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Found 40 results

  1. hey guys, when joining few months back I've been digging into the lore and thought it would be useful to have the whole of the Algus Saga together in one place. below you can find links to all threads I could find belonging to this part of GoH's history. I've put them into chronological order, meaning that I followed the dates of posting. as a result, we can follow the story step by step, indeed, and we can also see the little map of Mitgardia at the top of each thread with the signal beacons lighting up one after the other (which I think is kind of cool ). EDIT: some threads were, however, posted at a later date, so sometimes the map in a newer thread shows less beacons than the former one unfortunately, some parts are missing and most importantly, I couldn't find the end! I figured I'd post everything out there anyways, in case some gentle souls ever feel like adding up and complete it. @admins - feel free to move/add/cut/pin/whatever-you-see-fit to make it easy to access to (new) members or so. psssst - in case someone had already done all this and I was so dumb not to realise, do let me know, but please be nice! The Algus Saga: Frozen Beyond Contest
  2. When the Algus beset their home, the Rats of Skavenport faced the menace like they always face black magic; with their engineering and a good portion of insanity. The war wagon rumbled and clattered down the hill, its heavy weight pressing the wheels into the ground. And with formidable speed the whole construct crashed into the enemy. The rats handling the bellows clung to the rope and pulled. And the dragon shaped potbelly stove did his work. I'm glad I could finish my entry in time. Instead of the Algus, idleness and inappetence where my true enemy. So I had the Incinerator lying around for a good month before I eventually started the diorama. But I hope it was worthwhile and you enjoy it. Thanks for having a look!
  3. Weird things are happening throughout Historica. Among these are that creatures which normally avoid the heat of Kaliphlin have been sighted in the desert sands. This worm actually looks like a being of the Frozen Beyond, north of Mitgardia! There must surely be some strange and ancient magic at work to make this happen... Run for your life!! The cold mouth of the beast. The entire build. I'd also like to claim a UoP credit for brick-built animal #1 [Agriculture and Zoology].
  4. A small castle in the lush Arkbri valley of Kaliphlin is attacked by the Algus. They have easily breached the gates using their formidable ice magic, and even frozen the ground and vegetation close to the gate despite the tropical heat of Kaliphlin. This is my category A entry to The Frozen Beyond contest. I also would like to claim the UoP credit for Siege [Military Science]. Resistance is futile... some try an alternative to fighting. Most soldiers have already fallen. More pictures:
  5. A lone Algus sets his foot upon Kaliphlin sand... and the transformation has begun. Before long, it's a full-fledged attack! The nearest garrison rushes to protect... but will they be in time? Even the Algus have a sweet tooth, though! Well, I finally got a chance to try out the crack sand technique - figured it would be necessary to keep it from having a beach look. In retrospect I don't think that color blue was quite right for under the ice and it would have been nice to make the fortress a bit less rectangular (but since it was already late afternoon by the time I got to that point I knew I had better not try anything fancy!). Building the Algus figs was fun however! Thanks for looking!
  6. The title is supposed to be Frost Wolf Hunt, could a mod please fix that? Deep in Mitgardia a trio of the famed Kaliphlin Fire Mages find themselves fighting for their lives against an ancient menace from the Frozen Beyond, a Frost Wolf. Long believed to be extinct, only one other has even been seen, and that one was a heavily evolved descendant of the pack that left the frozen beyond centuries ago. In contrast, this wolf has lost none of the ancient power its ancestors possessed and is a force to be reckoned with. New vs Original Notes: It was fun to reimagine one of my first builds, and I'm really happy with how it turned out, although the wolf is really fragile and it fell apart almost constantly. C and C appreciated
  7. -------------------------- After his great idea with the Iceglider and his good manner of dealing with the spider-human creatures brought by the Algus, Finn now has received command of one of the northern border forts. With their sturdy walls and high towers, no Algus can break trough this line of defense. They are manned by some of the bravest people of our guild, and all archers/crossbowmen here now their job. No Algus or other creature from the Frozen Beyond can go trough to the ripe and fertile Avalonian lands... But noone ever said that Algus weren't smart. If they can't go trough, they find other ways to pass by... -------------------------- So, I'm done with the challenge, curious to the results. I think the iceglider was my best idea, but the other two were not bad either. CC appreciated, and thanks for your kind comments on my MOCs! I'm also very sorry for the bad picture quality, the weather in Belgium isn't that good... Additional pic:
  8. Send in the Pies! The Algus are spreading into Nocturnus. At the first snowfall one Orc baker begins mixing a strange cauldron. By the time the Algus got close enough, it was time to Send in the PIE! My final Frozen Beyond Entry! C&C Welcome! For a Closer look check out both models on mecabricks.
  9. Umbra-Manis

    [Frozen Beyond - A] Algnado!

    The Algus Continue To Spread.... Even the most secluded fortresses in Mitgardia are not safe. A single cry of "Algnado!" is heard before all are silenced forever. My Cat A. Entry. C&C Welcome! For a 360 degree view, check out both models on Meceabricks
  10. The Algus had setup a minor fortification on a small hill in the middle of the Kaliphlin Desert. The location has some strategic importance, however was deserted many years ago due to the lack of water supply. However this did not seem to affect the Algus at all, as they held their watch in the desert and awaited further orders. Prior to their arrival, though, the rare nomad travelling the desert could only see ruins on the hill, and occasionaly a scorpion or two: Some day a lonely wanderer, clad in a dark red robe and with a golden staff, approached the ruin. The Algus were in wonder about the fearless wizard, and even more so once he conjured his magical barrier. Little did they know! Neither had they realized the other two warriors approaching (both the Leander warrior in gold and the red-clad assassin), nor did they have a clue what was going on behind their back. Lulu the unicorn sorceress had come and already started melting the ice, bringing love, life, flowers and butterflies to the desert once more, and fighting the Algus her very own way. But Lulu's mission was more than just freeing the world of the Algus. She made the world a better place to live in. Together with her loyal warriors she cleaned the ruins of all remainders of the Algus. They chopped the magical ice the Algus had created into big blocks and stored them inside the ruins. Yes, the heat of the desert made the magical ice of the Algus melt, but it would take many, many years for those big blocks to fully melt. Until then, they would provide the ruins with enough water for plants and life to flourish, at least inside the ruins. Some weeks later, with a little initial help of Lulu's magic, that made plants grow so fast that the eye could watch, the once dry ruins had turned into a weird oasis, bringing some almost tropical flair into the midst of the deserts - and would do so for many years to come. Lulu had achieved a victory. But she knew her journey was not over, yet. ------------------------------- I hope you like this MOC. I had started the build (and photographed the ice-less version) before christmas. The ice-version is also some days old. Today I finished the oasis-version. Though I am not 100% happy with the way the plants and especially the pics turned out (I love the front view, but the rear views are not that great imho), but BoBs has captured most of my attention for now, so I will leave it as is.
  11. As the Algus have risen in power, they have sought full control of the Frozen Beyond and the creatures that dwell within. Harnessing beasts and monsters of the cold have entrenched their power and filled the ranks of their scourge with weapons of great power and terror. However, not all beings of the North are easily swayed by the might of the Algus. One such creature is the rare Great Northern Ankylos. Armoured with impervious icy scales, it has had no natural enemies for centuries, and thus knows no fear. Fear being the greatest weapon of the Algus, the Ankylos has resisted their attempts at catching it, much to their surprise. While their weapons can find no weak spot in its armour, the Ankylos finds no difficulty in smashing through theirs. Swinging its powerful, spiked tail, it makes short work of any resistance and the Algus' attempts at capture have sofar been a rare source of losses for their ranks. The Ankylos is a herbivorous creature of generally benevolent nature, and the myths tell tales of impressive intelligence. May it have its own motives to resist the overlordship of the Algus, or is it merely protecting itself, as should be expected of a simple beast? We may never know, but its unwillingness to serve the force of evil has surely been a rare challenge to the might of the Algus. ______________________________________ Hereby my entry to the Frozen Beyond category B. I have not been very active in GoH recently due to general RL busyness, but I could not NOT participate in this challenge. C&C welcome!
  12. My entry for Category A of the Frozen Beyond contest. There's a full interior in the manor, via pull out rooms: dining hall, armory, storage room, barracks and bedroom. The doors and trapdoor are functional. Sir Glorfindel and a group of valiant Mitgardian warriors have been serving as a task force to help defeat the Algus from destroying more Mitgardian lands and homes. Lord Thandril had let them use his Manor as one of their bases, but now even that is under attack from the frozen invaders: See more pictures here: link Thanks for looking, I still have another build or two to come this month, including a biggy
  13. "Don't look for your enemies' weaknesses. Take their strengths and use them for your own benefit." The words of her mentor echoed through Lulus ears as she strode through the icy desert, towards the leader of the group of Algus her valiant fighters were about to clash with. Snow and ice were actually great in the desert, if used correctly. Transforming them back to water, the foundation of life which the desert lacks - that was all Lulu did. And, of course, leave a trail of plants and flowers behind, immediately using the freshly generated water and making the desert a livelier place than it had ever been. Lulu, the unicorn mage, strode forwards. The Algus were strong, but her magic of love, warmth and life was superior. She had always understood that real magic was far more than fancy fireballs. Now she could use that knowledge to fight one of the greatest threats the Guilds had ever faced. And she started freeing the world of ice.
  14. My entry to Category C of the Frozen Beyond. While unused to the sudden winter brought on by the Algus, the soldiers of Kaliphlin quickly realized how effective one of their fire wagons powered by the famous kaliphlin oil, was to drive the icy threat back. C&C much appreciated
  15. With bands of Algus roaming Kaliphlin, there have been an increasing number of reports of strange weather. From some of the caravan routes, reports have even spoken of fairly deep snow! Many animals are perishing due to the hard conditions, so the Kaliphlin vultures are thriving. I would like to claim the following UoP credits for this build: Brickbuilt animal #2 [Agriculture and Zoology] Brickbuilt animal #3 [Agriculture and Zoology] To be continued... ...with the burning of the tar pits to repel the Algus. Unedited image, if needed for the judging:
  16. Another fearsome creature from the Frozen Beyond! Inspired by - well, let's see if anyone can guess! Top view: This was quite some fun to build, thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  17. Here is the last part of my Frozen Beyond participation : The last outpost : The 2 other parts of the story are : Snow in the Enchanted Forest ?! Mom is really angry ! After a while rebuilding the old border outpost between Falahuas and Circardia, Walaheria and Faladrin reinforced their position just in time to see the Algus last attack begin ! They were just 4 of them but there was an Algus sorcerer with them ! The sorcerer brand his staff and threw ice bolts at the door of the outpost. The door was near to break when Faladrin and Walaheria ordered the couterstrike ! - Come on guys ! Don't let those abominations break the door ! Throw them the flamable oil ! Bring me some fiery arrows ! Noihe and a guardsman put oil on fire and dropped it to the Algus. Walaheria spoke some elvish words and her sword blew a fiery wind upon the Algus ! And they were over... Every Algus in the Enchanted Forest was melted ! Thank you for reading. Some Bonus Pics : The Bad guys : The Great heroes : At last I could finish this contest ! There are so many great entries, I am pretty sure I can not pretend to any prize (especially in the Cat A !) but I wanted to make the full contest ! And yes ! it's done ! And I enjoyed building out of my comfort zone ! (Especially in the Cat B, I had never built a beast before !) Thank you Ecclesiastes to organise this contest and good luck everyone !
  18. Since oil has proven to be an effective weapon against the Algus, the Council of Barqa has decided to set fire to a number of tar pits despite the economic implications. The black oily smoke has proven to be effective in deterring the Algus and reverse the effects of their weather manipulation, of which one effects are that it has been snowing in Kaliphlin. Together with the other measures used throughout Historica to fight the Algus, the hopes and prayers of the people of Kaliphlin is that these frosty invaders will retreat to their frozen hell in the north once again. I would like to claim the following UoP credit for this build: Forced perspective [General Building (Other Techniques)] Photo spoilers: The lighting of the fires was accomplished by using a blacklight and a long exposure time, as you can see in the photo below. Since using only the blacklight makes all the other colors strange, I also mixed it with a bit of flash illuminating the other parts. The hard part was to find a suitable mix between enough blacklight to light the fires and enough flash to not make all the other bricks too purple or blue.
  19. Captain Braunsfeld

    The Algus Saga - The Victory Party

    The Algus have been defeated. Time for happiness and a victory party! Hosted by Duke Fasel, the party was a huge success. The Kaliphlinnian support was well remembered. A splendid time for all. All the best for 2016!
  20. Southern Avalonia Snow is something that avalonian childs rarely ever see, unless they travel to the northern counties. The Algus seemed to be as a distant menace, a child story to some men, the garrison across the plains are relaxed. But not for long... There had been sights of the enemy troops, their arrival is noted with the change of the weather, snow covers the surroundings. And the delicate vegetation quickly declines. Perhaps its time to get things a little more warmer.
  21. Deep In the Frozen Beyond... The Algus have summoned new creatures for their ever growing conquest of Historica. One of these is the Syrik, a name whose meaning is lost to time. Nowhere is safe.... My Cat B entry. C&C welcome!
  22. Here is my Second part of the story and my second entry for the Frozen Beyond Contest : Mom is really Angry ! the first part of the story can be found in my first entry : Snow in the Enchanted Forest ?! GRRRRROWRH ! Noihe could not finish her sentence as a terrible beast made it heard. - AAAAH ! Screamed Faladrin, escaping with the egg. It is really a Frostbite Dragon egg ! And Mom is really Angry ! RUN AWAY ! - Run Away ! Yelled Noihe, dropping her weapons and running out of range of the frosty breath of the Mother Dragon. But only Walaheria stood up, facing the beast and using her magical sword she cut the deadly breath in two parts as simple as she would of an apple... - Run my Love ! I can manage her a short time... but, just enough to allow us to escape and be secure. Walaheria said to Faladrin. - We will need to reinforce our troups and be prepare for a bigger attack next. Said Faladrin, once out of range of the beast. - Yes, there is an abandoned outpost not far from here when we should hold position until the next Algus attack. Answered Walaheria. The beast continues roaming in the wild though... Beware if you are passing by her way ! Thank you for reading me and see you for the next part (and the end) of this story from The Frozen Beyond...
  23. ----------------------- Finn was walking over the Avalonian plains, when he suddenly saw a white spot on the green gras. When he runned towards the spot, he saw that it was one of the beasts these white fools had brought with them. Without fear, Finn prepared his axe and charged toward the spider/human. ---------------------- My second entry for the Frozen Beyond contest, and altough I find it not as good as the first one, I think it's still acceptable. CC very appreciated! Additional pictures:
  24. ------------------------- The cold, brought to our beloved Avalonia by the Algus, had some nasty effects: One of these was that our lovely lakes iced over, and the leaves of our beloved trees withered. The once beautifull Avalonian lakes looked like this: Another effect of that damned cold is that the metabolism of every being slows down. And when you combine these effects, this story steps in. Finn had long thought about it. He wouldn't fight the way of his Mitgardian father ("Charge!!!"), but the way of his Avalonian mother: with his brains. Finally he was able to construct what would be the downfall of these cold invaders. He was proud to present his Iceglider, called Rey. He had put Rey together with wooden leftovers, but she was a magnificent iceship. He pulled the helm, and the ship answered perfectly. She flowed over the frozen lakes faster then most ships flowed over the sea. With this, he would strike at the Algus, and due to the cold in their bones, they would be too slow to react. Finn smiled. There was still a chance to win!!! ----------------------------- My first entry for the Contest, I hope you guys like it! I got most of the idea for this MOC from books, and the names... CC very welcome!
  25. Here's my entry to Category B of the Frozen Beyond contest: The Wild Yxen is typically only found in the northernmost parts of Mitgardia, but the unusual cold of the current winter, has seen many migrating well south of their general habitat.They're known for their bulky, furry build, and while not usually an aggressive animal, their brute strength and sharp tusks can be quite dangerous: C&C welcome, I do have more GoH builds coming within the next month, including one that may be my best build yet