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  1. Ideas For Future Friends Sets

    Another thought that occurred to me after seeing a MOC shared on Brickset… what about a renaissance fair/medieval fair? I know those are primarily a North American phenomenon, but so are summer camps to a great extent, and LEGO still managed to make three Adventure Camp sets. It could have sets like a joust, a market with a few shops and stalls, and a stage for theatrical performances. Some other cool sets (as stand-alones rather than a subtheme) could be other types of restaurants, like a Chinese restaurant or Indian restaurant.
  2. 2018 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I think you're grasping at straws here. First of all, Nexo Knights seems to have done reasonably well and I'm sure there will be other wacky themes like it in the future — if a theme ending meant LEGO rejected everything it stood for then theme categories like pirates, secret agents, underwater, underground, and space would have left the picture well over a decade ago. Furthermore, movie themes are still all over the place and there's no sign they're going away. And anyway, these themes you don't like never got in the way of cool City or Creator Expert sets before, so I don't see why two more cool City or Creator Expert sets would be seen as any sort of change in the status quo. Believe it or not, the big gap between the previous City hospital and this one was not even out of the ordinary, because LEGO hospitals have always been infrequent, even in the Classic Town era. It's quite possible that after this one there'll be another six-year gap before the next City hospital, and if so that'd be perfectly normal. It's possible that City sets might return to using traditional baseplates one day, though I'd prefer if they didn't, since standard thickness plates are vastly superior to traditional baseplates in most applications. To be honest, I'd be delighted if LEGO would go so far as to expand the use of traditional plates and introduce a new road system that is more tile-based.
  3. What is your favorite Lego Theme?

    It's a tight race between LEGO Elves, LEGO Ninjago, and LEGO Bionicle, but these days Elves usually winds up on top.
  4. Future Castle Sets?

    Just saw this MOC and was hit by a major wave of nostalgia. Gender diversity isn't something that's been brought up a lot in this topic I don't think, and I hesitate a bit to bring it up because I know bringing up gender issues on the internet often descends into shouting matches with slow-witted trolls (and not the Tolkien kind), but it's kind of a bummer that Macy and Queen Halbert from Nexo Knights have been the only female knights since Princess Storm 18 years ago, and that Macy fills more or less the same "action girl/reluctant princess" archetype. Nowadays I think LEGO — or any storyteller, really — should be able to do so much better at delivering more varied female characters. It'd be awesome if the next Castle theme included some awesome ladies like Carey, Killian, and Lup from the D&D podcast The Adventure Zone, or for that matter like so many of the awesome characters LEGO Elves has managed to deliver.
  5. What franchise should Lego do next?

    G.I. Joe is another brand wholly owned by Hasbro, like Transformers or My Little Pony — unless the toy industry landscape gets completely upended I can't imagine them licensing it out to a rival toy company. Little Witch Academia is one I'd love to see, though perhaps not that likely since there's no indications as to whether it will continue as a series.
  6. Sure, I suppose. But science fiction and fantasy aren't mutually exclusive, even if Eurobricks tries in vain to treat them like they are.
  7. Wait, wait, hold up a second. So creatures from tens of millions of years before the medieval era are A-OK for Castle layouts, but mechs, flying machines, and motorcycles in Castle sets are a travesty?
  8. I’m pretty sure during LEGO Fan Media Days designers and execs are still beholden to the prohibition on discussing unannounced products in development. And no designer is qualified to answer whether there will be a LEGO Castle theme EVER again, because LEGO can’t plan or anticipate what they’re going to be doing from now until the end of time. At best you could ask why we haven’t had a new Castle theme YET, but I think that’s pretty well understood by now (Nexo Knights WAS the Castle theme for the 2016–2018 cycle, whether or not it was considered one by all Castle fans). I feel like you could get much, much more interesting answers to questions like “what sorts of features would your ultimate LEGO castle include?” or “how does designing a LEGO castle for girls differ from designing one for boys?” or “what classic LEGO sets inspire you?” or “what classic LEGO castle faction would you like to bring back?” than by asking sorts of questions designers are contractually barred from answering in hopes they accidentally slip up and spill something.
  9. Future Constraction Lines

    I have some misgivings about the idea that “aggressive marketing” will result in better outcomes for constraction. First and foremost, we’ve seen numerous themes like Exo-Force, Power Miners, Atlantis, Legends of Chima, and Nexo Knights that were marketed pretty aggressively and yet didn’t last longer than three years. Some of those didn’t even last longer than two. That’s not to say that they weren’t successes in their own right, but even with Bionicle G2 we’ve been assured that its cancellation was “not sales related”, whatever that might mean (if I had to guess, it may have had more to do with the theme using up resources that LEGO needed to satisfy existing demand on their bigger and more popular themes like Star Wars, City, and Friends). Not every theme has what it takes to become a long-running success like Bionicle G1 or Ninjago, no matter how heavily it’s marketed. And even if Bionicle G2 had gotten a solid 3-year run, I find it hard to imagine we wouldn’t be having this same conversation about what “went wrong”.
  10. One of the builds for this set is a fun throwback… https://www.lego.com/en-us/themes/classic/products/bricks-bricks-bricks-10717 Noticing it even uses Bright Reddish Violet to represent the classic flags. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of this color in historic sets, even just for heraldry or accents in a throne room. It makes a good Tyrian purple.
  11. LEGO Ninjago 2018

    We didn’t have confirmation of the price before, but every credible hint about the price (including the known Danish, German, and Dutch prices) suggested it should cost around 25% less than Ninjago City. It was so annoying how sites kept repeating the $300 rumor like it was plausible even after having so much evidence against it.
  12. A video review (not mine, not in English) is up for Firstbourne, and I was curious if anybody here was interested in her! As I've mentioned above, she's pretty much a western-style dragon (i.e. four clawed legs, two wings, non-serpentine body design), and quite a big and imposing one too! Also we now have confirmation that her wings have both a flapping function and the ability to fold open and closed. I feel like she'd fit in beautifully with a Castle layout! https://youtu.be/eqoBjjYaq7E?t=8m29s Also Zusammengebaut has pictures of new Bricktober minifigure packs (yes, there actually seem to be new ones this year), including Harry Potter, Ninjago, and Marvel figures. Some of their parts could definitely have historic applications… but of course, might not be worth the trouble of getting your hands on the full pack in the UK or US, unless LEGO announces some other way they're distributing in countries where Toys 'R' Us is going out of business. The new Harry Potter sets look great! Most historic among them are definitely the two Hogwarts sets we've seen (Hogwarts and the Whomping Willow and Hogwarts Great Hall). Hogwarts looks even more warm, inviting, and livable than usual. Whomping Willow is great for tree parts. Many of the stickers like portraits and tapestries seem versatile enough to be used outside of a Harry Potter context. Dementors also get a new, more minifigure-based (rather than skeleton-based) build, including a recolor of the ghost trail piece from Ninjago/Ghostbusters/Nexo Knights. There are still at least a couple sets that haven't been announced yet so I'm curious what those might be.
  13. LEGO Ninjago 2018

    The Ultra Dragon from 9450 Epic Dragon Battle had a wing flapping function! But it didn't have wings that could fold open and closed, posable hips, a brick-built head, or a removable saddle. Even with all the dragons I've accumulated over the years, Firstbourne is one of the summer sets I'm most excited for (after Ninjago City Docks). "Mother of all dragons" indeed!
  14. Hello darkness my old friend

    Well, treating a difficult personal decision as equivalent to dying doesn’t seem to encourage an attitude of hopefulness either…
  15. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Whatever the next modular building is, one thing I'd love is for it to be wheelchair-accessible. A couple years ago I was working on a combination bowling alley/arcade/pizza restaurant modular building, and I took specific care to include a ramp (rather than stairs) out front and an elevator to get to the second level inside — and this was before there was even an official wheelchair piece; I was using a brick-built chair I designed myself! Now that there IS a wheelchair piece, making the next modular building compatible with it seems like a no-brainer. Plus, we haven't seen an elevator in a modular building since the Town Hall or a building with a ramp in the front in any modular building. I still think that a bowling alley would be a good fit for the modular buildings series and vice-versa, partly because you really do need about that big a footprint to make a bowling alley with more than one lane in an enclosed space. That said, I'm not sure what era or design movement would be ideal for that. Bowling alleys do go back well over a century, but a lot of the bowling alleys and associated imagery I'm used to seeing in real life and in media are firmly rooted in the 80s or 90s. If 50s design styles and imagery were jarring for many AFOLs, then something that recent may very well be out of the question. I would like to see bright colors, though, not drab brown walls like in some really old-timey bowling alleys.