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  1. Pchan1983

    Chinese New Year’s sets -2019

    the dragon boat festival usually in May/June on the calendar so I would assume it will be release close to that time?
  2. Pchan1983

    Chinese New Year’s sets -2019

    In NZ, Toyworld Sylvia Park got stock last Friday but sold out is short time as most people left the name were contacted when it arrived. They didn't even have chance to put some on shelf. As far as I know, one carton contains 4 boxes. So if shop only has 2 cartons then they will only have 8 sets. Other retailers reported to stock them like Mightyape has yet to have these available. My theory is ASPAC getting them because ASPAC now getting stocks packed at the china factory. Since I doubt the czech, hungary, denmark or mexico packaging centre will be producing these so it's unlikely it will be available outside ASPAC. I just hope the success of these sets don't set the trend for next year and we ended up getting more regional exclusives.
  3. Pchan1983

    Chinese New Year’s sets -2019

    Looks like it's out of stock from their website already.
  4. Pchan1983

    Recent changes to Shop@Home for AU & NZ

    Yes, totally agree. But since 2017 when they opened the factory and packaging centre in China, all retailers in NZ selling sets from that factory. Up until today, I could still get the Europe version if I buy from shop@home which is just a personal preference because I had bad experience where the Asia version often had damaged stickers. I guess just need to get use to it now.
  5. It appears they finally set up a regional shop@home processing centre in Melbourne from September. They reduced the shipping cost and time but I'm a bit disappointed since AU & NZ will no longer share the same inventory as Europe and the items are no longer sending out from UK. This means you get the same retail asia-pacific version from shop@home. It's really a killer blow for me to purchase from shop@home from now compared to retailers usually do 20-25% off ...
  6. Pchan1983

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    I just received my B&P order today but the contents are totally different to my order. Oddly the checklist included is my order but the actual bricks are different? Anyone had similar experience? I sent an e-mail to lego via service but no confirmation at all even though the page prompt a confirmation e-mail has been sent. Have to wait until Monday for the service centre to accept call =(
  7. Pchan1983

    10261 LEGO Creator Expert Roller Coaster

    The NZ site suddenly shows "Now available in your country" while still have the note for VIP early access .... I wonder what is happening =(
  8. Pchan1983

    Lego BrickHeadz 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    Have anyone noticed the Captain Phasma brickheadz is now "Retiring Soon"? I was hoping to buy it with the ship in a bottle and some other sets together due to the high free shipping threshold but looks like I will not able to buy in anymore since it is retiring soon and list sold out for NZ S@H .
  9. Pchan1983

    Which factory did your LEGO set come from?

    Just received my S@H order, Assembly Square, Arkham Asylum and Joker's lowrider. They are all with "S" region. I guess S@H warehouse is still using the European warehouse for New Zealand. I cannot check the same sets selling in retail yet because they are not released until late FEB but looks like so far S@H is still shipping from Europe despite all other retail sets in NZ are getting the "G" region factory packed sets.
  10. Pchan1983

    Which factory did your LEGO set come from?

    I think "g" is the new china factory too. All recent shipments even the newer version of older sets used to be "s" now with "g".
  11. Pchan1983

    Which factory did your LEGO set come from?

    Thanks for all the replies. This is actually very interesting. Most of my recent purchases from retail locally is having the plant/region code as "G". Otherwise it has mostly "S" in the past.
  12. Pchan1983

    Which factory did your LEGO set come from?

    I wanted to know because I wonder if our region is now getting sets from the new China factory or still from Europe.
  13. n some countries, your lego sets have a local label to tell you where did your set come from. (e.g. Lego sets bought from Shanghai lego store has a label indicating they are from the new jiaxing factory). However, in New Zealand we don't have such labels. Is there anyway to tell which distribution centre/factory did the set come from? On the lego website, I saw this https://www.lego.com/en-US/service/help-topics/fun-for-fans/behind-the-scenes/brick-facts/manufacturing-codes about the code to identify your set's origin but it doesn't tell you how to identify the origin.