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Found 19 results

  1. Infernum

    Fdrjornol the Dragon

    Fdrjornol is a legendary dragon to the Mitgardian clansfolk. They believe this dragon was responsible for clearing snow for the first clanspeople to build a settlement. It is believed that the dragon watched over them for centuries until returning to the mountain caves he calls home. The Elders of several clans prophesize that one day, when the clans are in grave danger, the dragon will return and save them, and scorch the lands of their enemies. I hadn't built a creature in a while, so I built this massive guy for the Tourney, a castle contest on Mocpages. Hope you like this little guy!
  2. Counter to Blufiji's build ( Ulandus has revived several ancient keeps in Kaliphlin. When the Desert King stole Sands End's food supply, the city was desperate. Luckily, Ulandus offered its protection and food supplies to the residents of the town! No villagers will be killed by orcs on this day! Here the Ulandians can be see guarding the keep. Hope you like it, and that I properly countered!
  3. Dwarves Side. Far beneath the Dwarven realm, a war council has begun. Soon the Dwarves will be leaving their ornate cities, for a time of war is upon them. They must first plan... So the Dwarven generals meet with their supporters... Raagam, who would lead the attack, lead the council. The council seemed to be going nowhere for Sir Infernum, who had been a key supported of the Dwarves. The Drow threat had been treated too lightly by the Guilds, and if the Dwarves wanted to take matters into their own hands, he thought, then good for them! Then an older gentleman, who was wearing ornate green and red armor, stepped forward. In his hand he held a model of a weapon, which he put on the war table. "This weapon will revolutionize attacks everywhere! With this, we can smash straight through the Drow's fortresses!" Two days later the dwarves emerged from their stone halls. Thousands of heavily armored, well trained Dwarves marched toward Avalonia. A Dwarven host like this had not been seen in Mitgardia in an age. And so, two weeks later... The sun rose as the Dwarves climbed over the hill. Their journey was over. With one last push, the ballistae reached the top of the hill. "We made it!" yelled a dwarf. "Our mission is not complete yet... Load and fire the ballistae! Quickly, we have not yet been spotted!" Said Raagam. Suddenly a cry rose out over the hill. It was a shrill shriek, the cry of Drow. "We have little time, hurry!" yelled Raagam to the soldiers, "Prepare to defend the ballistae!" Soon the Drow were upon them... The Ballistae fired, and flew across the battlefield. It hit its target, and produced the crumbling sound of rock against rock as the fortress began to collapse. The Drow scrambled as the fortress began to collapse upon them... But not all were able to escape. As the dust settled, and the Dwarves picked off the last few Drow, the battle was won. The Dwarves were now able to strike into the heart of the Drow threat. With dwarven reinforcements on the way, the war effort was looking bright.`
  4. Here's my series! Hope you like them! Individual pics: Avalonia Elven Queen She governs her people magically. Even though you would think they would get tired of being ruled by the same person for all time... Elf Traveler He has no obligations, and no responsibilities! He just travels and does incredible CGI stunts! Enlightened Orc She's MAGIC! Lady Knight The women in Avalonia are the only ones with any common sense! This heroine defends her hometown just as well as any man! Mitgardia Norse Spirit This undead spirit is said to have ripped off his famous beard and crated it into a hammer. He wanders the Mitgard for reasons only he knows... Ambassador An ambassador to the Jarl, her main job is to deal with the crazy clans. Ranger He's noble and cozy in his heavy jacket and thick beard! Yeti Warrior Yetis can fight too! And they will! Kaliphlin Captain of the Guard She's always on the lookout for thieves! Sand Orc These orcs are bigger, stronger, and smarter than their mountain orc kin. They're dangerous and crafty, merchants beware! Warrior-for-hire He's scruffy and angry! Desert Plunderer This pirate makes his millions by stealing fair and square! Nocturnus Mountain Man This mountain of a man can be dangerous, but he really just wants hair... He hates be bald! I mean, he has a massive beard, but where's his hair?! Exiled Dwarf This dwarf is angry at whoever exiled him! Rumors have it that no one, not even him, knows who that is though... Cyclops Warrior This muscled up warrior has more power than just brute strength! Look into his magical eye and you'll turn to stone. Or was that Medusa... I don't know, but I wouldn't want to find out! Drow Assassin Watch out for her! This pale killer is always hunting down someone... Better hope it's not you!
  5. Infernum

    Taming a Beast

    For a Mitgardian Ranger, the taming of a dragon is a key coming-of-age and initiation ritual. The chosen dragon, who was assigned when the ranger was born, is starved for two weeks, then released into the wild. The ranger must then track and find the enraged dragon. The defining moment of the Dragon Trial is the actual taming of the beast. The Ranger must approach the dragon weaponless, and be judged by the dragon. If the dragon deems the ranger worthy, then the ranger has found a lifelong companion. If not... Well the dragon was REALLY hungry... Here Sir Infernum can be seen following in the footsteps of his brother, the head ranger, and taming a Snowvenom dragon. So this is a freebuild I made a while ago. Not much else too say! Thanks for looking!
  6. The Snowvenom Dragon is a mid sized winged dragon, of the Reptilim family. These large beasts are highly dangerous. Covered in venom filled spikes, these dragons are known for their razor sharp teeth, paralysis inducing claws, and a deadly stinger (located on the end of the tail). The Snowvemon Dragon, however, is a noble beast at heart. Some men of valor can tame the beast, but only if they are able to overcome the Dragon's steely will and prove themselves worthy. Mitgardian Rangers are known to raise and tame the Snowvenom Dragons. Here Sir Infernum's older brother, Rorark, is seen on the back of his dragon, who has been equipped with a saddle and razor sharp spears for battle. Yup, here's mah dragon! He's my entry to the Mount-up! challenge. He uses tons of Mixels joints, and is super posable! I also really love his color scheme. Hope you like it!
  7. I'd been thinking about building a tower using half stud offsets to make it smaller as it gets taller, but hadn't gotten around to actually doing anything until I saw Gideon's sweet lighthouse. That inspired this tower. There is a full interior as always. Glorfindel and Infernum had finally caught up with those responsible for the recent raids on Mitgardian homes and watchtowers. They waded through the swamp surrounding the tower, to try and reach the two Mitgardian prisoners, unnoticed. Meanwhile the two leaders of the raiding party were arguing at the top of the tower. The Hand of Corruption captain wanted to follow their orders and take the Mitgardian soldiers they had captured back to Nocturnus to work as slaves, but the Orc chieftain had other plans for the two. In the heat of the argument, the orc chieftain and one of his archers killed the captain and another Hand of Corruption warrior. By this time, Glorfindel and Infernum had made it to the prisoners. They armed the two with their daggers. Then Glorfindel picked the lock on the door and they charged in. The raiders were unprepared for an attack and were quickly killed. Glorfindel and Infernum restored the Mitgardian flag to its rightful place and discussed how to defend the Nocturnus border against more raiding parties such as this. A few more pictures of the build: More pictures can be seen here: link I hope you guys enjoyed this collaborative storyline. And a big thanks to Infernum for efforts in the collab
  8. Infernum

    The Vicious Vipren

    The Vicious Vipren is a large dragon found throughout northern Mitgardia. It lives high in the mountains, ambushing its prey on small paths. These dragons are often the target of mountain orc raiding parties from Nocturnus. The mountain orcs are able to capture and train the dragons, then bring them back to their homes in Nocturnus. The dragon and its orc master. No figs. Just the Vipren. Hope you like this build! More pics here (when public: http://upload.bricks...ry.cgi?f=545056 ) Thanks for looking!
  9. My lord Simon, After our fortification efforts I decided to see what information I could gather about the leaders of the enemy force. One of my men spotted a drow scout, and I followed him. Soon I found a few of the enemy at a small camp in the ruins of a tower. There were three drow, one of which wore a mask, a Hand warrior, and a raven. They seemed to be arguing about their leadership. The Hand soldier didn't think a drow should be leading them. I overheard them talking about their leader being back at "the Keep". I will investigate. Regards, Sir Jamus Sir Jamus. Whole build. I tried to make the landscaping similar to the landscaping in my other build set in Avalonia. Figless! I love mushrooms... Campfire! Wall detailing! Well, that's my Category A entry! Hope you like it! . More pictures here: http://upload.bricks...ry.cgi?f=544257
  10. Sir Jamus, I do not have time for explanation, but I need to meet you presently. Come armed for battle, and meet me at Kingridge catle at sunrise! Simon The sun rose drearily, seeming to be as weary as the land of Avalonia. The drow assault and the rumors of a plague have taken a toll on the grassy guild, as well as her once proud lords, now worn far and thin as they try to protect their homeland. Now the first light of that darkened sun hit the walls of Kingridge castle, and Sir Jamus the brave strode into the gate at a quick pace. As he wandered the keep he was pulled aside by a hooded warrior. Jamus: Simon, is that you, milord? The man replied, alarmed. Simon: Tis I, but we must not let the others know I'm here! I have come in secret, and must be back to the front lines soon! Jamus: Yes, milord. Why have you summoned me? Simon: I need you to lead a strike against the Drow leaders, a task I wished to do myself, but with so many lords trying to suppress the plague I do not have enough warriors. Here, you will need this! Jamus stared in wonder as Simon handed him an elaborate dagger, clearly of elvish make. Simon: This will help you defeat the Drow commander, keep it with you always! Good luck my friend! With that the Avalonia lord turned and walked away, leaving Jamus alone. Jamus: A dagger against a horde of drow, wonderful. Then Jamus noticed a note inscribed on the blade. Jamus: Aha! A map... He then sheathed the dagger and walked off, a look of determination on his face... Two days later... Hand Soldier: I hate being stationed here! We never get to see any action! Drow: You fool, we protect this tunnel entrance! We cannot let anyone past us! Hand Soldier: Ha, ha, like any of those weak Avalonians would think of coming here! They're all so wrapped up in protecting their precious crops! They're weak and stupid, and you're a mindless soldier, my drow friend! Drow: And you're a- wait? Did you hear that? Hand Soldier: Hear what? There's nothing but plants and animals for miles around- He was cut off by a battle cry as a group of knights jumped from their hiding places, and charged the tunnel entrance! Drow: Quickly, draw your weapons! Alert the others! They had no chance to alert anyone, the Avalonians had then surrounded in seconds. Most of the defenders didn't even have weapons with them... Jamus: Quickly, take the doors! This tunnel will lead us right to the cobra's head! To be continued... Well there's my last entry, I meant to have a third build, but I lacked motivation and time. Maybe I'll get around to it soon. . Figless shots! I tried to keep the dark tan and olive theme for all my entries. I'm really proud of the second build, it's pretty big (about 35x35 probably), and I love how the rockwork turned out. Thanks for looking!
  11. My Lord Simon, I write to inform you that our efforts are going smoothly! Our efforts have been met with much success, and we have managed to build dozens of fortifications throughout Avalonia. Our armies will now have many spots to fall back to if we are overwhelmed. The owners of the lands we are building on have been extremely cooperative and helpful. They are willing to give up parts of their land, glad for the protection of our troops. I am now leaving a house where we have built a palisade wall. The inhabitants of the house, a man, elf, and their son, have been very gracious to us. They provided food, help, and entertainment in the form of elvish singing to my men, and wished us the best of luck. I recommend we reward their good spirits after the drow are defeated. Regards, Sir Jamus. The peasants. Sir Jamus (in the front) and the palisade. Spears! No figs! I love the landscaping and path! No palisade! I really like the house. I built a house because I realized I haven't ever really built a proper house. So I decided to build a scene showing a fortification effort around a house. I figured small fortifications like this would be popping up all over Avalonia, so my idea would fit in. Well, that's my entry! Good luck everyone! Edit: Brickshelf gallery's public:
  12. Here's my entry for the Warship GNAR category, the Serpent's Pride! An ever-proud Mitgardian ship, equipped with crossbows and a crew of strong Mitgardias, including sir Infernum himself! The captain! Shields and crossbows. Front (prow?) view! Turn this turntable and... The anchors are lowered! Another full view. And finally a view of the water! Ifernum's Comments: Finally got this up! Almost forgot, good thing it was cloudy out today! I love how this turned out, especially the sails (the masts are movable), the deck, hull, and play-function anchors. This is the first MOC I decided to keep together, and it's been sitting on a shelf in my room for the last month. Sadly, it was dropped and smashed on the way back to the shelf after I took these pics. May it rest in pieces. Thanks for looking!
  13. Part Five. The wind blew bitterly as it whipped Infernum and Glorfindel. The sight they saw was every bit as bitter. Infernum: Well, we're definitely on the right path. Glorfindel: The blood is fresh, we can't be more than a day behind them. Infernum: We mustn't waste time then. With that the two broke into a sprint, they were close to solving this mystery. Rockwork! It rocks! Columns. Here are the two travelers. Sorry for the wait guys, especially you SK! I competed in the MOCAthalon last month (my team got 5th), and I've been busy lately. I'm glad I finally got this up though!
  14. As the light shined through the luminous windows, Sir Infernum could tell something was amiss. He could hear less laughter, less of the loud and joyous sounds that accompany an average Mitgardian day. Today he heard less of these pleasant sounds and more rushed, quiet whispers, rumors circulation through the city. The rumors spoke of the recent events happening near the border, of the sudden disappearance of warriors, noblemen, and workers, as well as the raids on small Mitgardian towns and outposts. The people wondered if these events could ever make their way to Arcium... Could they? As these thoughts passed through Sir Infernum's head the heavy door into the hallway slid open. In stepped a man dressed in traveling clothes, one that looked familiar to Sir Infernum... "Who comes there?" asked Sir Infernum's second in command, Rarghof, who faithfully stood beside his friend. The man flashed a smile, and Infernum's suspicions were confirmed. Infernum: Leave us, for a minute, Rarghof... Rargof: Of course. Infernum walked up to the man. Infernum: Glorfindel? Is that you? Glorfindel: Of course! It's good to see you my friend! Infernum: To what do I owe this visit? And why are you dressed like that, my friend? Glorfindel (face darkening): Elon has a mission for us... We're going to the border, getting to the roots of theses dark happenings... Alright, that's the story! Here's a few more shots! They're not as good as usual(I had to take them inside). Note the SNOT floors. Stained glass! Door. Hope you liked the story and build! Look forward to SK's next installment!
  15. "We can't miss our meeting with the Duke!" Cried one of the two men, as he hurried his pace. "No need to worry we'll be there plenty early." Said the second man, who was beginning to grow tired of the first's constant worrying. "This could bring our trade company up a level! A deal with a duke, I can't believe it!" The two had been traveling for two days, from their hometown to the border Nocturnus share with Mitgardia, where they planned to meet, and do business with the duke in charge of one of Mitgardia's embassies in Nocturnus. "We're almost there! I think the bridge over this rotten swamp this just up ahead!" They walked for about five more minutes, until they were stopped in their tracks by the sight ahead of them. They wouldn't be doing any business with the duke today. " The bridge... it's gone..." One of the men said in shock. "This isn't possible, how could it have sunk into the swamp! These routes are always well maintained!" Then they saw it. On the other side of swamp, where the bridge used to lead, there were only two remnants of the bridge. All the rest was gone. Only two timbers remained. They had the words "KEEP OUT!" eerily scratched onto them... And under the timbers was the duke's hat... The two Mitgardians. The bridge. The whole MOC. This is the first installment of the collab between me and SK, entitled "Darkness in Mitgardia". Stay tuned for the continuation of the story, from SK!
  16. Infernum

    Rascliff Castle

    We journeyed back to Rascliff Castle, a powerful and ancient Mitgardian safehaven. Here we will be able to regroup out of the reach of the Hand of Corruption. - Sir Infernum I love how this turned out, my biggest MOC yet! Lowest level. Crossbowing battlement! Manned by a warrior of Rascliff castle. Another battlement, with an Arcium Archer. I love the doors! Inspired by SK and SoT! There's a third battlement type thing. Rascliff Castle harbors hundreds of Mitgardians every day. This is a ranger who is staying at the castle. I love this window technique! Not sure who invented it. Tower segment. So you can see the floors. There's a full interior! It's also modular! Sir Infernum and his second in command talking to the lord of Rascliff Castle. This storage room is full of barrels of purified water, as well as drinking glasses, in case of siege. The blacksmith's room. Barrels of arrows, a chest of weapons, a table for an ornate blade, and a great sword mounted to the wall. I love the technique to attach the sword. Bunk bed! A... room... The great hall on the bottom floor. Who's that woman? To be revealed... Platform for archers. That's all! I love how this MOC turned out! I think it's my best MOC by a lot! Hope you like it!
  17. Infernum


    My lord Victor, We ambushed them in the ruins of the city of Mythros. They didn't expect any trouble on their return journey... well they were far from right. They found themselves ambushed, separated, and outnumbered. We had joined the elite guards of Cedrica, experienced, battle hardened veterans. Together with my elite troops and beserkers we were able to quickly overwhelm them. Don't expect trouble any time soon from the warriors of Arcium. Your Servant, Murthan Overview of the scene. I was going for an Amon-hen style scene, with ruins, lots of bad guys, and only a few heros. I love the ruins! A beserker leader and two normal beserkers run into the fray! The leader of the Cedricans, Rakthan Blade, duels sir Infernum. Another soldier of Arcium, outnumbered. Whole scene. Figless. The collectable minifigure Roman Commander makes a great Cedrican Warrior! Hope you liked it!
  18. Infernum

    The Mountain Pass

    Sir Infernum leads the warriors of Arcium that fought in Cedrica back to their homeland. They treck through the mountain pass on their way back. While they talk happily about the victory at Cedrica, someone is watching them... A Hand scout... The whole scene again Two warriors of Arcium. These are the standard troops I'll be using. I just wish I had more helmets, green arms, and PoP armor pieces... Hope yu like it! For Mitgardia!
  19. In the summer the south of Mitgardia becomes full of swamp as the ice further north melts. Here a soldier of Arcium rides to tell his fellow warriors of the presence of a Hand of Curruption army. Will he make it in time to warn them? The bridge. The warrior of Arcium Just the soldier. Somebody wanted to help me take pictures. Hope you like it! Yesterday I built what I believe is my best MOC yet, so expect it soon...ish.