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  1. Nuju Metru

    Technology Sculptures Series

    Thanks so much Beverly! The complete series has now been posted. Have yourself a look.
  2. Nuju Metru

    Technology Sculptures Series

    Now you can! I've added three new models to the first post.
  3. This is a series of five satirical creations I've designed to examine our relationship with technology. Let me know what you think! No.1 "Sleepless" No.2 "Picture Perfect" No.3 "Out of Guntrol" No.4 "Fixing the Drain" No.5 "Held Apptive" The whole gang...
  4. Nuju Metru

    Drakkirion Courier Dragon

    Built for a commission, this dragon was based on a detailed piece of concept art my client sent me. I loved having an excuse to return to my niche, and think of this as one of the best dragons I've designed! You can check out all images in their larger versions by clicking them. I'm quite pleased with how uniform the colors are on this build. The dark orange jumper plates up top are meant to evince orange spine striping, which was present in the concept art dragon on which this MOC version was based. Drakkirion has a wingspan more than 19" (47cm) wide. For the first time, I used a two-colored fabric on dragon wings (the underside is a burnt orange, the top a deep red). It pleased me, as well, to take advantage of the new (usually ugly) recoloring of 4L and 6L Technic axles. The minifig that rides Drakkirion was also based on a concept art image provided by my client. The trenchcoat here is cut from a Prince of Persia awning cloth. Appreciate any comments ans critiques you have in the comments below!
  5. Nuju Metru

    Body Battlers: A "New LEGO Theme" of MOCs

    Thank you! I'm quite happy with that particular part usage as well. Personally, the Chevrolac is also my favorite. It's definitely the model I spent the longest amount of time on; getting the look, as well as the functions, perfect was a real job, tons of tinkering. I'm not currently planning a second wave— but who knows, I had such a fun time with the concept this time around, one might be in the cards for the future! One of the greatest challenges I faced when building this project was the lack you've just pointed out: it was really tough for me to come up with enough '50s-style iconic objects and places to densely populate the series of sets. Of course, there's the car, the diner, the telephone, the typewriter, the phone, and the gas pump: but I really wanted to add more, and to make the Body Battlers world feel super-'50s. Of course, the more sci-fi elements—like the speeders and robots and whatnot—are designed in a retro-futurist palette. I had an eye on dozens of reference images of '50s aesthetic, pulled from fiction and history, while building the vehicles of the series. I hoped that the era's visual vocabulary of rounded lines, smooth surfaces, and popping colors would be enough to ground these creations in a '50s sensibility, even if they didn't have any of the "little set pieces" you and I both wanted more of. Thank you! It was actually an unintentional pun, the "snot rocket" thing, but I'm glad I've seemed so clever!
  6. Nuju Metru

    Body Battlers: A "New LEGO Theme" of MOCs

    Yes-- and I've just posted it! It's 52016 Gastro's Diner. Thank you! Infekto's head is one of the Ninjago ghosts' heads. Without its mask/headgear, it's not too recognizable!
  7. Nuju Metru

    Body Battlers: A "New LEGO Theme" of MOCs

    I've just added the next set, 52015 DNA Defense, to the first post. Have yourself a look— there's just one more set to be revealed! Yeah, building something small and functional can often be, from my experience, harder to do than building a huge creation that might be designed to be photographed from just one angle. Adjusting the details of these MOCs to my satisfaction made them quite labor-intensive builds, in spite of their relatively small sizes! Well, you're probably right! I dunno, I always saw this as a "sci-fi adventure," so this was my first impulse on where to post it. Thank you! Naming the sets and coming up with their descriptions was definitely a fun part of this exercise, like a cherry on top of getting to work on such fun builds. I'm glad to hear you find the minifigs distinctive and cohesive. I'm also quite happy with how they turned out— aside from Tara in the waitress getup, these are all pretty much new combinations. It took some investing on BL to get all the right parts, of course... A second wave might come in the future! You never know. There's pretty much infinite possibility in the human body for adventures to adapt.
  8. Nuju Metru

    Body Battlers: A "New LEGO Theme" of MOCs

    And I've also added 52013 Betrayal at the Ole Factory. Puns abound above!
  9. Nuju Metru

    Body Battlers: A "New LEGO Theme" of MOCs

    I just added the third set, 52012 Nervous Break-In, to the first post! At this point, all the sets have been completed. There are six in total!
  10. Nuju Metru

    Body Battlers: A "New LEGO Theme" of MOCs

    I've just added the second set, 52011 Phagebot Attack, to the first post. Go have a look! I'm always so glad to hear when people mistake my MOCs in this style for real products by TLG-- means I'm capturing the look and feel properly. Thank you! I've appreciated Paddy's '50s sci-fi style stuff over on Flickr recently; it's definitely a funny coincidence that he and I decided to tackle a similar genre around the same time! When I started conceiving of this project months ago, I got attracted to the retro-futurist aesthetic for a few reasons, one of which was that I wanted to have a stronger sense of genre while making and presenting these MOCs. Generic-style sci-fi just didn't feel right for such an outlandish, zany concept as this! Thank you! I'm very satisfied with the blend of ideas behind this series, so I'm glad you find them appropriate as well. I've never actually seen that kids show you reference, but wow, it's quite similar in some regards! I've gotten a lot of people likening this project to Osmosis Jones, and I definitely noticed parallels myself. I watched that movie, like, once when I was younger, but I guess it stuck in my brain... I like to think of Body Battlers as an "Osmosis-Jones-meets-Magic-Schoolbus-meets-1950s-pop-culture" piece. Well, in the Chevrolac set, Tara's body (and hair) are pulled pretty blatantly from the Waitress CMF from a few series ago (one of my favorites). That's probably why you're wondering where her skates are.
  11. Hey everyone! This is the topic for my all-new "theme" of MOCs, a series of creations designed to emulate LEGO's official set style. I'm excited because it represents quite a stylistic/genre shift from my last project like this, Dragon Lands, which was a fantasy series. Welcome to "Body Battlers," a retro-futuristic sci-fi adventure set inside the human body! Two 1950s teens—Roy and Tara—have been shrunk down to microscopic size to help a body's white blood cells fight off a dangerous infection, led by the evil disease Infekto. In this (openly pseudo-scientific) imagination of the fight that occurs constantly inside all of us, germs and antibodies are armed for battle, piloting cool machines and bouncing from one organ system to the next in their struggle. It's all ray-guns, pulse lasers, and niftyness! I really enjoyed playing around in a new genre, exploring the intersection between 1950s pop culture, retro-futurism, and human biology. MOCing in vibrant/"rare" colors, trying to create curved lines and distinctive silhouettes, and coming up with satisfactory set concepts were my most engaging challenges. Clicking the pictures below will link you to their larger versions. If you'd like to also see play feature videos, check out my Flickr stream. 52016 Gastro’s Diner 712 Pieces Resist the evil Infekto at Gastro’s Diner! In his wicked quest to sicken everything, Infekto has decided to corrupt the stomach, so he and Symnella have attacked Gastro’s diner, where honest cells go to get their glucose. They’ve taken the joint hostage, and have even coerced Tara into waitressing… But Tara has learned some of the old diner’s secrets! Can she and the Antibody Officer save Gastro’s and free the stomach? Includes 5 minifigures. Includes 5 minifigures: Tara, Gastro, an Antibody Officer, Infekto, and Symnella. Features a 1950s-style diner complete with tiled floors, padded vinyl seating, a jukebox, a sleek counter, and a fully stocked kitchen. Also includes a viral spore cannon and a stylized roadside sign. Change the marquis on top of the diner from neon print to a working six-shot defense cannon. Hide weapons inside the jukebox and the fuse box. Send the booth and table tumbling by pressing the lever. Shoot the viral spore cannon at the diner. Cover the diner in infection, or remove the infection bits. Open up the diner to change from rectangular to linear orientation. Weapons and accessories include two double-barrel pulse pistols, a Sanitize Launcher, a viral spore launcher, an electric drill, a nausea zapper, a sniper laser, a serving tray, two milkshakes, and two plates of glucose. Diner measures more than 14” (36cm) wide, 5” (14cm) deep, and 6” (15cm) tall. 52015 DNA Defense 458 Pieces Defend the DNA from capture! The wicked Infekto has donned a gargantuan suit of robot armor, intent on stealing the body’s very blueprints, its DNA. If Infekto takes the DNA, antibody cell production will become corrupted… and the W.B.C. aren’t about to let that happen! Armed to the teeth with jetpacks, sanitize snipers, and an experimental new weapon—the “Cure Blaster”—Captain Vaccius, Antibonnie, and Roy have come ready for a final battle. Will they be able to put a stop to Infekto? Includes 4 minifigures. Includes 4 minifigures: Roy, Antibonnie, Vaccius, and Infekto. Features a giant suit of robot battle armor, featuring retro-stylized design, hefty weapon arms, and an opening pilot area. Also includes a large DNA protection bubble, a DNA observation bubble, and a mitosis facilitator. Launch the giant infection ball from the robot’s projectile arm. Fire off viral spores from the robot’s projectile arm. Turn the bar to make the robot’s fierce drill activate. Store Infekto’s pistols and arms on the robot while he operates its controls. Robot armor is fully poseable, with 11 points of articulation including a turning waist. Turn the knob at the DNA protection bubble’s base to make the genetic material inside rotate. Weapons and accessories include the Cure Blaster, two double-barrel pulse pistols, an electric drill, a nausea zapper, two sniper lasers, two jetpacks, and a cell undergoing mitosis. Robot measures more than 8” (21cm) tall, 7” (19cm) wide, and 3” (8cm) deep. DNA protection bubble measures more than 4” (11cm) tall, 3” (7cm) wide, and 4” (11cm) deep. 52014 Chevrolac Cruise Convertible 454 Pieces Patrol the bloodstream in Roy's slick Chevrolac Cruise Convertible! With oversize bubble wheels that can change between ground and flight modes, a spacious four-seat interior, and wicked cool teal paneling, this car is an ultimate vehicle for traversing the bloodstream. That's why Infekto's minion, Flooz, is so intent to take it down! Will the Chevrolac’s hidden cannon be enough to fend off the germ speeder? Includes 3 minifigures. Includes 3 minifigures: Roy, Tara, and Flooz. Features a cool 50s-style car with four-seat interior, detailed dashboard, and sleek coloring. Also includes a germ speeder and a bloodstream fuel pump. Push down the lever to convert the Chevrolac from rolling to flying, and back. Lift the Chevrolac’s hidden spring-loaded cannon to open the rear into battle mode. Open the hood to see the car's engine. Fire infection bolts from the germ speeder. Weapons and accessories include a double-barrelled pulse pistol and a raygun. Car measures more than 8” (20cm) long, 3” (8cm) wide and 2” (5cm) tall. 52013 Betrayal at the Ole Factory 317 Pieces Survive a devious betrayal at the Ole Factory! Mucus Millionaire, boss of the Ole Factory smell processing plant, believes mucus profits will increase in a germ takeover… so he’s concocted a plan to betray the rest of the body! But Roy—muckraking in the truest sense—overhears the slimy plot and copies it down on his trusty typewriter. Will Roy escape to warn the others, or will Mucus Millionaire and his Minion send him to a smelly end? Includes 3 minifigures. Includes 3 minifigures: Roy, Mucus Millionaire, and Mucus Minion. Features a functional assembly line featuring industrial greebling, cilia on the ground, and a fully positional robot arm. Also includes a catapult disguised as a stack of discarded boxes. Turn the wheel to make the conveyor belts move and the blades spin. Scan the smells with a laser powered by a light brick. Move boxes along the track to receive newly processed smells. Launch smells, the typewriter, or even Roy from the box catapult. Fire sticky vials from Mucus Millionaire’s snot-thrower. Weapons and accessories include a ray-gun, a typewriter, a wrench, a hammer, a snot-thrower with extra vial, and four captured smells. Ole Factory measures more than 11” (27cm) long, 6” (14cm) wide and 4” (11cm) tall. 52012 Nervous Break-In 213 Pieces Protect the neuron from a nervous break-in! Typhax has broken into a sensory cluster, and he’s intent on capturing a neuron, one of the body’s receptor—or is it reception?—cells. Even the resourceful Tara, armed with her best ray-gun, won’t be enough to stop him. So Tara signals for help, and Antibonnie of the W.B.C. rushes over in her nifty, decked-out patrol speeder! Can these two spiffy ladies save the neuron from Typhax’s illness? Includes 3 minifigures. Includes 3 minifigures: Tara, Antibonnie, and Typhax. Features a cool retro patrol craft with police lights, oversize engines and a bubble canopy. Also includes a neuron desk with telephone for signaling back to the brain, and a protected emergency button. Fire sanitize bolts near the patroller’s engines. Break off the patroller’s engines to simulate a crash or battle damage. Eject Antibonnie from the vehicle and engage her flying jetpack. Fold down the patroller’s landing gear. Fire the viral spores from Typhax’s laucher. Flip up the protective cover over the red button. Weapons and accessories include a viral spore launcher, a ray-gun, and a sniper laser. Patroller measures more than 6” (15cm) wide, 4” (11cm) long and 2” (5cm) tall. 52011 Phagebot Attack 92 Pieces Watch out for the fearsome Phagebot’s attack! Armed with viral spore launchers and sharp spider legs, the Phagebot is an ideal machine to abet Symnella in her devious mission to infect muscle tissue. An Antibody Officer gets dispatched to the scene— will his Santize Launcher be enough to stop the germs in their tracks, or will he be imprisoned within the Phagebot and his DNA taken hostage? Includes 2 minifigures. Includes 2 minifigures: Symnella and an Antibody Officer. Features a sinister gigantic bacteriophage-style robot, with spiderlike legs, cool spotted patterning, and a DNA prison bubble. Also includes a piece of infected tissue. Launch the viral spores at the Phagebot’s side. Turn the knob at the base to reposition the spore guns. Capture the Antibody Officer in the DNA prison bubble. Fire the Sanitize Launcher. Weapons and accessories include a Sanitize Launcher, a high-speed drill and extra viral spores. Phagebot measures more than 5” (13cm) tall and 5” (14cm) wide. _____________________________________________________________________ Thank you for looking! I'd love to hear any/all commentary you have.
  12. I built this Lord of Change from Warhammer on a commission; and for someone who had no exposure to Warhammer beforehand, I think I did alright with it! Sarthorael the Ever-Watcher is one of the devious lieutenants of the Chaos God Tzeentch, and a real force to be reckoned with. Sarthorael packs tons of detail, from gold armor and jewelry to a flowing robe and huge, silvery wings. The model features a whopping 51 points of articulation. The head design alone took me about an hour and a half of fiddling around. It's the only part of the build which uses "illegal" connection points. Standing at about 12" (32cm) with wings extended, my Lord of Change design features a wingspan of 15" (39cm). My inclusion of traditional Warhammer miniature bases came about out of necessity, since with this particular foot design, Sarthorael would certainly not have balanced alone! Thank for leaving any/all feedback you have in the comments below!
  13. Nuju Metru

    Grab Shell, Dude!

    I built the big sea turtle for my girlfriend a few months ago. She asked me recently to take a professional picture of it. And then one thing led to another... The coral reef, Marlin, Dory, and Squirt all came together in just about an hour, but I'm quite happy with the finished composition. Hope you like it, leave any/all feedback below!
  14. Nuju Metru

    Tsuruto Sun Dragon

    The lithe, clever dragon Tsuruto fights alongside one of the Emperor's senior Shogun. Together, they dominate the battlefields of Japan. Enemies are no match for this pair! Find more images on my Flickr. Thank you for looking!
  15. Nuju Metru

    Rukoyu Imperial Dragon

    I'm glad to hear that the soldiers don't feel too much like those of an extant LEGO theme-- that was something I worried about, and tried to avoid to the best of my abilities! As for the flexible ladder, I like that idea. I may implement it on my next dragon!