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  1. Future Castle Sets?

    Even so, I suspect that if LEGO did still have an active castle line of products and somebody suggested ditching that model and moving to individual yearly D2C sets like the modular buildings, you and others here would be arguing vociferously for how essential it is for each theme to have a broad spectrum of products at a range of price points. So does the idea of product ranges rather than individual products only have merit if it means one of those product ranges is castle?
  2. [MOC] PAIGE

    Thank you! I think the cartoon you're thinking of is "Whatever Happened to Robot Jones?", although I've never seen it myself, I only know of it from online. Vintage sci-fi was definitely the look I was going for with the brain case though I didn't really have any specific series in mind. Smoothness was also a big goal with this MOC, particularly since I started out with the thighs and wanted to avoid them looking out-of-place or overly simplistic compared to the rest of the model. Oh, I also shot some more pictures of PAIGE when I was home in late December/early January that I guess I never shared here. Just some more poses and a couple size comparisons. The lighting's not ideal but I ended up liking the photos anyway and I hope people here do as well!
  3. Future Castle Sets?

    2004? The LEGO Group's nadir was in 2003, and it was Bionicle that kept them from going completely bankrupt at that point, even as themes preferred by AFOLs like Orient Expedition were failing. Furthermore, I don't really see why fans of Castle, Space, and Pirates would be any more "core" or any more loyal than fans of today's big evergreen product lines like City, Friends, and Ninjago.
  4. LEGO Elves 2017 Discussion

    Whaaaaaat? I was just doing a random Google search for LEGO Elves and I discovered that there are secret character pages for last year's animal characters that you can't get to from the main character page! "Mr. Spry is the squirrel husband of Mrs. Spry. He runs his little shop with nuts of all kinds. He only accepts trades as payment. He’s got a sharp eye for a good deal, and is friendly and caring to all magical creatures. Except the evil ones, of course." "Blubeary the momma bear is a gentle little lady. She lives in peace with the other animals around the forest. But if her Lil’ Blu is in danger, she can turn bright red with anger! Just don’t try to get between her and her little cub – or her favorite berries." "Lil’ Blu likes to take lots of naps all day and dream about all the magic in his world. He likes to build towers and caves of twigs and leaves. Sometimes he pretends to be asleep, so when Blubeary falls asleep, he can sneak into their storage cave and eat berries." "Hidee hates goblins. But she likes their food, so she has become quite the master at hiding in plain sight as she prowls through the streets of the Goblin Village to grab a bite to eat. The goblins hate when she steals their food, so they’re always trying to catch her." "Panthara the panther cub was taken from her mother when she was just a baby. The goblins keep her as a pet, and most of the time they are really nice to her. They feed her well and play with her, but she misses her mom and she’s getting too big for her cage!" "Firebolt is a beautiful Pegasus, and he knows it. His shiny golden coat of fur and fiery red mane turn heads wherever he goes. He has the special power to combine fire and air magic. That’s how he can pull Azari’s fire chariot across the sky!" The Shadow Creature: "She’s big and pretty scary-looking, but she’s actually not so bad. Just misunderstood. She lives alone in the corridors beneath the Goblin King’s Fortress. She’s always hungry and can’t always tell if a stranger could be a new friend or just a delicious snack." Glad to have found these now in case they get taken down when the new character pages go up! Though so far LEGO has done a good job not taking down old character pages, just the links to them. Skyra and Sira's pages are still up.
  5. If that were true then companies could honestly skip almost the entire R&D phase, promote any product lines they want, and expect every one to become a craze on the level of Star Wars, Pokémon, or Harry Potter as long as they put in the same upfront investment. The reality is that while kids are certainly susceptible to media influences, it's a waste of resources to try and build up kids' enthusiasm for something that they are indifferent to at the outset. You get a lot more bang for your buck by putting together a new product line from concepts kids already understand and care about. Anyway, I'm almost inclined to interpret Mark Stafford's comment as a response to fans' arbitrary standards for what they consider a "true" Space or Castle theme. After all, a lot of people didn't consider Alien Conquest a true space theme. Some people didn't even consider Life on Mars and Mars Mission true space themes!
  6. Future Castle Sets?

    I'd be tempted to agree with this interpretation (or at least acknowledge the possibility) if not for the fact that if Space and Castle are on their way back, I don't know if Mark would be allowed to drop hints like that, even sneaky ones. But of course, it could also be interpreted as a jab at how even using language like "true Castle theme" or "true Space theme" suggests tastes so particular as to set oneself up for perpetual disappointment. I mean, how many people insisted that Knights' Kingdom II wasn't a true Castle theme or that Alien Conquest wasn't a true Space theme? Some people even continue to insist that Life on Mars and Mars Mission weren't true Space themes!
  7. Future Castle Sets?

    Frankly, I think it's kinda inaccurate to suggest that a designer who worked on wacky mashup castles wouldn't have what it takes to design more "normal" castles. I mean, just look at the MOCs in his Castle folder on Brickshelf. Some of them are wacky like Nexo Knights, but others are pretty tame: http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=156787 And I say that without diminishing the fact that yes, as a Nexo Knights designer, he probably DID have some guiding influence in the theme's look and features. There are many parts of the theme that do echo his past experience with sets and MOCs alike. And it's not like a designer can't have great ideas to contribute for both wacky sci-fi and more conventional fantasy. After all, Adrian Florea designed both the Garmatron and the Temple of Airjitzu, and that was for the same theme! …All that said, there are other designers whose takes on Castle sets I'd much sooner love to see, like Wes Talbott, who you might also remember as the guy who created the Legend of Zelda Iron Knuckle Encounter project on LEGO Ideas, and also creates lots of really epic fantasy art.
  8. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    So… what's the hook then to sell people on a set that size? Because presently I can't see LEGO just up and releasing a bulk brick set that's over twice the size of their recent brick boxes and has less eye-catching colors. Frankly, given the amount of repetition in most modular buildings, it would make a lot more sense to just sell a $60 brick bucket and let AFOLs who want those bricks in modular-level quantities buy multiples of them. Something like 10703, but two or three times the size and with some bigger parts like 8x16 and 16x16 plates thrown in for good measure. Ultimately, I'm not sure how much it would make sense to stick with "colors used in modulars". After all, there's really no reason any color is inherently inappropriate for modulars, and offering more variety will inspire more varied builds.
  9. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    The Minecraft Crafting Boxes cost considerably less than even a single modular building, though. That's what I'm getting at with the size issue. It's not a matter of "people won't buy loose brick boxes", it's "people lining up to pay upwards of $150 for a loose brick box seems like a stretch when we hardly ever see them priced above $60." If it were half-sized modulars? Maybe that's a bit closer to reality. But even then if you're going to brand it as a kit for creating your own you need to offer some degree of variety so you're not locking people into using one specific color scheme or whatnot. And the more options you offer, the more pieces you have to offer and the higher the price point climbs.
  10. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I think the problem with a "design-your-own-modular" set in the vein of "Go Brick Me" is its inevitable SIZE. "Go Brick Me" already costs 3 times as much as a typical BrickHeadz figure just so it can include a decent range of possibilities for colors and content. Would people really pay 3 times as much as a typical modular for a box of loose bricks? Even if it has a lower than usual price per piece I think you'd have a hard time convincing people to drop that amount of money on something that's solely a parts pack.
  11. It was not a "big bang", though I don't know for sure whether that means it was only planned for two years. The definition of "big bang" mostly just has to do with how much money, time, and attention LEGO devotes to a theme at launch. "Big bang" themes do tend to have other commonalities besides that, but they can still be pretty varied. For example, Power Miners was not nearly as character- or story-driven as Ninjago or Nexo Knights, but it was the LEGO Group's "big bang" in 2009.
  12. Future Castle Sets?

    Agreed, Enlighten has come a long way. Many of their older sets like this one were more or less direct copies of 90s and 2000s LEGO sets. They're still not quite as ethical as, say, Mega Construx, since they still copy even some fairly recent and specialized LEGO molds (for example, this one features a recolored CHI Fluminox head). But I respect them more than brands like Lepin or Decool which outright copy entire LEGO sets, characters, or both. Also, by now I'm sure you've figured out that wackier themes aren't really a turn-off for me. So they don't lose points in my book for that either. But I really doubt "The War of Glory" is the kind of stuff most of the people in this topic are hoping for LEGO to do with the Castle theme this time around.
  13. Future Castle Sets?

    Arguably the opposite has been happening… a lot of the sets in the recent Enlighten castle line, titled "The War of Glory", seem inspired by recent themes like Ninjago, Chima, Elves, and Nexo Knights. Their main castle transforms into a giant rolling laser cannon, their cartoonish siege engine transforms into a humanoid mecha, and their elf vehicles are about as neon as anything from Nexo Knights and as wacky as anything from Chima. Even their tamest sets resemble the wackier stuff from Fantasy Era. I hardly think they'd form the basis of the sort of "realistic" fantasy or historical line a lot of people here have expressed a desire for. As for Enlighten's previous Castle line, titled "Knights: Castle Series", which seems to take more of its cues from Castle sets of the 90s and early 2000s, their website lists most of those sets as "about to stop production". If LEGO's recent trend towards more fantastical lines and departure from tradition is truly a misstep, that realization hasn't dawned on LEGO's imitators any more than it has on LEGO themselves.
  14. Future Castle Sets?

    Truth be told I would actually be interested in seeing a big D2C set that's actually a castle. Of the previous 3 Castle D2C sets, 10176 was no more "expert-level" than an average $100 castle, 10193 depicted a village, and Kingdoms Joust just depicted part of a castle or fortification. Given that the only castles we've seen above the $100 price point have been in licensed themes and Nexo Knights, I would be very interested to see what a castle could look like at a $200–300 price point. Maybe we could finally get something with features like a banquet hall, royal bedchamber, etc. Maybe even a stable or a library. Overall, though, I think the chances of seeing a D2C castle are more likely after a larger castle theme is already up and running or even on its way out. That tends to be how most "themed" D2C sets have been released in the past.
  15. Future Castle Sets?

    Would we see the same sort of ridiculous complaints with them that we see with the regular modulars? "Argh! This new building is clearly based on 12th century France! It'll stick out like a sore thumb on my 11th century German street! And uniquely printed faces? Ugh! If this continues I will not be buying any future buildings!"