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Found 13 results

  1. It represents the house/laboratory from which the blue jackets are supplied for the fabrics and accessories for their uniforms. On the ground floor there is the leather workshop, where the merchant shears one of his sheep among rolls of fabric, trunks of wool and various dyes, and the wife offers travelers the products of their work...comfortable leather backpacks and shoulder bags for soldiers, as well as various accessories for grooming the beasts and decorating the jackets. Upstairs is the spartan house, small but complete, with a large bed, table and fireplace for warming up and cooking. The house is also equipped with a "recessum", so as not to have to go out in the cold when the body calls, sheepfold and chicken coop. And watch out for the kitten who enjoys ambushing the little animals wandering around on the roof...
  2. The Neighborhood Merchant

    [MOC] Snow-Rigged Merchant Brig "Boreas's Haul"

    Boreas's Haul Hi everyone! Long time viewer, but I just joined recently. Thought I'd share one of my first ships I've made with you guys and get some input from the masters ! I've always felt bad to know that poor little merchant guy (he deserves a name) was on his same tiny little merchant ship for a whole 27 years, so I decided to build him his own regal trading fleet. Even though his little plastic face still shows the same expression, I know deep down his smile is a little wider now. Anyhow, here are some some pictures of the ship: IMG_2779 by Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr IMG_2799 by Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr IMG_2805 by Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr IMG_2807 by Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr IMG_2787 by Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr IMG_2813 by Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr IMG_2816 by Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr He probably should think of investing in to cannons, but lets just say he was too greedy to get any (truth is that I forgot to build them). Also, I've always been a huge fan of modular sets so I also included a full interior: IMG_2817 by Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr IMG_2820 by Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr For the hammocks, I used the ones used in set 60153-1, and I highly recommend them for pirate builds. When at the proper width, they fit minifigures in so well that you can move the entire ship several times and they wont fall off. COMBINED by Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr I have an obsession with the old 2 x 3 printed books and old castle shields (anyone else?) so I tried to incorporate them in to my Captain's Quarters. Do you guys think they fit or should I remove them? IMG_2829 by Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr The line for the top of the ship is connected to the bow and stern and held up on the top with two clips, so even though it looks like a pain to get inside it only takes a few seconds by just lifting the line off the two clips. Here's the crew and the rest of the "fleet": IMG_2832 by Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr IMG_2836 by Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr If anyone wants to know, I designed the sails using photoshop and I made the sails using printable A4 pre-treated canvas paper, and then just doubled them. Anyhow, thank you so much for stopping by, and have a wonderful day! Also, to all of you are wondering, don't worry about the old merchant ship! I put Fraunces in charge of it and it seems that he is enjoying his time on it . IMG_2837 by Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr
  3. With almost half a dozen settlements in under a days worth of travel, trade was always busy around Isla de Victoria. While large vessels aren't uncommon, most of the trade consists of small merchants, defended by few armed rowing boats. Fishing boats aren't uncommon either. Some fearless merchants sometimes risk everything - they go back and forth between Fuerte Unido and Trador, a long distance for a vessel that's as tiny as this one! These guys have decided to call their tiny vessel Sally. Others decided to stay closer to shore - they are often spotted fishing in the open waters close to Puerte Desafio. Not even large enough to bear a name, dozens of these can be seen on good days. While Tortuga has been silent recently, it never hurts being sure that is really the case - a couple fast rowing boats stay close to Puerte Desafio, and be it to warn those tiny fishing vessels. This example is known as Paddly - because thats all these guys do all day.
  4. blackdeathgr

    Sloop "Crete"

    After almost a month, mostly occupied by work and fending off nightmares and denial about rigging, making sails and sewing, i proudly present you the merchant sloop "Crete". Pictures were taken from my secondary source of photographing (mobile) so photos aren't that great. But you can get the idea. This is my first attempt at a brick built hull and the famous Dunkleosteus hinge technic. I believe it works wonders, regardless my omission to sloping the stern. For those you think the hull is too tall (i had my reservations too), imagine it 2 bricks lower due to cargo carrying when put at sea. Regarding the tiller design, i haven't found a better solution, so after 5-6 iterations, i just went with the one you see on the photos. Finally i wanted to brick-build the main mast too but i ran out of round 2x2 bricks way too soon so out of my frustration, i used the mast of the recent TLG pirate ship nearly unchanged. BL orders are on their way so i guess my next ship will be more personalized. Inspiration came from all the great photos and designs and articles about sloops of the 18th century. For those who want to take their try on handmade sails and sewing their ship's rigging, i have an advice: Don't despair! In the faaaaaaaar end, it will look nice. Until then, get a very nice desk lamp and fortify yourselves with determination and patience. There were more than a dozen times i wanted to discard the whole project during the rigging phase and i cant believe there are sane people that build scaled wooden replica ships. Oh, i nearly forgot it! Credits for the Eltina flag, goes to KB for the design and Kustom Bricks for its implementation. Anyway, I believe this is a 3T trade ship so if everybody agrees i will stick to this category, unless the board at the Admiralty promotes it to 4T More pictures follow (some more on Flickr as well) and as always, thanks for watching!
  5. The Imperial courier on Naboo was in a particularly dangerous situation. He must have picked up a few stowaways on the forest moon of Endor, because upon arriving on Naboo, countless furry space bears came pouring out of the cargo hold and into the eastern swamps. Once they took to the trees, the stormtroopers couldn't keep track of them and the best shots of their ranks couldn't find their targets. Normally, the Empire can overlook an illegal introduction of non-indigenous species, especially when they are at fault, but these creatures came from a planet the Empire wanted kept secret. The nosey bureaucrats of Naboo would certainly ask too many questions if this incursion was discovered. Ewoks on Naboo by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr Despite their distrust and hatred of the Clawdite race, the Empire does recognize the exceptional marksmanship prevalent in their culture, and the ISB keeps a few contacts for situations like this. The bounty hunter marches the seven remaining creatures out of the swamps and into an awaiting cage. His payment will be in the form of slug-beetle larva, a "currency" the Empire can payout under the table because of their control over vast "preservation easements" throughout Naboo, and the bounty hunter can readily exchange these with the elite Gungans coopted by the Empire to keep the bottom dwellers in line. But there was something about the merchant crew that delivered the larva. The captain... the bounty hunter knew this face, but the local Imperial contingent obviously did not, or else there'd be only one man leaving this clearing alive...
  6. Hi everybody! This is Ulrich von Koehlers ship, The Pelican. The Pelican is a class 2 Trade ship, it's a cog. More story will come later! Heres some pictures: SAM_1335.JPG by Tobias Andersson, on Flickr SAM_1330.JPG by Tobias Andersson, on Flickr SAM_1315.JPG by Tobias Andersson, on Flickr SAM_1312.JPG by Tobias Andersson, on Flickr Enjoy! Constructive criticism is welcome :)
  7. Of course, how could any self respecting emporium be without it's own delivery service? I threw together some loose parts for the wagon in Scene 3 It sorta ended up minifig scale as I wanted to stack lots and lots of barrels in it, so I couldn't really fit it into the scene (It's bigger than the ship :p) The side railings are just loosely propped up by claw clips as I wanted to show the strain of the barrels making it "burst" at the seams. And we can't have a 10 yr-old whipping a horse, so there's that apple as an incentive :)
  8. "Welcome to the Emporium of Many Wares!" My name is Miranda and I'm the proprietress of this humble little trade house by the port of Bellson, Corrington. Our motto is "if it exists on the market, we can get it for you". Our business has only been steadily improving since we embarked on this enterprise five years ago. Other rival tradesman, jealous of our success, often assert that we fence black market goods. All lies and absolutely slander, of course. The nerve of these people! I pay them no heed at this moment, but some day... The reality is that much of the success is owed to the generosity and influence of my kind benefactor, Lord Whitegate. My mother worked as a maidservant in the Whitegate Estate for as long as I could remember. His lordship treated us very well; much better than the average servant, if you asked me. And through that grace, I had the privilege to have received an education, alongside his youngest son, Leonard, who is two years younger than myself. We practically grew up together. When my mother passed on from consumption, five years back, his lordship offered me an opportunity to strike it out on my own. He provided me with the capital and the contacts necessary and well, here we are today. Welcome to the Emporium! And what can we get for you this fine day, good sir? Perhaps we could interest you in some fine tools, both sharp and blunt? Vinegar, you say? Yes, we have some stock in the back. You've brought your own bottle then?
  9. James Wellington

    [MOC] Small Merchant Ship

    I decided to start out my first MOC as a small one. So I basically made up what I think a version of a small merchant ship would like like, maybe going to or from Coruscant. So here we are. Mer2 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Mer8 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Here's a look at some crew or friends of the merchant carrying some cargo. Mer4 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Some of the cargo capacity. Mer7 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Interior. Very basic controls and a seat. Can fit 1 crew member, and a bit of cargo inside the cockpit. Mer1 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr A look at it's simple, but effective engine. Mer5 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr An overview of the ship. (Sorry for the low quality picture, there). Mer9 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Lastly, a final frontal view of the ship. Thanks for looking! Please comment and criticize so I can improve next time, or if I can see if you liked it or not.
  10. Floka's Fine Fabrics is a new addition to the market area of Ruadh. Though she's planning an expansion, proprietress Floka is currently using the building and yard as a showing space for the dyed linens and textiles she imports from her family in Mitgardia. Mitgardian cloth, especially dyed cloth, is highly prized throughout Kaliphlin and the thicker, woolier fabrics are the perfect solution to cold desert nights. You can't go very far in Ruadh without stumbling across artists at work. Here, a husband and wife practice a heady mix of Queenscross lyre and Rakathi calligraphy. So far, Floka has been able to manage with just the warehouse space and outdoor racking available to her. Though theft is not much of a problem in Ruadh, Floka worries that it will be as the village grows. If she keeps doing so well, she'll be too nervous to carry the day's earnings on her person back to her home where it is stored in a strongbox. Thankfully, her request for a foot patrol above the shop was approved. Floka tries her best to stock as many colors and styles as possible. Here comes a customer. Floka may look Kaliphlinite after long years away from home, but she's Mitgardian down to her bones. Even at her age, she lugs a hefty roll of dyed wool in preparation for a visiting noble's order. The strain barely shows in the corner of her mouth. The second of my Ruadh builds! Not as complex or difficult as the amphitheater, but nontheless plenty of fun. This pretty much exhausts my tan which is too bad as I'd like to do something more extensive in Kali at some point. Things I notice about this build that I'd fix next time would be: a better overhead pic as I did a nice carpeting thing on the roof in bright green and purple. I'd also remove the wooden plank flooring inside Floka's shop in favor of another carpety build, perhaps a cheese mosaic or something. I was not that ambitious this time around. Finally, I should have put in supports or otherwise bulked up the catwalk above the cloth racks. Looks a little flimsy as is. Anyway, thanks for looking! It's good to be back building GoH!
  11. SkaForHire

    GNAR Voting Thread

    Welcome to the voting page. Here are the rules: If you are an Avalonian or a Nocturnan, then you are voting on which side (Kaliphlin or Mitgardia) has won the arms race in your opinion. If you are from Kaliphlin or Mitgardia, you are picking which guild (Avalonia or Nocturnus) has the more impressive fleet. Please post your name, your guild, and who you believe won in the match you are deciding. IE: Scarst from Mitgardia, I vote for Avalonia. or Skaforhire from Kaliphlin, I vote for Nocturnus The list of ships posted below has been arranged by Kai (Thanks Kai!). Remember to take the whole fleet (Merchant Marine / ship of the isles / swamp boat and Warship) in account when deciding. The individual winners will be announced when the Judges have finished judging. All votes should be in by July 5th anywhere in the world. Kaliphlin: Merchant Marine: The VanHorn - robuko The Wayfarer - Gabe The Ahok - nstickney The Sapphire - Thomas of Tortuga Deniz Aslani - Mike S Warship: The Grimm-maiden - TheUtilityBelt32 The Sirocco - qiadris Battling the Waves - Kai NRG Barqan Dromon - Gabe Minik Akrebi - Mike S Mitgardia: Merchant Marine: The Half-Brother - MKJoshA The IceStorm - Garmadon Warship: MNR Thorgills - Tomsche The Aurora of Mitgardia - Etzel Ormr hinn víðfǫrli - The Holdfast - mccoyed The Serpent's Pride - Infernum Sea Bull - Hammerhead Avalonia: Ship of the Isles: The Nendril (category not specified) - HammerBro The Swiftsure - Bregir Gylden Abiron - -Carson Haupt- Warship: The Sea Bull - Hammerhand The Mirror - Gilbert Despathens Nocturnus: Swamp Boat: The Nocturnian Boar - Lord Vladivus Nocturnian Patrol Boat - MassEditor Warship: The Smiling Phantom - Emma
  12. This is my entry in the "Merchant Marine" category of GNAR. I am also applying for UoP credit for the following units: Hydrology-waves, Trade/Law-Shipping by water and Life in Kaliphlin. The Wayfarer is a standard Peregrinian merchant ship, built for long voyages over ocean waters. She and others like her are mainly used for trade or exploration, but are also suitable for conscription into the Kailphlin navy in times of war. Their hardiness and generous hold make them ideal for use as troop carriers or support ships. Due to the recent instability in Historica, all Peregrinian merchant-class ships have had thier bows reinforced for use in ramming and boarding, and armed guards are more frequently present during trade voyages. A closer look at the bow section, with the main below-decks storage hatch and anchor winch. The ship's cat makes sure that any stowaway pests don't eat into the consumables on board! A closer look at the stern area, with lifeboat, unimpressed swabbie, cabin entrance and wheelhouse deck. (The wheelhouse deck also doubles as a useful vantage point for archers during a battle) I also tried to include some power functions in my build. Initially i tried making the whole ship rock back and forth, but that was a bit of a disaster. I then went for the simpler option of making sections of the waves move. You can see a short video of the waves in motion on my Flickr. (Sorry, i couldn't work out how to embed the video here. If anyone knows, can they please enlighten me? ) Hope you have enjoyed looking at my build peeps! C and c welcome as always.