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  1. Aanchir

    Lego City 2019 - Rumours, Speculation and Discussion

    It's not that unusual. It probably just means that some of the sets were probably meant for a December release in the United States and some stores jumped the gun. Particularly in themes like City with a minimal story component, it's rare to see much in the way of official teasers before each year's sets are officially released.
  2. Aanchir

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Great interview with Jamie Berard in the latest Hispabrick issue: https://www.hispabrickmagazine.com/content/download/6578/ It's about the Creator Expert line as a whole, but goes into a lot of details that pertain to the design considerations for the modular buildings: The reason behind the Creator Expert name is that previously, sites were using various colloquial names for the non-branded exclusives that made it harder for fans and buyers to find info or listings for them online (if any of y'all have forgotten, even here on Brickset, the modular buildings were long considered a part of the otherwise defunct Town theme, and separate from other types of AFOL-targeted exclusives that had the same branding). Internally, the Creator design team was the one with the most overlap with people working on those exclusives. One challenge for the designers of the modular buildings is to always bring something new and surprising — even if they go with an obvious and highly anticipated subject (town hall, bank, restaurant, etc), they have to make sure it has enough unique features and strengths that people won't just negatively compare it to fan-created buildings of the same subject. The designers definitely feel inspired by the fan community but try to avoid using techniques they've seen in MOCs unless they can bring some unique spin on it so that it still feels like their own creation and not just a combination of ideas pilfered from other builders. Early on, the next three to five buildings in the series were mapped out pretty strictly, though the order was sometimes re-arranged. But more recently they've moved towards planning 3 buildings simultaneously, picking the best of them to go forward with, and sometimes integrating ideas from the other building ideas or from "building boosts" where the designers try to generate as many ideas as they can without the same strict concerns as if they were working on bringing one particular set to completion (I believe LEGO brought designers from different teams together for similar brainstorm sessions when working on series like the BrickHeadz and Mixels). Jamie has learned to try and filter through criticism to understand what parts are just knee-jerk reactions when stuff defies expectations and what parts are going to be real lasting concerns for the series as a whole. He specifically brings up the Fire Brigade, which AFOL communities lambasted for breaking from patterns they'd identified or imagined in previous modular buildings, yet became the set that brought the most new fans into the modular buildings series after tempers cooled off. To Jamie, negative feedback is still a good thing, because it means people are attentive to and emotionally invested in the new product, whereas the absence of feedback is much worse because it means people just don't care or aren't paying attention one way or the other.
  3. Aanchir


    Really cool MOC! Even if the inspiration was One Punch Man, the shape actually reminded me a lot of the Watcher Knights from the game Hollow Knight. I love the beefy body, though I think that the legs could benefit from a more insect-like look somehow, perhaps something as simple as adding some spikes to the knees. Right now the area between the torso and feet feels unusually standard/humanoid compared to the more imaginative shapes and proportions of the rest of the model.
  4. Something to keep in mind is that when you account for currency inflation, sometimes the aftermarket prices on old sets aren’t as outrageous as they seem at a glance. For instance, BrickLink has a complete used copy of https://brickset.com/sets/6081-1/King-s-Mountain-Fortress (sans instructions and box) for $120. While that seems like a lot compared to the original sticker price of $58, $1 USD in 1990 was worth over 91% more than $1 USD today, so $58 back then is equivalent to $111.20 in today’s money. A $9 surcharge on a 28-year-old set doesn’t seem nearly so bad! On a side note, this is part of why a lot of the conventional wisdom about LEGO accruing in value doesn’t hold as true for older sets like these as for newer ones.
  5. Really cool and creative alternate build! Love the creative part use for the wheels, exhaust, and hood ornament!
  6. Aanchir

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Well, they’ve used the large 1x6x5 wall panels in transparent colors as window glass, so I could certainly imagine them using them again in a solid color — but only if they needed the texture and/or the open space on the inside of the panel for some reason, not simply as a substitute for smaller standard bricks.
  7. Aanchir

    LEGO Ninjago 2019

    There’s been at least one 2019 Ninjago book description on Amazon that says the ninja will be rebuilding the monastery, and so it can probably be assumed that some of the other classic stuff relates to the new story — but how it relates remains to be seen. Bear in mind though that sometimes the story relevance of the sets has been rather minimal… for example, in Day of the Departed, most of the new vehicles didn’t play any meaningful role in the core conflict.
  8. Aanchir

    LEGO Forma - 2019

    The campaign ended today, which could have something to do with it, though if the page itself is down I'm not sure if it's intentional or a technical glitch. It could be that completed campaigns have a different web address?
  9. Lots of great fantasy parts in the next Ninjago wave. New versions of the Serpentine minifigures Pythor, Spitta, and Lasha, a new version of the Overlord minifigure with a VERY spooky face the "ectoplasm trail" legs in a blend of black and Tr. Bright Bluish Violet (Trans-Dark Purple), new versions of some of the Skulkins (skeleton warriors) including a version of the "giant skull" piece from the first year that's more headgear-friendly. There are also supposed to be new Stone Army figures (compare with the ones from 2013 Ninjago), but we haven't had a lot of leaked pics of those. My understanding is that at least one of the new parts they'll offer is the new, curvier type of coolie hat from the LEGO Ninjago Movie in red, as well as some different colors/patterns of the Stone Army painted faces (which could be great for army building). There are also a new style of spinners that are much more authentically tornado-shaped and have more connection points for customization and/or MOCs (besides use as magic effects, Nya's water tornado might be useful as a whirlpool effect, hard to know till we see them from more angles). A lot of the new ninja costumes could also have a lot of versatility, since their main defining motif is some fairly generic gold dragon patterns rather than any highly distinctive logos. As sets go a lot of them are re-releases of previous vehicle sets, typically the more sci-fi leaning ones, so outside of parts value they won't be too valuable for historic MOCs and layouts. But there is a gorgeous new version of Master Wu's monastery which like a lot of previous temple and dojo sets should offer lots of great parts and techniques for historical Japanese MOCs. There's going to be a new version of the Golden Dragon as well, but smaller than many other Ninjago dragons and seemingly with a new, smaller molded head piece. The pics that have leaked of it are really preliminary and shoddy quality so hard to judge what sort of historic builders might be most likely to appreciate it. As other upcoming sets/themes go, there's also the two recently announced Chinese New Year sets, which will likewise have great parts and figures for layouts depicting historical or modern China. But those will apparently only be available in Asia. Also, in Super Heroes, there are going to be new versions of Sandman and Carnage which include some cool new elements like the Chima small tribal flame piece in Bright Red, the Nexo Knights spiral rock pillar legs in a combination of Brick Yellow (Tan) and Sand Yellow (Dark Tan). Of course there's also the new Spider Man accessory pack that comes in a bunch of the new Spider Man sets and includes all kinds of new spider web shapes that might be great for decorating spooky castles or giant spider nests. I haven't paid quite as much attention to non-Ninjago leaks though so there could also be other potentially useful parts for historic and fantasy MOCs that I'm forgetting.
  10. Aanchir

    Lego City 2019 - Rumours, Speculation and Discussion

    6x2x1 is remarkably compact if it turns out that the light element, sound element, and battery are all integrated in the piece rather than having a separate battery box like the classic 80s "Light and Sound System". Especially considering that the previous independent light bricks and sound bricks were 2x3x1.33 and 2x4x2. That said, I agree that between the size and having all those electrical components packed together in one brick, it will be probably be less versatile for non-City MOCs than the 9V system's 1x2/1x4 light bricks and 2x2 sound bricks, since it will presumably only be particularly suited to uses as emergency lights and siren/klaxon rather than being able to mix and match lights and sounds from different sets. Light colors and sounds suitable for other uses would depend on LEGO releasing separate versions of the brick with different color/sound/light sequence combinations.
  11. Aanchir

    The Future of Lego Space. (opinions, ideas, discussion)

    If ALL of those are leaked figures, then it's a real surprise, considering that LEGO had previously stopped making yellow minifig hips pieces on the grounds that they didn't want to make figures that looked nude. Mind you, I haven't seen the pictures. It's also possible that actual classic figures might have been photographed alongside the pink one as a point of comparison, or that one or all of the figures are customs rather than actual leaks. Hard to say.
  12. Aanchir

    What are you listening to?

    Lena Raine - Celeste Original Soundtrack - Reach for the Mountain
  13. These are the same sort of randomly generated names you get to choose from when you sign up for the LEGO Life app. The purpose of the randomized format is to make sure that names don't include any kind of identifying information that could threaten younger users' privacy. Perhaps LEGO.com accounts that aren't linked to LEGO Life get assigned placeholder names arbitrarily until/unless they sign up and pick one for themselves? When I check my wish list it shows my name I picked out when I first started using the LEGO Life app (SirFascinatingOctopus). Took a lot of tries to get that one too! EDIT: Just learned by going to your "edit profile" menu from the account drop down menu, you can change your nickname. Gonna see if I can find anything as good as SirFascinatingOctopus but more gender-affirming… EDIT2: There we go! I'm now Ms.InspiringOctopus!
  14. Aanchir

    Lego City 2019 - Rumours, Speculation and Discussion

    The leaks I've seen haven't been great quality, but the impression I got from the "jetpacks" is that they seemed more like wingpacks or wingsuits. Considering that Dubai has been experimenting stuff as wild as flying police motorbikes and firefighting jetpacks, I wouldn't be too surprised if wingpacks or wingsuits haven't been explored for policing. It's also worth noting that some LEGO City police and coast guard sets in the past have included types of aviation technology originally developed for armed forces use, and militaries have been experimenting with wingsuits and the like for a looooong time. Besides the imaginative appeal of these sorts of experimental technologies appearing in LEGO City, some of it could also be motivated by the fairly long (one and a half to two year) lead time for most LEGO set designs. After all, a lot of these sorts of technologies are marketed to police forces almost immediately after being unveiled, and designers can't know for sure which of them will "take off" (no pun intended) in those applications and which are just pipe dreams.
  15. Aanchir

    Lego City 2019 - Rumours, Speculation and Discussion

    I suspect it's more likely an all-in-one light and sound element like the ones that have been used in Duplo. Though if so it seems like it's considerably more compact than that, or than the current light bricks and sound bricks.