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  1. Pchan1983

    REVIEW: 60345 Farmers Market Van

    yes, totally agree. I'm hoping the corn will reduce in price next year so can build more crops.
  2. Pchan1983

    REVIEW: 60345 Farmers Market Van

    Here is my review on 60345 Farmers Market Van: THE GOOD: Refreshing colour scheme. Nice sliding window design. Good idea on the farm section for expanding. THE NOT SO GOOD: $$$ without discount. Using a plat only for the roof feel a bit plain. Already retiring soon. I enjoyed the building and the end results of this set. I think it's good it's not just a van but also including a small section of the farm. The farm section is a great execution with its expandable design. The corn build is great and one of the reason I bought this set. There is also a pretty interesting play feature to do with carrot. The van itself is the same scale as most other vending vans in the past which is good. It's also good the overall theme is the same as the groceries store. The sliding window is really good and the same technique will be useful for any types of kiosk build. The roof can be improved as just a carrot on a plate feel a bit plain but any increase in complexities will push the price up which is already high. And this is the real big negative on this set, the RRP is very high. And even the individual parts if you buy directly from Pick a Brick is at insane price. For example, the corn piece is $7 NZD a piece, which means to build one extra set of corn would cost you close to $30 NZD each. This kinda under play the modular design of the plant section, as it's very pricey to get the extra parts, buying an extra set will make more sense. Having said that, this set is generally good and recommended if you can get a discount. And surprisingly, this set is already set to retire soon which is very short for a City set.
  3. I just built it and absolutely loving it and the odds of Ray to survive is extremely low ... XD THE GOOD: Looking great. Surprisingly detailed considered the size of this set. the SOS sign is great. THE NOT SO GOOD: Hard to get if you missed out the promo.
  4. Pchan1983

    REVIEW: 41708 Roller Disco Arcade

    yes, and looking some of the next year sets, it's going to be another great year for Friends
  5. Pchan1983

    REVIEW: 60347 Grocery Store

    I think if you have 2 of these you can build one very nice super market on a base plate.
  6. Here is my review on LEGO Avatar 75571 Neytiri & Thanator vs. AMP Suit Quaritch: THE GOOD: The AMP suit is a nice little build. Nice to include a small colourful terrain. THE NOT SO GOOD: Pricey. Brick built animals with moulded head looks odd. I originally bought this set for the Neytiri Minifig since I've got Jake but the Tree of Soul is just too expensive. So I was getting into this with minimal expectation plus I'm hardly recall the details of the movie. And I was surprised with this set. I think the AMP suit is fun too build and looks good as a nice little exo skeleton. The only part I wish can be improved is the knee to be movable as well but I guess with this size, the top half will cripple it. While the Thanator is a good build with great articulation joints but it just feels weird with brickbuilt animals, it looks too mechanical in my opinion. Having some additional terrain is good and it's so colourful, would be great parts to use in any fantasy jungle build. I was lucky I got some card rewards point to buy this set, otherwise it;s very pricey. I would proabably only recommend this set to people who has something they need in this set even though it's a fairly good set and if you really want a Avatar set, the RDA Samson one probably worth the price tag a bit more =)
  7. Pchan1983

    Chinese New Year Sets - Rumors and Discussion

    well it's new but it's pushing the boundary of CNY. even last year ice festivals already pushing it a bit. I think they went for one set as decoration items with no minifigs because they couldn't figure out what other events they haven't do yet on time. Because a fireworks boat with a whole fireworks display will be too many pieces to fit their target price range. I think the up coming years, if the sets sell well and the theme continues, we probably will get more decoration type sets than scenes featuring minifigs.
  8. Pchan1983

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2022

    Tang Sanzang minifig!!!!! that's all I need to complete the journey to the west key characters! I don't know if I need another Monkie King Mech though. The original one is perfect. This ones feel like LEGO ran out of ideas so let's do exactly what most japanese anime does, facelift of the original.
  9. yes indeed. yup it;s pretty good. oh yea, I have that one but haven't build it yet. Might just do that in upcoming free time and see how it looks together.
  10. Pchan1983

    Chinese New Year Sets - Rumors and Discussion

    Not sure if parade is really CNY, it does happen but more of a westernized thing but it looks great and surprised to see new rabbit costume. Other ones... well would love to get the printed parts but other than that a bit underwhelming. I think LEGO really running out of ideas unless they rehash some events we might end up not getting the complete zodiac.
  11. Here is my review on LEGO Friends 41714 Andrea's Theatre School: THE GOOD: Looks great and surpasses lots of other sets in other themes. Full to build and some very interesting techniques. Brilliant idea to allow switching the stage play. Some awesome action features like closing curtains, switching the stage play, able to display an great looking exterior. THE NOT SO GOOD: With it has a roof. The sequence of building this can be further improved but this is definitely a nip pick. I'm once again impressed by a friends set. This set just look great from the front and tons of cool features integrated. The fact that you can change the play of the stage is brilliant. On top of that there are some very interesting building techniques involved and overall good building experience. If you have enough extra pieces and time you can modify this to a very impressive modular to fit into any Lego city. The price is on the higher end but it's not that uncommon to get this with a discount, in fact I bought with 30% off. It is definitely a recommendation from me and I'm all in with Friends theme now =)
  12. Here is my review on 75573 Floating Mountains: Site 26 & RDA Samson: THE GOOD: Great build and great display value. The cabin of site 26 looks great. RDA Samson looks way better than the product picture. Interesting building experience through out. Great idea to be able to display the RDA Samson flying. Good minifigures selection. THE NOT SO GOOD: $$$$ very expensive in RRP. The horse doesn't have any articulation. The tank for Jake could have been using a different piece than a standard door. This set turns out to be a nice surprise. I really like the RDA Samson as I do think the product pictures do not do this build justice. The cabin is great with interior details for those who familiar with the movie. On top of that, both are interesting build. And it's great idea to allow you to connect the chopper to the terrain. With 5 excellent minifigures, I was very happy with this set in general. However, there are some small things which I reckon would be deal breaker for a lot of people. For example, I'm a bit disappointed the horse (I forgot the name) does not have articulations. Other than that I biggest hurdle will be the high recommended retail price. I would still recommend to everyone especially this will be discounted for sure. Oh more thing, the instruction booklets have photos from scenes featuring the builds and funny thing is RDA Samson uses the photo the moment this chopper is destroyed.
  13. Here is my review on 76214 Black Panther: War on the Water: THE GOOD: 5 characters and 4 are exclusive. Finally get a M'Baku minifig! The building experience on the Royal Sea Leopard is interesting. THE NOT SO GOOD: The scale is a bit off but I guess will have to watch the movie to make a final call. No legs printing for Black Panther! Lack of play features. Just studs shooters and prison cell to hold Namore... Over priced ... I have mixed feelings on this. To be honest, when this was first leaked, the build really doesn't appeal me but the minifigures does. So when the local toy store had this 30% off, I thought why not? The building experience on the boat isn't bad, in fact there are quite a few interesting techniques involved. There are lots of space to place minifigs but yet, a lot of space also wasted internally which you have no access to but I guess that's how the boat is designed. The boat so called Royal Sea Leopard, from the box art it suggests to be quite a big one but then when I think about it, it's really a speed boat type of boats then the look makes sense but really cannot put a final verdict until I've seen the movie in a few weeks time. However, it still doesn't hide the fact this build lacks features. It supposed to target younger audiences but it only has 2 stud shooters and a cell to hold Namor. It has a great selection of minifigures, Iron Heart Mk2 by far is the best and all have good torso prints too. What bother me is no leg printings on black panther yet they give you a spoiler (well we all have guessed it so I guess it's fine?) who is under the mask. Even M'Baku could be enhanced with a hood piece and some leg prints? Overall, it an overpriced set which doesn't hit the mark for Adults and may be lacking some fun for children. It's a set you can skip unless you really want the minifigures.
  14. Pchan1983

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Some of the prices are beyond ridiculous. if you buy the same number of animals plus the corn as the farm set, you pretty much can buy the set. Probably better to buy the set in this case and sell the parts you don't need.