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  1. mikaelsol

    Classic town begins!

    Thank you! Yeah, it's such an amazing set!
  2. mikaelsol

    Classic town begins!

    I've been collecting vintage town LEGO a bit like a side interest to my MOCing. Finally cleared out some space on our attic, so I can build a classic LEGO town layout. It's based on the layout for the promotional image that was used in set 300, but I'm modernizing with other sets, and then I will start with some landscaping, adding curbs and so on. Here's the first video in this series about Old Soltown.
  3. mikaelsol

    MOC Sin city

    Wow! This is so amazing! I loved the comic books back in the 90's.
  4. mikaelsol

    [MOC] LANDSCAPE with TOWN? (what? 3.0)

    Thanks, mate! More is in the works! I'm working on a mountain, and using an IKEA table as a base, but also LEGO IKEA Bygglek boxes to build the skeleton of the mountain. This will be clad in bricks, plates etc.
  5. mikaelsol

    [MOC] LANDSCAPE with TOWN? (what? 3.0)

    Happy Sunday, my dear adult friends of the LEGO brick. I want to have more tracks in my layout than I actually can fit, so I'm cheating a bit by putting in suggestions of larger rail systems. In this video I started the build for the tram slutstation!
  6. mikaelsol

    [MOC] LANDSCAPE with TOWN? (what? 3.0)

    I've been selling and moving houses the last couple of months, so haven't been able to build or film anything, but now I'm back :) Most of us probably have those bins of LEGO with half disassembled builds and that kinda nonsense. I figured it would be fun to display some of that stuff in my layout, but how? A LEGO scrapyard of course! Here's the video:
  7. mikaelsol

    100% Custom Layouts?

    I try to keep my city as custom as possible. If I don't make my own designs, I modify existing sets. Here's a tour of my previous layout: I'm currently working on a new layout that will have some landscaping as well (a mountain, a river, a farm etc):
  8. So I've moved to a new house and got myself a LEGO room where I'm building a town ... well, that's not the whole story. Besides the town I really want to venture out into landscaping and railroad model layouts, so that's what I'm going to aim for with this new "town" layout of mine. I'm documenting the process in video format because I just prefer to show my builds that way. Here's the start of the new layout.
  9. Hi peeps of the world, (Disclaimer: I'm not saying that it's bad to just be happy with building the sets as they are) A thing I've been contemplating over is the shift that I would say has happened in recent years where the AFOL hobby was a creative hobby with large focus on MOC:s, and now more has shifted over to buying, building and placing expensive sets. I still think that all those creative AFOLs are around, but that they're/we are being overshadowed by those who are happy with just building sets. I notice this on different social media platforms. On YouTube the buying and placing channels gets more views than the MOC channels, and the same with likes on instagram. In Facebook groups there's a lot of focus on "look at what I bought" and "look what you can buy". A friend of mine has noticed this pattern in other areas. She knitted a sweater for her child, and her friends where very impressed by this. Her sentiment was that today we confuse consumerism with creativity. If I speak for myself, I started collecting Star Wars LEGO back in 1999. For many years we didn't really have a large range of sets from Star Wars, so we had to build or own MOC's to compensate for that, and I would say that it's from that era that communities like Eurobricks, from bricks to bothans etc grew from. These days LEGO is catering to so many different franchises and pushing out more sets than ever, and maybe the price for this is a lower interest for personal expression and MOCs. Or am I just hanging out on the wrong platforms? What are your thoughts about this?
  10. mikaelsol

    Soltown 2.0, more tables and new roads video tours

    Thank you! It's a bit hard to have place for all the sets in my collection, so I figured that it was time to start taking sets apart and use in some other ways. But I do feel guilty every time I do it... :) Here's a full tour of Soltown. I don't talk in this video, but I hope to make a newer tour soon where I talk about stuff in the layout. Takes a bit of time to prepare a script since I'm not native English speaker.
  11. mikaelsol

    Soltown 2.0, more tables and new roads video tours

    I've started to add background buildings for the layout. A way to add depth to my LEGO city.
  12. mikaelsol

    Soltown 2.0, more tables and new roads video tours

    Every civilized part of the world needs a shopping mall, so finally the government can proudly introduce Soltowns very own mall to you! YAY!
  13. Yo mates, Well, I just couldn't keep set 60197 intact. I had to use the parts to create a subway train but one that uses kinda the same colors as the original LEGO set train. Here's a video of how I built the train.
  14. mikaelsol

    Soltown 2.0, more tables and new roads video tours

    In this video I start to work on covering one of the open sides of the train tunnel with facades for my custom LEGO city town layout.
  15. Öresundstågen is a train that traffics Denmark and Sweden. Now, a some of us have a lot of the new road plate system (I have 14 of that set), but haven't used all the slopes it comes with, so what to do with them? Well, I made an Öresundstågen train inspired MOC as an experiment. Video with the process.