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  1. mikaelsol

    My city layout: Dark Brick City

    I like this progress!
  2. mikaelsol

    Assembling Bricksburg

    Hope it's okey that I post this here. I've built the police car after Xon67 and Yeow's pictures as reference. (I think you might be wrong about the rear window? Also I was missing the two stud wide white cheese piece, so I used the one stud wide). Thank you both! (my son's hand in the picture....)
  3. mikaelsol

    The Lego Movie 4-Wide Police Car (LDD)

    I finally got around to build this police car. I got really interested in it the first time I saw the movie, but didn't know how to build it before. Thank you Yeow and Xon67 for your research! I'm missing the two stud wide white cheese pieces and I'm unsure of which way the red and blue lights should be placed. Picture taken exactly when my kid got a hold of the car, but he didn't crash it..
  4. mikaelsol

    [MOC] Town Evolution: Lindburg-Gartenstadt

    This is really good. I like the shapes of the houses.
  5. mikaelsol

    MOC WIP: Starting a small city layout, photo diary

    Looking forward to see the progress!
  6. mikaelsol

    Best years of Lego sets Discussion

    1978-2003 (1998-2003 because of Adventurers)
  7. mikaelsol

    [MOC] Mad Max's V8 Interceptor (with instructions)

    I was like "that's the real .. no wait thats Lego bricks! Wow!"
  8. mikaelsol

    [MOC] J-A City

    Great to see so many angles of the city so we all get a good look at it! Thanks!
  9. mikaelsol

    [MOC] Airport Stair Vehicle for Classic Planes

    Nice solution! I've been trying to build an airport stair vehicle, but never got the proportions right.
  10. mikaelsol

    [MOC] Airport Fire Crew 4wide

    The problem with building a stair vehicle in this scale is that the planes are really low usually.
  11. mikaelsol

    WIP Welcome to Dagaville (pic heavy)

    I like the style of this city!
  12. mikaelsol

    New city diorama

    Looking good so far!
  13. mikaelsol

    [MOC] Small Ambulance

    Nice mod!
  14. mikaelsol

    My LEGO City - Inspired by Los Angeles, California

    I saw this on the youtubes the other day, and I think I've seen pics of the city before. Totally love the layout.