I wet about MODing the appearance somewhat, and have ended up with two different set-ups. Descriptions and photos below (hopefully the pics aren't too big, but apologies in advance to the mods if I've messed it up yet again...) Configuration 1 - 8-wheels with stock silage plough & cosmetic modifications Apart from the obvious addition of four extra wheels, I also modified the bodywork as follows: - Altered wheel hubs (apologies, I can't remember who did this white/red mod to the Claas wheels originally, think there's videos on Youtube but if that person is a member EB then thanks to you.) - More rounded fenders/mudguards, both front and back. - Exhaust with chrome parts and decals. - Windscreen wiper to deal with any flying 'muck' - see Configuration 2 below... - Chrome filler cap. - Additional spotlights at the front. - Slight change to roof detail including aerial/additional red hazard lights to rear. - Improved step ladder. - Additional warning decals at front. So, nothing very revolutionary or technically interesting, but I enjoyed making the changes and personally I think the mudguards look better than the stock versions. I did build the crane first but didn't like how bulky it was compared to the tractor, so I ended up with the stock 'B model' () silage plough. I took it outside for some photos: Configuration 2 - 4-wheels with slurry tank trailer & cosmetic modifications I then removed the plough and the extra wheels, and set about creating my first-ever MOC. I was inspired, first generally by the amazing work on 42054 of @BrickbyBrickTechnic, and secondly by one of these - single-axle slurry tank trailers: My tank includes: - Dual slurry pipes and sprayers, for the sprayin' of that muck. - Third wheel for stabilisation when disconnected from tractor (can be released by partly pulling out the axle with stop & red bush). - Custom decals. - Fake on/off switch for slurry pump. - Full set of hazard notices and warning lights, plus chains on the hitch. - Black cover can be easily slid back by removing a couple of securing axles. For when it's time to blast-clean the old muck, before re-filling with fresh muck. I absolutely acknowledge that my MOC is only an approximation of the above, rather than a replica (in particular, using the available spare pieces at my disposal, I wasn't able to recreate the cylindrical shape of the tank). It also doesn't use particularly great building techniques and hasn't got decent functions. However my aim was to create something for my Claas to tow that looked quite nice, and also to complete my first ever actual proper MOC (one previous failed attempt notwithstanding). By these criteria, I achieved something of which I'm happy. I'd love to hear your opinions, but I realise that it isn't up to much, so no worries if you don't have an opinion on any of this, one way or the other.... I also added some headlight effects, again influenced by @BrickbyBrickTechnic's past work on the Claas:
  6. ederseesteine

    (MOC) FENDT 1050 Vario

    Mit dem FENDT VARIO 1050 starte ich mal eine/meine kleine Landwirtschaftsreihe. Da LEGO nicht wirklich das Thema Bauernhof bedient, muss man halt selbst ran. Der "reine" Minifig-Maßstab lässt allerdings wenig Raum für Details und auch technische Lösungen wie Front- oder auch Heckhydraulik. Die hab ich allerdings geggenüber dem gezeigten Modell bereits wieder weiter verfeinert (mit Kranhaken und einem vorne und hinten passenden Aufhängemodul hab ich eine bespielbare Variante gefunden). Größenmäßig orientiert hab ich mich an den SIKU 1:32-Modellen, das sind gute Modellvorlagen. Wenn man die Haustüren des Minifig-Maßstabes mit zwei Meter Höhe ansetzt, erreicht das Modell genau die doppelte Höhe, also vier Meter (was auch dem Original entspricht). LEGO FENDT 1050 Vario Here is my first agriculture model: FENDT VARIO 1050. LEGO doesn´t present farm models, so i try to build them for myself. The minifig-scale is realy to small to install all the details and technical features, for example: front and rear hydraulics. The scale is nearly 1:32 like SIKU models. Great pattern for building with LEGO. If you take a LEGO door for two meters, this model is twice. The original is nearly four meters high. So it matches. (hope, you understand)
  7. NEWS of 12-11-2017: I have been invited by Ropa Maschinenbau, to join them at Agritechnica in Hannover Germany with my Ropa Maus 5, and my Ropa EuroTiger 4 XL, the coming Thursday and Friday the 16-17. in Hall 25, Stand G14. Come and have a look if you plan to visit this exhibition. Hi Guys, long time no see. Bondemand Clausen is back with some farming equipment. It is a Ropa Maus 5, which is used for cleaning and loading sugarbeets onto trucks or tractor wagons. This MOC is build in Scale 1:16, weighs 8 kilo. It has been presented at Lego World 2017, Copenhagen, and Skaerbaek Fanweekend 2017. First pictures shows the Machine in transport position. Unfolded and ready to work. It has 23 motors, 13 Servos, 2 XL, 3 L, 4 M and 1 Micro. They are controlled by 6 Sbricks, via Ipad. 10 of the servos controls pneumatic valves, powered by 4 pneumatic pumps. It has 11 pairs of PF LED lights. The real machine the Ropa Maus 4, Cleaning and Loading my Sugarbeets in 2013.
  8. lightningtiger

    MOC - Warehouse Style Hardware Store

    Now for my latest hardware store and this one beats all my others hands down. "rt' stands for Rural Traders, a boring name so I call it "rt" The huge glass frontage allows everyone to see all the detailing, and yes it has a roof - a rare thing to come from my drawing board. The pump display gets another outing, but the racking is all new plus the hardware and irrigation merchandisers are also new. The chain saw display contains a fresh saw design - more realistic offset chain drive than the inline city style chain saws. On display also is a red ATV with roll-cage and chunky balloon tyres. Both the chain saw and ATV branding comes under the CITY banner. The irrigation brand is called Rain Brick, based on the real life brand Rain Bird. Garmadon is the brand for fencing and gate hardware, it's real life brand is Gallagher fencing products. Yes, I know and that's why I dropped the Lord bit off Garmadon ;) The chemical department has two products on display in bulk, Muster herbicide (weed killer) based on the brand name Round Up and Brick Chemicals Terrashield soil insecticide based on a Bayor product called Confidor Guard. You can see it's one of my largest builds in a long time, even bigger than my last modular in both build and detailing. Feel free to comment, oh yeah it will hopefully be up on Lego Ideas soon fingers crossed. Thanks for reading everyone and Brick On !
  9. Two farm workers cross one of the many fertile gullies used to grow crops near Khadira. When the rain from the East hits the Rakarth mountains it carves gullies and channels through the rock and dirt. When the summer comes they remain relatively fertile compared to the dried out soil surrounding them. With a minimum of labor the water can be regulated to last the year allowing various crops to be grown in these channels. Anywhere where water can flow is somewhere the people of Khadira must grow. For the growing population needs food. Just another little build to develop the Town of Khadira. I hope this would be enough to claim agriculture or farming when it comes to putting the place on the map according to some guidelines I read before. I am really enjoying building these little scenes. I have one more to post but then will have to put them on hold for a bit while I finish up the Category B siege weapon.
  10. lightningtiger

    Modular Farmer's Co-op Building

    It has taken a while to plan and build but only my second true modular building is up and running. What's on the inside you may ask ? Yes, there is a lot in this one, no stickers all brick, plate and technic part built. Any questions please ask. Brick On everyone !
  11. Dovjstekel

    Lego Slurry Tank

    Here is a lego slurry tank with associated research laboratory that I have built to help explain some research we are doing. Here is a view with the lab: And a view with the word: This is my first design with a curve wall structure (the main tank) and using SNOT techniques (especially behind the control panel).
  12. lightningtiger

    MOC/MOD - Tractor & Machinery Dealer

    This is a MOD of a MOC, changed a hardware store to a tractor and machinery dealership. More to come please keep watching and Brick On everyone !
  13. Hi all EuroBrick members. More News: A new and extended video is uploaded, for a better view on the functionality of the model. See below in this message: And even more news: Pics with original logos from ROPA. See below in this message: I guess its time for me to go public with a little MOC i have been working on the last 3 winters. I have come so far with it, that it is time for your competent and critical eyes to see it. My MOC is inspired by my work as a farmer in the southern Denmark, where sugar beets are a big crop, with a huge influence on the whole area, concerning jobs, and manufacturing sugar. This is a selfpropelled sugarbeet harvester, Ropa euroTiger V8-4 XL See here for more info on the original: XL is an description, for a 9 row harvester, where a transport wagon belongs to the lifting and leaf topping unit. We don't have a 9 row harvester here in Denmark as far as i know, but the XL model is mainly sold in the Eastern Europe, Russia and Northern America. My sugar beets are harvested by a contracter, who has a 6 row harvester. My model is in approximate scale 1:15 til 1:13 Specifications: Transportposition with transportwagon: Working Position Length: 141 cm Length 94 cm Width: 23 cm Width 29 cm Height: 30 cm Heigth: 38 cm Weight 8,4 kg The model is equipped with following electric components: 5 IR recievers, attached to 4 batteryboxes, with Lithium Ion batteries, for longer durability, and less weight. Engines for lifting and cleaning: 1 L-Motor to drive the lifting unit and leaf topper, 1 M-Motor to drive the conveying belt under the front axle, roulettes, og and the conveying belt around the machinen. 1 Micro motor to drive the auger in the beet tank. Is controlled by a speedcontroller, for variable speed. Motors for driving momentum: 2 XL motors for 1. og 2. axle 1 L- motor for 3. axle. Controlled through two separate IR recievers, each connected to two different batteryboxes, to avoid the overheating of the fuse in the batteybox. A speed controller is controlling the speed. Motors for steering: 1 M-motor for the articulated steering in front. 1 servomotor for the 2 rear axles, controlled by a speed controller, so the steering point kan be hold permanent in steps. Normal steering left and right, and dogwalk is options, like the original. Motors for folding/ unfolding the unloading elevator: 1 M- motor for folding/ unfolding the outer part of the elevator. 2 M-motors for lifting/ lowering the elevator. Conveyors: 1 L-Motor to drive the two conveyors in the beet tank, and the conveyor on the elevator. Engine hausing: 1 L- motor for driving the 4 double pneumatic pump, and the impotant V8'er. 1 servomotor for controlling a pneumatic valve, to lift/lowering the lifting unit in front. Light so far: 4x2 PF Light at the top of the cabin 1x2 PF Light in the front 1x2 PF Light at the back of the harvester. 1X2 PF light at the back of the transport wagon. Additional ligtht is planned when the LUG bulk order arrives, 9x2 PF light around the machine for work light. There are two normal IR- controllers, and two IR speed controllers, to control the big show: Pneumatic System: There is a pressure controlled switch, that stops the motor activating the pneumatic pump, when the pressure level reach a certain level. There is also three manuel Pneumatic valves: One to lift the leaf topper, making it able to hang on the transport wagon. One to lift/ lowering the conveying belt around the machine, from transport to working positiontank One to lift and lowering the safety guard, on both side of the conveying belt, and the auger in the beet I have uploaded HD pics on Try the Link http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=526354 Breaking News: Video of the Machinery More news: Extended video. Even More news: Pics with original logos from Ropa: A special varm thanks, to my sweet wife, who has filmed and edited these videos. All the best from BondemandClausen. :-)
  14. SpacerSteve

    [M-D04] Asset Retrieval

    Location: D04 Terrial Minor Tags: Ground Vehicle, MANTIS, Civil, Farming, Creature Spacer Steve and his team of explorers arrive on a MANTIS Agra colony with a special mission to recapture a genetically modified Reptoslicer. - Chogg - Why is Chogg here again? Chogg is hungry. Sooooo muuuch Food!!!! Agent L- Why is it always the food Chogg? Focus on the mission. There are plenty of grubs on the ship. Spacer Steve- Agreed. We are here because one of Doctor Arvan's assistance let his guard down and allowed the Reptoslicer to escape. We are here to retrieve the asset. Doctor Arvan is away investigating a strange alien race. Fortunate for his assistant the the Reptoslicer ate him. Better then becoming one or Dr. Arvans dissection specimens. - Spacer Steve - Now here is the plan team I will take the tranquilizer rifle up on the Locust Harvester! Agent L whe I give the word fire up your jetpack and grab the Reptoslicer's attention. Chogg, set you Death Ray Tm to disentigrate. Only fire if I give the command - Agent L- WAIT! I'M BAIT! Spacer Steve- Don't worry Chogg has our back if anything should go wrong Agent L- Thats what I'm worried about. Just then a piercing screech filled the air. Spacer Steve - Agent L Go! Agent L- Yes sir - - Chogg- Ahhhh Kill it!!! - Spacer Steve - CHOGG NO I have a shot... - ..... More shots of the Reptoslicer and Harvester Edit: Thanks for looking C&C welcome.
  15. Greetings, Historicans I am working on putting my lands on the map, and in that process, I have built the farm presented below. I am quite happy with it, but as always, landscaping isn't my strongest side. I have tried photographing in the sun, which I think turned out reasonably well. I am still new here and eager to learn, so please let me know what you think. In the lands of the Trifork, in Avalonia, near the border to Kaliphlin and the heartlands of Historica surrounding Cedrica, even peace is unruly. Living outside the protective walls of the Trifork itself is risky at best, with Outlaws from several lands, mercenaries between hires, as well as all sorts of shady types roaming the lands, on their way by the busy roads that links so much of Historica. Consequently, the few who dares, and even fewer who succeeds, are bound to reap great benefits off the lush riverlands. One such man is Ser William Drake, recent heir of Drakeshome Manor, a fortified countryside mansion in the midst of some of the most fertile lands of Historica. The entrance to the manor is at the foot of the stone tower, through a heavy, iron hinged oak door under a strong stone arch. The small windows of the tower are barred with sturdy metal bars, and it is evident that only a determined and well-equipped enemy will be able to breach its way into the manor. From the battlements of the third floor of the tower, the defenders will be able to rain arrows and stones unto anyone daring to try, delaying the attackers for long enough for reinforcements to arrive from the Trifork. At the back, two residential wings rest upon the stone barns, in which the cattle and pigs are kept safe from the elements. Drakeshome is one of the main producers of beef, dairy, and pork in the area, selling their wares almost exclusively at the markets of the Trifork. But Drakeshome Manor delivers more than livestock, as its fields on the lush riverplains have some of the highest yields of corn, grain, and turnip. At harvest, volunteers in great numbers arrive from the Trifork and beyond, helping to bring the invaluable foodstuffs home. Below a few more pics: The build is modular, to allow access to the (sparse) interior. The tower also comes off. Here the base of the build with all modules removed. I would like to claim the following UoP Credits: Agriculture and Zoology three of: crop farming raising livestock Further, this should count as Agriculture - Grains and Produce and Agriculture - Livestock for the HSS task. C&C more than welcome.
  16. lightningtiger

    MOC - Pasture Disc Drill

    What is this you say ? In real life....... Sorry about the small image, but it's the best I can dig up right now.........more to come so keep watching the town forum for more machines, etc.,.
  17. The Great Eagles of Mitgardia are instrumental to the Mitgardian economy. Here we see two hunters attempting to capture the dangerous, but valuable, beast. Eagle! A hunter. These guys were inspired by Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. The other hunter. Figless to show the landscape. . I like this color scheme. Alright, that's it! Hope you liked the build! I'll try to build phase II and III of this soon, as well as my Barracks phase II.
  18. lightningtiger

    MOC - COOP Agrocentre

    The tiger is challenging himself......first a tease shot...... Not much to start with but you can see the shelves and racking start....a counter of course (my friend from CITY Motors is standing in for a COOP worker) and a lot more to come.....oh, yeah a different building style you will see over the next few days with this creation. Now some data.....COOP is Canadian, they run everything from gas stations, supermarkets, hardware stores and of course Agrocentres....which is to do with farming. Now any suggestions are welcome....more work with be done to this on Monday (CITY Motors will continue later in the week).....keep watching everyone ! Edit - here we have a real one from Canada....