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Found 24 results

  1. IMG_5975 by SK MOC, 於 Flickr My tribute to Akira Toriyama, who suddenly passed away on March 1. Probably the most popular manga of Toriyama san is the Dragon Ball. However, to me it is Dr. Slump which gave me so much joy in my childhood years. Dr. Slump was created in the early 1980s. So, you may be too young to have heard this famous manga that had since then made Toriyama san a top manga creator. Hope you would be attracted to watch this manga. 博士 by SK MOC, 於 Flickr Dr. Slump (Senbei Norimaki) He is a creative scientiest/inventor in the Penguin Village. The main character Arale Norimaki is his creation. He is extremely erotic and is particularly so when he meets his lover Midori Yamabuki. 山吹老師 by SK MOC, 於 Flickr Midori Yamabuki, teacher of Arale Norimaki Lover of Dr. Slump and they finally are married. 英俊博士 by SK MOC, 於 Flickr Dr. Slump could be very handsome and tall when he feels such a need arises, particularly when he is in front of Midori. However, such a handsome look usually lasts no more than 2 seconds. 小雲 by SK MOC, 於 Flickr Arale Norimaki the main and most popular character. She was a robot invented by Dr. Slump. She was kind and innocent to the extent that she hardly know about the dark side of reality. She possesses mighty power but she misuses it and creates trouble. She likes to play with poop. 小吉 by SK MOC, 於 Flickr Gatchan. He is hatched from an egg which Dr. Slump brings from the prehistoric ages. He is then adopted into the Norimaki family. He likes to eat anything including even metal scraps and he likes to follow Arale no matter where she goes. 宇宙大王 by SK MOC, 於 Flickr King Nikochan and his servant They are aliens from an inferior race. They come to conquer the earth on the assumption that it is a planet weak enough to conquer. However, they meet Arale and Gatchan and their spaceship is eaten by the latter. Since then they have to stay in the earth and search hopelessly for another spaceship. The most obvious feature of these characters are their buttocks are grown on the top. 太郎 by SK MOC, 於 Flickr Taro Soramame A high school student of the Penguin Village and a friend of Arale. He has a trendy look and seems to be a bit arrogant. However, he has a kind heart.…… 小茜 by SK MOC, 於 Flickr Akane Kimidori A good friend of Arale. She is a bit rebellious and looks for small advantage. She often takes advantage from Arale. However, basically she is kind-hearted. 小雄 by SK MOC, 於 Flickr Peasuke Soramome Classmate of Arale and little brother of Taro Soramome. His height is always mocked about by his friends and Taro. 馬斯特博士 by SK MOC, 於 Flickr Dr. Mashirito Villain of this manga. He keeps thinking that Dr. Slump is an obstacle to his evil plan of conquering the world. So, he wish to defeat Dr. Slump, Arale and Gatchan. He created several robots in an attempt to achieve this, the most notable one is Obotchaman or Caramel Man 004. 小寶寶 by SK MOC, 於 Flickr Obotchaman / Caramel Man 004 It is created by Dr. Mashirito in order to destroy Arale. However, he turns out to be a kind-hearted robot and they become friends. 春夢婆婆 by SK MOC, 於 Flickr Grandma Spring, a supporting role in the manga. She often appears in the manga suddenly. She has been playing hide-and-seek with other spirits for the whole life. 草菇妹妹 by SK MOC, 於 Flickr Kinoko Sarada A lousy little girl and she enjoys being alone. She always rides a tricycle and asks other people to perm their hair. 史谷 by SK MOC, 於 Flickr Skop. This character is modelled after Spock of the Star Trek. He is a classmate of Arale and the top student of the school of the Penguin Village. He prefers to concentrate on his studies and he never has a clue why everyone in the school is not studying seriously. 鳥山明 by SK MOC, 於 Flickr The self-portrait of Akira Toriyama He often appears in the manga when the author feels the need to make an explanation of what is happening in the cartoon. The author portraits himself as a bird because his name contains the word of "tori" which is "bird" in English. 酸梅乾超人 by SK MOC, 於 Flickr Suppaman When in disguise, he works as a reporter. He changes his clothes in a phone booth and eats a pickled plum and rolls around with his belly on a skateboard. He lies to himself that he is going to protect the world. However, neither he has a sense of justice nor real superpowers. He doesn't care much about the safety of other people but only about his reputation and is being regarded as a hero, and is easily offended when others make fun of him. He's a coward in front of enemies, and mean and violent towards innocent villagers as he usually launches grenades at people who annoy him for some reason. 豬 by SK MOC, 於 Flickr Pig-copter He makes minor appearance in the manga. Usually he makes announcement to the people of the Penguin Village, such as to say good morning. 警察 by SK MOC, 於 Flickr Policemen of Penguin Village They actually have names. The taller one is Pagos and the shorter is Gala. They appear frequently in the manga but they are doomed to be played trick by Arale and Gatchan. Their car is squashed completely every time.
  2. Shiromaruhime is the Himeji City Mascot. In November 2023 I visited Himeji Castle in Japan. It inspired me to build this LEGO creation of the Himeji City Mascot: Here are some pictures of Shiromaruhime: On the pictures of Shiromaruhime the castle roof is very simplistic. I wanted to build the castle roof with more details. Therefore, I built it based on how it looks in real life:
  3. I'm happy to be able to share my latest medieval MOC, Dragon Fortress Pagoda. The colour scheme draws inspiration from 7419: Dragon Fortress, while the structure is based off Ayrlego's Lotii Pagoda. I have built a similar structured Pagoda in the past but was keen to try a new colour scheme, tiled roofs, and add a little flora. Dragon Fortress Pagoda 3 by Samuel Sheppard, on Flickr Dragon Fortress Pagoda 2 by Samuel Sheppard, on Flickr Dragon Fortress Pagoda 1 by Samuel Sheppard, on Flickr Thanks for looking!
  4. Cecilie

    [MOC] Japanese garden

    I recently competed in a seed part challenge called Duel of Pirates on the french forum The seed part was a modified 1x2 plate with ladder in dark tan I had two ideas for the part that both fit in a Japanese setting, but in different scale, so I went with a bit of forced perspective on this one. Japanese garden by cecilihf, on Flickr
  5. I don't get a chance to delve into traditional Japanese subthemes very often, but when I do, I enjoy it! I built this for the set revamp category of the Tourney. The set I revamped was 6093 Flying Ninja Fortress. The Samurais are under attack! Under the left tower I added a bit of functionality with a shooting jewel rack... not that there's really much point to a shooting jewel rack, but - well... The build also has an interior: Without minifigures: Thanks for looking!
  6. This is my LEGO version of the Kyushu Line JR800 Shinkansen, made of 5.959 pieces, having a length of 2,74m (9ft) and weights 4,302kg (9.484 pounds) in total and is my first train MOC. The 800 Series, designed by Mr. Eiji Mitooka, is considered the only "Japanese" shinkansen as it's concept represents the beauty of Japanese arts and crafts, and has two engines and four wagons. The train went in service in 2009 and is considered the second fastest of the 3 JR Kyushu types of Shinkansen services (the rest are Mizuho and Tsubame, from the fastest to slowest). Update 09.05.22 (The Previous Content can be found within the hidden content area, at the bottom of this post) You can find more pictures on my FlickR and enjoy it on the following video;
  7. Niku


    Hello, i am on the finals on lego ideas contest, if you could vote and help me would be very much appreciated. Thanks! :) One of the few interiors I have built, it is challenging, consumes many pieces yet very entertaining. Home by Arfelan Nest, en Flickr Hope you like it. Thanks for watching. Bonus pic. A poor confused bee visited the tree.
  8. Sigolf Brimabane

    Japanese Castle

    Hi there! Long time, no see. I've been inactive for a couple of years, not posting or anything. I haven't stopped building LEGO though, so I present to you my latest MOC! It's a Japanese castle, as you can see, inspired by a certain real life castle (can you guess which one?). Sorry for the shitty pictures. I don't really have the tools or know-how to take good pictures. I might try to take some better pictures eventually, but for now I just want to share my MOC with you guys. :) It's not completely finished since I want to expand it by adding more baseplates, but this section is done. You can remove a couple of the floors but it's kind of a hassle.
  9. Eki1210

    JNR Class EF65 MOC

    Hello there, this is my lego version of the japanese electric locomotive JNR Class EF65-1000. It´s operating on passenger and freight services in Japan since 1965. I really like the bulky and boxy shape, i think this translated pretty well to lego . Feel free to tell me what you think, comments and critic is very welcome! But enough talk for now, have fun watching the pictures: JNR EF65-1000 Lego MOC by Henrik S, auf Flickr JNR EF65-1000 Lego MOC by Henrik S, auf Flickr JNR EF65-1000 Lego MOC by Henrik S, auf Flickr JNR EF65-1000 Lego MOC by Henrik S, auf Flickr JNR EF65-1000 Lego MOC by Henrik S, auf Flickr (The loco is fully able to navigate the lego switches and R40 curves, the front and back boogies can swivel, the middle boogie holds the chassis of the loco)
  10. Flameo my fellow Avatar fans, I’m a huge fan of ATLA and I need your help. Recently I have submitted a project on LEGO IDEAS, it's the Spirit Oasis from Avatar: The Last Airbender. As you might know LEGO IDEAS is a website which allows users to submit ideas for Lego products to be turned into potential sets. So If my project reaches 10.000 supporters it may become an official LEGO Product. Many Avatar Fans including me would love to purchase another LEGO ATLA Set since the original sets from 2006 are not available anymore. Check out my project: The Spirit Oasis Project on LEGO IDEAS All you need to do is press the support button and create a free LEGO Account if necessary. Thanks a lot, Every supporter counts!
  11. The recent Brickmania magazine featured instructions for a Type 97 Ke-Te Tankette from WW2. I did a bit of research into this obscure vehicle and discovered it spawned a couple of variants which I decided to try and recreate using the chassis of the original vehicle. The Original Brinckmania Type 97 Tankette (the real life version performed reasonably well against the Chinese but was no match for US and Soviet forces) Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr Type 98 So-Da Troop/Ammo carrier The first variant was a troop and ammunition carrier. The turret was removed and the engine relocated to beside the driver freeing up the rear to carry troops/cargo. Type 98 So-Da Troop/ammo carrier by g.nat, on Flickr Type 98 So-Da Troop/ammo carrier by g.nat, on Flickr Type 98 So-Da Troop/ammo carrier by g.nat, on Flickr Type 98 So-Da Troop/ammo carrier by g.nat, on Flickr It was also fitted with a frame to add a canvas roof and opening rear doors. It also had a towing hook and could pull artillery pieces. Type 98 So-Da Troop/ammo carrier by g.nat, on Flickr Type 98 So-Da Troop/ammo carrier by g.nat, on Flickr The original could carry up to 10 troops!! My LEGO version... not quite as many!! Type 98 So-Da Troop/ammo carrier by g.nat, on Flickr Type 98 So-Da Troop/ammo carrier by g.nat, on Flickr Type 100 Te-Re Artillery Spotting Vehicle Almost identical to the Type 98, this variant was intended for use by artillery spotters to direct long range fire. The troop/cargo section was equipped with radios and a rangefinder could be mounted on the engine deck. Type 100 Te-Re Artillery Spotter Vehicle by g.nat, on Flickr Type 100 Te-Re Artillery Spotter Vehicle by g.nat, on Flickr Type 100 Te-Re Artillery Spotter Vehicle by g.nat, on Flickr Type 100 Te-Re Artillery Spotter Vehicle by g.nat, on Flickr Close up of the radio (a printed tile from a Brickmania accessory pack) Type 100 Te-Re Artillery Spotter Vehicle by g.nat, on Flickr Figures are Lego minifigs with Brickmania torso stickers on. Accessories are mainly Brickarms and Brick Warriors. Thanks for looking - comments always welcome.
  12. Alright, now that LEGO has announced 21311 Voltron, the first ever LEGO set to be based on an anime series originally from Japan, I can imagine LEGO doing an anime adaptation of their properties. My pick would be Bionicle: The Mata-Nui Saga! Based on the Mata-Nui timeline, Season 1 could cover the 2001 storyline, Season 2 covering 2002, Season 3 with 2003 and onwards. If LEGO ever decides to remake their classic Bionicle sets as a tie-in, I think it'd be pretty interesting to see. Oh, and believe it or not, the word "Bionicle" can also be translated into Japanese! バイオニクル - Baionikuru Does anyone think Bionicle could work out as a Japanese anime as long as it stays true to the source material?
  13. Basiliscus

    Tabashii's Tea House

    Tabashii's Tea House While not originally created by the Skudae, the art of the tea ceremony is most significantly associated with them, and a number of tea houses exist in their capital of Civus Skudae. One of the most famous tea masters is Tabashii, who moved to the Western Isles to seek his fortune amongst the new Loreesi nobility. The nouveau riche of Port Valiant are frequently seen in his establishment, soaking up what they see as Skudae culture. This experience does not come cheap, and Tabashii himself has amassed considerable wealth from their desire to seek out new experiences and cultures. More pictures on Flickr.
  14. Gubi0222

    [MOC] Rivergate

    I built my first Japanese themed MOC tp try out some ideas. It's just a smal scene, I hope you like it: Full album:
  15. Nuju Metru

    Obashi Mist Dragon

    Hey all! Here's a dragon I designed recently as a prize in my Second Dragon-Building Contest. He's my first Asian-style dragon, and I'm pretty happy with how he turned out! Meet Obashi the mist dragon. All the above images link to their larger versions on my Flickr. You can also check out a few more pictures over there. Thanks for looking!
  16. This project started last December and progress were averaging at one bot per month. After 7 months of gruelling yet challenging efforts, Liokaiser is finally done. However , back then (end of June) ... I was given a chance to showcase my LEGO transformers at a local store , so Liokaiser was whisked there for a month (video link below). After a month , he was put in storage as I was busy with another LEGO TF project. I'd guess I better put a closure to this now .So there :) >> As a LEGO combiner of this size, (more than 1.5 feet tall)... he is top heavy, so he can't be posed in more elaborate manner. Too much stress were imposed on the hinges . :| >> Due to complexity of individual bot , merging them to form Liokaiser caused a few weak points in connections. I'm forced to apply extra scaffoldings in a few areas to reinforce these connections, so that posing him about would not topple him over . >> Yes, it's SEVEN breastforce members I mentioned just now. In the original cartoon, Deathcobra was the 7th member of Breastforce (forming the arm) but was killed early in the show. So here, I decided to pay homage to this character by having him as a helicopter that transforms/separates into components for the combiner: Hands, head and a gun. If you wish to view more photos of Liokaiser and the whole breastforce team (more than 200 photos!) , the following blog link is a good starting point: As a LEGO TF builder, this project really pushes my limits and skills (and patience.. gawd... finding ways to merge the upper body was simply taxing). OK now I need find ways to outdo myself again. Lemme think what else I can build next. Thanks for viewing!! :)
  17. After consulting with the late monk Osamu, Daiymo Hayato left for Tagashima Castle to plan out his next move. He has heard from his spies that enemies are plotting against his life, and that the safest route would be through the mountains. The main roads would be far too dangerous. So, after several days of travel, Hayato and his bodyguard, have arrived at a safe haven, the monastery of one of Hayato's close friends, the monk Satomi. And that is that! :) This is my entry for the Colossal Castle Contest's small category. ​Criticisms, questions, and comments are welcome! Thank you for viewing my creation! More at MOC Pages via the link.
  18. Lind Whisperer

    Need Japanese Webpage Translated

    There's a Japanese website that I need a page translated off of. I've tried Google, but it's only resulting in "Google-Speak," If there's anyone on Eurobricks who can read kanji, and wouldn't mind translating one of the pages for me, I would appreciate your PMing me. As for payment(due to the fact that it's a longer page, and a bit beyond the 'brief favor' mark), I'm a bit broke, but I could likely whip you up a nice sig-fig render in Blender*, or something like that, in return. Thanks, ~Lind Whisperer *An example of my work. (Request mirrored on RRU.)
  19. Can anyone tell me what do the Asian characters on this part mean? It is a glass piece from Ninjago sets. I am using it on a creation to give to a Japanese teacher, so I would like to confirm what it means before presenting it. Thanks.
  20. denil85

    [MOC] Ito Sushi Bar

    Hi Everyone! I would like to share my latest MOC, the title of this MOC is Ito Sushi Bar. I tried to put in more Japanese culture and foods in the sushi bar. Hope you guys enjoy Thank you [[Denil's MOC] Ito Sushi Bar 0 Main by denil oh, on Flickr [Denil's MOC] Ito Sushi Bar 1 by denil oh, on Flickr [Denil's MOC] Ito Sushi Bar 2 by denil oh, on Flickr [Denil's MOC] Ito Sushi Bar 4 by denil oh, on Flickr [Denil's MOC] Ito Sushi Bar 5 by denil oh, on Flickr [Denil's MOC] Ito Sushi Bar 6 by denil oh, on Flickr [Denil's MOC] Ito Sushi Bar 7 by denil oh, on Flickr [Denil's MOC] Ito Sushi Bar 8 by denil oh, on Flickr [Denil's MOC] Ito Sushi Bar 9 by denil oh, on Flickr [Denil's MOC] Ito Sushi Bar 10 by denil oh, on Flickr [Denil's MOC] Ito Sushi Bar 12 by denil oh, on Flickr [Denil's MOC] Ito Sushi Bar 11 by denil oh, on Flickr
  21. Following the Bushido honor code, a disgraced Samurai is carrying out the Seppuku ritual. The Seppuku act consists of the Samurai warrior performing a ceremonial self-disembowelment in front of spectators. After the samurai is finished, he stretches out his neck for his kaishakunin (assistant) to decapitate him. The ritual is extremely violent. Blood is spilled all over the site of the act, even the white flowers have turned red...
  22. Hyler Talliwell

    Oni 鬼

    Oni are demons in Japanese folklore. I've wanted to build one after seeing the awesome version made by Stuart Delahay fro the 2014 MOColympics on mocpages ( Here's my take on the iconic creature. Yes, it does stand on its own, no bricks are removed with photoshop or anything. Enjoy! Oni 鬼 by The Deathly Halliwell, on Flickr Oni 3 by The Deathly Halliwell, on Flickr Oni 4 by The Deathly Halliwell, on Flickr Oni 5 by The Deathly Halliwell, on Flickr
  23. B-RV-15E Hey all, I'd like to share my Latest MOC of the Hidamari apartment building from the popular Anime series "Hidamari Sketch!" It is an almost exact replica from the series, everything down to the colors and even the electric boxes are built. Hidamari Apartments by ChrisR18t, on Flickr Here you can get a glimpse of the building in the background: It was actually rather tough to model because the building changes in slight variations in color and details per episode. I focused on the details and colors that appeared the most throughout the series. Hidamari Apartments by ChrisR18t, on Flickr Another screenshot to show the colors of the doors, note that there are no electrical boxes like my MOC, but in many other shots in the anime, they are there. The big variance that occurs in the anime is the colors of the back windows, in many shots the colors of the frames are dark blue for all the windows, while other times they were matching colors to the front doors, I went with the colorful option as it gives the building a more "pretty" look to it. Hidamari Apartments by ChrisR18t, on Flickr Hidamari Apartments by ChrisR18t, on Flickr I also put in some lightly detailed interiors so you can at least see there is something on the inside versus just a hollow shell. Hidamari Apartments by ChrisR18t, on Flickr I have some more pics on my Flickr, comments welcome!